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Ellie and Lucy Ch. 01

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Chapter. 01: the first day

The hotel receptionist looked up, his expression bland.

“Mrs Eleanor Cavendish and Ms Lucy Brook? Here for the university reunion? I have your booking here. If you’ll wait while I get your keys.”

He tapped at his computer, handing over a pair of key-cards.

“Room 461. It’s on the fourth floor.”

Eleanor said: “it’s a twin bedroom, right?”

The receptionist looked at his computer screen.

“It’s a double, isn’t that what you booked?”

Ellie looked at Lucy.

“We said twin, didn’t we?”

Lucy nodded.

“Can you give us a different room please?”

Lucy hadn’t changed, Ellie thought. It’d been ten years since they’d seen each other, and Lucy was still the same. Her black hair was still as dark as ebony, her skin still smooth and lightly freckled, her dancing green eyes lighting up her face.

The clerk looked up.

“I’m sorry,” he said, “we’re completely full. I can try another hotel, if you like?”

Lucy shrugged.

“We’ll cope. It’s too late to go traipsing around.”

The two women carried their bags to the lift. It was the first time they’d been alone in over a decade, and the silence was slightly uncomfortable. One wall of the lift was a mirror, and they studied each other as they rose to their floor.

“You look great”, Ellie said, “you haven’t changed at all!”

She looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair was still the glowing auburn it’d been all her life, her skin a clear cream, but underneath the subtle make-up, she knew only too well that the wrinkles were starting to gather at the corner of her eyes.

Lucy laughed, “I can’t believe the change in you.”

Ellie felt looked momentarily uncomfortable. In the mirror, she saw Lucy reach out, she felt her hand on her shoulder.

“I mean – you look so sophisticated, you used to wear all that hippy gear, and look at you now! So grown-up, in a suit and everything, I’m really quite envious.”

Ellie said: “sophisticated, moi?”

In the mirror they laughed together, the ice broken.

The lift door slid open, and they walked to their room.

“It’s swish,” Lucy said, “I don’t usually get to stay in places like this.”

Ellie felt more at home.

“My work takes me away a lot, you become immune to it.”

She swung her bag onto the rack.

“Do you need to have a shower?”

Lucy said: “seems pretty luxurious to me. Sure, been a long day. OK if I go first?”

They walked around the room talking about their time together at university, hanging clothes, kicking off shoes, conspicuously not looking at the double bed, making an effort not to bump into each other. Lucy disappeared into the bathroom, and Ellie listened to her showering, singing quietly to herself.

She took her green silk chemise from her bag and laid it on the bed, separating out her bathroom things, make-up cleanser, hair equipment, toothbrush and paste. She looked at the bed.

“I hope she doesn’t remember,” she said to herself.

“Remember what?”

Lucy stood in the door to the bathroom, rubbing her hair with a towel, wrapped in a hotel dressing gown.

“Oh, I promised Claire I’d call her before bedtime,” Ellie lied.

“Your daughter?”

“Yes, nearly seven, believe it or not. Sam won’t mind, he’s only two, Bill’s looking after them. He’s a good dad, he so good with them.”

Lucy was sorting out her pyjamas: a girlish pink pair, with checked trousers.

“Cute,” Ellie said.

Lucy looked at the green chemise.

“Sexy,” she said, with a smile.

Eleanor stood in the shower, holding her hair back from the water, washing the stress of her journey away. Hair brushed, teeth cleaned, she slipped into her silk nightwear.

“Absurdly short,” she said, “really, not practical at all.”

She loosened the straps over her smooth, creamy shoulders, gaining a few precious centimetres.

She thought: “at least it’s half-way down my thighs now…”

In the mirror, she closed her eyes. “Lucy wouldn’t remember, there’s no way… not after the life she’s had.”

