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Back Lot Ch. 02

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Things between the two went on like this for some weeks, every morning they would meet early in the back corner of the parking lot and have quickies. And her shyness wore off quite a bit as well as her hesitant habits as he taught her to ‘let go’ of those hang ups she had in the beginning about being reserved. He learned that she didn’t know why but she had always been reserved though she tried, it seemed with him she was beginning to open and loosen up…in more way’s than one!

Now instead of just laying there and taking it she was playing a more active role in their secret trysts, she had even taken to riding him and she seemed to be getting better at sex period and things just seemed to be getting hotter and hotter. In fact that weekend she had even feigned having to work Saturday, and they had spent that entire ‘work’ day at his place. It was a Saturday spent in the lap of his wet dreams, they had done it so many times they lost count…not like they were counting. He couldn’t imagine a better day than spending it with this thick and voluptuous woman, each time was more passionate and each time except for once he came inside her constricting cunt.

The once he did not come inside her she had sucked him off while in the shower, she had him pinned against the wall and sucked him until he groaned pitifully and she sucked his hot seed down her throat eagerly. That day she drove home her pussy swollen and tender, sensitive to any touch almost painful in a raw sort of way. Danny had worked her so well she felt herself practically hanging open and as she drove soaking the tampon she had in, she had cleaned up and took a shower and still.

The rest of the weekend went fine, her boyfriend was tired he said and well they didn’t do a thing which was pretty common unless he was on some sort of horny bender. Which was fine with her this weekend, Danny’s huge cock had her sore and swollen inside and out and she hoped it would go away sooner than later. Not so strangely though she found herself soon enough wanting him again on Sunday, but there was no way to do that and she wouldn’t risk her boyfriend finding how swollen and well fucker her pussy was it would be a dead giveaway if she so much as tried any thing until the swelling went down. All this continued the next week though she made it a point of getting home on time all week to keep up appearances, so in the mornings they did mostly orally service each other and when they could they fucked in the back of his van.

Then one weekend there was a party being held at a VFW hall by the company and alcohol was there and Danny invited her t go adding her boyfriend could too and he would play it cool, after debating and things to her amazement and worry things lined up and they found themselves at the party. It was odd and worried her her boyfriend and Danny talking and drinking, here she was with two men she was involved with. Her boyfriend whom she had two young children by and lived with, and on the other side of her she had the man she was sleeping with in secret. Danny became a friend to them both and even was invited over occasionally, he dared flirt with her when her bf was out of the room a bit.

Then one night when the kids were at their grandmothers they had a new years party, not too much of a party as it was just her her boyfriend and Danny and lots of booze. After the new year came in they kept drinking and were pretty drunk, then things started to get weird as her boyfriend and Danny started talking out of ear shot. She didn’t know or remember how it happened but some how or another she wound sitting on the low couch with both her boyfriend and Danny standing in front of her their pants down and their cocks out and hard as a rock, one big cock in each hand she took turns sucking each one.

Eventually they wound up in the bed room on their new queen sized bed, in the beginning they were both on her licking and sucking her as she sucked one or the other off. Then it turned into her boyfriend sitting in a chair he had brought in from the kitchen, and he was jacking himself off as he watched Danny fuck her brains out for a good long while, she felt like a total pervert but the guilt was laced very heavily by lust and the kink of it. Here they were drunk she was on her back her thick legs spread wide and her boyfriend sitting in a chair not but probably 4 feet from the casino oyna bed or less watching this guy from her work pound her shaved pussy with the biggest cock either had seen, she could see pre cum leaking from his cock as he jacked off running over his stroking hand and she groan as Danny landed deeply again and again. She could feel him starting to swell inside her and knew he was close to cumming, then he pulled completely out his voice was a little slurred.

“Ahhh shit…fuck would you look at that, your girl is just creaming my dick man.”

“Surprised she can take all of that thing, it’s fucking hot.”

Danny waved his swollen and sopping wet cock around a little, as if to quote the point made by her boyfriend physically.

“Well your not half bad yourself, maybe she’d like two from now on huh?”

Danny plunged his dick back deep inside her knocking the air from her a bit as he did and he kept it there a bit, their pelvises locked his balls on her ass. He held her legs back and began pumping her again soon making her cum once more, he was panting by this time obvious he was having trouble holding back when he chimed in again.

“Hey…where do you wanna see me put my nut? Your girl your choice, I’m close…”

A minute passed or it seemed that long to her, then he answered.

“Go ahead and cum in her, I got one for her to suck out soon as your done so just bury it in her man.”

