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Daddy Blue Pt. 01

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When Charlie awoke that sunny day, he was feeling pretty good. He had no idea life was about to throw him the biggest curve ball anyone could imagine. The following is my first attempt at a multi-part story, and I hope that if you get through it or the following two parts, you will consider leaving me some feedback letting me know what you think. All comments are much appreciated.

Thanks, the author


The alarm went off at its usual hour—7 a.m.—but for once I shut it off, rolled over and went back to sleep. This being the first day of spring break—my very first college spring break—I’d be damned if I was going to get up early. And even when I did finally crawl out of bed at a little past nine, I was in no hurry to get the day started; so instead of getting dressed I brewed a cup of coffee on my roommate’s nifty little coffeemaker and parked myself in front the tube where I sat idly watching Jerry Springer’s morning freak show. By this time I normally would have been into my second class of the day, busily scribbling notes as the prof droned on about World Lit, and trying hard to keep my focus on Shakespeare and Dante rather than the hot guys seated on either side of me in the classroom. Of course that was just on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I would be at the university library contemplating pulling my hair out as I surveyed the endless stacks of books I had to shelve as part of my part-time work study job.

But not today. Today, I didn’t have a worry in the world, and the only thing on my mind was wondering why the blue collar joes on Jerry’s show—some of whom weren’t half-bad looking—would ever want the hoary-looking skanks screeching and clawing over them. But if my day was starting off perfectly, the same could not be said for my dormmate Sean. While I was sleeping late, he had already gotten up, straightened up his bed, and hurried off for early morning conferences with a couple of his professors. Sean was in danger of failing several classes, and in a desperate attempt to head off academic probation, he had gone to throw himself on the mercy of his profs and beg for extra credit work over spring break. I’d seen this coming from day one. Sean’s story was an old one. Raised by strict parents who’d kept him on a tight leash all the way through high school, he had basically gone wild with partying at his first taste of freedom, his freshman year of college. It was a classic trap.

Of course it was my freshman year too, here at good old Texas A&M, and I certainly wasn’t allergic to going out and having a good time. The difference between me and Sean was that I knew how to pace myself. My dad who’d raised me alone never tried imposing a bunch of stupid rules on me growing up—which may seem a little strange considering he was a tough, by-the-book street cop. Dad put it this way: He worked a job that required him to slap rules on people all day, and he did not want to come home in the evenings and start doing the same to me. He said it was just a hell of a lot simpler and easier to trust me, which he did . . . that is, until I gave him reason not to. Now that’s not to say I didn’t push the limits of my dad’s patience from time to time, like the time I tried cutting some classes in my senior year to sneak off and see an older boy I liked. Dad didn’t scream or shout when he found out. He didn’t even demand to know exactly where I had gone or what I’d been up to. He just confiscated my credit card for a whole month, which was my primary source of knocking around money, and I got religion real quick and gave him my solemn vow nothing like that would ever happen again. As for my general coming and going in high school, Dad made no rules about that either, not even setting a curfew. But he did say I needed to answer my phone whenever he called, and I’d better not be caught doing anything illegal. And I never did get caught doing anything illegal, which is not to say I didn’t try a few things beyond the strict definitions of the law, from time to time.

The sounds of kids milling about in the hall and leaving the dorm snapped me out of my reverie and made me aware how late it was getting to be. Damn, it was closing in on ten and I hadn’t done a single thing to get ready to leave myself. At the rate people we deserting the campus, the whole place would be a ghost town by afternoon. Even Sean had found time to pack a bag and leave it on his bed before lighting out for the academic buildings. I really needed to get a move on, especially if I still hoped to hit the highway to Houston by noon. Nothing would please me more than seeing boring old College Station in my rearview mirror.

I stripped off my underwear and grabbed a towel on the way to the bathroom. I was just about to step into the shower when I heard a knock at the door. It was Sean’s boyfriend Jack.

“Sorry, he’s not here,” I said letting him in. It was impossible not to notice how Jack’s eyes trailed down to the towel I had wrapped about my waist. This wasn’t the casino siteleri first time I’d caught the guy checking me out.

“I know,” Jack said, flashing that sexy-shy, boy-next-door smile of his. “He texted me, said the meetings with the profs was gonna take longer than expected. Seems he ran into a line at both buildings with kids trying to do the same as him, get some extra credit work to get their grades up.”