The bedroom was already dark. The street lights from outside lit the room a comforting orange. Ellie could see that Lucy was already in bed, lying next to the window. She lifted the duvet and slipped in beside her. The sheets were cool, the night was cold. On another occasion, she’d have wrapped her legs around her husband to warm herself up.

Ellie lay in bed, trying to keep still, trying to take her mind off the woman sleeping alongside her. Or was she sleeping? It seemed that she was lying unnaturally still.

She whispered: “Lucy?”


“I wondered if you were asleep.”

“No, I was just wondering about how weird this is. Thinking about it, when we were in halls together, we weren’t really that close, were we?”

Ellie ran her hand through her long auburn hair, thinking she’d have to wash it in the morning.

“I suppose not, I just remember you were always there – at the parties, in the lectures, in the bar.”

They laughed together. Ellie felt Lucy turn around in the bed.

“Do you remember that party we had after finals?”

Ellie pretended not to remember.

“Was that at Joe’s?”

Lucy tutted.

“It casino oyna was at mine! I don’t believe you’ve forgotten it.”

Lucy’s pout was lost in the dark.

“You crashed really early, and stole my bed!”

Ellie said: “oh, that party…”

Lucy repeated: ” ‘oh, that party’,” with emphasis.

“I don’t remember much.”

“I do, I remember it very well.”

In the night light, Ellie blushed. She said lightly: “oh yes, of course.”

Lucy said, her voice mock-outraged: “you made a pass at me!”

“I did not!”

“You so did.”

Lucy shifted in the bed.

“I was just reaching out to hold your hand, I didn’t know you were naked.”

Lucy laughed a dirty laugh.

“I never wore pyjamas then!”

“And I didn’t wear silk!”

They were both wide awake. Ellie said: “it is gorgeous, isn’t it?”

Lucy said simply: “I love silk, and that colour is perfect with your hair and your skin. You look like a Irish elf princess.”

Ellie said: “bloody ancestors, I can’t go anywhere sunny. I don’t tan, I just go straight through to sunstroke.”

Lucy reached out under the duvet, taking Ellie’s hands between hers.

“I’m glad you came,” she said.

Ellie said: “I wouldn’t miss this for the world.”

“The reunion?”

“No! I mean, catching up with you. We shouldn’t have left it so long.”

Lucy said: “you’re so sweet.”

She moved her head across the pillows, lightly kissing her friend. In the dark, her lips brushed the corner of her mouth. Ellie wondered: was it her imagination or had there been a suggestive hesitation? It had certainly felt like it.

She said lightly: “you’re funny.”

And then: “I bought this for myself, I won’t tell you how much it cost, I was in New York and I just fell in love with it. Too short, of course, but just gorgeous.”

Lucy said: “good quality silk, then.”

Ellie said: “feel it.”

There was a distinct pause, then Lucy reached out, touching her friend under the duvet. Ellie felt the woman’s hand on her side, sliding down to her belly.

“I can’t believe you’ve had two kids, you’re so trim!”

Ellie said: “thank you… I try.”

Lucy’s hand was still on her tummy, slowly moving around her waist. Ellie closed her eyes. The woman’s hand was drifting around on her. Apparently randomly her fingertips brushed the material that lay in the region above her pubes. Ellie let out an audibly deep breath, waiting to feel where those hands were going to next.

Lucy said: “they are so much smoother than my cotton pjs!”

She took Ellie’s hand, and guided it to her breast.

Ellie leapt, pulling her hand away. That firm, hard nipple was clearly prominent beneath the pink cotton – it was an unashamed statement of lust. All of a sudden, Ellie felt overwhelmed with the novelty, the speed and that unmistakable naughtiness of that woman’s erect nipple.

Ellie said: “I can’t, Lucy, I really can’t.”

Lucy sounded disappointed: “don’t you owe it to yourself to find out?”

