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Darien Ch. 1

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Chapter 1 Chastening Brock

A numbing pain goes through my head, my body aches all over and… And as if things couldn’t get worse, the bloody alarm on my cell phone goes off. Time to get up, although easier said than done, I still managed to pull myself out of bed and sit on its corner.

Right in front of me I saw a guy in his early twenties, 21 to be precise 6’5″, 205 lbs. of raw muscle, pale white tan, short brown hair, deep brown eyes, and looking like he’d been run over by a truck. I mean, if he had a good rest he’d be one lean mean sex machine, but this just wasn’t his morning.

After getting some of my strength back I gazed away from the mirror and got up. As I moved a sharp pain shot through my head, just another ‘Hello’ from last night. I went down to the kitchen and took an aspirin, made myself some breakfast.

What happened last night? Must have been one hell of a party, because it’s all blurry. But somehow it all starts coming back… And I’m definitely the biggest bastard this world has ever seen… Brock will kill me. And he should.

Where should I start, last night, high school, kindergarten? Well, Brock and I were friends since I could remember. We went to kindergarten, grade school and high school together, always in the same class, always together.

Brock is definitely an impressive sight to look at, 6’2, 178lbs, week older than I am, tanned Mediterranean complexion, short dark brown hair, shiny brown eyes that radiate sex. He was always the most popular guy around. All girls wanted him, and he wanted them all, he had them all, and at the end they hated him. I, on the other hand, had few girlfriends (although I also could have had any girl I wanted).

Few times, back in high school we got so drunk we didn’t know what we were doing, and we do not remember it, but others do, that we made out in open. But that was it, last night however… Oh, by the way, I’m from Croatia, the land of great natural beauty (and where they also serve alcohol to anyone who has cash).

His family went to Dubrovnik on holiday. Brock had the house all to himself, and also his dad’s credit card, and these two could mean only one thing, party day and night. I had gone to his house that morning, and we arranged everything for a barbecue party in the afternoon. This summer is so bloody hot; it hadn’t been this hot in 40 years.

The party was ok, everybody got drunk, we burned the meat, but in the general state everybody was in, it still tasted great. Everybody left, I stayed to help him clean up, but he decided we’ll clean up tomorrow, the night was young, and we were going to go out later. There was still a lot of beer left, and we decided it would be a waste to leave it. And then, he went to his room and brought back a few pills, we took them with the beer to get a stronger effect. We decided to watch some porn, and we drank, and we drank…

We had watched this porn several times already, Dolly Buster getting fucked by three guys at the same time. I started feeling weird, no, this wasn’t beer it must have been those pills. I felt a surge of energy going through me, and the porn started to get me real horny. And I was not alone, I can see that Brock was horny as well; his meat was really showing through his briefs.

We were joking about the porn, when Brock pulled his meat out and started stroking it. This wasn’t something new, we jacked off a couple of times, so I took off my briefs as well, and started stroking as well. Brock has the best cock I ever saw, 8 inches, very thick, straight, massive and uncut, and one heck of swollen shaved casino oyna balls to go with it (actually he’s the one who got me to start shaving mine back in high school).

My own meat was hard as rock, 7 inches of extremely thick Croatian meat, although mine was shorter, it was thicker and looked mean, more like a weapon than a entertainment. Man, did my blood start boiling, my meat was burning, my brain, hell, my brain was offline, my cock needed to fuck, I couldn’t think, I watched the porn, I saw pictures, but my mind wasn’t paying attention.

I turned my eyes to Brock, he was stroking his meat fast and hard and moaning lightly, and something in me snapped. I wanted Brock for a long time, there were only few guys that had ever interested me, but Brock, Brock was always my number one. I used to have a few fantasies about him, and at that point, I knew I needed to have him.

He was stroking his meat as hard as he could, and started moaning louder, his eyes shut, his face cramped. I was going crazy; I stood up, walked over to him and grabbed his head firmly. He stopped stroking, opened his eyes, and was facing my steel-hard cock. I saw a confused look on his face. I held his head even stronger, pulled it closer to me motioning towards my cock, and said ‘Suck me, Brock!’

