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Asian Princess Seduction

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Some of the best sex I’ve had was with a petite Vietnamese gal that I dated for quite a while. We weren’t serious, we had a casual relationship and dated other people but we enjoyed each other’s company. This I believe gave me the freedom to express my deepest darkest fantasies without worrying about what she would think of me. She was fairly conservative in bed and not the typical triple X nymphomaniac that one usually associates with incredible sex. She had a subdued demeanor in bed, a whimper instead of a moan, a moan instead of a cry, a muffled cry instead of an all out scream but sometimes less is more and in her case her shy expressions of lust and pleasure were that much more erotic. She was basically only into straight sex and oral sex on the receiving end. She would go down on me reluctantly and very briefly during foreplay at my request. In the beginning that was enough, I would love going down on her for hours, she had an intoxicating scent and taste. I’m not sure who enjoyed it more her or me, that’s how much I loved tasting her. She also had the smoothest softest skin that just begged to be caressed, licked and tasted.

Over time something about her shyness challenged me to try get her to perform more kinky sex acts. I would get her to watch kinky pornographic movies with lust crazed nymphos having cum facials, ingesting copious quantities of cum and accepting huge cocks in every orifice of their body especially up their tight asses. I would tease her about having a threesome with me. Her getting one of her girlfriends to join us or even getting one of my buddies to join us double teaming her but I knew there was no chance in that ever happening. What I did set my sights on was persuading her to perform oral sex on me to the point of orgasm and letting me cum in her mouth or better yet letting me deflower that beautiful virgin ass of hers…that was my ultimate fantasy…a chance to insert myself into her beautiful wet tight hot rear end would be a dream come true. To me the ultimate submission for a girl is to let a man have her in the ass. To let a man use and abuse that tight back door passage for his pleasure and enjoyment at the expense of her discomfort.

I became obsessed with the thought of possessing her this way. I began pestering her relentlessly about letting my have her bottom. I said ‘Look at the gals in the movies, they love it! Won’t you at least try it! My ex-girlfriend use to have anal sex with me all the time and she loved it! She would let me pull out and cum all over her face and swallow every drop!” She would respond with “That’s so perverted and disgusting! I don’t understand why any man would want to do such a thing to a girl! I can understand why gay men have anal sex but why would a man want to do such a filthy thing to a women when they can have her pussy? Plus it must be really painful!..and what is this thing with wanting to cum all over my face! I don’t want your cum all over me! Isn’t my pussy enough for you??? Isn’t being inside my soft wet pussy enough! None of the men I’ve been with before ever requested me to perform such a disgusting filthy act!” I would keep at her until she got angry and then I would let up, let her calm down only to bring it up another time when she was in a better mood. We got into some heated debates over this. She stated “I don’t do that period! I’m not that kind of girl. Go back to you Ex-girlfriend if you want to have such perverted sex! Those porno stars only do that because they get paid a lot of money! Why are you so obsessed with this ass canlı bahis thing??? Can’t you let it go, its not going to happen now stop already!” But of course I could not. Her aversion to these acts only fueled my desire.

After many such arguments one night after pleading with her mercilessly and trying to make her feel guilty by saying “I go down on you for hours because I know you love it (of course I loved it every bit as much as her), why won’t you do this for me! I try to do everything to please you in bed and you won’t even try this once! Just try it this one time. I promise I’ll stop immediately if you don’t like it and never bother you again about it. At least try it once, you never know you might like it. You only live once, please, for me. I fantasize about your beautiful ass all the time! I dream about loving you this way. Help me experience my ultimate fantasy. You have the power to fulfill my dreams. I’m begging you, I’ll do anything you want if you do this!” I think all the begging pleading and arguing finally wore her down or perhaps watching all those porno stars taking it up the ass made her just a little bit curious, what ever the reason that night she said “If I let you try it this one time you won’t bother me about it anymore and you promise to stop immediately if it hurts???”. I responded “Absolutely, I’ll take it out immediately if you don’t like it. I swear, I promise, Baby, I love you for this, you are the best, I’ll be so gentle!” I was so excited I had butterflies in my stomach and could barely contain my self, to finally get a chance to have her in this kinky way and to feel her open up her tight rear end to me in a way that she has never done before, to engage in this depraved act with me and let me use that tight forbidden orifice was just too much!

