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Chrissy Ch. 01

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I couldn’t believe my luck, my 18 year old niece Chrissy, on my wife’s side, was going to be spending the summer at my home up in the mountains. She was on the wild side, boy crazy I guess you could say, and her parents wanted to get her away from her “temptations” at home. She had more boys after her then bees on honey. I couldn’t blame them, I was even jealous of them.

I had been fantasying about her for years when she really started to come into her incredible body. She’s tall, around 5’8″ or so, long blonde hair she usually keeps in a pony tail, slim, tan, and with the most incredible blue eyes that I have ever seen. Her smile just melted me and she knew it, I could never refuse her when she wanted something and she really knew how to work me. She has the nicest, firmest, butt that I have ever seen and while her tits are on the small size they were perfect for her petite body, probably 32 B’s, and I could never look away from them when she paraded around in her tight thin t-shirt, her nipples really pushed the fabric out. I know she knew that she turned me on because she always seemed to push her tits out at me whenever she could. And her long legs, what can I say about them? I’ve spent many of nights envisioning them wrapped around my waist while I pumped her hot wet teen cunt.

Anyway, the day came and her parents dropped her off at my house, they thanked my wife and me over and over for helping to save their precious daughter from all the horny boys that constantly “bothered” her. My pleasure I assured them, I told them that their daughter was safe with us! I was looking her up and down even as I was assuring them, she was so incredibly hot! She was wearing a very thin belly shirt, without a bra of course, showing off her pierced navel which is an incredible turn on for me, and some really short cut-off jean shorts, I mean short, I swear I could see her pussy lips sticking out!

Forcing my eyes off her crotch I looked up and saw her smiling that smile, she knew what I was looking at and her only reaction was that smile! What was I getting myself into?!

It was late when her parents left and we called it a night, I was looking forward to the next day when my wife would be at work and I’d be alone with Chrissy, I work at home — one of the reasons that her parents wanted her to stay with us; she’d be under my very strict supervision, wow what were they thinking!

The next day before my wife went to work she told me to make sure Chrissy had a good time, she told me that maybe Chrissy would like to go on a hike and enjoy the mountains. I love my wife, she always has such good ideas! Sure I told her, I’d be happy to go hiking with her but first I had to get some work done!

A few hours later as I was in my office trying to get my tedious work done, Chrissy came up behind me and said, “Uncle Gary, it’s such a nice day I think that I’m going to lay out on the deck to get some sun,” I said “that’s a great idea, give me an hour or so and then maybe we could go on a hike.”

I turned around and almost choked, she was standing there in the skimpiest bikini that I had ever seen; she looked so hot that my cock almost jumped out of my shorts!

She said “sure, that sounds like fun” and walked out of the room. I could have sworn that she put a little more wriggle in her walk, at least it seemed like it!

I tried to get some work done but all I could think of was Chrissy laying out in that bikini, I went downstairs and looked out the window and what a view! She was laying on her back with her head away from me with her legs spread apart giving me the most incredible view of her bikini clad pussy.

Her skimpy bottoms were so tight that the outline of her pussy was so clear; I could even see a small wet spot in the fabric! I wanted to rush outside, rip her bikini off her and fuck her until I passed out! Uncommon sense got the better of me and I instead grabbed a couple of beers and went outside for a closer look.

“You look hot” (obviously) Chrissy, “Do you want a beer to cool off?” I asked. “Uncle Gary, you know I’m only 18 — I’m too young to drink”, she said with that teasing smile on her face. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell” I said. “Well, ok maybe just one…or two” she said. We ended up drinking a twelve pack, how can a 18 year old girl drink like that? A lot of parties I thought.

After putting down a few and having some small talk while casino oyna I drank in her tight body along with the beer, she said “Uncle Gary, I’m kinda bored just laying out, can we go on that hike now?”

Like I said, I live up in the mountains and there are plenty of trails that to out of the way places. “Sure” I said, “I know just the place to hike to, it’s not too hard of a hike and the trail ends up at a great swimming hole that we can cool off in.” I neglected to tell her that it was a trail to the most secluded place that I knew.

“Great, let’s go” she said. She stood up ,turned around, and bending over to get her shorts gave me a cock bulging view of her teen ass with her bikini bottoms all bunched up in her crack, what a sight!

She slowly (on purpose?) pulled those tight shorts up her long legs and watching her zip them up, I almost lost it then and there. I kept telling myself, calm down, calm down, as soon as were at the swimming hole you can watch her unbutton and unzip them and pull them off, something to look forward to!

It was hot that day, around 90 or so, and the trail was steeper than I remembered. I was a gentleman and let her walk ahead of me, can’t blame a guy for wanting a great view!

She stopped in a shady spot and said that she wanted to rest for a minute. “Sure” I said, “it’s not much further but we’re not in any hurry.” She asked me, “Are there many people out her on the trail?” “No” I answered her, “we’re probably the only people for miles.” “Good” she said, “I’m so hot!” and proceeded to take off her t-shirt and slid her shorts off leaving her only in her tiny bikini and sneakers.

