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Aunt Clara’s Visit

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Kyle heard the door open and close and then his parents talking with his Aunt Clara, here for an extended visit. She was the widow of his father’s oldest brother, passed on two years now. He had passed early in life and Clara had just turned fifty. They had no children so although she still operated her late husband’s business she travelled for long stays with family to help cope with her loss. He went to the door to greet her, “Hi Aunt Clara,” he said when he saw her, she was about his height, 5 foot 10 inches, with an tangle of blond hair cropped off at the shoulders. It was a style he imagined, it almost looked too big for her face but it was full and attractive. She had very blue eyes and a creamy complexion. She didn’t smile much these days but when she did, like at him now, she displayed a broad expanse of perfect white teeth. Her figure was full and curvy, with generous hips and quite nice full round breasts.

“Kyle!” she said happily and opened her arms to give him a hug.

I’m such a perv, he thought as he hugged her tight and relished the feel of her round breasts getting squished against his chest. “I’ll take your bags to your room.” he told her as he stepped back. She wore a sun dress that displayed some nice cleavage, hugged her midsection, and then fell loose over her hips. Pristine white stockings and while sandals completed her outfit. Man she sure does look good he thought as he admired her.

“I’d say lead the way but I already know where it is!” she laughed. She took her purse and carry on and he struggled her two large full suitcases. He admired the sway of her hips as they made their way to her room. “Wow! You’re strong!” she smiled as he brought in her bags, straining to try and make it look easy.

“How was your flight?”

“Long! I’ll have to take a nap before lunch and freshen up. I’m exhausted!”

“You look amazing,” he grinned roguishly at her.

“Oh! Ahhhh thanks,” she looked a bit embarrassed by the compliment. “Ahhhh you’ve really grown up since my last visit. Eighteen now?”

He nodded. “It’s really good to see you again Aunt Clara!” he told her and before she could answer he stepped in to give her another hug. Such a pervert, he grinned to himself as he pulled her tight in against him again. He felt her soft hair against his cheek and he inhaled her perfume while concentrating on the feel of her full figure up against his. His cock started to stiffen and he hoped she would feel it.

“How sweet of you …,” he could feel her trying to gently push him back but he held on a bit longer.

And growing bigger all the time, he thought as his erection grew. He had to eventually step back but did so grinning at her. “I’ll see ya at diner Aunt Clara!” he said while intentionally giving her cleavage a quick look before leaving.

“Oh my!” she said softly to herself when the door shut. “No it was just innocent you silly thing!” she chided herself although a deeper part of her conscious yelled at her that he was enjoying that hug way too much, that he clearly had been looking at her cleavage and wanted her to see him doing it and an even deeper, evil part of her conscious excitedly whispered that she felt an erection between them. “Oh my!” she whispered again as she stripped to her underwear and got under the sheets. She tried to sleep but couldn’t, unwelcome thoughts of his young slender body jumping into her mind until finally, almost crying with self-loathing she rolled on her back and slipped a hand down between her legs. She tried to think about some other men she knew but her mind kept going back to Kyle as she rubbed on her clit. Finally she abandoned pretence and thought about his body against hers and she quickly climaxed. “It’s harmless,” she whispered when she had finished, it was just a naughty sexual fantasy that would never be fulfilled she thought, everyone has them, and even if he did get an erection as he held her he was an eighteen year old boy that was probably very easily sexually excited, nothing would come of it. And so he had looked at her cleavage but it was just there in front of him, what was he supposed to do. And her late husband had a long illness before passing so she hadn’t been with a man for four years. He wasn’t a blood relative and he was eighteen. His body was so long, slender and firm, he had held her so close, it was only natural that she had become somewhat aroused. With that she tried to concentrate her thoughts on business matters and soon feel asleep.

Dinner went well as did the evening. Kyle went out and she spent the evening talking with his parents. She casually asked if he had a girlfriend and discovered that although he did have two close female friends that it appeared he was single. She locked her door that night and slept well. Early the next morning she went to their home gym in their basement to do her yoga and stretching routine. He surprised her by walking in yawning in a tee shirt and sleep pants as she was in a yoga pose.

“Good morning Auntie,” he yawned again as he sat on a weigh bench.

“Good morning casino oyna Kyle,” she said politely.

“Yoga?” he asked her unnecessarily.