I was ecstatic and pounced on her. I began by running my tongue all over her small light colored nipples sucking and biting them gently, then sliding up and kissing her sensual mouth feeling her soft wet tongue slip into my mouth. I ran my tongue down the length of her body to down her belly and began to mouth her sex through her panty enjoying the sent and the feel of her against me. She ground hard against me and I knew I must have more. With one swift move I reached up and removed her panties and then nuzzled against her tightly trimmed pubic hair. I ran my tongue all over her sex, parting her sweet pink lips gently and extending my tongue as far inside as possible savoring the taste of her. She uttered gentle catlike moans. I then rolled over and she gently knelt over my face, a position she absolutely loves. She lowered herself onto my mouth and began to grind her pussy against my lips and tongue. I looked up and could see her beautiful petite breasts rising up and down with her rapid excited breathing. I reached up and pinched her nipples while she ground her sex harder against my mouth. She rocked back and forth on me lips and tongue for an hour building up to an intense orgasm, she uttered a muffled cry as she came hard against my open mouth. As she rolled gently off, my lips were numb from the pressure of her rub+++++her sex against me but my thirst was not quenched.

She was nervous in anticipation of the main event. I began by rolling her onto her stomach and running my tongue down her spine to her tail bone…and still lower until I reached her tight rear opening. She shuddered when she felt my tongue touch her anus. I licked and kissed it passionately and began to probe the opening with my tongue working it slowly up her ass. bahis siteleri I felt it squeezing my tongue tight as I extended more of it in. I began moving my tongue in and out of her ass extending it as far as possible into her rectum. I fucked her ass with my tongue savoring the sensuous taste of her anal juices. I could not get enough of her delicious ass. After a thorough tonguing of her back passage I reached for a jar of Vaseline and generously coated her anus with it. I begin to insert my index finger into her hot tight ass feeling it clench my finger tightly, slowly sliding it in and out. I work a second finger into her beautiful backside, her virgin ass was incredibly tight I could feel her pulse in the hot canal. I could barely fit two fingers in. She begins to protest saying it hurts and feels so weird. I told her to relax and enjoy it. I fingered her more and she began asking me to stop.

At this point fearing that she would change her mind and not go through with it, I quickly coated my penis with a generous portion of Vaseline and began to mount her. I slid up behind her and positioned the head of my cock against her sacred tight opening and gently began pushing the head of my cock up her ass penetrating her forbidden passage. She moaned and told me it hurts. I told her its ok relax and began kissing her neck and caressing her breasts and pussy. I felt her incredible tightness envelop my hard cock as I slipped about half my cock up her virgin ass, her body tensed up and quivered in protest to the intrusion. The feeling was unbelievable! Looking down and seeing my cock distending her tight cute little anus was the most erotic thing. I was in heaven. She moaned, “Please stop, take it out, please my ass is burning and it feels like your going to split me apart, it hurts so bad, please stop, you promised!!” but there was no stopping me, I don’t believe someone could stop themselves when something felt this good. I held her firm. Her hot wet tight ass was pure pleasure around my hard cock. I told her, ‘C,mon baby you can take it, just relax, this is so incredible! God your hot anus feels so good” I was so tempted to say the hell with it and ram my cock home all the way up her ass, pinning her with my arms, forcing her to take all of it, sodomizing her brutally. It took all my will to restrain myself, instead I kept a steady rhythm and only worked half my cock in and out of her beautiful ass trying to pacify her protests of pain. I just kept telling her “You can take it baby just a little longer, you’re so incredibly hot, please don’t make me stop, I need to cum in your hot wet ass”. She turned her head looked at me with tears in her eyes begged and pleaded for me to hurry up “It hurts so bad!, Please no more, I’ll go down on you please no more of this anal! Please let me up! You’re going to really hurt me!”, I kissed her cheeks, and licked the tears from her eyes sucked and nibbled on her neck, put my tongue in her ear and whispered “Just a little longer baby, please, you can do it for me!, take it for me! Feel my cock in your virgin backside!”

