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Aunt Lucy Takes Jason in Hand Ch. 02

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To get a better idea of the who the participants are, you are invited to read part 1 of this brief story.


Jason had barely had time to relieve the tension in his organ the next morning before his aunt was tapping at this door.

“Yes?” he managed to croak.

“I’ve made breakfast, Jason, and it’s getting cold.”

“Yes, aunt Lucy, I’m getting up right now.” He quickly got out of bed, inspected the sheets, and gathered up the latest soggy tissues, and put them in his plastic bag. He put on his robe, hid the bag under it and went out into the hall and walked to the bathroom. Locking himself inside, he rapidly took out the evidence of his excess, and flushed it away. He washed his hands, made sure the plastic bag held no dried patches of his manhood. He brushed his teeth, and then went quickly to the kitchen.

Lily was sitting gingerly at the very edge of her chair slowly nibbling on some toast. Jason glanced surreptitiously at her, then bid them both a good morning.

“There’s eggs and toast, and I’ve made pancakes. Don’t expect this too often unless you make it yourself. It’s Saturday morning and the only day I really have time for this. Sit up, Lily, don’t slouch.”

She gave her mother a dark look, then returned to her sullen silence.

Jason took in the tension, but decided to pretend everything was normal. He helped himself to some eggs and a slice of toast.

“Hey, this is better than my mom makes the eggs.”

“I won’t tell her you said that, Jason. And I know your mother is an excellent cook. I have cold cereal, too, if you wish.”

“No thanks, this is plenty. I don’t usually eat too much in the morning.”

They ate in silence for a while, then Lily got up and left.

“Please put your dishes in the sink. There are no servants here.”

Lily rattled her plate into the sink, rinsed it and left, completely ignoring her cousin.

After a moment, Jason’s aunt got up and took up a position behind her chair.

“You may have heard something last night, Jason, and it’s better if I let you know what the situation is. I have a high standard for my daughter if she wants to live here. I have made the rules, and she is expected to obey them. When she doesn’t, I have to discipline her. And I am not bashful about using the strap on her bare bottom.”

Jason flushed at the vivid image this painted, and was alarmed when his penis seemed to unfurl.

“Last night she broke the rules, and she was spanked.” She gave Jason an appraising look.

“Isn’t she a bit old for that? I mean, she’s 19 isn’t she.”

“That may be, Jason, but this is my house, my food, my money for clothes, education and everything else, so they’re my rules. And, young man, the same rules will apply to you.”

“You mean, you’d spank me if I broke the rules?” He was incredulous.

“Oh, yes. The same as I would for Lily. Accept those rules or find another place to stay.”

Jason swallowed hard, and prayed his erection wouldn’t show.


“I guess I have no choice. I have nowhere else to stay. But I’m not planning to break any rules. I don’t have a girl friend, and I don’t like to drink or smoke or anything like that, I guess.”

“Good. Then things should be fine. So, if you should hear Lily and I, you should ignore it and go about your business.”

“Yes, aunt Lucy, I will.”

“More toast?”

“No thanks.” He stayed at the table, unable to get up with his underwear tented under his robe. As soon as his aunt turned away, he adjusted his prick and got up to leave the table.

“Jason. Dishes. Please put them over here. You can help me wash up.”

He turned a bit red, carried his plate over to the sink and stood beside aunt Lucy, willing his cock to stay in place.

“Wash or dry?”

“I’ll dry.”

They quickly polished off the dishes, during which time Jason penis had sagged back into his underwear. With relief, he retreated to his room.

Once inside, he took out his cock and squeezed it hard. Spanked by aunt Lucy. He was in shock. God. To have his pants down over her lap, or bent over with his bare ass in the air for her to slap, was a breath taking prospect. He had received a few spankings as a youngster, but never really after age 8 or so. At the same time, he was afraid that his aunt might really lay on the leather, and Jason really didn’t like pain all that much. He was more into the idea of it rather than the actuality of feeling that strap sting his naked ass.

