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B-Day Ch. 08

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She arrived promptly at our doorstep at 9:30 pm, wearing the outfit Evander had specified. It was the same one she’d worn in his favorite flick of hers, “Majika’s Mystery Tour.”

A striped wiggle dress clung to her epic hip range like a second skin. Underneath it, fishnet stockings rendezvoused with a frilly black garter belt. Clear-heeled stilettos elevated her to a truly amazonian height. A sheer u-plunge bra buttressed her breasts, creating the effect of a buffet table. Glimmering hoop earrings, Cleopatra eyeliner, and cinnamon lip gloss completed the picture.

On most other women, this ensemble would look quite trashy. On her, however, it somehow looked not only complimentary, but strangely dignified, as if she were truly “owning” her recent past. The woman donning these articles truly commanded their collective effect.

Not much time was wasted on admiring her garb, however. Especially seeing as how Evander was more turned on than I’ve ever seen him before. Within 10 minutes of her arrival, he had stripped her down to nothing but her underwear. Similarly, his khakis were down and his shirt had long ago been thrown to the wind.

They stood there in the center of our apartment, face to face. I just leaned against the wall and watched. I didn’t get quite the same jealous feeling I had with Jessi or Mariko when I saw them kiss. If anything, she was so spellbindingly sexy that I actually envied Evander for being the focus of her attentions!

What was more, I found that I felt a strange sense of relief as their sable-colored lips finally met. My losing streak was over. I knew I’d finally found the real deal, and she was every bit as ravenous as I’d hoped. Her steep curves twisted in his hands. Her fingertips dug into the smooth sinew of his biceps. A god and goddess each.

Evander responded to her ardor in kind, diving into her with abandon. Usually, with women, he liked to play cat and mouse. To tease them, size them up, figure them out. But with her, he dropped such pretenses. He’d already studied her in private, watching her move in the glow of a computer screen. He knew exactly what he was getting.

Releasing her from his embrace, he stood back and looked her up and down. “Go ahead and do your thing, girl,” he said with a grin. “Just like you do in the movies.”

She nodded. Reaching behind her, she slipped her fingers down the back of her shiny black underwear, then shut her eyes. I saw her forearm tense as she slowly pulled. There was a squishing noise as she removed a short, fat plug from her ass. She raised it, showing us both.

“I’ve been keeping my booty hole ready for you. Your girl Abi tells me you’ve been fiending for it. Is that true?” she said with actorly slyness, slowly walking over to me. As she turned, she made a point of swaying her big butt as if she were on camera. Her big coffee-colored globes jiggled as she moved towards me.

“Yes,” Evander said with a gentle laugh. “In fact, Abi’s a fan too.”

I blushed, as Monette—or Majika, as we had agreed to call her that night—looked me up and down. I didn’t think I was much to look at compared to her. I was dressed in a fairly plain white gown, barefoot, with no underwear. I didn’t wear makeup. Unlike our previous B-Day prey, I couldn’t dream of trying to dress competitively here. There was no competing with Majika.

?She waved the black plug in front of me. It definitely smelled used, and the scent drove me crazy. It was so wrong, yet so right. Such a bittersweet stink.

“Hmm, okay. Since you like my booty so much, why don’t you hold onto this for a while, lil’ Ms. Khaing?” she said, swiping it across my upper lip, and then placing it in my hand. I eagerly grabbed it, immediately holding it back to my nose.

Thank you…Monet—mm, Majika,” I mumbled in a daze.

Her eyes left me and dropped to Evander’s crotch now, noticing a rapid and dramatic development. This was my lover’s “trump card.” Good looks and a magnetic demeanor were one thing. But his ominous bulge was another. It packed an eyeful, at first coiling around the side of his silk boxers, then raising diagonally. Her eyes widened, then she looked at me.

“Huh. Your boyfriend actually looks pretty damn big. You didn’t quite mention that,” she said. ??I bit my lip, realizing that I must have forgotten to add this very important detail when describing my man to her. Since she didn’t ask, I guess I figured it wasn’t an issue. She was a porn star, after all, and although I hadn’t seen any guys in her videos as big as Evander, some of them were pretty formidable.

Now, I know I’ve said this plenty of times before, but it must be restated: Evander’s penis, at virtually any stage of engorgement, is a sight. At full mast, it’s nothing short of jaw-dropping. I certainly have dropped my jaw quite low in order to service him.