“Ok, let’s get to the water! “, she said enthusiastically. She got a dozen steps up the trail before I could speak or even move, “right behind you” I replied just as enthusiastically!

A short time later we arrived at the swimming hole, no one else there as I had been hoping. I pulled a blanket out of my backpack and laid it down on the small beach by the water and Chrissy already had her shoes off and was walking towards the water.

“Wait a second and I’ll join you” I said. We slowly waded in to the cold mountain water, getting as far as knee deep, “The water’s so cold” Chrissy said and put her arms around me holding me tight. What an incredible thing, feeling her smooth teen skin up against me for the first time.

“It’s ok, we don’t have to go in any further if you don’t want to” I said through chattering teeth, it was very cold or was it because of the feel of her hot & sweaty from the hike body pressing up against me? I bent down and splashed some water up on her and she squealed, splashing me in return.

“Ok, you’re right, the water is cold, let’s go back to the blanket and have a cold beer to cool off with for now, maybe we’ll try the water again in a little while.” I said.

She hurried out of the water and plopped down on the blanket, enjoying the sun. “Damn, I forgot to bring my suntan lotion” she complained. “No problem, I’ve got some you can use” I told her.

Smiling up at me she said, “You’re the best uncle a girl can have, you think about everything.” I smiled at her and she said, “Will you rub some on me”? After a second of envisioning rubbing her hot young body with lotion I said, “Sure, if you’ll return the favor. “Sure, we don’t want to get burnt do we” she replied.

As I got the tube of lotion out of my backpack she turned over onto her stomach giving me a fantastic view again of her bikini bottom pulled up into her butt crack. It took me a few seconds to recover and I squeezed some lotion onto the small of her back. When the lotion hit her she let out another squeal, I guess the tube had been up against the beers I had brought and was cold.

Seeing such a hot young teen squirming around brought my cold water shrunken cock back to life. Good thing she was face down and couldn’t see my cockhead peeking out from underneath my shorts, I don’t want to brag but at full attention my cock is almost 9″ and it was at full glory!

As I slowly started to rub the lotion in she said, “Be sure to get just under the edge of my bikini, I don’t want any sunburn lines!” “My pleasure” I honestly replied.

My heart was pounding as I slid my fingers under the edge of the top of her bottoms; they were so skimpy that I could feel the top of her crack. After lingering just enough enjoying the feel of her very lower canlı casino back I moved to the side of her bikini bottoms which were barely covering half of her ass. She didn’t even flinch.

I moved my hand down Chrissy’s thigh rubbing the lotion in and as I got close to her inner thighs she actually spread her legs apart! My hard cock got even harder! I slowly eased my lotion covered fingers under the edge of her bikini bottoms and she spread her legs even farther apart!

I took that as a good sign and slid my fingers even farther under and could just feel the edges of her pussy lips! She let out a small moan as I rubbed the lotion in so I went just a little farther in, feeling a very wet pussy!

I traced the outline of her pussy with my finger and slid it right down between the lips, she was so wet! She thrust up against my exploring finger and it slit right up into her pussy! She let out a gasp and clenched down on my finger and pulled her legs together, I froze then pulled my finger out.

I was worried, I said “I’m so sorry Chrissy; I didn’t mean to do that.” “Ummm, that’s ok Uncle Gary” she whispered, “I was really was enjoying you rubbing in the lotion and when your finger went up into me it just took me by surprise!” I was so relieved, I wanted her so bad and I was afraid that I messed up.

“You really did enjoy it?” I said. “Oh yea” she said, “It felt really good when your finger went up into me. I’ve been attracted to you for a long time, I’ve even rubbed myself off thinking about us doing it a lot of nights”, she replied. I was speechless; my fantasy about her was her fantasy about me!

“My heart almost jumped out of my chest” I told her. “I need to calm down a little, how about another beer?” I offered. She replied, “I’ve got something better.” She reached into her bag and brought out a joint. “Want to get high and do some more exploring?” she asked. “You’re the best niece an uncle could have” I replied.

We lit up the joint and after a few tokes she said, “Want to shotgun” she said as she reversed the joint into her mouth and, leaning close in to me, blew the smoke out through the joint and into my mouth. As I was inhaling deeply I felt her hand running up my thigh and coming to rest on my cock where she slowly squeezed it over and over.

What a high! My hand reached up to her small tits and gave them each a slow squeeze in return. She gave me the joint, backed a little away, reached behind and unhooked her top finally revealing her tits to me for the first time. I took another drag on the joint and after exhaling said, “Your tits are fantastic but you still have your bottoms on!” She just smiled that incredible smile, stood up and slowly slid her bottoms down exposing a pussy even more hot than I could have ever imagined! Her pussy was totally bare except for a small patch of blonde hair right at the top.

My mouth must have been hanging open because she said, “I guess you like what you’re seeing, because you’re just sitting there staring!”

“Sorry” I said, “it just looks so hot and I never thought you’d have a pierced clit too!” She giggled, “Yea, one of my boyfriends talked me into it when we were high.”