The weekend was fairly uneventful. Jason wasn’t able to explore, since casino oyna his aunt was around almost all the time. Lily was gone most of Saturday, but came home early and just watched TV and made it an early night. Sunday was about the same. Jason could see that Lily wasn’t all that happy living under her mother’s thumb.

It wasn’t until Wednesday that Jason had a late afternoon class, so he stayed home to do his work. Lily had an early morning class and was gone before Jason emerged from his morning stroke job. His aunt was just leaving, and said she would be late, so he’d have to fend for himself for meals, or wait until 7.

“I’ll be fine, aunt Lucy, I have a late class and can get something at school.”

He watched her pull out of the driveway and head off down the street. He waited for a while, then headed for the laundry room. The hamper was only half full. He carefully took out the items, searching for the bra and panties. He was in luck. Both his aunt and cousin were pretty clean, changing once or twice a day. He had the weekend and two day’s worth to examine. Out of curiosity, he examined the black bras that he thought belonged to his aunt. The cups were quite large. Upon closer inspection, he found that they cup size was a D. Big tits! Digging further, he found a couple of smaller ones-obviously Lily’s. They were still a C, so they were pretty big, too. He remembered getting a quick side view of Lily as she dashed past after the strapping. They had been pressed against her chest under the clothes, but he’d seem the side of one. He tried to imagine his aunt’s larger size. He’d never seen her in a bathing suit, so there was only the conservative business attire and the casual clothes she had worn in the last few days. No skin had been exposed. God. He wished he could get a look at them. His cock was already stiff as he fondled the garments. He was saving the panties.

There were 9 pair, 7 black ones and 2 dark red. There was nothing really outrageous, but they were all exciting to Jason. He took turns with each imagining what secrets they had hidden from his eyes. He searched for a stray pubic hair, but found none in Lily’s, but was rewarded with a few in his aunt’s red ones. He took hold of his cock through his pants and squeezed it. It felt a bit sore from the heavy use less than an hour ago, but it was still rampant. He lowered his pants, too out his cock and held the red panties to his nose, while he used a black pair to surround his modest sized member. He let the shear fabric rub lightly over the head of his cock as he inhaled deeply, smelling the odour of his aunt. He had selected a pair that were still slightly moist. It was a mixed smell, not just pee, but a stronger musk. Jason felt dizzy from it and let the black panties dangle from his cock and used two hands to pull the panties like a mask over his face.

He heard the front door open, and he froze in utter panic.

“I’m home, mom. Sonia came over so we could work on a project.”

Jason slithered out of the laundry room with his pants held up by hand. The panties were still stuffed inside, and he had managed to throw his aunt’s back in the hamper with the bras and other items. He didn’t have a chance to put everything back as they were. He prayed Lily wouldn’t bother to go in there for any reason.

“Let me see if Jason is home. Jason! You home?”

Jason hid behind the door of his room, but left it open so she could see that no-one was in. He tip toed into his closet and left the door ajar.

Lily stuck her head into the room, but didn’t bother to check further.

“He’s gone. Funny, I thought I saw his shoes by the door, but he’s not here.”

“Hey, that’s cool. Maybe we can, . . .like, do something? I’m in the mood.”

Lily laughed. “When aren’t you in the mood.”

“Hey, like, it’s been Friday since I’ve seen it, you know. I’m not a nun. You know how much I like to, like kiss your little mister.”

“Me, too. But we should get some work done. Then, reward time.”

“Let’s do it now. Who knows when your cousin gets back. And why the hell is he even here, like, you need a male with a prick in the house?”

“Not my idea. I told her not to, but that’s red flag for that bitch of a mother.”

Lily and Sonia had wandered into Lily’s room and closed the door. Jason had not actually seen the two girls, and was exhaling deeply at the close call, but he had a problem now. How the hell was he going to suddenly show up? Then he thought, maybe they’re going to do something worth listening too. He was stunned at Sonia’s bold statement. Did canlı casino she mean she liked to have sex with his cousin? He tried to visualize his pale cousin lying on her back, legs splayed while Sonia laved her pubic area. His cock was now back to full attention, the black panties jammed in his pants. He eased it out, and wrapped the panties around it.