I would of liked it to last forever but the sensations were too intense and overwhelming, seeing the pained distraught expression on her sexy face as she submitted her sexy ass to me was incredibly erotic and pushed me over the edge, despite my wish to possess her like this for an eternity. The distressed look in her eyes, the tears on her cheeks, her cries of protest and pain with each thrust of my penis in her bowels, combined with the feel of her hot oiled anus squeezing bahis şirketleri my cock brought me to the point of no return. I began to ejaculate my sperm into the dark wet tight recesses of her rectum. I felt my seed shooting over and over again into her deflowered virgin ass filling her anal cavity with load and loads of my cum, just the thought of her accepting my cum in such a taboo place was so psychologically titillating.!!! To finally consummating this unnatural act with her, it is a memory I will treasure forever!!! She cried out loudly in pain as I thrusted a little too deeply burying almost three quarters of my cock into her bowels during my moment of ecstatic bliss. She turned her head back at me with tears streaming down her cheeks crying “Take it out! God take it out!” Ignoring her cries I held her hips tight until my climax subdued and the last of sperm trickled into her bowels. I finally released my grip on her hips and she quickly pulled away and ran to the bathroom slamming the door behind her.

Her repulsion to the act made it that much more erotic. I was amazed that I was able to talk her into trying it! I laid back on the bed and thought I have just experienced her hot tight forbidden orifice and it was better then I could have imagined! After several minutes of washing and cleaning and showering, I imagine to rid her bowels of my cum, she returned I with a pouty pissed look on her face and rubbed her rear. I told her that her ass was incredible. She exclaimed, “It hurt like hell you bastard why didn’t you stop when I told you!” I just smiled wickedly pulled her close and nibbled gently on her neck and whispered, “You’ll learn to like it, I want your ass again”. She shot me a glaring look and said “No way!!! Not in my ass never again! I’ll go down on you but that’s where I draw the line, no more of this anal stuff! Those porno girls are crazy!”.. I just laugh and said we’ll see. I ran my tongue over her neck, reached behind her and gently pressed on her sore anus causing her to wince in pain, I lick her ears and whispered “I still want to come in her mouth and feel you swallow it all and the next time I will thrust my self completely up that delicious little sore ass of yours.” She’s tries to push me away and declared “Not in this lifetime, I don’t want come in my mouth and I’ll NEVER let anyone do that to me again!” I kiss her sensuously and reply “Never say never, we’ll see. You are so hot when you’re angry! That was so good. I love your ass baby!”

As I look back on it my only thought was perhaps I should of gone all out instead of restraining myself. Perhaps I should of just pinned her down and penetrated her all the way, raping that hot virgin ass of hers! It could have been a chance of a lifetime to completely dominate and possess her sensuous body, force her against her will, to feel her struggle beneath me as I savagely plunge my hard cock repeatedly deep into her bowels, forcing her to take every inch of my cock up her hot tight rectum, penetrating her body and soul completely, having her accept my seed on infertile soil deep within her body!!!

Eventually I did get to cum in her mouth but couldn’t quite get her to swallow. I also succeeded in impaling my cock all the way up her tight bottom. I can be quite persuasive when I want to be but that’s another story. I would be curious to hear what you women think? Have any of your partners persuaded you to perform some kinky act that you didn’t want. How did you feel? Did a part of you enjoy it and find it erotic? I would love to hear what its like from the other side. I believe a part of my Asian princess was very flattered and aroused that I loved her ass so much! I think despite the pain and discomfort she suffered, in her own way she enjoyed it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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