“Jesus. Okay. You ever measure that? I just want to know what I’m getting myself into,” she said. As if responding to her words, the bulbous head slinked out from the leg-hole of his underwear, then continued, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri rising diagonally as his thick shaft strained against the shiny cloth.

“Goddamn,” she let out in a whisper, looking impressed and a little bit surprised.

“Measured? No, I’ve never measured it,” Evander said. “I’ve never had to. I let the girls take their own notes if they want, haha.”

His words would have sounded cocky coming from most other men. But for him, he was simply telling the truth. Majika gave him a skeptical look, but as her eyes went back to the rapidly-enlarging monster now freeing itself from his shorts, that look turned into one of awe.

“Honestly, though, I never thought I’d see a dick that big again. You sure you were never in the biz?”

“Nope. And if I was, I would be behind the camera,” Evander said. “You know. Running things.”

“I see,” she said, looking at me a little nervously. Down below, my tender little nib was pulsing and agitated. I shivered as I kept the plug planted under my nose, inhaling its heady aroma like a drug. Then I looked at the two of them and another strange wave of excitement shot up my spine.

Majika summoned me with the curl of a finger. I drifted to her, my nipples as stiff as rivets. “Excuse me, Ms. Khaing. I just had one simple question. You know how to lick asshole?” She asked me plainly. The smoky lids of her eyes narrowed to a squint as she looked down at me.

“Uh…oh god,” I sputtered. “I don’t know. I’ve never done that before…” ??Her earrings jingled as she weaved her neck sassily. “It’s real simple. First you get on your knees. That’s step one. Go on,” she said.

I looked at Evander, noting that he had his “game face” on. When he had that look in his eyes, I knew he was bringing out his dramatic side. In these moments, he wasn’t just my boyfriend, he was a method actor. And right now he was playing collaborator with this increasingly sharp young girl making waves in our house.

“You heard her, Abi. This is the famous Majika Starr, award-winning adult video starlet. You can go online right now and find thousands of people who’d pay top dollar for a webcam show right now. But we’re not going to do that. That’s cheap. We’re not cheap,” he said, grabbing a hefty handful of Majika’s thick booty and drawing her close to him. He continued.

“See, this is special. An in-call with someone of this girl’s caliber and reputation is a privilege, Abi. Consider yourself spoiled.” Evander advertised gamely.

Majika snickered, clearly flattered by his hammy rhetoric. She ran her hand up his arm and let out a creaky moan, then fixed her eyes on me.

“That’s right, baby. Now be nice and do as I said.”??I needed no more persuasion. I dropped to my knees, my gown pooling around me as I looked up at these two towering superiors. My mouth instinctively watered as Majika stepped up to me.

She turned on her transparent heels, then stepped out of them, placing her at a level more easy to access. With a swift tug, she pulled down her underwear. Curling her foot, she then kicked them aside.

I looked up at perfection. Not only was this the largest ass I’d ever seen on such a thin woman, it was also the most well-sculpted. Each cheek was a pristine, unblemished orb. And these glorious globes didn’t look like mere repositories of fat. Hers were fit, protruding with defiant and absolute roundness, and well-toned about the thighs. For me and my lover, this girl was clearly the holy grail.

Below this rested her equally splendid sex. I slavered as my eyes dropped to it. Wetness trailed down her rosy slit, collecting in small beads along the grooves of her cocoa-colored labia. If her gorgeous pussy were the focal point of the evening, I would have just as gladly spent all night servicing it. But orders were orders.

I dove forward, feeling her supple buttocks surround my face. I grabbed them with both hands. I could barely breathe as I felt them envelop me. I began lapping at her moist crack, heaving as my lungs burned. If being smothered was price I had to pay for such heaven, then go ahead and dig my grave.

I could taste the residual lube smeared around her anus as my tongue dodged between her cheeks. Its sweetness blended with the raw funk of her hole, driving me mad. I felt the vibrations of her groaning around my face.

I couldn’t stop. As I spit-shined her ebony knot to perfection, it began to blossom, dilating wide enough for me to slip my tongue through.

As I traveled more deeply, her asshole presented a more overtly shitty flavor, so much so that I would have recoiled if I weren’t so aroused. Then again, I thought—what did I expect an anus to taste like? I loved licking her perfect filth hole too much to let anything stop me now.

“Damn, girl. I would never know this was new to you. You just love my booty hole, huh?” she said as she grabbed a clump of my hair. She tugged me, pushing her ass back into my face even more oppressively. My world was now flanked by her heavy güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri rear spheres. And all the while, my tongue waxed the inner rim of her deliciously dirty “booty hole”. I loved that word, at least when she used it.