“Yeah … you like it?” she was glad she was wearing a loose sweater over her spandex suit.

“I like watching it,” he grinned, “I like yoga pants.”

“On girls you mean.”

“And women,” he corrected.

“Really?” He sure was a flirt she mused to herself.

“Errrr aren’t you warm in that sweater?”

“I’m fine,” she smiled sweetly as she changed her position.

“Too bad.”

“And why is that?” she asked, immediately knowing she shouldn’t have.

“It’s just ruining my view a bit,” he grinned wolfishly.

“You shouldn’t say that about me Kyle!” she abolished him.

“Why not!” he just kept grinning at her, “It’s just us here. And believe it or not you got a great body.”

“And I’m your Aunt.”

“Yes. By marriage.”


“You’re just being prudish.” His grin was infectious and she smiled back in spite of herself. “Say you want to do some partner stretching?” he asked.

“Ahhhh I don’t think so.”

“Prune.” She stuck her tongue out at him but he continued. “Come on! I’ll just stretch you over my back, like a rack.”

“I just don’t think your parents would really appreciate us down here doing stuff like that.”

“If they knew.”

“If they knew,” she reluctantly agreed.

“And that stairs is creaky. It’s like an early warning system. Besides we aren’t even doing anything wrong. It’s just partner stretching and exercise. I do them at my karate class all the time.”

“You do karate?”

“Yeah … I just started really. I’m just an orange belt.”

“That’s good Kyle!”

“Ok come on and we’ll do a few. You don’t have to do any that you feel uncomfortable with.”

“Wellllll ok. Sure. Stretch me over your back.” They stood back to back and linked arms. Then he gradually leaned forward, slowly stretching her, lifting her off her feet. “Ohhhh Goddddd! That feels so good!!” she exhaled.

“Be careful now Aunt Clara. Anyone upstairs hears you they really would think we’re having sex down here!”

His words shocked her but she suddenly realized that she was helpless to do anything, stretched over his back like she was. She actually laughed, “You are so bad Kyle!”

“It feels good though?”

“So good! Can you go further?” He did and she let out another low moan of pleasure. He eased her back then.

“That was nice,” she told him.

“Just a sec Aunt Clara!” he turned around and she watched in shock as he adjusted himself. “There!” he said unabashedly as he turned back, “Just had to adjust him a bit. He was getting a bit uncomfortable.”

“Kyle!” she slapped him the arm and turned around as she felt he face getting hot.

“Hey! You’re blushing!” he laughed as he playfully tried to get her to turn around, “Sorry! Must have been the moaning. You know guys my age are always thinking about it!”

“You need to get a girlfriend!” she laughed and slapped him again.

“I got two of them!”

“Your folks said you have two friends that are girls,” she said confused, “But that they were just long-time friends, not ahhhh girlfriends.”

“Yeah. We’re just buddies. But I’m after having sex with both of them a few times now. Just you know … casual … learning about it … experimenting a bit. Don’t tell mom and dad though.”

“Oh! I see. Of course I won’t say anything.” She immediately started thinking of him differently. “I hope you always wear protection Kyle.”

“Yeah. Of course I do.” Things got a bit awkward so he added, “The creaky stairs really came in handy one day. Mom started to come down and Tracy went scrambling to get her shorts back on. She did just as mom came in. She started to talk to us and we, Tracy and me, all of a sudden noticed her panties were on the floor. Tracy started blushing so red!” he started laughing and she smiled in spite of herself. “That’s what saved us,” he continued, “Mom was looking at her trying to see if she was ok and I was able to push the panties under the couch with my foot.” He sat down on the padded floor, “Here sit across from me.”

She did and they did some stretches by holding hands and alternating pulling the other forward.

“You’re pretty flexible Aunt Clara! Here you stand against the wall.” She did and he held her ankle and knee as he stretched one leg and then the other. “Getting warm?”

“A bit.”

“Lose the sweater.”

“Nope. Hold my feet while I do some crunches?” she smiled. He did, sitting on her feet as he held her knees together.

“You really are in great shape,” he said softly as she rested between sets and one of his hands slid from her knee down her leg slowly.

“Stop that Kyle!” she whispered up at him.

“Ok,” he grinned but continued to caress her leg.

“Ok! Last set!” she started her crunches again and he grinned as he held her knees together again. “I’m done!” she got up quickly when she had finished.

