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Convention Surprise

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I was sitting at a small table in the corner of the cocktail lounge trying to relax and analyze what I had just heard and figure out what I was going to do for an income now that I was unemployed.

I was angry and mystified. I had spent the last 2 days, in a hotel conference room, listening to hostile strangers tell me they had just bought the defense contractor where I had worked for the last 20 years, and were now going to dismantle the company. In essence the new owner’s representative had said they were going to lay – off of most of the existing staff, sell off most of the physical assets, sell the commercial chemical business, and reorganize the chemical warfare and research and development department I had managed for the last 10 years. The part that had caused me the most anguish was that their plan for the reorganization of the R&D Dept. was going to be done without any input from me or my existing staff. In my opinion it didn’t make any business or scientific sense. But I had no say in the matter. I was officially terminated. I was history.

When I had first arrived in the bar it was quiet and empty except for me, the bartender, and a couple of other former employees getting quietly drunk. Now, 2 hours later it was half full of guests waiting for their tables in the 2 five star restaurants, and noisy from the multiple televisions showing the game 3 of the World Series.

As I sat there, I absently noticed one of my younger research assistants talking quietly to one of the former salesmen, a slightly overweight Asian who was listening intently to what ever was being said. Given their position and Sean’s hand on Wei, I had the distinctly lewd thought that whatever Sean was saying to Wei, it was clear to me Sean wanted to fuck him. The lewd though triggered a melancholy memory of Adam.

I had met , Adam, or rather Lt. Colonel Adam Jones, when he took over the supervision of our military contract 2 years ago when he had “seduced” me after I had had way to much to drink at one of the endless Pentagon receptions. He had offered to let me stay over at his apartment instead of either calling my wife or a cab and I had accepted without any suspicion of his ulterior motive. He had suggested that a quick hot shower would make me sleep better – and I bit. He met me as I was stepping out of the shower. He was completely nude, his cock was fully erect, and he had come straight up to me, knelt directly in front of me and before I could resist took my cock in his mouth. I was fully erect in a heartbeat and by then resistance was futile. He knew what he was doing, he liked doing it, and I liked him doing it. Then, when I lost control, he eagerly swallowed all of my hot creamy spurts while I moaned and almost collapsed on the floor.

“Can I join you?” I heard the question but it didn’t register until it was repeated.

“Mind if I join you Joe?” The voice behind me spoke with a slight British accent I recognized and turned to see Mac. Mac wasn’t his real name, just a nickname imposed on him because most English speakers couldn’t pronounce his real name. He’d told me several times what it was, rather common Punjabi name with 12 letters and 5 syllables, but none of us could ever pronounce it, and so he was called Mac.

“I’ve been looking for you.” He said. “This was the last place I thought to look.”

He was right. I wasn’t much of a drinker, but today I had been drinking, and now I was pleasantly tipsy.

The cocktail waitress left and Mac turned to me. “I have something I’ve wanted to show you for a long time. I’ve been meaning to call you but the last few days have been very busy. Anyway it’s up in my room and you need to see it.”

“What is it, the Holy Grail?” I asked facetiously.

“Better, much better,” he said softly putting his large dark hand on my forearm. “Come on I really need you need to see this.” As he said it, his hand moved lightly along my arm to my hand, which he grasped and ever so slightly tugged. At Mac’s touch, my heart rate jumped several levels, my cock twitched and I had a vivid flashback of the first time Adam’s hand had touched me like that.

Adam had just sucked me off in front of the shower, and I had wanted to return the oral favor, but Adam simply smiled, and taken my hand and pulled me toward the bedroom saying, “What I really want, is for you to bend over so I can shove my cock into that wonderful plump white bottom of yours.” He had led me to the bed and positioned me exactly the way he wanted me. On my knees, bottom raised, face down flat on the bed, knees spread wide, and my hands spreading my cheeks for him. He told me to watch him in the mirror as he had knelt on the floor directly behind my spread bottom, leaned forward and licked and tongued my slot while fondling my now limp wet cock till I started to harden, then he stood up and began to finger fuck me, gently spreading me open till I was wide enough to take his pulsating cock. Then he fucked me, and fucked me, and fucked me – till I had to beg for mercy. Only then did he allow himself to cum and then he told me to watch him shoot his creamy white streamers all over casino oyna my sore abused bottom. Adam had been transferred out of state 2 months ago, and since then I had really missed him

