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Deon Pt. 01

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Deon 1

My name is David, I am 39 years old, 5’9″ weigh 160 lbs, I have brown hair, and brown eyes. I was in decent shape, married life has been comfortable and with 4 kids I haven’t the time or energy to keep myself in shape. My wife Julie is 42, 5’4″, weighs 150 lbs but carries it well in a spectacular set of tits and a big round ass that begs for sex. I have a daughter, Jessica who is 19, she has her mother’s figure with blonde hair, blue eyes, the classic ‘bombshell’ and identical twin boys Jack and Jason, who are 17, with blonde hair, blue eyes and my youngest son Jake, who is 13, with blonde hair and blue eyes. We are the typical American family, life is good.

Since Jessica was our first, we treated her like a princess until the other kids came along and she seemed to cope well with her younger brothers coming along and taking some of the spot light away from her.

I saw flashes of spoilt princess and entitlement when she had her friends over but I didn’t act on it as the friends she chose and the relationships she had with them were up to her and at the time I thought they were only playing out the typical high school stereotypes. We were all pleased that she was head cheerleader, captain of the gymnastics team and still scored in the top three of all her subjects, so a little bit of vanity was to be expected.

She went away to college and we all missed her, during the occasional call she mentioned she had started seeing someone and as the semester went on it started to sound serious, so being caring parents we invited Deon to stay over during the Christmas break and celebrate New Years with us.

With hindsight I should’ve seen it coming, every time Jessica came home to visit her skirts were shorter, heels higher and tops tighter than the last time. Her voice had gotten slightly deeper and there was a huskiness to it that reminded me of Lauren Bacall. There was a definite wiggle in her walk and either her spectacular tits or amazing ass were centre of attention, although I was relieved that she dressed to show off either her tits or her ass and never both at the same time, small mercies.

Deon came to stay on Boxing day, he was a self assured, attractive guy. He appeared to be 6′ plus as he was handily taller than me and clearly took care of himself as judging by the definition that was on display through his tight t-shirt. Think Sonny Bill Williams. I think we all stared in awe when Jessica first introduced him to us.

As both Jack and Jason were travelling overseas on a gap year we told Deon he could have the boys room while Jessica stayed in her old room until they went back to college.

You never realise how thin the walls of your house are until you are forced to listen to your daughter having sex with her boyfriend in the next room.

Especially since they had been apart for a few weeks.

The next morning my wife decided that I give Jessica and Deon “the talk” at breakfast after she and Jake had left to spend the day at his friends house. It started badly as Deon was topless, I stared for a few seconds at the tribal tattoos on his big, strong arms and casino siteleri his loose basketball shorts didn’t do much to hide a considerable bulge, I was flustered and stuttered through my speech about sleeping in separate rooms and if they were going to fool around at least wait until everyone was out of the house.

I was so distracted that I didn’t notice Jessica biting her lip and her hand stroking Deon’s cock under the table until they got up and said they were going to get ready for a day out and his bulge had grown noticeably, the chair Jessica had been sitting on had a wet patch.

I turned to watch them go upstairs, I didn’t look at Jessica’s ass in her too short shorts, I couldn’t take my eyes of Deon’s well muscled back and sculpted ass. I took a minute or two to compose myself and started to walk after them to finish getting ready myself.

I could hear the sounds of a very sloppy blowjob from the bottom of the stairs, I was equal parts horrified and turned on, my blonde, blue-eyed perfect princess was on her knees sucking a giant cock!

As I approached her room I could see the door was slightly open and the sounds were getting louder and wetter. I couldn’t help myself, I stopped at the door and looked in, my hand unconsciously going to my crotch.

I couldn’t stop staring, Deon sat naked at the foot of the bed, Jessica on hands and knees, big black butt plug up her ass, pussy drooling as her head was forcefully pulled up and down by the hair onto Deon’s huge, thick cock by one of his massive hands. One of Deon’s hands controlled the pace of the blowjob and the other was recording it on his phone. He looked up and met my glaze.

I don’t know how long we stared at each other, his hand continued to force my daughters’ head up and down, his pace increasing a little and his hips rising to meet her head, giving me a little show, Jessica increased her moans while we stared at each other, my dick was now painfully hard, my nipples were aching and a strangely pleasant itchy/tingly feeling was building in my ass. I had time to be thankful that the reason Jessica’s voice had gotten husky was due to deep throating that monster cock and not because she had started smoking.

Then he calmly stood up, pulled Jessica’s head off his cock and threw her by the hair onto the floor.

He strode up to me, grabbed me by the throat and threw me on to her bed. I landed on my back with my head hanging over the side.

I was stunned, before I realised what was happening, he had ripped my top open and had both hands around my neck squeezing tightly. He told Jessica to pull my pyjama bottoms off and hold my ankles.

The shock of what was happening was starting to wear off and I began to struggle to breathe, he let go of my neck and my mouth opened wide as I tried to breathe. He let me take a gulp of air but before I could say anything one hand was wrapped around my throat and the other was around the back of my neck, firmly holding my head in place. His spit soaked cock glistened in front of me for a second before he pushed it past my lips and over my tongue.