He crept to the door way, trying to listen to the girls. They had put some music on. He cursed under his breath. He thought about putting his ear to the door, but decided it was too risky. Then the door opened, and a skinny girl dressed only in a bra stepped out, leaving the door open. Jason was protected, since he had heard the handle rattle, and ducked back, eyeing through the crack at the hinge. He saw her rub her hairless crotch and as she popped into the wash room. Jason noted the nearly flat chest, slim boyish little ass, but fairly nice legs. She had a thin face, but her eyes were almost Asian, and she had long black hair that looked a bit stringy. He listened for any sounds, and heard the faint splash of a woman pissing, a tap running, and then the door opened, and he got a better look at her as she went past back to Lily’s room. She didn’t bother to close the door all the way. She was ready for action, and so was Jason. He didn’t plan to miss anything. He waited, cock in hand, for the girls to get going. Although he could see nothing he caught a bit of their conversation around the music.

“Oooh, Lily, show me the little guy up close. . . .kiss him, . . Oooh, yes.”

Jason crept closer to the partly open door his heart beating like a runaway metronome. He chose to look though the slight crack and saw a tantalizing line of naked flesh. He was suddenly desperate to see the girls in all their glory. His head dodged back and forth trying get a better look, but he was restricted to a tiny line. Next he looked to see if he could peer around the door, but it wasn’t open enough, then he saw the mirror and the girls were on the bed. He saw Sonia lying with her face in Lily’s crotch bobbing and licking. Lily was spread open completely naked. Her large breast were mushroomed on her chest. She was tugging on her aroused nipples as Sonia hungrily laved her cunt. Sonia’s fingers were thrashing at her own pussy as she slurped eagerly. Lily was moaning loudly and her hips undulated up and down with a slow rhythm to match Sonia’s expert pussy licking. With his pants lowered, Jason shot his load while squeezing his throbbing cock. The panties soaked up his load and he suppressed his desire to groan at the release. At that precise instant Lily opened her eyes and caught sight of Jason’s head and torso in the mirror just over top of Sonia’s head. His eyes were closed, clearly beating his meat at the sight of the girls. She pushed Sonia away and jumped up, yanking the door open. Jason’s eyes flew open as Lily slapped his face with a vicious right hand.

“You bastard! Fucking prick! Cock sucking asshole!” She lunged for him and continued to slap. Jason stumbled backwards and fell on his back with has pants now knee high and the black panties still stuck on the end of his wilting erection.

“You fucking little peeping sneak! You’re fucking dead meat when my mother finds out. Look at that! My mother’s panties around your cock. You sick pervert.”

Sonia had grabbed her top and covered herself.

“Like, what kind of sick fuck would spy on his cousin. What a fucking creep!” She stared down derisively at Jason.

Lily grabbed her clothes and pulled them on quickly. Jason lay stunned on the floor for a moment, then tried to yank his pants back up. But Sonia jumped forward and stepped on his pants, causing Jason to tug, nearly toppling the skinny girl. Lily stepped out of the room and shouted at him.

“You sick freak. I can’t wait ’til my mother hears about this!”

Jason was reeling. He looked up at the two outraged girls.

“I may be a sick freak, but what about you? Getting a girl to eat her out isn’t exactly normal.”

“Like hell.” It was Sonia who cut him off.

“Maybe your mother won’t like to find out her daughter is a lezzie.”

The girls looked at each other.

“That’s not as bad as being a sick freak who peaks at people.” The voices had calmed a bit as they realized that their situation wasn’t without issues of accountability in the eyes of Lily’s mother. Jason could see that his statement had had an impact.

“You’ll get your ass whacked hard when she hears about this.”

“Well, guess what, bright boy, she’ll probably whip yours too. She has rules for kaçak casino anybody. She even spanked Sonia once for being rude.”

Sonia got off Jason’s pants, but kept her gaze on his penis, now fully deflated and covered with the black panties.

“Beating off into a girl’s panties, what a wimp.”