Confusion changed to fear and anger, he tried to pull away and said ‘What are you on man, let me go!’ There was no way he could pull away. I’m a lot bigger and on top of that a lot stronger than I look. I have some kind of an animal strength that makes me invincible in ground fighting. Whether it is my constitution or technique… I don’t know.

My cock was pulsating, I needed to get in him, I made my way towards his mouth, he was fighting me every inch of the way, my cock pressed onto his lips and he kicked me. So, he wouldn’t suck me, at this point I was on the edge, I couldn’t control myself at all, this time I smacked him in the face, smacked him real hard.

Before he could recuperate I grabbed him, picked him up over my shoulder and carried him off to his room. He started kicking me so I threw him on the floor, he went at me again, and I kicked him real hard he fell on the floor groaning.

I opened a drawer in his desk and took out a pair of handcuffs. I grabbed him by the neck, lifted him up and threw him on the bed. He was lying on his back. I threw myself on top of him, grabbed his hands, pulled them up and cuffed them to a metal bar arching above his pillow.

He was cursing me, and started yelling, so I grabbed a T-shirt he left on the bed and gagged him with it. He was mine now, all mine, and did it feel good! I started kissing his neck, licking it, he was still trying to fight me, but he couldn’t move an inch, I started working my way down to his nipples. First I fondled them, but then I sank my teeth in them.

Brock made muffled groans. I couldn’t understand them and I didn’t care. We were both a little sweaty, but his sweat, his scent, his juices, I needed them, and I made sure I didn’t miss a spot while my tongue made it’s way down his abs to his belly button and further bellow.

At this point Brock started to fight me again, trying to kick me with his knees, I was horny and I was out of patience. I smacked him hard in the head. I smacked him again and again. He stopped resisting. I looked him in the eyes and saw fear. At this point he was afraid I’d kill him. I moved my head to his ear and whispered ‘You’re mine now, and you have no idea what I have in store for you tonight bitch!’

Time for play was over. My cock commanded me to get down to business. canlı casino I grabbed his knees and pushed them to his shoulders, his ass firmly in air. I spread his legs wide and moved my weight on his legs, his knees were on my shoulders, my hands free to engage elsewhere.

I looked him in the eyes and said ‘Since you’ve been such a disobedient little whore, there’ll be nothing to lube your ass tonight.’ I positioned my cock on the crack of his ass; man was it warm! I pushed, and I pushed as hard as I could, forcing my entire weight on my cock.

First second I wasn’t getting anywhere, but then my cock made it’s way in, and instantly slid in him all the way, he started screaming and throwing himself, not being able to take the pain, but his screams were muffled, he couldn’t move, and I was merciless.

I didn’t wait, I didn’t give him time to adjust, and I didn’t care. I fucked him and I fucked him hard. I would pull almost entirely out, and then thrust as deep as I could, and I’d do it faster and faster. Sex was never this good before, no girl felt that good.

I was pounding his ass with all my might and moaning loudly. Now and then I’d tell him how good his ass felt, at one point he stopped fighting and screaming, now he was crying. I moved my head to his face and started licking him, my cock still drilling his ass, I could smell his fear, his pain, his despair, and it was making me nuts.

I could fell it building up in me; I knew I was going to cum soon. I removed the gag from his mouth and started kissing him. I pumped harder, as hard as I could, I could no longer hold it, I was burning all over, my balls were in flames, and my cock was bursting.

I pulled my piece out and forced it in his mouth, grabbed his head and said ‘Suck! And you’re going to swallow every drop, or I’ll beat the living shit out of you!’ I forced my cock deeper down his throat. I started fucking his throat. Finally, I exploded, deep down his throat, he started fighting, and he was choking. I pushed deeper and I didn’t care. It felt too good. It had never that good before. I never experienced such a surge of ecstasy.

I pulled out slowly, leaving just the head of my cock on his lips. He was breathing heavily, still trying to catch his breath, his chin covered with some of my semen. I looked deep into his eyes, and gave him a sadistic grin. I said ‘Good boy, but it seems that you missed some’.

