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Ella and Peter

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Ella glanced at the clock. She finally had a date with the man of her dreams, but he was late. Sitting nervously on her sofa, she wondered for the hundredth time about her outfit, and should she risk running upstairs to get changed again? But what should she change into? She was so nervous she could barely sit still.

Ella was a beautiful blonde, 26 years of age, tall and slender. She was endlessly insecure about the way she looked, and she hated her flat chest and bony shoulders. She glanced nervously at the clock again and bit her lip.

Suddenly the doorbell went, making her jump. She stood up and looked at herself again in the mirror, attempting to make the best of what she thought was a bad choice of clothes. She was wearing a knee-length pleated skirt with clinging black top and high heels adding another couple of inches to her impressive height.

The man she answered the door to was also tall, taller than her, and broad with it. He was so muscular, well-defined and yet slim, with dark, styled hair, and a piercing, deep brown gaze.

Ella smiled nervously, but her edginess was almost gone. It was replaced with a fierce etiler otele gelen escort lust, and she had to restrain herself not just to pull him into the house and push him up against a wall.

“Peter.” she breathed, and taking the hand he offered her, got into the waiting taxi.

They arrived at the restaurant 10 minutes later, and after ordering, they talked for a while. Ella soon noticed that Peter couldn’t keep his eyes off her – that and the prominent bulge in his trousers. Deciding to take the initiative, she moved closer to him on the long bench-chair that they were sharing, and crossing her legs, she allowed her skirt to slide slightly higher up, exposing a few more inches of taught, toned thigh. Peter, obviously unable to control himself, laid his hand on her thigh and kissed her directly on the lips, just as the waiter came with their drinks. As they drunk, talked and laughed more, Peter slowly slid his hand higher and higher up Ella’s leg, until his fingertips stroked over her panties, and felt their dampness. Peter softly began stroking her pussy through the material, and she shivered etiler rus escort ever so slightly. Just enough for him to noticed, and his trousers bulged.

“Want to get out of here?” he asked

“More than anything.” was Ella’s reply, and abandoning their meal, Peter threw some notes on the table for the drinks, and they seized the first cab they saw outside.

The two of them burst thought Ella’s door, and Peter instantly pushed her up against the door, kissing her with an animal passion, pinning her hands to the door and pushing himself right up against her. Together they stumbled into the living room, still kissing passionately. Peter pulled Ella’s top up and over her head, caressing and kissing her breasts as Ella ripped his shirt off him and wrenched down his trousers. She saw his huge dick standing to attention inside his boxers, and she felt herself grow even wetter. She shook in anticipation and she felt her nipples grow hard under his hands.

Peter was kissing his way down her body, and his hands were reaching under her skirt, pulling down her panties and stroking her soaking wet etiler türbanlı escort pussy. Ripping off her skirt, he tongued her clit ever so gently, licking it right from base to tip, sending waves of pleasure through Ella’s body.

“Do you like me doing that?” he crooned, “do you like me touching you, working your clit, your beautiful cunt, making you moan?”

“Fuck yes! I want you in me right now, you filthy bastard.”

Peter stood up again and Ella pulled his boxers down. With the sight of his huge erection, and his skillful tongue leaving her breathless, Ella’s pussy was dripping wet, and she needed it filled. Now.

Peter pulled her right to him, and she felt him push his huge hard cock into her soaking wet cunt. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he lifted her off the floor, pushing her against the wall harder and harder as he pushed deeper and deeper into her…

“Oh fuck yes! Fuck me baby… fuck me good! Harder! Harder! Ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!”

Ella collapsed in orgasm almost instantly, a huge rush of pleasure sending spasms through her body, and she writhed and moaned as Peter shot his load into her. Digging her nails into his back, she let out a long cry and relaxed all her muscles.

Peter, shaking through the strength of his orgasm, lowered her carefully onto the couch and lay down next to her.

Ella’s last thought before falling asleep was

“We should probably wait at least until after dinner next time.”

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