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Don’t You Want To Cheat On Me?

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What would you say if your wife would tell you without warning she would like to see you fucking another woman? Well, I was totally shocked! Could it be? My lovely wife asks me to cheat on her? What sounds like a dream for some guys had to have a reason, right?

I got suspicious. Should she have a lover by herself? As long as we were together I never did cheat on her, not before and not after the wedding. Not even in my darkest dreams I would have considered to cheat on her. I was happy – also with our sex life.

After I cooled down my mind I told her very clearly what my opinion was about her suggestion. But with her precious smile she got me that far, that I would think about it – just theoretically. But at least unconsciously these sinful thoughts were working since that day.

And every time I was thinking about my wife’s suggestion the more I had to realize how excited I got with this imagination.

I came to the point when i was imagining how it could be for a man at my age to have sex with an exciting young woman without guilty feelings because of my wife. She was the one to lead me there!

It’s been a long time that I got hot so often. You need to know that my wife does not look very attractive, but I love her. But i never stopped looking after pretty young women in the streets, in shops, in my daily life.

To come to the point, six days later I asked her how serious her suggestion was. She just smiled at me and talked about this new swinger club that opened it’s doors the week before.

My wife asked me to go there alone for the first time and tell her everything when I got back. Maybe then bağdat caddesi escort I would take her with me for the second time.

Said and done.

Three days later I could tell my darling what I had experienced.

It started a little bit slow and unusual for me. At the beginning I just stood there watching some couples while they were blowing, licking and fucking. Some of the ladies seemed to like me. Here and there I felt tender hands at my ass, my legs or also at my breast. I liked these touchings but still I felt a little bit strange and, yes, inhibited.

But then I discovered a yet empty whirlpool for up to eight persons. I let myself glide into it, naked. In the pool my growing erection was not visible for everyone, what I liked as the newbie I was.

Suddenly a brunette, maybe 30 years old, appeared. She had caught my eye before and took place right next to me. After a little while of small talk I got a little bit more self-confident, took her hand and put her onto my leg. It didn’t take long until I felt her fingers at my cock.

Tina, that was her name, started giving good head under water to my hard dick, only getting out of the water from time to time smiling to get some breath. A real blow-job wonder, she really got skills in doing that, not as clumsy as my wife…

Soon a second swinging woman was bowing herself over me so that my tongue could reach her teasing breasts, her belly and finally also her pussy.

Of course I was licking her cunt extensively while Tina was still sucking my cock. Time after time I was licking all over her hot bahçelievler escort love hole. That bitch was trembling and shaking with every beat of my tongue.

Finally she took my head in her hands and pressed it forcibly on her dripping cunt. While I was fucking her with my tongue I was struggling for breath.

I was moaning into her cunt, struggling for breath but getting almost no more air because her twitching crotch was closing my mouth and my nose almost completely. At the same time I noticed how Tina tried to get away from my cock to get her head out of the water for getting some air but automatically I grabbed her head and pressed it back on my cock under water.

I thought my whole body was in flames, felt my blood rushing through my veins. Tina’s tongue made my cock exlpode in her mouth, my hands fell from her head and she was speeding out of the water taking a deep breath.

But I was still caught licking this unknown dripping pussy as if my life was depending on it. And wasn’t it just like that?

The bitch above me was gasping and I felt her body tightening while I was pushing my tongue over and over again between her pussy lips and deep into her cave.

I was pressing my tongue between her wet shimmering lips. I was licking along her gap before I got into her cave again. Now I had learned to deal with my difficulty in breathing. The taste of this woman was simply fantastic, no comparison to my own wife at home. My freshly juiced cock was straightening already under water while the unknown pussy juices were dripping over my chin into the water.

The bahçeşehir escort lady on my face was trembling under a powerful orgasm, her body was rising and splashed into the pool in front of me. I was taking a deep breath.

I can’t remember ever being so horny like now, neither with my wife nor before our marriage. My rod of pleasure was standing under water as hard as it could get.

The unknown woman was gone but Tina still stood only a few steps from the pool watching us. She was naked except for a white slip and – started to pee! In the middle of her panties a dark spot was growing before her golden champagne was running out through the fabric. I never had seen this that way! Tina was walking straight to me and just let it flow. As she stood in front of me at the pool looking down at me her blotted legs were shimmering in the light of the indirect lighting.

Tina was sitting down beside me on the beck edge. I turned around facing her, standing now between her opened thighs in front of her. I felt that biting smell of pee. But surprisingly it didn’t repel me but even excited me. “Eat me out!” Tina whispered to me with trembling voice. My head was flying by auto pilot for long. I did what I was told. At the beginning very gingerly I got closer with the tip of my tongue to the dark spot at Tina’s panties that was still growing. Finally I had reached target area. With curiosity my tongue was driving over the wet fabric. Meanwhile this was soaking wet while Tina kept on peeing. The taste wasn’t so bad at all. I were awaiting something horrible but it wasn’t that at all. Somehow it was even real kinky and I couldn’t get enough of it. For quite some time Tina enjoyed my treatment until the tip of my tongue obviously hit a critical point. Tina’s body was tightening and she moaned heavily.

Not long after that I stood again before the door to my own house longing for the key to my door. How would my darling react when I tell her everything?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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