I licked his chin and sucked my own juices, they felt good, and I started kissing him. I moved my hand down to his cock and it was rock-solid. I wasn’t going to waste time, I moved down and started sucking him, I sucked him hard, but he didn’t make a sound, either he went numb while I was fucking him, or he wasn’t going to show me he was enjoying it.

Did his cock taste good! Thick, burning meat throbbing in my mouth, his smell hypnotizing me. I sucked him harder and deeper, forcing my head on his cock, I wanted it whole, but I failed, it was just too big. I pulled back, lubed his cock and my ass with some sun cream I found lying next to the bed.

I was going to ride this bitch. I moved on top of him slowly sitting on his cock. I didn’t move slowly enough. It started burning like hell, but I wasn’t going to show him it hurt. I lowered until all of him was inside me. I let out a loud moan and started riding his cock, my pelvis made deep thrusts along his shaft. I rode him hard, my ass was still burning, but I increased the tempo.

My cock was hard again, and I was riding him as fast and as hard as I could. I was moaning and enjoying every thrust, he made only a few whimpering kaçak casino moans, didn’t say a word. Finally, he came deep within me his juices filling my ass. It felt great.

‘Time for round two, my little whore.’ I said, I grabbed him and turned him over on his stomach. I didn’t waste time. I started pounding his ass as hard as I could. I must have fucked him for an hour and a half, it took me an eternity to cum, and finally I filled his ass with my juice. I was beat.

I turned him on his back. Took off his cuffs, he didn’t try anything, he didn’t even move, he was defeated, used and humiliated, total resignation. I looked him in the eyes and said ‘Time for you to clean the mess you made, lick me clean, and clean me real good!’ I grabbed his head and shoved my cock in his mouth forcing him to eat his own shit off my cock.

He did as he was told. I pulled his head back and said ‘and now the final part, make sure you don’t miss a drop, we don’t want to make a mess, do we?’ I put the head of my cock in his mouth and started pissing, all that beer had to come out eventually. He sucked and swallowed, but it was too much for him, my piss was soon flowing down his chin.

I didn’t care, I always wanted to try this out, and he was doing what I told him to do. I finished my business and stood up. He didn’t look at me; didn’t move; didn’t say a word. I went downstairs, put my clothes on, and went out. I got totally drunk and got home past 4 AM. I crashed in my bed, fell asleep and here I am finishing my breakfast.

I stayed at home all day, I expected the cops to show up and arrest me for raping my best friend, I thought about giving Brock a call or going to his house to talk. But what was I to say, sorry? Like he’d care, no words can make up for what I did to him.

The cops didn’t show up. The day after I gathered up my courage and paid him a visit. The doors were open, so I invited myself in. He was in the kitchen. As I entered silence filled the air. With a look on my face that was way beyond guilt and shame opened my mouth and started mumbling how sorry I am about what I did to him and that I would accept any punishment he had in store for me.

He interrupted me and started telling me that it was his fault. I was stunned when he started explaining that he planned this whole thing to get me in bed. The pill he gave me wasn’t ecstasy, but a mixture of androgens and some other drugs intended to make me explode.

He explained that at first he intended to put up some token resistance to make me believe I was raping him. But then he saw I had went totally berserk, and decided to go along. At the same time I was both relieved and a bit angry that he had put up the entire show. He said he had wanted me since high school. I told him I had wanted him as well.

I grabbed him and bent him over the table. I pulled down his shorts. My cock was bursting. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my piece. I used some of my saliva to lube my cock a bit. I rammed his ass with full strength and started pumping wildly. He was moaning loudly, and so was I. I fucked him and started stroking his hard cock and squeezing his swollen balls.

He came with a loud moan, and soon I followed as well. Slowly I pulled out. He stood up and turned towards me, looking me straight in the eyes. I moved my head towards him and gave him a passionate kiss. He kissed me back, our tongues battled for territory.

Then I grabbed his ass, moved him towards me and whispered into his ear ‘From now you’re mine, only mine, my little Brock’. He looked deep into my eyes, didn’t say a word, but he knew, he knew he was mine, and knew he wanted to be mine. We stared at one another for a long time, and then he smiled and said ‘Let’s go upstairs.’


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