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Dots and Dashes of Color Ch. 10a

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The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you, or you are offended by subjects of a sexual nature – do not read any further!

This story is for entertainment only. It contains adult oriented material. This is a work of fiction. The acts and characters contained within are figments of my imagination and have no basis in fact. I do not practice, advocate, condone or encourage acts portrayed here. The characters in the story are entirely fictional. You need to believe that all of the characters are over the age of eighteen.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author. This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached.

* * * * * * * * * *

When we left our hero Mr. Marcus, he was on his way home from a fortuitous coupling with a jealous sister looking for revenge after her former boyfriend had married her sibling. Got all that?

Pending are his continuing frustrations with Inga the young house helper, a check-up for his breast fetish with her mother Dr. Crumholtz, a possible debt collection from Joy Cocksworth across the street, opportunities with several other neighbor women, and God knows who else. But right now, Harvey is stunned by the turn of his relationship with a company, and the individual purportedly in charge. Zenellis, anyone?

* * * * * * * * * *

I was right about the outside light being on. Harriett was back from her latest venture, or adventure. She was fast asleep when I crept into our bedroom. Her snoring masked the minimal sounds I made, setting the alarm and crawling into bed.

The next morning, smells of pancakes and pastrami turkey slices substituting for bacon wafted into the bedroom. Harriett was cooking? Including the stuff she politely calls “that stinky meat?” I slipped out of bed and dragged myself downstairs to the kitchen.

“Hi, honey.” She blew me a kiss.

Honey? Where was this coming from? I muttered an intentionally incoherent reply.

She flipped a pancake, golden brown, not tar brown like usual. “How are things working out with Inga?”

What do I say? ‘I’ve kept my hands off her, but fucked her best friend with Inga’s mom’s permission. Plus I got an apology afterwards’? “Fine. She’s a nice girl.” Yeah, very nice and very off limits.

“I brought in the paper.” She pointed to the kitchen table. “By the way, doesn’t Harry Cocksworth work for Zenellis Enterprises?”

“Uh huh.” I swiped a hot pancake from the plate next to the griddle. No comment? No argument? I wonder who this is, impersonating Harriett?

“Check the headline,” she said. “It looks like they’re being sold.”

“What?” I snatched the paper and stared. Damn it! “MultiMax International is acquiring Zenellis in a hostile takeover.” The article detailed a sudden fall in Zenellis stock price, opening the door for acquisition. “MultiMax has the position and financial backing to pull this off.”

“I wonder if Harry will keep his job?” she asked.

To hell with Harry! I wonder if I’ll get the fees from my invention. I ran upstairs and threw on jeans and a t-shirt. On my way through the kitchen, I grabbed two pancakes and shouted, “I have to go. I’ll see you later.”

“But I thought we could have breakfast together. I have to leave about noon.”

Since when? What’s up with all of this loving homemaker crap?

I drove like a maniac to the Zenellis building, fighting the remnants of rush hour. The lobby was deserted, like an old Western ghost town. Even the poster-sized backlit photographs of Zenellis facilities around the globe were dark. I rode the elevator to the penthouse offices. No secretaries, not even Letti. Saroya’s office door was open. She was taking books down from the top shelf of her credenza. Wearing baggy shorts and a t-shirt tied below her breasts, it was the least I’d seen her wear since she stripped in my hotel room. No extra flab on that body.

I coughed to get her attention. She turned, dropped the books and took a Wonder Woman pose, hands on hips. To think of it, her body reminded me of Linda Carter’s, only with olive skin. “You have some nerve, showing your face. After what you did.”

“What I did?” I strode towards her desk. “You sold the company.”

“I didn’t sell. Perhaps you’re unfamiliar with the term ‘hostile take-over’? The shareholders took MultiMax’s offer, despite Father’s and my pleas to keep us independent.” She sat on the edge of her desk. “I was groomed to take over the company and grow it. But you! You must have wanted this, because you caused beşiktaş türbanlı escort it!”

“You’re crazy! I have no ties to MultiMax International,” I practically shouted. “And I faintly remember a ‘termination on acquisition’ clause in our contract. So why would I want Zenellis bought out, hmm?”