And with that talking was done for the time being as Danny fucked Rebecca in earnest really giving it to her and as she started cumming she kept on cumming as he fucker he like crazy for a couple minutes before he stiffened up and slammed it deep inside her, he’d hold it all the way in her for a second then pulled half way out and quickly slamming it back in to the root and repeated this over and over grunting each time he went balls deep in her constricting cunt as he emptied his balls inside her.

After a while satisfied he pulled himself from her the big thickly hooded head coming free from her with a wet popping sound he rolled onto his side his cock spent looked half hard and shrinking, it lay across the lower abdomen still swollen and gleaming with a thick heady mixture of their combined juices tip to root. She just lay there her breath slowing down her large breasts heaving with her breathing resting along her sides with their weight large nipples still hard, her thick legs spread wide her shaved pussy soaked and practically hanging open. It took a few minutes to well up and then she let a cough out and then thick gobs of Danny’s pearl colored seed spilled out from deep in her and ran down her ass crack to pool on the bed sheets.

Soon her boyfriend moved onto the bed next to her and soon she was happily sucking him off, after a few minutes though he decided he wanted more than just her mouth on his cock and moved between her legs. He slipped a couple fingers deep inside her, her pussy was open and hot and slippery as he pumped his fingers in and out of her hitting her g spot purposefully making her squirm and groan as her worked her sensitive slit for a minute. After that though he pulled his fingers out and replaced them with his rock hard cock slamming it home all the way to his balls getting a yelp out of her as he hit bottom hard, he groaned loudly as he took a couple strokes in and out of her marveling at how loose and hot and slick her newly well fucked and seeded pussy felt around him as he fucked her.

“Fuck you feel so good baby, not gonna last long so hot…”

His cock was soaked in her juices but mostly with Danny’s large thick load as he fucked her harder and harder, cum and juices spattering them both and the bed making more of his cum leak out of her onto the bed with every stroke. True to his word he soon groaned and emptied himself inside her as well, it felt like he had shot a pint of seed inside her when he was done all she did was moan feeling more hot cum flowing into her. He soon rolled off of her as well on the opposite side panting, there they were two guy’s and her laying on the big bed recovering side by side. The room reeked of sex and fluids Rebecca’s slit puffy and leaking seed profusely their spent cocks laying on their stomachs, though neither of them had any intention of being done for the night.

Soon enough they were all up the two men simply wiped their canlı casino cocks with a damp wash cloth and she went to the bathroom to clean up so she wouldn’t be draining all over the place, while she did that the two men went to the kitchen getting beer from the fridge and sat at the dinner table Danny rolling a joint.

“What do you think so far?”

“Hum? Great, never thought she would go for this kind of thing I had ex wives do it though.”

“Yeah? They hot too? Any way, I think it’s going to be a hell of a night.”

Danny lit the doobie took a hit and passed it, he was sitting there in the chair nude his legs spread out hit junk laying heavily on the chair no longer sticky with cum but even limp he was impressive. He was just so thick it just gave off the look of heaviness, he had no doubt it was too but wasn’t going to find out for himself.

“”You gonna last man, I got some viagra enough for a couple times on me I got from a buddy of mine if you wanna try it out.”

“Really now? Sure I’ve been wanting to try that for a while, it work like they say?”

He took a drag off the joint and passed it to Danny, Danny took it and just gave him a grin smoking on it a minute before answering.

“Yeah, oh yeah it works. Makes my dick hard as a rock for a few good hours, shit will make you harder than you ever been and makes you as big as you can get too far as I am concerned…your girl will really wonder what the hell when we take that stuff.”

They both laughed a minute then Danny gave him a blue pill and then took another one himself, Rebecca came into the kitchen and sat in a chair between the two with a glass of water they both looked at her she had put on a long t shirt.

“You don’t need to be shy girl, specially after that…and there’s a lot more to come too so a shirt is kinda pointless.”

They sat and drank and talked while they finished the joint, before long the guys noticed a sensation and it grew and they discovered that their manhood’s were growing too. It only took a minute or so before both men were at full mast, her boyfriend hadn’t ever felt his cock so hard it felt tight and it throbbed some thing fierce just pulsing and aching. He glanced over at Danny which had taken the viagra at the same time as he did and found that he also was hard, his big cock now looked monstrous. It looked about the same size as earlier but a little different. It looked positively swollen, thick dark veins coiled and branched off all along the thick shaft. The head was also swollen and had turned a deep shade between purple and a dark sort of red the skin to tight on it the skin was shiny and the piss slit was open a bit…lower the sizable balls were mostly cinched up against his body below his cock jutting from his pelvis like a log.