“Doesn’t surprise me,” I added.

“Anyway, he said for me to wait for him here. We’ll take off for South Padre as soon as he gets back.”

“Fine by me,” I said. “But, look, I’m running late and I’ve really got to hit the shower.”

As I turned back toward the bathroom, I thought I caught a glimpse of something a little extra in Jack’s face. What was it: Curiosity? Interest? Lust? Hell, now I was curious. I wondered what he would do if I “accidentally” left the door to the bathroom ajar while I showered. Minutes later I got my answer. Just as I was sticking my head under the water, the dude started talking to me. It was obvious he was standing inside the bathroom door.

“So, Charlie,” he called out, yelling over the sound of running water. “Sean says you’re not going anywhere for spring break. That true?”

“I’m going home, if that’s what you mean.”

“Yeah, that’s what Sean said. So, listen, dude, instead of doing that, why not catch a ride down to the coast with Sean and me and crash free of charge? We’ve rented this condo just off the beach for the whole week. And I’m telling you, dude, the place is fucking huge, more than enough room for a third. And it’s South Padre, man. There’s gonna be parties and stuff going on all week. What do ya say?”

I wanted to say, So what are you really up to, dude? I mean, here I barely knew the guy—in fact, I only really knew him through Sean—and yet here he was standing a few feet from me in the shower inviting me to take a road trip with him and his boyfriend. Talk about bizarre. The three of us had hung out a few times here in the dorm, and once or twice I had tagged along with them when they went out to eat. But right now, this situation felt pretty provocative.

“Um, thanks, Jack, but I think I’ll pass. I’m meeting up with some of my friends in Houston.”

He made no further entreaties, but I had the definite impression he lingered in that doorway for a while watching the outline of my naked form moving around inside the spray of water. He wasn’t there when I stepped out of the shower, but the door was still ajar. As I stood there wringing water out of my hair, I had to wonder if Sean knew his cute boyfriend had a roving eye. Probably, I chuckled to myself. Sean wasn’t always the sharpest tack in the tacklebox, but even he had to know a guy with Jack’s looks had probably done his share of playing around.

I slipped on a pair of underwear and exited the bathroom. Jack had retreated to a chair at Sean’s desk in the far corner of the room. He was idly staring at the TV but his eyes surreptitiously followed me as I moved across the room to the large clothes closet that Sean and I shared. I was really starting to get off on this little game of cat-and-mouse that Jack and I were playing, though it was becoming less clear which of us was the cat and which the mouse. Up until this moment I had not given any serious consideration to the thought of hooking up with Jack—not because he wasn’t cute enough (I’d have to have been blind not to have checked him out once or twice)—but the thing is, college dorms are literally chock full of good-looking guys. Why mess with Seans’? Besides, up till now they had seemed pretty much joined at the hip. For the first time, I realized that they weren’t.

I was in no particular rush to get dressed. After pulling on a T-shirt, I began spreading my bed, giving Jack a generous view of my body as I moved around the bed, stretching and pulling the sheet into place. While he subtly watched me, I returned the favor, studying his features and form. Jack was long, lean and clean-cut, the sort of wholesome, good-looking, boy-next-door type of guy that was not uncommon on the grounds of Texas A&M. In large part, that’s because the school draws heavily from the farms and small towns of the state, where men are men, and boys are raised to stand tall and strong and straight. Of course Jack was hardly straight, but you’d never have guessed that by looking at him. From his close-cropped, neatly-trimmed hair, to the dressed down shirt and jeans he usually wore, he was virtually indistinguishable from the hordes of all-American straight arrows that swarmed the campus. Unless I missed my guess, not even his parents probably knew he was anything other than what he appeared, just your nice, average, straight-shooting Texas boy.

“Can I ask you a question?” I said, turning to him just as I finished making the bed. “You played sports in high school. What was it: football?”

“Yeah,” he said, again flashing that sexy half-smile. “Does it show?”

“You’re canlı casino certainly in great shape. The reason I ask is that most gays I know didn’t play varsity sports in school. In fact, I didn’t know any.”

“Yeah, see, that’s a myth. I know plenty of ’em playin’ sports. But it is true, I guess: most keep quiet about the gay stuff. That kinda thing ain’t likely to go down too well back where I come from.”

“West Texas—right?” I asked.