“I have no clue to your twisted psyche. You want me to explain why I blame you? All right. You sent that young woman here, with her artificial pheromones, correct?” [Author’s note: See Science (un)Fair]

“Lillian Mutzman? Sure did. You were in a position to make a good buck, even after paying her share.”

“Hooey! She was a Trojan bitch!”

Quiet, demure Lillian? Except when her invention took over, and we had fanatic sex. “How can you say that?”

“We used her formulas to create a small sample, to validate her claims. The confirmation was quick and definitive. Her artificial pheromones reduced inhibitions. Like hypnosis, it can’t make you do something you find abhorrent, but it does allow you to go further than you might otherwise.”

“Sounds great. See, this stuff will make you millions!” I’d almost lost track of the fact that Zenellis was about to disappear within MultiMax.

“We thought so too. So, I commissioned a modest batch to test under controlled conditions.”

I could have told Saroya earlier we’d already tested the stuff, but no need for her to know Lillian and I screwed ourselves silly, uncontrolled, at the Science Fair while under the influence. “Makes sense.”

Saroya continued. “Except, standard containment techniques failed! Her stuff floated all over, including through the ventilation system. Do you have any idea what happens when a building full of employees gets a whiff of her invention? The entire Development wing became a wall-to-wall orgy.”

I remembered the effect Lillian’s fumes had on me. She looked gorgeous and horny, not plain and scrawny. I must have looked better too. A whole building full of frenzied fucking? I stifled a laugh, unsuccessfully.

“It wasn’t funny to receive reams of lawsuits from employees, spouses, other companies-“

“What other companies?” I asked.

“The gas leaked out into the shipping dock. There were claims made by individuals and companies that their female workers were propositioned, or worse, by UPS and FedEx drivers that had stopped here and then continued with their routes. The trail led back here, to my desk. In short order, Zenellis stock plummeted. That’s when MultiMax International made their move.”

It was sad that Zenellis researchers didn’t take better precautions. But I wasn’t the cause. “Sorry, lady, your geniuses messed up. You can hardly blame that on me, or Lillian.”

“At least she was smart and got her money up front. She’ll still get to college, on Zenellis.”

Perspiration dampened Saroya’s shirt in a V-shape that pressed her t-shirt against her cleavage. No bra to constrain those large breasts? I wondered if Ms. Zenellis herself got affected? “So how did the old man take the news?”

Her head dropped. “Father had a massive stroke the day Zenellis Industries stock dropped below $10. It broke his heart, to see something he’d worked his whole to build, demolished with one mistake.”

I kept my mouth shut, out of surprise and honor.

“One week too late, our Materials branch identified a way to compress the essential active ingredients, and our Packaging group invented a multi-layer tamper-proof enclosure.” She picked a handful of silvery red and blue foil squares from the table. “These are their hand-built prototypes.”

I reached for some, and Saroya slapped my hand, the first contact we’d had since the hotel.

“So, Mr. Marcus, sending young Miss Mutzman to Zenellis was the first step on the road to our destruction. And, the end of your possible remuneration for Couples and SutureFree.”

Couples was the lubricant with a bit of glue. SutureFree? Nice name for the medical application for their adhesive! “Even if MultiMax continues the development?”

“You said it yourself. ‘Termination on acquisition.’ You agreed to the terms. Now my company is gone, and I’m done with you. Get out!”

The loss of an ongoing annuity from Zenellis, and Saroya’s dismissive attitude boiled inside me. Saroya was bent over, tending to the books she’d dropped. Her shorts crept up, exposing the very tops of her thighs, so close to that pussy I’d slobbered over on my last visit. I palmed one blue foil packet from her desk and let my arm hang. “How do these work?” I asked.

Saroya turned her face towards me, giving me her torso in profile. Her breasts seemed larger beşiktaş ucuz escort than I remembered, or at least higher. “What?” She glanced at the foil packets on the table and smiled. “The gas is compressed inside a capsule. You bend the foil to break the capsule -“

I flexed my fingers. A faint snap and the foil packet ballooned with Lillian’s gas.