My wife and I had enjoyed sex for many years, and I really enjoy fucking her. When we had first begun dating, I had told her that I had bisexual tendencies and sometimes I wanted a man to fuck me and she understood. We had done the threesome thing several times with our third being a male interested in fucking me and she had enjoyed watching me get my bottom plowed

Our enjoyment of fucking had led to the most common side-effect of fucking – 3 kids – all now grown and gone. Her favorite was to ride my cock, or tongue or fingers till she came, then if I was still hard she’d suck me dry. But she didn’t have a cock and her using a dildo on me just wasn’t the same as a real live male with a raging erection and the urge to fuck me. And sometimes that was what I wanted. A man to drive his throbbing cock into my open willing bottom till he shot me full of his cream and I either spurted all over the bed or myself depending on whether I was on my back with my legs spread wide and him jerking me off while he fucked me, or I was kneeling with my bottom raised and my face flat on the bed with him plowing my wide white furrow doggie style.

But then when she turned 50 “the change” occurred, and she had lost all interest in sex. Nothing had been the same since – except I was still horny and wanted a man to fuck me – and gave me her blessing to take care of myself.

“Joe?” Mac asked seeing I was lost in thought.

I blinked and came back to the present. Mac’s hand still covered mine. This wasn’t the first time Mac had touched me, but it was the first time he’d been so direct, and I finally thought I understood his message. He had been interested in more than business during all those endless specification supervision meetings with the military contract supervisor. Now it occurred to me that Mac’s seemly innocuous touching during those meetings was so subtle, that I hadn’t notice what he was doing.

He looked me directly in the eyes and said quietly, “I promise you’ll not regret this. I …”

“Sir,” interrupted the waitress that had taken my food order 20 minutes before Mac sat down, “I’m sorry it’s taking so for your roast beef sandwich, but we’re short a cook tonight.”

As she spoke to him I had visions of me face down on the bed, my bottom raised, watching Adam in the mirror mount me from behind, sliding his wonderful cock deep into my willing wet bottom, and wondered if Mac would be anything like Adam.

Mac looked at me, then turned said to the waitress, “No trouble. I’ll have hot pastrami on a roll, and you can send them both up to room 512. And would you tell the cocktail waitress to send our drinks up too?”

“Hot pastrami, roast beef and drinks for room 512 it is sir. But it may take a few minutes.”

Max reached into his pants pocket and pulled out his money clip, pealed off a $20 and handed it to her. “See if you can get it there in under 10 minutes. I’m hungry.”

“Will do sir!” she said emphatically.

Mac turned back to me, “Come on,” was all he said. And I followed him thinking lewd thoughts in which I starred as the recipient of Mac’s carnal aggression.

We waited for the elevator along several other guests who were also in various stages of intoxication. I was feeling pleasantly tipsy, but Mac didn’t seem to be effected by his drinks, and completely ignored me. I was enjoying my lewd fantasies, but an older couple was having a quite but ugly argument that only habitual drunks can have, and it spoiled my erotic mental fun.

Mac stepped of the elevator and went right, and I followed, suddenly wondering if I had misread Mac because of my intoxication and that he really was going to show me some new material manufacturing calculations, as opposed to subjecting me to eagerly anticipated deviant sexual acts. The thought was enough to concentrate my mind on what Mac was actually doing. I was three steps behind him coming off the elevator and the first ten feet down the hall, but as soon as the elevator doors closed, he half turned and waited for me to catch up to him. As I moved up next to him, he slid his hand up under the rear of my suit jacket till it rested in the middle of my bottom and guided me toward his room door. This close and alone with him in his shirt sleeves, I was surprised to notice he was at least an inch taller, and a good 20 pounds of muscle heavier that I was – and I was not a small guy. Then I realized that every other time I’d seen him, he had either been sitting down at a table, or wearing a loose jacket and bending over a drawing board doing calculations. This was new for me – very new. Adam had been shorter and lighter than me, and I had thought that if anything ever went wrong, I had a chance to escape from Adam simply because I was bigger that he was. But – Mac was clearly bigger, stronger and 10 years younger than me – and if this went wrong I was in trouble.