“Yep. The boonies. Lots of stuff still ain’t cool out there, but I managed to have my share of fun growin’ up. You just gotta know how to find it.”

“Oh, come on, Jack. You’re tall, good-looking, and a jock to boot. I’m betting you’ve never had to look very far in you life to find a good time.”

And then the ultimate happened. Jack grinned and, yes, blushed—blushed! I couldn’t remember the last time I’d seen anybody blush. And with my brown complexion, I was pretty sure I’d never blushed in my life.

“It’s a damn shame,” he sighed, as he watched me pull a pair of khaki shorts out of the small chest near my bed and slip them on. “A hot black guy like you with a body like that. I’m tellin’ ya, Charlie, you’d really clean up on the beach at Padre. Why not chuck all that stuff about Houston and come along with us?”

“Actually, I’m only half-black. My dad’s white.”

“Oh, wow, man, sorry,” said Jack, looking like he’d just run over his grandmother. “I didn’t know.”

I had to laugh. “It’s no big deal. You’ve got my permission to call me a hot black guy any time you want. The way I see it, it’s like having a foot in both camps—and I happen to like it that way. But if you want to see what a really hot black guy looks like, you should check out my ex-boyfriend Trey. Like you, he’s tall and lean and packed in all the right places. Actually, Trey is one of the reasons I’m going to Houston for spring break. I’m hoping for a chance to see him while I’m there. The only reason we broke up was that my dad forced me to come to A&M rather than go to the U. of H. the way I wanted to.”

“Your dad really wouldn’t let you go the University of Houston? Why the heck not?”

“Because he’s a power-mad egomaniac who always has to have his own way. Not really. I don’t actually know why he made me come here. Every time I’d ask him he’d give me a different reason. As far as I can tell, it’s mainly because he went here. My dad’s a cop and not big on giving explanations. The thing is I’d been planning on going to the U. of H. for as long as I could remember. My best friend Dell and I were going to enroll together and eventually get an apartment together. As it is, Dell’s there and I’m stuck way out here in the middle of nowhere. And I hate it.”

“You really hate A&M?”

“OK, so no, I don’t totally hate it, but I still don’t want to be here. Right now, Dell and I are working on a plan to get me to the U. of H. by next year. During spring break, I’m gonna really confront my dad about this. I know I can make him change his mind. Until then, I talk to Dell on the phone a lot and he keeps me up on what’s going on.”

“OK, but I still don’t get why you broke up with this guy Trey,” said Jack, looking a bit confused. “Did your Dad have something to do with that too?”

“No, that was my idea. We hadn’t been together very long, and I really didn’t like the idea of a long-distance relationship. But I really did like him, and if I can get back to Houston I’m hoping he’ll be open to picking up where we left off. We got together at New Year’s, and it was amazing. Almost like we never were apart . . . which reminds me. I’ve been meaning to call him and let him know I’ll be in town all next week. I’m hoping we can get together again. I’d better call now.”

I dialed Trey’s number.

“Yeah?” came a voice on the line.

“Hey, old man.”

“Hey, yourself, college boy. How they treatin’ you up there in the land of beer and honey? They turn you into a frat boy yet?”

I laughed. “No fucking way! You know how I feel about that stuff.”

“No shit,” he said, laughing too. “I only said it because I knew it would a get a rise out of you. So tell the truth: you gettin’ use to the idea of being on your own yet?”

“It’s not so different. You forget: My dad pretty much let me come and go as I pleased even when I was at home. The biggest surprise it that I don’t get out nearly as much now as I did back in Houston. You wouldn’t believe all the studying I’ve got to do.”

“Poor little college boy. Are they bein’ mean to ya? You do know, don’t ya, Charlie, that going there still beats the hell out of spending all day stuck under a greasy car like me.”

“I guess,” I said with a sigh. “I still miss Houston and all my friends. Don’t think I’m ever going to get used to this place. I swear I’ll never forgive my dad for making me come here.”

“Sure you will. At heart, you’re still Daddy’s boy.”

“Dammit, Trey, why do you say that? It’s not even true, and you know it. I don’t miss kaçak casino him. I miss my friends . . . and you.”

“It sounds to me like somebody ain’t upholding his part of the bargain. As I recall when we split, we agreed there’d be no moping around, no looking back, no griping and no regrets. In fact as I recall, kid, that was your idea. You said we should be free and go out and test the waters. See what’s out there. What’s the matter? Don’t tell me that on that great big old campus you ain’t found at least one horny frat boy to party with.”