“Shower time?” he canlı casino grinned.


“Can I come?”

“I don’t think your folks would appreciate that.”

“I’ll just slip into your room. They won’t know.”

“No way Kyle.” She laughed not even knowing if he was serious or not. “You’re crazy! But thanks for helping with the work out.”

She went to her room and undressed. She lay on the bed and masturbated, this time not lying to herself and thinking about Kyle the whole time. She rubbed her clit gently, amazed at how wet he had made her and had a wonderful orgasm before starting to feel guilty again. Just before her orgasm she decided not to resist if he tried to seduce her again and immediately dismissed the plan after she had climaxed.

She realized she had an e-mail when she got out of bed and saw it was from Kyle. “Bet you’re doing what I’m doing now.” Although she had just climaxed the thought of an eighteen year old masturbating while thinking about her filled her spirit with shameful joy. She smirked as she went to shower. She continued to think about him as she lathered and the warm water cascaded over her. Before she realized it her hand was between her legs and amazingly she orgasmed again almost immediately.

She went back to the bed and was disappointed there wasn’t any more messages. It seemed to damper her spirit and she hadn’t felt this alive in years. With trembling fingers she just typed “yup”. The she deleted it and typed, “Maybe”. “You can’t do this,” she whispered but before she could talk herself out of it she hit send. She dressed then in a loose pair of shorts and a simple sleeveless top and went down for breakfast. Kyle joined them after his mother yelled out a few times. She tried her best to avoid eye contract with him but when it happened she was met with a wink and his foolish grin. They had a nice breakfast with bacon, toast, and fresh fruit. She said that she would just spend the next few days lounging in the back, just doing nothing except reading and sun bathing and that they should just go about their day to day activities.

“Well I guess that means we’ll be spending some time together Aunt Clara cause I hang out back there a bit.”

“Or Tracy’s.” his mother chimed in.

“Can’t beat the pool for sure.”

“She’s such a sweet girl.”

“She’s cool.”

“And don’t tell me I can’t chip in and help with things!” Clara said as she discretely removed Kyle’s hand from her leg before standing up and start clearing the dishes. “Kyle, please don’t grope me at the breakfast table,” she whispered to him when she had the chance.

“Sure!” he grinned and she jumped as he quickly squeezed her backside. She shot daggers at him with her eyes as he grinned as he walked away.

She had a nice time lounging outside during the day. Reading her novel and sipping on iced tea. Kyle was only an occasional cute annoyance, coming out to talk to her from time to time as she lounged. She admitted to herself that she loved the attention.

“You should wear a bikini,” he suggested one time.

“I burn easily,” she smiled behind big sunglasses.

“I could rub on some sun block?”

“Why don’t you take off that tee shirt?” she said mischievously, hoping to turn the tables on him.

He quickly stood up and stripped it off.

“Ok,” she giggled.

“You like?”

“Can you get me another iced tea honey?”

“I can give you a lot more than an iced tea.”

“An iced tea for now would be great,” she grinned at him.

They went out for dinner that night. His parents were a bit surprised that he readily agreed to join them. Clara had reflected carefully what to wear. She knew that given the opportunity Kyle’s hands would be reaching over under the table so she slowly and carefully shaved her legs. “You can’t be thinking like this Clara!” her good side screamed at her while her smirking devil whispered that maybe she shouldn’t stop at just her legs. “It’s not hurting anything.” She told her good side as she trimmed off her pubic hair and with a fluttery stomach and hard nipples she lathered up between her legs too. When she finished she had to masturbate or go crazy so she ended up on her knees on the bed with her face in the pillows and her hand up between her legs. She whispered his name over and over as she rubbed her clit and came quickly. Her phone when off as she was going to the shower, of course a text from him, “Making yourself pretty for our date? ?” it read. “You scamp,” she whispered, she didn’t reply but had a long hot shower, washing every inch of herself and shampooing her hair twice. She replied to him after she towelled off. “Didn’t get this till now Scamp. Just got out of the shower.” She typed while sitting with her legs crossed naked on the bed.

“You’re naked!!” he replied instantly.

I’m getting myself in deeper and deeper she abolished herself as she replied, “Do you shower with your clothes on?”

“I was thinking about you when I showered.”

“I hope you are deleting these text messages?”

“Of kaçak casino course. So did you think of me while you were lathering up?”