She continued gathering her possessions. “-Then you press the foil packet, a seam opens and the gas is deployed.”

“Like this?” I held the packet up to her turned face and squeezed.

“What are you doing?”

I pressed down hard with my thumb and forefinger. She slapped my outstretched hand away, but not soon enough. The packet had popped open, putting Lillian’s invention directly in front of Saroya’s nose.

“No! Not me!” Her eyes rolled back and her breathing intensified. Her breasts rose and fell with each breath. She was falling under the artificial pheromone’s spell. Maybe now I’d see if she was wearing a bra under her t-shirt.

I pocketed a handful of the colorful foil packets, waiting for the pheromones to take effect. I wanted her to want me as much as I wanted her, ever since my first sighting at the pool at her father’s outing. Especially, after she stripped out of her wraparound dress thing.

Her stare was intense. Her nostrils flared. “We’re going to have fun.” Her voice was authoritarian. Always bossy, even in sex.

The t-shirt flew over her head and her shorts hit the carpet. She was wearing that two-piece brown adhesive bra sling and g-string combination, but only momentarily. With two yanks, Saroya stood naked before me. She certainly was motivated, and much less inhibited. Evidently, sex with me wasn’t objectionable after all.

I had dreamed of this possibility, a partnership without written terms and conditions, and minus the negotiations. This would be a pure coupling, like only a man and woman can do. Saroya was all woman, large yet curvy and she was motivated! I had to prevent her from tearing my shirt off. She was impatient with my speed. My belt whipped from my waist and smacked her belly. She laughed. My pants and jockeys hit the floor in one jerk motion. There I stood, my dick limp. What? Here she was, one of the women of my dreams, naked and drugged to desire me.

Saroya’s hands went straight for my penis. She scowled. “You got your lingam up for those skinny twin sluts, but for me, a limp noodle?”

Yes, but a long, thick noodle.

She didn’t wait for excuses or directions. She enveloped the head of my dick, twirling her tongue. Not much change. She growled, and thwacked my dick against her bare tits, as if beating it without mercy against her breasts would get me harder. Son of a bitch, it worked! At least, I was thicker and partially erect.

“Quit stalling. My yoni needs to be fucked.” Saroya wasted no time and stepped forward, raising one leg, hanging it on my hip. She hopped forward and pushed my erection against her cunt. She was dry, and I didn’t get far. She threw her head back and screamed, then shoved harder. Still no penetration.

Her leg fell but she maintained an open stance. The thought of using Couples gel came to mind. Bad idea. How embarrassing to be stuck inside a woman’s pussy with a shrunk prick!

I knelt down and mounted her pussy with my face. If my tongue couldn’t get her worked up, then we both might as well call our attempt a failure. Not that I was giving up, mind you. My tongue did loops and twirls. I sucked at each lip, letting my tongue slide up and in. Her hips bounced off the floor, and my face was thrown free a couple of times. I guessed she’d had an orgasm, only the first from me, if I had any say.

After strenuous licks and thrusts and nibbling, there was a modicum of moisture between her cunt lips, mostly mine. Saroya’s pussy flesh was damp and pungent. God, I could have eaten her for hours. But the pheromone stimulant wouldn’t last forever. I stood up and raised her leg back to my hip. A lean forward, and success! I was in. We swayed against each other, balancing. The friction was marvelous, but we couldn’t find a rhythm, standing there.

That, plus the fact that I wasn’t in very deep, was probably why Saroya threw me to the carpeted floor. She pulled one of my legs into a bent position and sat astride me, backwards. I was losing firmness. Why now? When she got my dick back into her pussy, she used my bent leg for leverage, sliding up and back. I marveled at her taut ass, round and smooth. I let my fingertips touch, gently so as not to disturb her. I could feel her press close, grinding her pussy against my thigh. Once in a while, she’d beşiktaş üniversiteli escort reach between his legs and massage my testicles and the supersensitive area behind them.

But two positions weren’t enough. “There are so many I want to try,” she moaned.