“Asshole,” I snorted as he snickered. “Don’t worry about me; I’m doing just fine in that department.” I was a little irritated at him for egging me on. But it wasn’t exactly surprising. Trey always did like teasing me, and I could tell from his voice he was thoroughly enjoying using my own words against me.

“I know you are,” he said after a moment. “I don’t worry about you, Charlie. You’ll always land on your feet.”

“You’ve been such a total jerk that I don’t even know why I’m calling you. But I kept thinking about the time we spent together at New Year’s. It was incredible. Look, spring break is starting today, and I’m driving home this afternoon. In fact I’ll be around all next week. So I was thinking that maybe, if you have the time, we could see each other.”

I knew something was up when the phone suddenly went very quiet. Finally I spoke up. “You still there?”

“Uh, yeah, baby, sure. That just catches me up a little short. I wasn’t expecting that.”


“Jesus, Charlie, you always did have a way of surprising me. Like I said, this catches me up short. I bet that crazy friend of yours, Dell, can’t wait to see you.”

“What about you?”

“Um, this isn’t easy to say, kid.”

“Then, for Pete’s sake, Trey. Just spit it out.”

“I’m seeing somebody. Sorry.”

“No, you don’t have to apologize. It’s like you said: it was my idea for us to move on to other people. But you have to admit it’s a little sudden. I mean, I just saw you two months ago.”

“Yeah, I know. But this thing just came up . . . out of the blue.”

“So is it serious?”

“A little bit, yeah. See, it’s somebody I already knew, somebody I knew even before I met you.”

“Let me guess,” I said, suddenly certain I knew who it was. “Allison—right?”

“Alli, yeah.”

“Your old girlfriend. The one you were seeing when I came along. So how the heck did that happen?”

“Um, I don’t know, Charlie, it just happened. I went to this party at a friend’s house. She was there. We got started talking, and the next thing you know, we started hanging out. That’s all . . .”

“So now you’re back together.”

“Actually, Charlie, we’re talking about moving back in together.”

“Just like old times,” I said, not exactly succeeding at keeping the bitterness out of my voice. Now it was my turn to go silent.

“Hey, kid, you still there?”

“Yeah. ”

“You OK?”

“Look, Trey, I think it’s really great that you two are back together. Almost like you never broke up. Really. She’s a nice girl, I always felt a little guilty about the way you threw her over when we got together. So now everything’s back the way it was. Isn’t that just great?”

“Jesus, Charlie . . .”

“No, Trey, I’m not bitter. Really. I always wondered if you would’ve stayed with her if I hadn’t come along to fuck things up. Now I know. But we had some fun together—didn’t we? You can’t say we didn’t.”

“No, I’d never say that. Charlie, you pushed my buttons like nobody else. Made me do things I never thought I could do. I’ll miss that.”

“Me too. I’ll miss a hell of a lot of things.”

I terminated the call, not wanting to drag this infernal goodbye out any longer. I never was much of one for saying goodbye anyway, and it was especially bitter with Trey because I knew that, in truth, I was the one who had let him go. I tossed the phone onto the bed, and then realized with a start that Jack had been sitting quietly in the corner listening to every humiliating word that I’d said.

“Sorry about that,” I said, a little embarrassed.

“His loss,” he said with a shrug and a smile. “He don’t deserve you.”

I knew Jack only said that to cheer me up, but somehow his comment only managed to irritate the hell out of me. What did he know about my situation or whether Trey deserved me or not? Jack was just a backwoods Texas hick who’d probably never had a serious relationship in his life. What did he know about anything?

“Hey, come here,” I ordered, beckoning to him.

When he came over, I grabbed him by his shoulders and slammed him against the wall. “Tell me something, Jacko,” I said. “Have you ever done anything really wild in your entire life?”

“What?” he gasped, his eyes wide with confusion.

“You heard me,” I snapped. “Wild. Crazy. Uninhibited. Have you ever done anything so fucking out there, that it scared the holy shit out of you?”

“I, uh, I’m not sure,” he sputtered.

“Have you ever taken a chance on something? Or someone? Have you ever just let yourself go, and done something without first thinking about the consequences?”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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