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Behavior Modification Institute Ch. 06

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Ms. Panington screamed and pushed me from her lap. The arousal monitor alarm was blaring. Ms. Jensen leaped to her feet and ran to Ms. Panington’s side. Upon seeing the mess, she shouted, “Naughty sissy! Didn’t you hear the alarm?”

I lay on the floor ashamed and humiliated. I had heard the alarm begin to sound, but I so much wanted to cum I had thrust my cock into Ms. Panington’s thigh wanting to squirt. In the moment all I could think of was cumming; the consequences of doing so were the farthest thing from my mind. Lost in the scent of Kelli’s fragrant panties and the erotic thrill of being spanked by Ms. Panington in front of Ms. Jensen, the bounce of my breast forms as I lay across her lap, and when my cock had rubbed against the silkiness of her nylon stockings, all I could think of was relief. Like an animal I had given in to my instinct. Like a sissy, I had not cum in a woman’s pussy like a real man would. Instead, like a sissy, I had cum on a woman’s lap while my panties were pulled down to my knees and I was being spanked. And, once again I had ejaculated without permission.

I remained motionless on the floor in front of Ms. Panington, remaining just where I had landed when she pushed me off her lap at the feel of my cum on her pantyhose. I knew that I would again be punished, and I began to fear what would happen next. “Oh, Ms. Panington. Yuck. He spurted his slime on you. Can I get you a towel,” Ms. Jensen offered.

“Yes, a towel would be good, and please summon Ms. Sweeney to bring me a fresh pair of pantyhose,” Ms. Panington responded, then continued, “What shall we do with this sissy? He made no effort to control himself. He is not only a selfish masturbator, but a premature ejaculator with no control. It does not take much to get him off, that’s for sure.”

Ms. Jensen left the room and returned a moment later with Ms. Sweeney who saw the jism across Ms. Panington’s thighs. “Oh, Ms. Panington. That is horrible. He unloaded on you, just like that?” Ms. Sweeney asked, “What are you going to do?”

“Well, ladies, let’s talk about that. The continual arousal punishment from last night didn’t seem to leave an impression. And I don’t see that dressing him in feminine clothes is a punishment at all for him. He likes wearing women’s things a bit too much. We should have realized that from the videos that Kelli gave us, but I guess I was thinking that he was jerking off in her things because she so rarely let him fuck her. I underestimated the power of his fetish.” Ms. Panington said to the others.

“He does like women’s things; that is for sure. You should have seen his little penis stand at attention when I dressed him in his panties and bra earlier this morning. Let’s review the arousal monitor tracking and see when he seemed to be the most aroused?” Ms. Jensen volunteered.

They continued their conversation while I remained on the floor, skirt still pinned to my waist, illegal bahis panties still pulled to my knees, and my penis now flaccid and seeming to try to hide by pulling into my hairless crotch. I listened as they reviewed the monitoring track and as they discussed that the smell of Kelli’s panties seemed to be more than I could handle, and that perhaps they were going too fast with my training.

After a pause Ms. Panington says, “I’m thinking that since he is so aroused by wearing feminine clothing, that perhaps he is not able to handle the stimulation of panties, bras, stockings, heels, and such until he has learned strict ejaculation control. We’re used to dealing with men who find feminization humiliating and consider it to be demeaning and view it as a punishment. It seems that, with Tom, it’s the opposite. The clothing as well as the fragrance of his wife’s pussy is a powerful turn-on for him, more than he can handle right now. I’m thinking that what we should do is use this desire to train him, so we take all of that away from him and make him earn it. You know, make him earn a whiff of Kelli’s soiled panties, make him earn the privilege of wearing panties, make him earn the privilege of wearing a bra and forms, you know, all of it. What do you think?”

“I like the idea,” Ms. Jensen responds, “I think that’s what the evidence from the monitoring is showing us. He is just so attuned to jerking off and he has such powerful fetishes, I think we should use his fetishes to control him. Letting him sleep in a bedroom with a bureau full of lingerie and a closet full of frilly outfits is too much for him.”

“Yes. Ms. Sweeney chimes in, “What if we cage him in that bedroom so that he is just a few feet away from the drawers full of panties, bras, garter belts, girdles, and stockings, and a few feet away from a closet full of feminine outfits and high heels, but he is caged and unable to see or touch those things unless he earns the privilege to do so? We’ll have him begging to wear panties,” she finishes with a giggle.

“Yes. I love it,” Ms. Panington says, “And we will do our best to hide our femininity when we deal with him. No more cleavage when we’re dealing with this one, no more upskirt views; we’re just going to have to be careful about stimulating him. He’ll have to earn such privileges. He’ll go bonkers without any stimulation from women, no access to his fetishes, and no ability to masturbate. And there will be no more over-the-knee spankings for him either…unless we use spankings as a reward as well.” All three hooted in laughter at this thought. “Instead of stimulation, we will use stimulation deprivation. And, let’s calibrate the arousal alarm to go off a bit sooner so that there are no more accidents.”

I began to realize that I would very much regret that instant of gratification. I had made no effort to control my orgasm, in fact I had chosen to indulge my animal instinct and illegal bahis siteleri just let it go like I had done all those years while masturbating. Now I was going to pay a price. It seemed that they were planning to minimize all stimulation and keep me in a cage. They were right about one thing—I had been secretly thrilled with the idea that I would be wearing nothing but feminine clothing going forward. Now all that would be taken away and I would have to earn the privilege of panties by showing that I could control my penis.