Oddly enough for him the sight of this mans cock being that big and that hard made his own shaft feel even harder and ache even more, he didn’t know if it was the pill the drink and pot or weather it was the fact that this guy had fucked and was going to fuck his girl a lot more with some thing like that…or was it that he himself was turned on by this guy’s dick. Either way though it didn’t matter as all three of them were gathered for one reason this night, and that reason was to fuck this voluptuous woman that sat with them.

It didn’t take the trio long to be at it again Danny had one foot on the floor his other on a chair and Rebecca sitting with her chair turned outward and sucking on him, she couldn’t get much but the head in her mouth if he was hard she just didn’t have room in her mouth for his massive thickness. But she did her best sucking it hard and running her tongue around and along the sensitive head, taking it from her mouth now and then to run it along the sides and underside of his shaft her hands working him as she sucked him. Rebecca’s boyfriend just watched on there wasn’t much to do if he wanted except maybe play with her tits and he wanted more than that, he could have gotten up and offered his own cock but he watched them instead as the current position seemed exclusive for the two of them.

It was pretty hot too Danny standing that way gave her full access to his cock and balls and she used it to advantage too, her small hands worked his cock as she sucked and licked him moving from his shaft to his ball sack kneading and massaging kaçak casino the balls inside. He had reached down and was slipping a couple long fingers in and out of her slit as she serviced him, they made little noises as this went on between moans and groans and fairly loud slurping and smacking of lips.

“Mmm…damn that’s good, suck it…mmm yeah you love my dick. Ah shit here, suck your old man…he’s over there jacking that big dick of his come over here man and get sucked too.”

Now she was working two cocks and her boyfriends she could suck a lot more of even a couple times she was so into it she swallowed most of him deep throating much of his long cock making him groan, moving between the two men she sucked them getting more excited and as she did she kept taking her man down her throat and giving Danny the best head job she could also making him groan. They both to her seemed even bigger than they were the time before and it turned her on to no end knowing they were both this rock hard for her, she knew at this point that she more than had her work cut out for her with these two ragingly hard men.

From there they fucked her on the couch and on the living room floor on an spare comforter for the bed spread out, for her things seemed to go on and on forever. But she didn’t get bored of it as both guy’s kept her cumming time and time again, one guy had length which he drove deeply inside her causing both pleasure and some pain and the other was so thick and hard and almost as long as the first it reamed her out her clit rubbed his shaft it was so thick as he stroked in and out of her so good she was actually creaming his cock which she had never done before.

And over and over again she would have a hell of a toe curling orgasm as she felt each in turn time and again spurt their hot cum deep inside her, and if not inside her then it would flood her mouth as the man in her mouth came shooting thick ropes of sweet and salty sperm into her mouth. Once Danny pulled out of her almost too late and shot a couple streamers onto her big tits having her milk him with her hands as he shot, to her the amazing thing was that they strangely never went completely limp. After getting off they seemed to get slightly less hard and stay that way for a while, unless they had her suck them off after which most of the time they did after a few minutes and it didn’t take long for either of them to be right back to full mast and ready to fuck.

Just before what would be the last fuck for the night they were resting and talking for a little bit when the subject came up about what Danny would feel poking him while they were fucking, come to find out she had was what called a Murena it was a form of birth control. They talked about it a while, then Danny out of the blue offered to pay to get it taken out and get her on a different but just as effective birth control so they wouldn’t have that thing poking at them all the time.

“The thing is just distracting and painful a few times girl, hurts mostly when I bury it in you and your old man knows what I’m talking about too with him being longer than I am. Could get on the pill or some thing, least see what they got that’s just as good but less pokey.”

“I don’t really care, but what ever I get on it has to work or I’ll get pregnant quick…he’s knocked me up twice in a row and I think you’d knock me up just as fast and then we’d be in a mess.”

“Haha don’t worry about that if you get on a good birth control, besides…if you decided to just go off birth control and let us take turns knocking you up…I think we could have you done up for some years haha.”

“Haha ha…no thanks, as much as I like being pregnant I don’t think having another mans baby would go over well.”

“Well…who the hell else besides us would know it wasn’t your man’s kid in your belly? Sorry haha, I just am perverted and think it would be hot as hell to knock you up is all and…I like pregnant pussy too. Any way…think about the birth control switch subject, it can’t get much better but I think not getting stabbed in the dick head when I bounce my balls off your ass would be great.”

The last time for the night was leisurely for all three of them, the viagra was wearing off and every one was swollen and sensitive, Becky was no different especially when Danny was fucking her with long slow full length strokes deep into her pussy. One after the other finally grunted and poured what they had left inside her, she was surprised they could feel any thing she was so fucked out and loose and full of seed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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