“Yes, God yes. I need your booty hole, Majika,” I grunted with passion, my voice a mere mumble with my face planted between her cheeks.

“Hehe. Alright, Ms. Khaing. That’s enough for you. Don’t want you to get spoiled now,” she teased playfully, shoving me away. I telegraphed my desperation through the vine of dirty slobber that briefly hung between us. Looking up at her, I sucked at this last string desperately until it released itself from her asshole and slung back to hit my chin.

I licked my chin, then swished my tongue around in my mouth, swallowing every last bit of her taste. The earthy stink lingered on my palate. My salivary glands were running like a faucet. I whined, pathetic and needy, wanting another taste but knowing it wasn’t my place to complain. All I needed was the command, and I could drive myself to orgasm in a heartbeat.

“I’m ready,” she said, walking back over to Evander and easily poking two fingers up her big butt. She did a little shimmy, her breasts wobbling.

That was another thing about her I envied: her humongous, almost gravity-defying breasts. The best part was that they looked natural, too. Did this woman have any flaws? It almost boggled my mind.

But Evander always saw flaws. Or in his mind, they were more like chinks in the armor. He wasn’t intimidated by her looks the way I was. And one thing he quickly seemed to have figured out is the key to Majika’s own desire.

“Ready for what?” Evander asked, playing it almost too cool for his own good.

“Umm…” Majika started, trying to figure him out. “I’m ready for you to fuck my ass.”

“What makes you think you deserve it?” he interrogated. His boxers still had yet to come off, and he was clearly holding off on his “grand entry” until she worked for it.

“Uh…I don’t know,” she said, looking at him strangely. I could tell she wasn’t used to this line of inquiry. She was used to men salivating over the mere thought of touching her. This was something else altogether.

“You don’t know?” he asked, folding his powerful arms.

She grinned. “Uh, hmm. Well I know I deserve to get that position Ms. Khaing wants to give to me…” she said with a bit of a bratty tone. “And I know that without me, you’re out of a…willing participant. Your girlfriend can’t do what I do. She told me so.”

Evander moved his mental chess piece in silence and retorted quickly. ??”What’s more important, then?” he said, nodding his head. “If I don’t have your ass, that would be a disappointment. But my life would go on more or less the same. I have a nice house, a beautiful girlfriend that I may marry one day, a good job that pays well. And there are other opportunities to be had in the future, many more I suspect. Maybe you’ve got something to fall back on, just like me?”

Majika blinked her eyes. “Oh…I mean, this is really important to me. I wasn’t saying…it’s just, my whole life would be different if I got this gig. I can only live off my savings for so long…”

“I know, girl. I know. No need to worry. You should really answer my original question, though. What makes you think you deserve my dick up your ass?”

“I…guess I deserve it because I’ve been a…bad girl?” she said, finally picking up on his cue.

“Ah, there you go. Now you sound like a porn star, Majika,” he said as he grabbed her, lifting her up in his arms and carrying her to the bedroom.

From a distance, I heard him call for me. I got up from my place on the floor, my knees sore and my hair-trigger orgasm hovering just a touch away. I went down the long hall to join them. I already heard the sounds of sex before I reached the door.

On the way in, I stepped over his discarded boxers and a discarded Magnum wrapper. I looked over to the bed we share every night. They were on top of it, both naked. Her massive bra was slung across the nightstand.

He had her in the doggy position, his hands around her slim waist, inching the first few portions of his gigantic nightstick into her. It seemed that they were perfectly proportioned for one another; her with her abnormally ample backside, him with his almost mythically-proportioned penis. The look of strain on her face made me realize just how little the size of her ass and its hole had in common.

“J-Jesus fuckin’ Christ!” she shouted as he pushed through her anal ring. I could tell that my drool was simply not enough lube for her, so I ran to the dresser, finding the tube of Pjur we’d bought for the occasion, and tossed it on the bed next to her.

“Thank you, babe,” she said, forcing a smile as Evander planted himself even deeper inside of her. He picked up the pace, sodomizing Majika authoritatively.

“God damn it hurts…slow down baby,” she said, grabbing the lube. “Please, I need güvenilir bahis şirketleri more lube, I can’t take it like this,” she begged. Evander nodded in approval, withdrawing a few inches from her, but keeping his hands curled around the fringes of her famous treasured booty.