After pushing my bent knee to the floor, Saroya slid her legs to my sides without losing our penetration and leaned forward. I put my palms on her ass cheeks and spread them oh so slightly. I had the world’s best view of my prick sliding in and out of her pussy. Her cunt lips were bloated, so my dick looked like a bratwurst splitting a toasted bun.

Once more, she must have gotten bored. Saroya spun around, losing my dick in the process. She repositioned, facing me, and slid me back in. She hissed, taking the full length. On her hands and knees, she gently moved left, then down, right, and up. She was running the bases, and I was scoring. Her breasts massaged my chest. I could feel every inch of her cunt. She’d yip every time she got to home plate position. Something was rubbing her the right way. The slow, controlled motions were prolonging the ecstasy. But how long would Lillian’s potion keep Saroya under its spell? And how long would my failing prick stay hard enough to couple? Besides, it was my turn to pick a position, and I’m a traditionalist.

I rolled us over, pushing a visitors chair out of the way as we flopped. Saroya was on her back, legs spread. Perfect. I lifted her legs onto my shoulders and wiggled forward on my knees. Bingo, a direct hit. I was in control now, of pace and depth. And with her legs akimbo and her torso tilted up, she was getting every centimeter. I pressed forward, over and over, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, halfway in, then a full thrust. I wanted her to be off guard. After all, half the fun is the surprise. My dick wasn’t going to last much longer, and my balls were signaling that they were ready to play, too. I tickled the tip of my dick on her cunt lips until the tingling got extreme, and then I slammed forward, holding still. Abdominal squeezes emptied me. We were done. Saroya had been a willing accomplice. How marvelous!

Silence, then laughing. Had she snapped out of the pheromone trance? What was so funny?

Saroya got up from the floor but didn’t bother getting dressed. “You failed my challenge.” I guess once you’ve been naked with someone, it doesn’t matter if you’re getting them up or putting them down.

Okay, I hadn’t been the hardest prick in the room, but I’d fucked her to orgasm and both of us came. How was that a failure?

“My scientists tested two groups, one using the pheromones and one using a placebo. A capsule filled with plain air.” She picked two packets from her desk, one red and one blue. “The red packets had Miss Mutzman’s formula, the blue packets looked the same was but were plain air.” She waved the spent blue packet I’d used on her. Placebo? Saroya acted that way on her own?

“I was testing you, to see if you’d take sexual advantage of me. If you had abstained, then I was prepared to pay your residuals in a lump sum from my proceeds of sale. A tidy sum, if I have to say so myself. You, however, took your compensation in a more direct and crude manner.”

“You manipulated me?”

“Of course. Father was an excellent teacher. Instead of your residual payments, you got what you wanted. I hope it was worth it. Now, let yourself out. I have a lot of things to complete.” She turned her back on me.

I fumbled with the packets in my pocket. Should I pop a red packet under her nose and go around again? I looked down at my wilted prick. I was in no shape for a second round. What’s wrong with me? Even the sight of her, naked, reaching up for items on her shelves, was having no effect.

“Remember, the red ones are real.” She threw her head back. The laugh was haunting.

The laugh was on her. Her Majesty Queen Saroya had been royally fucked. Once that registered, she wouldn’t be so smug.

I dragged my clothes on while Saroya finally pulled her t-shirt and shorts on. Perhaps she didn’t want to tempt fate, or me. She skipped the skin-adhesive bra and g-string.

On second thought, was I an idiot! Sex with Saroya was good, maybe even great, but was it worth hundreds of thousands of dollars? She wasn’t that good. A damn sight better than anyone I’d fucked, but still. I was counting on that cash to supplement a meager pension. So much for a luxurious lifestyle.

I shuffled from the room, taking one more look at the businesswoman who’d bested me. My dick remained unmoved by the shape of her taut body.

I aimed my finger at the DOWN button at the bank of two elevators. Before it touched, a bell dinged and the light above the door flashed on. When the door opened, there stood Letti, dressed for work. Except there was none.

(To be continued)


An Original H M Tale

I’m always interested in reader feedback. Tell me what you think at my email address.

Copyright (c) 2006, HarveyMarcus. All Rights Reserved.

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