Jason managed to pull his pants up and stand up. He was shorter than Lily by an inch or so, but Sonia was slightly shorter.

“Hey, at least I got off on girls, not guys.”

“Fuck you, mini dick.”

Jason flushed. He knew his penis was a couple inches shorter than respectable.

“Hey, let’s cut the shit. I don’t want my mother to know about this and neither do you, Jason, so what do we do?”

He thought for a minute. The thought of the girls doing each other still blew his mind. Feverishly he tried to come up with a plan to gain the upper hand and maybe get some action from them.

“Maybe we could make some kind of deal.”

“What deal? I don’t want any deal with you.”

“Well, maybe I don’t care if I get spanked as long as I get to hear you get it, too. So I’ve got nothing to lose.”

“What? You want a spanking? What kind of weirdo are you?”

“Like, you’re a sicko, buddy. A real sicko.”

“So what? If aunt Lucy finds out that you were doing it with Lily, what is she going to do with you? You won’t be visiting here much, I bet. In fact, she might even tell your parents and the shit will hit the fan at your place, too.”

Sonia snarled at him. But she knew he was right. She didn’t care as much about her parents, who were a bit out of it, anyway, but having Lucy cut her off from Lily was not good. Finding a partner like her was not easy, even these days when it wasn’t such a big deal to be gay. She knew Lily wouldn’t leave home until she finished school. That was three years away. She also knew that Lily would get snapped up pretty quick by one of their “friends” if they were separated.

Lily knew that Jason had them, especially if he was willing to get whipped. He could always just move out, though his mother would be pissed, he would get away Scott free. She didn’t like that a bit. She wanted a bit more revenge.

She looked at Jason’s reddened face where she’d slapped him. It had felt good to lay it on him.

“You’re not getting away with this, Jason. You got to see us naked doing it. I’m not letting you off the hook for that.”

“Okay, but I never got to see much. Just a reflection of her butt and head and maybe your boobs a bit.”

“That’s all you’re ever gonna see, buddy.” Sonia glared at him.

“Maybe you’re right, Jason.” Sonia looked at Lily after she spoke as though she were nuts.

“So how do we work this out.”

Jason shrugged.

“Hey, Lily, this is bullshit.”

“No, wait Sonia, I’ve got an idea.”

“Oh, shit, not an idea. He deserves to have his cock cut off.”

Jason swallowed and the thought of his little dick being removed caused it to shrivel up even more.

“No, Sonia, he needs a good whipping for what he did, but I want him to keep his mouth shut. Here’s the deal. We get to whip your bare ass for what you did, then you can watch us do it.”

“No way, Lily, I don’t’ want this freak watching us. No way. Like, no fucking way!” Lily pulled Sonia aside and whispered in her earl.

“Well, he’s gonna tell my mother if we don’t cut a deal with him. I can tell. He doesn’t care about getting his ass whacked, so what else have we got to keep his mouth shut. You want to be able to get it on with me? Shit, we don’t have a choice. We can beat the fuck out of him and get to keep doing what we’re doing. Once we get him hooked, he won’t want to ruin it. I don’t like it much, but it’s our best weapon. He’s a perve, so we can use that to our advantage.”

Jason tried to overhear them, but only caught a word or too. He was thrilled with the prospect of watching them, but the idea of a spanking from them wasn’t quite as much of a desirable outcome. But he thought it might be okay if they went for it.

Sonia was still reluctant. She walked away from Lily biting her lip, turning to glare hatefully at Jason. It was a look that Jason knew would turn into a really hard whipping if they went that route.

“Okay, you little fuck, you can, like, have your show, but I get to tear your ass apart with the strap. You’re gonna, like, feel it, man. I’ll BBQ you’re ass.”

She strode into Lily’s room and slumped on the bed. Lily followed her in. Jason slowly ambled in after them.


“Okay, asshole, you’re gonna get your show, and we’ll give you a beating you won’t forget any time soon.”

Lily walked into her mother’s room, went to the drawer with the strap, and took it out. She gave it a flourish and walked back to the waiting pair.

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