Ellie felt herself swayed by this argument. Ten years ago, she’d finally plucked up enough courage to make a drunken pass, but had backed away, made excuses. And for years after, she’d lain in bed, her hand between her legs wondering what would have happened if she had said “yes”, instead of “no”. She’d had countless orgasms, imagining Lucy’s mouth, her fingers, her tongue.

Ellie knew what she ought to say, and yet her body wouldn’t, couldn’t lie any more.

“You’re so naughty,” she whispered, “but I need to know… I’m getting so wet…”

Lucy propped herself up on her elbow. In the streetlight, Ellie could see her black hair falling over her shoulders.

Lucy sounded concerned.

“Wet, darling? Whereabouts?”

Ellie said: “where do you think!”

She reached for Lucy’s hand, desperate to have the other woman’s fingers between her legs, on her . She had made this decision, she needed to cross over, to not be able to go back.

Lucy resisted the pressure on her hand.

“Take it easy, tiger girl, one thing at a time”

Ellie lay on her back, trying to calm down, fighting a strange mixture of lust and fear. It was funny to be called by a college nickname after all these years.

Lucy lay alongside her beneath the duvet. Her hand was resting on the Ellie’s belly, moving gently around on the silk negligee. Her touch was electric: Ellie could hardly breathe as Lucy’s hand dropped down onto her hips, and then her thighs, and down until it found the edge of the silk. The sudden warmth of the woman’s hand on her bare skin was surprising and intimate, and when Lucy felt down further – stroking Ellie’s thighs, her knees and her shins – the woman could bare it no longer. Ellie parted her legs, inviting Lucy to explore her wetness.

Lucy said: “you’ve never been with a woman, have you?”

Ellie shook her head.

“Not even a kiss? Or been naked alone?”

Ellie said: “no, not since when we…”

Lucy said: “that doesn’t count, darling. A brief fumble a decade ago? That doesn’t count.”

Ellie said: “but I need you now.”

“You need to learn, too. Get used to us.”

Lucy leaned over and turned on the low light next to the bed.

“There, canlı casino we can see each other a bit better now.” She paused. “I think you should be naked now.”

Ellie sat up, lifting the silk chemise over head.

She started: “have you seen that mirror?”

Lucy turned her head.

In the opposite wall, a large mirror showed the two women in bed together. Ellie’s reddish hair was glowing. She felt lit from within by a fire in her belly. Lucy smiled a broad smile at the couple, her green eyes flashing.

“You know how to kiss, so let’s start there.”

They turned to each other: Ellie sitting up against her pillows, Lucy leaning across her naked body. Their faces were close, their breath intimately mingling. Ellie could sense Lucy’s smile, and then their lips met and the world melted.

They started gently, softly, almost chastely – until Ellie felt a small pink tongue on the edge of her lip. Instinctively, she opened her mouth, finding Lucy’s tongue with her own, flicking and teasing.

Ellie felt weak, she couldn’t help but collape on the bed. Lucy followed her down, their arms, their bellies, their breasts touching. Ellie touched Lucy’s dark hair, held her head, feeling the other woman’s hand sliding up towards her breast.

The intensity of the kiss grew, their mouths meeting, expressing their lust. Lucy was practically lying on top of Ellie now, and she parted her legs, letting Lucy slide between, completely and truly intimate.

Lucy broke away, kissing Ellie’s cheek, her jaw, her neck. Ellie felt her gently bite her shoulder, and creep lower, following the line of her bra strap. She clutched at the woman’s black hair, half wanting to stop her, half wanting to push her down further.

Ellie felt Lucy find her nipple, hold it in her mouth, bite it with her teeth. She lifted her head, looking down, seeing the clear green eyes looking back at her, Ellie’s firmly erect nipple held between Lucy’s pearly white teeth. Ellie felt a burst of laughter, of relief within her.

She thought: “this is a ridiculous thing to be doing!”

Ellie propped herself up again, and Lucy rolled off her. They stroked each other’s hair, gazing into their eyes, and then kissing again.

When they broke off, Lucy said: “you should touch me now.”