“You’re only 18, how did you find someone to do it?” “My boyfriend did it, it hurt so bad when he shoved the needle through it but he kissed it and made it feel all better” she said with a wicked grin. “Will you kiss it and make it feel all better too” she childly asked?

I leaned forward and gave her pussy a lick from the bottom of her slit up to her clit, sucking in her pussy lips and drinking down her teenage juice. I tugged on her clit ring with my teeth eliciting another happy squeal from her as she pushed me away and lay back down on the blanket spreading her legs again.

I didn’t need any further encouragement; I jumped right in between her long tanned legs and drove my tongue right up into her hot and very wet snatch.

She raised her hips and grabbing the back of my head pulled me into her sopping cunt, wriggling back and forth in excitement, burying my face into her cunt so deep that I couldn’t breathe!

She squeezed my head tight between her firm thighs and thrashed about even more as I struggled but I finally pulled back just enough to breathe then I dove back in; I couldn’t get enough of her sopping wet teen pussy!

As I tongued her swollen clit I reached up and replaced her hands on kaçak casino her tits with mine and rubbed her erect nipples between my finger tips causing her to buck her hips into my face even harder. She was so hot!

Her breathing became erratic, her body started to shake and all of a sudden she yelled so loud that birds flew from the trees! “Uncle Gary, Uncle Gary, Gary, Gary, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, oh my god Uncle Gary you’re making me cuuummmmmmmm! She came and shook and came and shook for what seemed for an hour!

As she came down off her high induced orgasm and I continued to gently mouth her cum drenched pussy she reached down, pulled me up her sweaty body and gave me the most intense deep, wet kiss that I’ve ever experienced. My face was literally covered in her cum and she sucked my tongue deep into her mouth, sucked her juices from my lips and actually licked her cum from my face, it almost caused my rock hard cock to explode!

“Uncle Gary, that was so incredible! I’ve never cum so hard before in my life!” she gasped. “My boyfriends never made me cum like that, all they wanted was lick me just enough to get me wet so they could put their cocks in me and cum as soon as they could” she moaned.

I looked into those incredible deep blue eyes and she slowly started to give me that erotic sexy smile of hers and said “It’s my turn now” and forcefully pushed me over onto my back.

She looked me in the eyes then gave me another long deep kiss and started trailing her kisses down my body, nibbling on my hard nipples, and continuing down just to my raging cock where she stopped. “Uncle Gary, your cock is sooo hard and sooo big, I think we should stop before I get hurt!” she teased!

“Don’t you even think about stopping, get your mouth on my cock your cock tease” I retorted! She smiled, moved up to the tip of my cock and slowly licked up and down its slit which was dripping with precum. “Ummm, it tastes sooo good” as she slowly took my cockhead into her wet mouth.

I thought to myself, “I can see why she has so many boyfriends, this girl can suck!” She slowly slid her wet mouth down the shaft of my cock, paused about halfway down its 8″ length, took a breath and slid the rest of my cock down her throat right down to my balls!

“Oh my god! She’s deep throating me! An eighteen year old girl is deep throating me! My eighteen year old NIECE is deep throating me” I screamed to myself! At least I think I screamed it to myself because she managed her incredible sexy smile with my cock buried to the hilt in her face as I was “thinking” it!

Chrissy started to slowly slide up and down the full length of my cock, pulling back where just the tip was in her mouth and started wriggling her tongue back and forth just under my cock at that very sensitive spot. I was going insane, this girl REALLY knows how to suck!

Up and down my cock she went, slurping loudly and really enjoying herself, her spit ran down my cock running over my swollen balls. She moved down to my balls and slowly sucked first one and then the other into her mouth. The feeling of being at her mercy as she gently closed her teeth on them, chewing on them, sucking them and licking them then going back up to swallow my cock deep into her throat.

I was feeling good about holding off cumming when she suddenly slid her finger up my asshole, working it in and out, twisting it around inside me and then sliding her mouth off my cock to suck on her finger!

It was more than I could take, I grabbed the back of her head and buried my cock deep down her throat came what felt like a gallon of hot cum into her! She choked but recovered quickly and started deep throating me with an intensity that I never could have thought possible for such an “innocent” young teenager!

She tried to swallow it all but my cum ran out of the corners of her mouth, dribbling down her chin. After continuing sucking every drop of cum out of me she slowly let my deflated cock pop from her mouth and with her childlike giggle took her fingers and wiped my cum from her face and into her mouth with a very sexy “ummmmm”. “Uncle Gary, your cum tastes sooo good!” she cooed.

She smiled that incredible smile of hers and opening her mouth stuck her cum covered tongue out for me to see. She crawled her way up to me and gave me the wettest kiss that I have ever experienced, the taste of my cum in her mouth almost made me hard again!

We spent several minutes kissing and moving my cum back and forth between each other’s mouths until she backed off, smiled and swallowed! What an incredible girl, what an incredibly hot & sexy niece!

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