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Drought Breaker

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Big Ass

These days it takes her longer to wax herself.

Elissa has spent so long denying herself pleasure. All of her past sexual encounters had been so unsatisfactory that she had long since decided that it was she who was the problem. She had certainly tried – she started waxing – removing more and more to try and feel more sexual but instead of reveling in the silky smooth flesh it just became a habit; a chore. Various partners had introduced sex toys and these had left her feeling indifferent. Deciding that her sex life mirrored the current drought that was seemingly always in the headlines (unlike her complete lack of experience with orgasms), Elissa had shoved the toys in the bottom drawer in the bathroom and kissed goodbye to the hopes of having a fulfilling sexual encounter. But things were about to change.

She had been approached by the friend of a friend regarding share accommodation. Joseph is a chippie by trade and his tanned, taut body is evidence of his long hours of hard, physical work under the hot, dry sun. Thinking there would be little contact with him due to them both working she agrees to let him use the spare bedroom. However, since Joseph had become her housemate there is an unfamiliar feeling nestling in her pussy.

It is topkapı escort Elissa’s rostered day off and there is soft rainfall whispering on the tin roof. She decides to make the most of having the house to herself and wax everything – just in case. Positioning herself in front of the giant bathroom mirror, she assembles all that she needs. To get through the pain of removing those strips of wax she very carefully massages the area to relax it. The problem is that today this has quite the opposite effect of relaxing – quite the opposite – her fingers tend to stray a little, especially now that her thoughts so frequently drift to her new housemate.

In between removing each strip of wax,her fingers slide down between the lips of her pussy and stroke up and down. Elissa is surprised to feel how wet and swollen she is and, starting slowly and gently, first one finger then another; sometimes 2; sometimes 3; simple stroking and circular movements and then when all her juices start flowing her fingers start flicking and flicking at her clit in between finger fucking herself. Almost as though keeping Elissa company, the rain becomes heavier. A small moan escapes her lips, her breathing is sharper, fingers ever so busy and sooo türbanlı escort much wetness – she can feel her climax building – so intense it almost hurts and then she rips the final strip off.

The pain of the wax coming off parallels the intensity of her orgasm – she bites her lip and a groan of pleasure escapes. Being a smart girl, Elissa decides to make the most of the moment and continues with her session – her pressure becoming harder and harder to accommodate the building need. Closing her eyes, her senses heightened by the tender swollen flesh after waxing, Elissa imagines Joseph’s hands pleasuring her. She pictures him rubbing, licking, sucking, nibbling and soon the need to be penetrated becomes overwhelming.

Beyond awareness of anything else but her burning need to be fucked, Elissa quickly retrieves a vibrator from the stash in the bottom drawer – no lubricant is needed – the tops of her thighs are glistening with her juices. Closing her eyes again, she inserts the quivering device – so caught up in the moment that she doesn’t even hear its buzzing nor is she aware of the relentless drumming of the rain. Removing her hands to support herself while she squats to better accommodate her frenzied thrusting, tüyap escort Elissa is surprised to find that the massaging of her clit continues.

She opens her eyes to see Joseph with one hand enclosing his already rock hard cock and the other expertly keeping up with her thrusting. By now, her pleasure is becoming so intense she finds it impossible to speak. Her lips part and he thrusts his cock in her mouth. Elissa readily takes it, tasting him, licking him, sucking him. Wanting more and more of him, she takes every bit that Joseph gives her. She needs 2 hands to manage and he takes over with the vibrator until finally, just as Elissa is starting to feel as though she is going to explode, Joseph moves behind her and replaces the vibrator with his hot, wet cock. Elissa is not dreaming – when she had him in her mouth she was aware of how large he was but having him thrusting inside her is incredible.

Leaning toward the mirror and pushing her pussy further up and back the sensation is such that she again needs to use 2 hands to support herself while he slams her from behind. She can feel the pulsing of his cock as he approaches the peak and knowing she has never been fucked as hard as this tips Elissa over the edge. Just as the final, powerful orgasm sends her body into a paroxysm of pleasure, she can feel his cum pumping into her. Their separate juices become one and he pulls her back against him as her legs turn to jelly.

Joseph murmurs into her ear, “It looks like the drought has broken.”

“You have no idea.” chuckles Elissa.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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