Ellie reached out towards her waist.

Lucy said: “no darling,” and took Ellie’s hand and placed it between her legs.

Ellie looked at Lucy’s face, wondering at the softness and warmth of the other woman’s . Her pubes were trimmed short, her lips were distinctive, her clitoris pronounced. It felt so different to her own, and yet so familiar.

Ellie stroked the lips with her fingers: she had expected to find the same wetness that she knew she was experiencing; she felt strangely disappointed.

Lucy said: “moisten your fingertip and do that”.

Ellie licked her finger, tasting a slightly new flavour, and then stroked Ellie’s . This time, her fingertips could feel the lips parting.

“And again.”

Ellie raised her fingers again, moistening the tips, scenting the perfume of Ellie’s .

This time, Lucy parted her legs, and Ellie could feel her opening like a flower. Incredibly, she felt her finger slide smoothly between Ellie’s lips, the sudden burst of warmth and wetness unmistakable: she felt like nectar, like honey…

Lucy held her hand on Ellie’s, holding her in place, encouraging her to play with her. Lucy could feel her hips thrusting against her hand, the clitoris rubbing against her thumb.

Lucy groaned happily: “you’re a natural,” she said, “this is heavenly.”

Ellie lifted Lucy’s hands.

“You take such care of them,” she said, “and now they’re all dirty, covered with my juice.”

Looking steadily at Ellie, Lucy licked the fingers with her tongue, tasting herself and spreading the juice over her lips.

She smiled a sensuous smile: “you may kiss me now.”

Lucy’s mouth tasted delicious: salty, spicy, exotic. Ellie licked Lucy’s lips, savouring the flavour of her . Her hand reached down, finding Lucy’s wetness again, sliding a finger deep inside her.

This time, those fingers went straight to her own mouth, sucking them clean, the taste bursting inside her mouth.

“Oh my god,” she said, “I can’t believe I’ve never done this before, I’m so stupid!”

Lucy laughed: “plenty of time left!”

Ellie said: “will you touch me now?”

Lucy said: “of course, darling.”

Ellie parted her legs in anticipation. Lucy sat up: she let her fingers trace down Ellie’s creamy skin, down to the small tuft of reddish pubes. She played with them with her fingertips.

“Fancy pubes,” she murmured, “pretty.”

Ellie said: “manicure, pedicure, monthly wax, it’s all part of my life.”

She closed her eyes, felt Lucy’s fingers separate, trace the edge of her pubic mound, and down towards her wet . Her lips didn’t need parting, they were open, waiting, desperate and greedy.

Lucy took her time: gently stroking and tickling the firm bud of her clit.

Ellie thought: “she’s so experienced, that’s exactly what I can take, she’s so gentle…”

And then she moaned, feeling Lucy’s fingers sliding between her lips and deep into her cunt.

“Do you ever taste yourself?”

The kaçak casino question sounded natural enough.

Ellie said, her eyes still closed: “no, no, I never have…”

Lucy said: “every woman should, just as every man should know what he tastes like, too.”

Ellie felt fingers on her lips, a different taste. She opened her mouth obediently, presenting her tongue, feeling the fingers, coated with her wetness wiping themselves clean.

“Is that nice?”

Ellie said: “yes, god, yes.”

Lucy said: “I always do that when I make myself cum.”

“Finger me again.”

“You me, too.”

The two women lay next to each other, their mouths pressed against each other, each one touching the other one’s , their fingers deep inside each other’s cunts, spreading the wetness around, rubbing their clitorises, learning and loving.

Ellie felt an orgasm building inside her: “cum with me, Lucy,” she whispered.

Lucy said: “too soon, just wait, you’ve got a lot to learn!”

She broke off.

“Let me teach you: I want you to use your mouth on me.”

Ellie squirmed with anticipation.

“Do you think I’m ready?”

Lucy said: “just do what I tell you to do. I’m an expert.”

