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Desk Duty

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Unexpectantly I show up at your office to give you a big surprise. I am wearing a short black skirt and a red blouse. I start by giving you a soft passionate kiss and a long warm hug. You are tending to some business and can not speak at this time. I sit for a moment in a chair on the other side of your desk trying to be patient for your business to end. The hunger grows inside of me and I can wait no longer. I go to the door and lock it. I slip under your desk and I get comfortable. While you are on the phone still tending to the business at hand I start to unzip your trousers and release your mighty trout. He is still soft so I massage and caress him and then glide him into my mouth slowly……I feel him getting harder as I suckle him. I caress your testicles as I continue to move your staff in and out of my mouth. I trace the tip of your penis with my tongue and then surround him with my lips and mouth engulfing güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri him to the depths of my throat as my tonsils orgasm around the tip. I run my hands beneath your buttocks and pull you into my mouth as far as I can as you raise your hips to get closer to my face. I run my hands along the inner thighs of your legs. Tracing the skin so gently sending chills up your spine…….causing you to quiver with pleasure.

You are still on the phone and finding it very hard to concentrate on work. I kiss and lick your inner thighs making sure to reach your balls. Licking and sucking them as I caress your penis. Moving my hand up and down your staff licking the underneath soft skin that connects your penis to its testicles. You spread your legs giving me full access. I then start to move up your chest licking you along the way making sure not to leave any part of your body out of my güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri touch. You can feel the heat of my mouth and it makes you want more. You close your eyes and moan with pleasure. Caressing your mighty sword as I move closer to your chest. I remove your shirt and then move up to your neck breathing heavily in your ear and suckling your earlobe. I then kiss and lick the nape or your neck, giving you a chill of ecstacy.

I pull away and lift my skirt enough to show you that I am wearing nothing underneath. This gets all of your attention as you say good bye to your business client and place the phone in its cradle. The wetness of my vagina glistens as you gaze in delight at the parting of my lips, inviting you to enter. You want to taste the juice and suck my clit. Your lips hunger for the taste of my milky juices and the feel of my nub on your tongue. I get move on güvenilir bahis şirketleri top yo your desk so that you can have your feast. As you enjoy my womanly juices and suckle my nub, your hand glides up to caress my breasts that lay bare beneath my blouse. Oh the feeling of your mouth upon my clit sends shocks of electricity through me. I feel your fingers glide into my throbbing vaginal canal and move in and out as you suck my clit. Oh what pleasures I am feeling as I squirm with to the motion of your fingers. I want to feel you inside of me plumeting into the well of my canal. You move your hand across my body and take me up and place me onto your hardness. You move me up and down using my buttocks as levers. Oh I can feel the motion growing intense as the pace quickes. The throbbing of your siffness grows as you explode into my womanhood. You continue to move me up and down on your cock as you feel my vaginal walls close in around your penis in an orgamic frenzy. My fluid spills over your cock surrounding it with warmth. You hold me onto your staff as we both enjoy the moment. You then hold me close and kiss me. I look into your eyes and smile a wicked smile and said, “Now that is what I call desk duty.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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