I stopped canlı casino struggling as the first inch or two of his incredible cock thrust in and out of my mouth, the taste was salty and bitter and yet warm and spicy, the feel was silk and steel. I kept my eyes closed and started to move my tongue to explore the taste and feeling of this huge, thick cock that was dominating my mouth.

Deon felt my resistance melt away as he started to slowly thrust the first few inches in and out of my mouth, my cock was still as hard as it had ever been in my life and my mouth naturally started to suckle on the outward stroke.

He pulled his cock free for a second while he told my daughter to fetch her some lube, I barely heard anything, his magnificent cock was inches away and I couldn’t help but strain against his powerful hands to try and get it back into my drooling mouth. Deon chuckled when he heard my starting to whine and let the head of his cock touch my lips, I couldn’t help myself and started to french kiss the head of his cock. He laughed and let go of the back of my head to record my make out session on his phone. I was beyond caring my hands were limp by my side as I desperately tried to take more of his cock in my mouth. Deon adjusted his stance, opened his legs and flexed his hips to shove more cock into my mouth, the head of his cock triggered my gag reflex and I opened my eyes for the first time since I hit the bed.

I saw my reflection in a full length mirror that Jessica had repositioned while I was busy sucking her boyfriend’s cock. I barely recognised myself as my face was twisted in lust, covered in spit and obscured by his huge, full balls.

Before I had a chance to think, Deon’s cock was again pushing past my gag reflex into my throat proper. The sensation of raw pain was mixed with a feeling of being full and that fullness felt right and I wanted more of that fullness. He pulled out to let me breathe and pushed his cock back in, this time I swallowed and his cock slid into my throat. I heard Deon and Jessica both gasp as I swallowed inch after inch of his cock, my dick flexing and drooling precum with every inch taken, soon his balls were pressed against my nose. Deon pulled back and pushed forward again, Jessica looked on in disbelief as I took him balls deep again, my dick flexing with every inch swallowed.

Jessica was between my legs with her bottle of lube, one hand squeezing lube into me, the other absently rubbing her sopping wet pussy and staring open mouthed at the spectacle. Deon paused balls deep and smacked her face to break her out of her trance, “Your daddy is a natural cocksucker baby, how long did it take you before your could do what he can?” Jessica replied in a sexy lilting baby voice “you know I still can’t take all of you Daddy.” As they started talking, Deon was fucking my face with an even, gentle ryhthm, the head of his cock teasing the entrance to my throat every second thrust and fully impaling me every fourth, allowing me to swallow the spit and his precum that was lubricating my mouth and throat and reducing the amount that was running into my nose, kaçak casino eyes and hair.

I was zoning out, world was being reduced to the sensations his massive cock was causing when I felt my legs being lifted into the air and my ass exposed to my daughter and her boyfriend. Deon said “Save the lube for later baby, just use the precum he’s leaking” and with that Jessica scooped some of my precum on to her finger and rubbed it against my ass.

I groaned around Deon’s cock, Jessica’s finger playing with my ass was sending sparks of pleasure through me. Jessica slipped a finger inside me and gasped as my ass hungrily flexed around it, “His ass is starving Daddy” she whispered in that sexy baby girl voice.

I groaned again as she added more precum and another good dollop of lube to her fingers and easily pushed two inside me.

I had stopped sucking on Deon’s cock and was just panting as he continued to fuck my mouth, all my concentration was on my ass, Jessica’s fingers sliding in and out were setting off fireworks like nothing before.

Deon pulled his cock slowly out of my mouth, I barely noticed it had gone until I felt Jessica pull her fingers out of my ass with a pop and I felt my hole winking and flexing in need. She moved off the bed and knelt beside me with his phone in her hand. Deon pulled my legs open wider and pulled my hips back so my ass rubbed against his cock. For a second I lifted my head and looked, Deon was glistening with sweat, grinning with triumph, his cock was more than twice as big as mine.

He rubbed the head of his cock between my ass cheeks, smiling at my reaction every time he pushed against my hole. He leant over me with his cock lined up against my hole, I couldn’t help it, I groaned and my ass hole opened on its own to welcome its new owner. Muscles I didn’t know I had flexed and without realising or breaking eye contact, I had pushed back on his cock until his pubes were touching my balls.

Deon moaned out loud in conquest and bit my neck, my muscles continued to milk his cock, to make love to it, Deon looked at Jessica in amazement and pulled back so only the tip of his cock was in my ass, again my ass went forward sucking every inch of his long, thick cock back in. He withdrew and my ass ate up his cock again, before he pulled out and straddled my face, pushed his cock back into my mouth and came, moaning. I couldn’t swallow fast enough and it was lucky he pulled out after the first four shots otherwise I would’ve choked on his cum. Another five big ropes of cum landed on my face then he pushed his cock back between my lips and I sucked and tongue bathed him clean.

I was still in a daze while Deon used his softening cock to smear his cum over my face and into my mouth, my tongue was hanging out to lick at his cock as it passed by, my cock had softened after he came, like it knew the party was over for the time being. My ass was still radiating pleasure and one of my hands absently spread my hole open and the other started fucking myself, two fingers then three and I started to rock my hips back and forth to help the depth and speed as I fucked myself while I licked up his cum. Jessica was the first to notice as Deon had started to suck on her tits while I was sucking his cock and lapping at his balls to bring his cock back to life, she pulled Deon away and told him to look behind him.

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