She sat up in bed, arranging the pillows.

“But I need to watch you.”

Lucy leant back, parting her legs. Ellie shuffled around the bed, until she was between them, looking down at the glistening lips.

“Now,” said Lucy, “don’t just dive in there. You have to take your time, work up to things. You know how to tease a man: you lick his shaft, his balls, you don’t just open your mouth and swallow him down. Women are the same. Start nearby, kiss me and lick me, but don’t jump on me. It’s just too much.”

Ellie nodded, she bent down. The scent from Lucy’s was intoxicating, she had to struggle to follow her instructions.

Lucy’s thighs were soft, with a slight sweat. Ellie kissed either side, following the natural shape to the top of her trimmed pubes.

Lucy lifted Ellie’s hair to get a good view.

She said: “you can lick me there, it feels very nice.”

Ellie felt the pubes beneath her tongue, tasting the mix of sweat and juice. Long, languid licks, from the bottom to the top. She looked up, meeting her lover’s eyes.

Lucy said: “go down now, lick along the side of my , lick me hard.”

She parted her legs wider, watching the woman go further down, feeling her tongue obediently lick along the edge of her lips. Ellie knew she couldn’t take much more of this.

“On my now, lick me properly.”

Her voice was dry with lust: she closed her eyes momentarily, then opened them. She wanted to see this woman drinking her down, licking her, sucking her.

“Slowly, slowly, from the bottom to the top, but not on my clit, not yet, darling.”

Ellie lowered her head: she felt the softness, the sweetness of Lucy’s beneath her tongue, against her mouth. The lips parted beneath her tongue: she explored the depths and the wetness, amazed at how much she needed this. Rhythmically, she raised her head, her tongue following Lucy’s to the top, feeling the other woman’s hands on her head, guiding her movements.

With each lick, Lucy was growing wetter. Ellie felt the hands pulling her further up.

Lucy gasped: “my clit, my clit, lick me now…”

The woman’s clit was hard and prominent, Ellie licked it slowly, feeling it moving around beneath her tongue, and then remembering what she liked her husband to do, she flicked it with her tongue – softly to start; softly and slowly, and then faster and harder, until her whole mouth was sucking Ellie’s clit, her whole tongue licking, her face being smeared in warm, sensual juice.

Lucy’s hands were shaking on her head, her hips grinding against Ellie’s face.

Ellie thought: “she must cum now, she must be cumming…”

The dark-haired woman’s body was shaking now, writhing on the bed, noises of pleasure growing in her throat.

Suddenly Ellie tasted a fresh burst of juice in her mouth: it overwhelmed her, she had to swallow it down, to drink it.

Lucy rocked one more time, holding Ellie’s head against her cunt. She shouted: “oh yes, yes, yes, I’m cumming now!”

It was embarassingly loud, thought Ellie. They lay together in silence, her mouth still resting on Lucy’s cunt, still tasting her excitement, waiting for the angry knocking on the walls, the complaining voices in the corridor.

Lucy giggled: “they probably think it’s a porn film. Bet they’re trying to find which channel it’s on!”

Ellie sat up, feeling completely dazed.

“That was amazing.”

She pushed her auburn hair up onto her head.

“I loved that so much, I feel like it was me that was cumming!”

She slumped next to Lucy on the bed.

“I remember once, before we had kids, we were up late and turned on the TV. I was a bit drunk, I said ‘why don’t we watch some porno’, and we turned it on, and there was this orgy going on: this guy was fucking this woman from behind, and she was doing a sixty-nine with another other woman – who was sometimes licking her, sometimes licking the guy, sometimes sucking his cock. It wasn’t particularly realistic or anything – I couldn’t get over the size of their boobs, and the way they weren’t moving – but I took Bill upstairs and made him fuck me from behind while I played with myself, thinking: I wish that there was another woman, I wish I was tasting her, I wish I had her mouth on me….”

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