But his hand on my bottom and the pressure of his fingers canlı casino between my cheeks brought back my lewd thoughts and I willingly went toward the door to room 512. He stepped in front of me and opened the door. All the lights in the room were on, the bed was made but the comforter was pulled half was down on one side forming a triangle of white sheet on the dark comforter, two large unlit candles sat on each side table, the wall nearest the bed was covered with a floor to ceiling mirror – then on the conference I saw a set of what were captioned as the manufacturing specifications with our large distinctive spec sheet logos. The specifications were top secrete and unbelievably valuable.

A couple of spec sheets were for hazardous chemicals that had potential for use in the manufacturing of Buckey Ball paper that was being designed as a replacement for titanium that was used in our planes, space and military rocket casings, not to mention atomic submarine hulls at a fraction of the current material weight and cost. That set of specs was worth at least 100 million dollars, if not a lot more, to any of a hundred companies that would have paid it instantly, no questions asked, because it would enable them to manufacture the stuff.

I shuffled the stack and froze. Several of the sheets down in the pile had our biological weapons lab logo, and were for the latest weapons grade biological toxin. Oh my god, what had I gotten my horny self into?

To say I was shocked was the understatement of a lifetime. My head spun, the room began to fade from my view and I almost fainted. I was not about to get into the corporate or military espionage business. I was not a traitor and was not for sale to the highest bidder even if I did really want Mac to fuck me.

I looked up and noticed Mac had moved away from me over near the bed and was using a liter to light the two candles, that soon gave the room an exotic smell, and covered the tart smell of the ink used on the design plans and drawings. Then he turned out the lights over the bed and moved toward the table with the specs on it.

“Come over here Joe,” he said in an even normal tone, “we have to talk about this.”

“Wha …” I tried to say “what is there to talk about?” But I was scared almost speechless. I licked my now very dry lips, swallowed and tried again, “Mac you know his stuff is classified and just having it here is a violation of at least a dozen criminal statues. If the Feds catch us with this stuff they’ll put us away for life.”

“Well I don’t think so, Joe. I am the Feds and we needed to talk.” He said casually, reaching into his hip pocket and pulling out an ID wallet that he flipped open and handed to me.

I looked at the wallet. The Office of Homeland Security badge had his photo, but the name was Jackson Longshanks, the place of birth was London instead of India, and he was even younger that I thought. I took the ID out of the wallet flipped it over and saw the verification hologram I was looking for. Damn! This was the real thing. So who was this Mac or Jackson or whoever the hell he was.

I sat down hard. I’d lost my job, had too much to drink tonight, had had obscene fantasies about Mac, and now a real scare. It all was a bit much to deal with. “OK, do I call you Mac or Jackson, and just who the hell are you?”

“Mac,” He said and started to sit down but there were a hard couple of raps on the door. I jumped and would have knocked the table over except Mac caught it and managed to keep all the papers from sliding onto the floor.

“Who is it?” he called.

“Room service, two sandwiches and drinks for room 512.”

“Just leave it there.”

“Yes sir.”

“I thought you were hungry. I certainly am.” I said, trying to sound angry, but I just sounded scared.

“I am too but we don’t want room service getting a look in here right now do we?” he asked with a smile.

“So how long are we gonna wait till we can eat?” I asked, sounding like a tired little boy disappointed at missing dinner.

Mac glanced at his watch, then said in a perfectly normal tone, “In about a minute we’re gonna have some company. They’ll bring the food in and then we’ll eat while we talk to them for about 15 minutes, then there’re going to leave, and then I’m gonna fuck you like I’ve wanted to fuck you since I met you 8 months ago, but had to wait cause you were too busy letting Adam bang your plump bottom to pay any attention to me.”

“Huh?” I gasped. If I looked shocked it was because I was. “How did you know about Adam fucking me?” I managed to squeak out of my suddenly tight throat.

“I’m the Feds remember? It’s my job to know who our top secrete military contractors are fucking and why.”

“You’ve been spying on me?” I asked incredulously.

“Yep. We got you and Adam on glorious full color video. One tape for every time he fucked you. I was so jealous watching him enjoy fucking you I wanted to shoot the bastard but the boss wouldn’t let me, said I might hit you instead.”

“Oh my god!” it was an involuntary groan, “Who’s seen the tapes?” I asked afraid of kaçak casino the answer. If the tapes ever made it to the Homeland office they would be on the internet within a month no matter what the “security” precautions were. I didn’t want to think about how such a disclosure would affect my 3 kids and my grandkids. They were out of state, and as far as I knew didn’t know anything about my extra- marital sexual activities.

