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Beach House Ch. 04

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There I was lying in bed next to a man I had met at a coffee shop. His name was Tom and I had cheated on my boyfriend and cousin: Tony. Our relationship had always been one with passion and love, but recently he had not been treating me like I was the man of his dreams. So within this moment I cheated on him. This man I had met was completely amazing. He treated me so well in bed like I was a prince. The way he made me feel was great, Tony use to make me feel like that, but now I was unsure if we were gonna make it or not.

“So how was that,” he said touching my chest.

“Really good, you made me feel so loved and safe,” I said.

He smiled and kissed me. Then he got up and put on his clothes headed for the door.

“Wait. What about us,” I asked him.

“I think it’s best if we don’t see each other anymore,” he said.

“Why not? How can you be so cold with me when we just fucked,” I said to him.

He walked up to me and kissed my lips. He smiled.

“I have a girlfriend. I know we just fucked, but lately she hasn’t been the same with me. I wanted to know what it was like to be with a man and you showed me how it feels. I like it but I don’t think it’s something I want to do for the rest of my life,” he said.

My heart was crushed as I saw him walk away and shut the door behind him. I cried naked on the bed for hours, I thought to myself how could I cheat on Tony. The man who had loved me and supported me, he loved me. I packed my things because I knew Tony would be asking me to leave this place and his life. With my stuff packed I waited by the door, so he could walk in and dismiss me.

Around four Tony walked into the apartment. He ran up to me kissed me and apologized to me for how he had been treating me. He saw the tears in my eyes canlı bahis as well as my things and looked puzzled.

“What’s going on,” he wondered.

“Tony this isn’t easy for me to say and with all that’s been going on with me and you. Well…I cheated on you today,” I finally said.

He looked at me with this face of confusion. Finally he went up to me and just took me in his arms. He kissed my neck passionately and said:

“It’s okay babe. I forgive you this once, but only cause I neglected you. I shouldn’t have done that to you. The truth is you are the most important part of my life and I don’t want to lose you. You’re so beautiful and lovely and I couldn’t imagine my life without you.”

He got down on one knee and pulled out a box. He opened it to reveal a diamond ring inside. I was in tears because I knew what he was going to ask me.

“Will you marry me,” he asked with a smile.

I looked at him and smiled as I took the ring and said:

“Yes of course I will.”

He took me into a kiss that was so full of passion like it did when we had first fucked on that beach a long time ago. We took off each other’s shirts and just held each other. I rubbed my hands all across his chest, his nipples were soft as pillows as I used my tongue to lick them, but then for some odd reason he told me to stop.

“What’s the matter honey,” I said.

“I have a surprise for you,” he said.

Then a man walked in the door. He was 6’2, blue eyed, blonde hair, and very muscular.

“Babe, this is Jeff he works with me and he said he wouldn’t mind helping us out with a fantasy of ours,” he said with a smile.

I was shaking because I had never had a three some before and now I was going to. Jeff removed his shirt and joined in our huddle. bahis siteleri I looked at Tony as he smiled and I began to kiss Jeff. His tongue was so big and moist just the way I like it. Then he kissed Tony as I rubbed Jeff’s firm chest. I pressed my mouth to his nipples and began to kiss them. Then with my hands I slowly undid his belt and dropped his pants along with his boxers. I was just stunned at what I was looking at. His cock was nine inches unerect and I could see that this was just getting him horny as hell. I grabbed his cock with my hand while I stayed kissing is nipples. Tony and Jeff were still caught in there make out session when I saw his cock grow into a twelve incher. I went up and started to kiss Tony while Jeff undid both of our pants and dropped our boxers. Both of us were already hard Tony had an eight inch cock while I had a seven inch cock. I was the smallest of the group so I guess that means I was going be the girl. We all stood there naked in a three way make out when Jeff grabbed my cock and started to suck on my cock. He licked my shaft with his tongue as Tony got down licking his ass. I was overcome with emotion as he sucked on my dick.

“Oh God, Tony I love you so much for doing this,” I said.

He stopped licking his ass to smile at me. Then he put his dick into Jeff’s ass and began to fuck him nice and slow. I looked at Jeff and kissed him and then stared at his dick. I bent over giving him my ass so he could fuck me with his twelve inch cock. I was scared because I knew his big cock would hurt my ass, but the pain will all be worth it. I took a deep breath as Jeff took his big fat meaty cock and shoved it hard into my asshole.

“Oh shit that hurts,” I said screaming.

But he kept fucking me harder and harder and Tony gave it to bahis şirketleri him from behind. Then Tony stopped fucking Jeff and got in front of me with his cock. I looked at him and smiled as I began to suck his cock. I was being double penetrated by two hot guys; every gay guy’s fantasy was to be doing this. Tony’s cock tasted so good in my mouth and Jeff’s big cock was doing work to my asshole.

“Ah I’m cumming” the both said.

Jeff cummed first, his warm thick man juice filled my ass with pleasure. I was enjoying it when Tony cummed in my mouth, his cum was in my mouth and dripping out as I kept on sucking his flaccid cock. Jeff and Tony both pulled out of me and got on there knees. They wanted my cum in there mouths, so I stood up and began to jerk off. I looked down at there two eager faces they wanted my cum so bad and I was going to give it to them everywhere. The two started to fight over my cock and I just smiled.

“Settle down boys, there’s enough cum for the two of you,” I said smirking.

The two were sucking my cock viciously; I could feel their saliva all around my throbbing cock. I was bound to burst any second; these two hot guys were draining me out with their awesome blowjob skills. Finally, I cummed all over their faces and mouths without warning, and the two boys looked more that satisfied as I looked at them swallowing my cum.

The three of us cuddled on the bed just holding each other tight. Not to much later Jeff got up and left. Tony and I thanked him for such a great time and if we ever wanted to have fun again we would call him. As for the two of us we stayed in bed and cuddled with a few kisses here and there.

A few months later Tony and I moved to New York and got married. We live there now and are thinking of adopting a kid of own, we are ready to take the next step in our life together. Through it all it was fun and I could not have asked for a better husband than Tony. And to think it all goes back to that beach house where we first made love.

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