“Get those clothes off him,” Ms. Panington ordered, “He doesn’t deserve to wear them. Dress, heels, stockings, bra, and panties; I want them all off of him. Stand up, sissy! Now!” Ms. Jensen and Ms. Sweeney wasted no time in roughly yanking all of those clothes off of me. “Now Tom, I want you to stand in the corner with your nose to the wall and your hands behind your back. I am going to call Kelli to give her an update. And I still haven’t had my breakfast which I was going to share with you. Just think; the morning started with my being so proud of you, Tom, for your acceptance of yourself as a sissy. You have much to learn, Tom, you have a very selfish nature. A sissy must learn to serve.”

Naked other than the arousal monitor, I made my way to a corner of Ms. Panington’s office where, as I stood in complete subjugation to these three beautiful women, my cock engorged and stood at full attention. “Look,” I heard Ms. Jensen say, “Look at the monitor. It shows that he is getting aroused again. He is turned on by being punished in front of us. Better that we ignore him.”

“Absolutely,” Ms. Panington responded, “Ignore the sissy. I am going to make a FaceTime call to Kelli, then get on with my breakfast.”

“Kelli? Oh, there you are. You look beautiful this morning. Can you see and hear me all right,” I overhear Ms. Panington say.

“Yes, Ms. Panington, I think we have a good connection. How is the training going?” I hear Kelli’s voice respond.

“Well, it’s one of those good news/bad news situations. I’m going to give you the bad news first. Tom is being punished right now. Let me hold the phone so that you can see your little sissy standing naked in the corner here in my office. We have to punish him again and we are going to make a change in training methods. I sure can see why you needed help with him,” Ms. Panington explains.

“I see,” Kelli responds, “What did he do?”

“He had another unauthorized squirt. He seems to think that he can indulge himself whenever he chooses. Too many years of unchecked masturbation, I believe, and it will take a while to break him of this and teach him that he is not to ejaculate without permission from a woman…well, actually eventually only permission from you, Kelli.”

“I see,” Kelli responds, “Well I have confidence in the Institute. You do whatever you think it will take. I do not want a masturbator for canlı bahis siteleri a husband and I certainly don’t want him thinking that he can get off whenever he chooses.”

“Okay, Kelli, thanks for your confidence in us. Tell you what. I’m going to hang up this FaceTime call and call you back so we can talk privately. I’ll get right back to you,” Ms. Panington says.

In a couple minutes I hear Ms. Panington talking again, but now I can only hear her part of the conversation. “Kelli, hi, okay, a couple things. Remember those extreme training methods we discussed when you were here?” There is a moment of silence as I can’t hear Kelli’s side of the conversation.

“Uh, huh. Yes,” I hear Ms. Panington say, “I understand, Kelli, I know that you prefer that he learns control without a chastity device. Yes, I understand, that will be a last resort.” There are a few more moments of silence. “Yes, we will be proceeding with rewards and punishments. Punishments have been a bit tricky as he seems to get aroused by being punished and humiliated by women…yes, oh, I see, makes sense…good idea Kelli. We can try that.” I hear Ms. Panington laugh. “Oh, that would be a hoot. Very fun, and I think it would be effective as well. Petticoat discipline. Love it. So you are okay with us caging him then?” She laughs again. “Oh, for sure, Kelli, we’ll send some pictures, and yes, we’ll be in touch in another day or so, as soon as we have some results to report…Oh, just one more thing, would you send some more pairs of soiled panties. I think we will need them…Yes, uh, huh. We’re training him to respond to your scent…Yes. okay. Thanks Kelli. Have a good day, and don’t worry about Tom. Sounds like we’ve got a plan. Thank you. Bye now.”

“Okay ladies,” Ms. Panington says to Ms. Jensen and Ms. Sweeney after clicking off her iPhone, “We’ve got a plan. Arrange that a dog cage be brought to his room. And call Nurse Pyre and see if she is available to meet us in the nursery.”

I stood in the corner, horrified, as Ms. Jensen and Ms. Sweeney left the office. I could hear Ms. Panington begin to attend to her breakfast as I could hear the clinking of silverware against dishes, but I was afraid to turn around. I had heard enough to dread what was ahead of me…a dog cage, and what was this about petticoat discipline. What in the world was that anyway? And a nursery, were we going to plant flowers or something? I remained standing in silence as I could hear Ms. Panington eat. Eventually she spoke, “Tom?”

“Yes, Ms. Panington?”

“I’ll bet you are hungry, dear. I will have Nurse Pyre feed you once we get to the nursery,” she tells me in a sweet, but condescending tone.

“Thank you, Ms. Panington. I am hungry. Ms. Panington, may I tell you something?” I ask.

“Yes, sissy. You may speak.”

“I am sorry for ejaculating on you and messing your stockings,”

“It is good, Tom, that you know it was quite naughty. But I suspect that you are nowhere near as sorry as you will be after you are punished for your selfishness,” she said quite sternly. “Now come here, Tom, and kneel in front of me until Ms. Jensen comes to fetch you.”

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