Just me and a couple of other guys, I’ll show you my favorite ones so you know just what you’re gonna get from me.

“Oh my god! Who’s your boss? What did you tell him about me? Who else knows I’m a cock slut?” I couldn’t stop the questions. I’d managed to be careful and avoid anyone discovering I was bisexual for almost 30 years and now I was finding out I had been a porno film star for the last 20 years.

“How many tapes do you have?” I barely got the question out.

“We have, 237 of you and Adam, 331 of you and Sam, 271 of you and Bill, 815 of you and Jack,” he said giving me a lewd grin, “And I’ve seen all of ’em.” I couldn’t say anything. I just stared at him. That was a good piece of my history for the last 20 years. Then it clicked. It was 20 years ago that we had gotten the first military contract. And Sam had been the first of many Pentagon personnel to supervise our manufacturing process. I asked, “Were you watching Sam and got me because I was with Sam? “

“No, we were watching you and Sam just happed to be the one in charge of your surveillance. So then we started watching you because you knew so much about the process and we found out you had a nasty little habit of letting boys ram hard cocks up your backside on a regular basis. Sam liked what he saw and decided it might as well be him you were fucking, so he got your attention and the rest is, as they say, history.”

“What about the tapes …”

“No one cared about you getting a few blow jobs from guys. Everyone in the company knew guys give the best head. So you weren’t very interesting until Jack came along and introduced his cock to your bottom and we found out how much you liked getting butt fucked, then the boss decided to watch you on a regular basis because of the potential for blackmail.”

“You make me sound like such a slut.”

“That’s because you are a slut,” he said laughing. “Remember, I’ve seen you in action and you love having your plump white bottom fucked. That’s why I got myself assigned to your detail. I’ve never seen anyone enjoy getting butt fucked as much as you do, and I want to be the one fucking you.”

It was true. I was a slut. I really enjoyed having my plump bottom fucked. I could and did cum, almost every time I got fucked without any direct stimulation of my cock. If I had a cock plowing my bottom, I squirt my cream all over myself without any help at all. Every lover I ever had, including my wife, had commented in one way or other that I came faster getting butt fucked than with a blow job or any other way.

Someone rapped on the door, two quick, a pause, three slow, a pause and four quick raps. Then a dark blue envelope was shoved under the door.

“That’s the boss.” Mac said cheerfully.

I looked at the door with dread. In less that a minute it would open and let my executioner enter to complete the condemned’s sentence.

Mac got up and on his way to the door patted my shoulder and ran his hand down my back. I jumped at his unexpected touch and he grinned, “You’ll be fine,” he said in a soothing tone.

He stepped to the door, looked through the peep hole then opened it.

Sam walked in followed by Bill and then Adam. Sam was clearly the boss, Bill seemed to be second in command, Mac third and Adam for whatever reason seemed to be last in seniority. Sam carried one food tray and Bill the other. The three of them came over to the table, Bill set a tray down where Mac had been sitting and Sam put his tray down in front of me. Then all four of them sat down and looked at me.

Sam looked older, a little thinner, his blond hair now almost all grey, but he still had those bright blue eyes. It had been 21 years since I’d last seen him and he looked every minute of it.

The instant Mac sat down he snatched the cover off his plate, dropped it on the floor, grabbed his sandwich and bit a huge chunk off of it while motioning me to do likewise. I didn’t need any more coaxing. I hadn’t eaten that morning and I was starving. I knew it was due to the stress but I was starving none the less. I sat there staring at them, chewing on the best roast beef sandwich I’d ever had.

Sam spoke softly. “Sorry to lay all this on you at once Joe, but we couldn’t help it. We picked up a rumor that your company had a top level leak and it turned out to be true. Adam was sent here to determine if you were the leak. He just got to enjoy working with you a little more than he thought he would. The leak turned out to be your CEO and the majority stock holder. We gave each of them a choice to sell out to our select buyer at our price or go directly to the cemetery without passing through the Courthouse. They wisely decided to sell out and pled guilty to espionage and accept 10 year prison sentences. That’s why you all had this meeting here this week. So we could get a handle on who was who and decide who was going to run the company.”

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