She opened the tube, reaching back and squeezing all of it out over her sweaty crack. She then began smearing it around, first digging into the space where her distended anal ring clutched Evander’s wine-bottle penis. She then began sliding back to coat him. He pushed again, slipping back up her greasy butthole. Tiny bubbles formed around the base of his condom as she wrapped her cheeks around him, squeezing tight.

“Mmm,” he let out, feeling her milk his cock with her well-trained sphincter. Majika buried her face in the bed and a long groan exited her lips. Soon his balls were slapping against her puffy labia.

The squelch of her twitching butthole became noisier. I watches as it flexed and strained dramatically, gaping wider and wider with each stab of Evander’s colossal endowment. Soon the squelches gave way to loud, bassy farts.

Amidst this I could hear our neighbor’s front door open and close. I heard the distant clatter of dog paws, and a crying baby. The crinkle of grocery bags. What if we were as audible as they were? Oh god. I didn’t want to know.

Majika turned her head and looked over at me, her face twisting and scrunching into a devious smile. Lewd-sounding gibberish flew out of her mouth, aimed at me. I looked back at her, and as our eyes met, something in me snapped.

This was the longest I’d seen any woman endure his rectal assault, and the first who could take him completely. And that was part of what hit me. She wasn’t “enduring” him. She was taking him in, accepting him. Enjoying him. She looked close to orgasm just from anal sex.

I should be there, not her! This thought beat around in my mind. I had to do it, no matter the cost. Maybe it was because I was so closed to bursting that I foolishly thought I could take it. But I wanted to try.

One last time. Just to see if I’d grown as a woman since the last time I’d tried. I certainly knew a lot more about my sexuality now than I did back then.

“Wait,” I said, walking over to them.??Evander slowed down the gears of his pelvis, his balls tensing. I looked at Majika through the part in his legs, her dusky breasts dripping sweat as they swung in front of her beautiful face. Then I looked up at my lover, my voice quivering.

“Evander,” I said, putting one knee on the bed, “It’s my turn…”

“What do you mean?” my lover said to me, surprised.

“It’s my turn…” I repeated more confidently, putting both knees on the bed, then turning. I got into the doggy position, then pulled up my gown, exposing my little butt to both him and Majika.??”Abi, we talked about this already. I don’t want to hurt—”

“It’s my turn,” I said again, almost in a trance.

“Do it. The lube’s right there.”

There was a pregnant silence behind me, then the slow sounds of perfect bodies slinking apart from one another. The bed springs danced and raised as Majika stepped off of the mattress. She walked to the far corner of the room and leaned against the wall. She was drenched in perspiration. She looked at me curiously, and I looked right back at her. I was ready to take her challenge.

“Do it, please,” I begged. “Fuck my ass.”

Evander paused. I glanced at him, seeing his thick oak-brown penis stiffen in his hand. I lowered my head again and waited. ??I could feel his eyes scanning my bottom. He’d seen it plenty of times, and I knew he loved seeing it. He always called it his little “peach.” But I knew he’d never seen it offered up like this before. This was something different. Something new.

“Abi. Are you…sure?” he said tentatively, reaching out with his other hand and stroking my foot. I curled my foot and withdrew it slightly. I didn’t want to feel him touch me gently like that now. I didn’t want “preparation.” I wanted him to take me completely. If this was ultimately going to hurt, I wanted it to be delicious, unapologetic pain.

“Yes. No fingers, no toys, no enemas, no condom, no nothing. Just fuck my ass,” I said more sharply than I intended, but as always, he immediately understood.

He came up behind me. I heard him strip the rubber off and toss it to the floor. He squeezed the remainder of the bottle out into the palm of his hand.

“Wait,” Majika said, starting towards us. She came over to us, sitting her large dark booty right next to me on the bed. She ran her fingertips down my back, gently scratching me with her long crimson nails.

“Your man’s quite a challenge, even for me. No need to make this corporal punishment. Let me assist you,” she said. She laid flat on her back next to me. Her long body nearly stretched to both ends of the bed, with her feet resting upon the wooden headboard. “Climb on top of me, Ms. Khaing.”

I did as told, placing my legs on either side of her broad thighs. My gown draped over her stomach. She wormed her way down until our eyes met. Her face was upside down, forcing me to look only into those onyx eyes of hers. I felt myself melting as she peered into my eyes longingly, hungrily. I leaned my head down, and hers instinctively ascended to mine.

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