“I’m taking the fifth.”

“I’m taking that as a yes!”

“Getting dressed now my Scamp.”

“See ya soon my Dream!” She laughed when she read that. “Dream,” she giggled, “Oh my God we actually have pet names now. This is sinful Clara. It’s like a trashy novel!” She got a jar of expensive slightly perfumed cream and rubbed it all over her legs and up between her legs, resisting the urge to masturbate again. She masturbated maybe one or twice a month at home and she was her now for two days and had already done it several times. She rubbed some of the cream into her nipples and between and under her breasts, and just under her freshly shaved armpits as well. She added some deodorant and started to dress. Plain white panties, but snow white, satin and trimmed in lace. She momentarily fantasized about Kyle on his knees and pulling them off. Then she put on a snow white bra and looked intently at her breasts in the mirror. She dried and styled her hair a bit and then slipped into her dress. It was a blue checked sleeveless summer dress which was tight from the waist up with a collar and buttons down the front. It fell loosely from her hips and the hemline rose up on the sides somewhat. It was formal yet casual and sexy yet refined and she wore it with her bare smooth legs and high heel white strap sandals. She liked it and knew he would too.

His eyes told the story when she went downstairs and they all complimented her on her appearance. They were all nice but it was his whispered one when they were getting ready to go to the car that made her all tingly, especially between the legs. “Oh my God Aunt Clara you look so hot! Like I’m sorry maybe it’s not proper but I want you so bad right now it’s driving me crazy!” She knew she shouldn’t but she reached over and gave his hand a quick squeeze.

At the restaurant she noticed with pleasure that the tables had long tablecloths. She also noticed several older men give her long appreciative looks but it was just one young man she was interested in. It was walking to the table that she decided that life was too short and that happiness came in different ways and forms. She loved her brother and sister in law and didn’t want to hurt them any but she absolutely ached for Kyle to make love to her now and she wouldn’t hold back anymore. Maybe it was wrong but her body yearned for him. They could be discrete and once he had made the conquest and had had his fill with her he would move on. But the images that jumped into her mind of his long slender young body on top of hers as he strained with the effort of taking her were starting to consume her.

His hand found her leg as soon as they sat down. While she chatted with his parents he sat there with a foolish grin and felt up her leg. She discretely took her phone and sent him a delayed text. “I want you to make love to me tonight my Scamp.”

“Are you ok Kyle!” his mother asked with concern as he suddenly made choking noises. Clara looked over with faked concern as well.

“Oh yeah!” he grinned foolishly, “Just reading something from Evan. Just a joke about someone you guys don’t know.”

She had her phone in a pocket of her dress and felt it vibrate against her leg as he replied. She waited a bit before checking. “Oh God yes. I’ll come to your room when they go to bed?”

“Oh my! Work. I send then one text and now it’s starting. This is what I’m paying the operations manager for.” She said for cover as she typed, “Yes. We have to be discrete.” They had a nice meal and stayed a bit talking before heading back. “Think I’ll turn in a bit early,” she smiled, “Maybe just watch the news on tv or a movie.”

“Ahhh I’m probably going to go out in a bit.” Kyle told his parents as he went downstairs to his room to text Clara.

“Hi Dream.”

“Hi Scamp!”

“I’ll give it a bit and see if I can sneak up. They usually go to bed early to read or watch tv too.”

“Lock the door when you come in.”

“Don’t change! I’m dying to take that dress off myself.”

“I won’t!”

After about a half hour he tried it. The house seemed quiet except for the sounds of TVs from the bedrooms. Grinning he got to her room and slowly and silently turned the knob and eased it open. She was on the bed with her legs curled up. The only thing she had taken off was her sandals. The TV was on and he grinned at her as he locked the door.

“They never saw you?”

“Naw. Commere!” he told her.

She got off the bed a little subconsciously and went to stand in front of him.

“Wow,” he whispered softly, “You’re absolutely stunning. I must have done something amazing in another life to deserve this.” He took her lightly by the waist.

“You’re sweet,” she said licking her lips and reaching out to hold lightly on his tee shirt with two hands. He tilted his head and slowly moved in for a kiss. She was wondering if it would feel wrong when he kissed her but just the opposite she actually started to feel her knees go weak as his firm lips pushed against hers. Her arms went around his neck and his her waist as his tongue entered her mouth and she whimpered a bit.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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