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Ellie Ch. 01: Truth or Dare

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Chapter 1

The first time I met Eleanor I didn’t really notice her, not that she wasn’t nice or anything, but I am/was a bit of a dick and sat between us was Laura Sampson and she was stunning. Now, part of the allure of Laura was that she was one of only a handful of girls on my course, which, being as it contained 200 computer science undergraduates wasn’t necessarily surprising at the time, but shouldn’t have mattered because Eleanor (or Ellie) was also in the elite few. The other part of Laura’s allure however, was her blonde hair, low cut top and slim physique that made it quite difficult to look anywhere else. She was stunning and though quite unaware of the affect simply her presence had had on the room, radiated a confidence that suggested being attractive wasn’t something she was completely oblivious too.

I was sitting down to my first lecture at the University campus, Programming 101, and had already decided I was on to a winner. I arrived in my leather jacket, listening to music through my headphones and wearing jeans and a t-shirt only to be taken aback by the sheer number of Corderoy trousered, bespectacled, tank top wearing men that were taking their places in the lecture theatre. I decided immediately that huge culture shift at taken place, one which excited me a great deal.

At school I had always played a lot of sports and attended parties with the others but also was seen as a bit of a geek. They couldn’t quite understand why I’d been in the school musical (if they let known about the handjob backstage from Lucy in the year below that may have been different, but who knows). They were even more confused about how I was able to get such high scores on the maths exams they all failed at. Or why I played the piano so I never quite fit in to the cool crowd. But here… here I could be a social king!

I’d sat quite comfortably chatting to Laura and Ellie before the lecture and during the pauses when we were being invited to ‘introduce ourselves to the people around us’ and was quite pleased when the lecturer told us we’d need to get into teams of three for the first programming project that would be taking place over term 1 and Laura immediately suggested the three of us form a team.

After the lecture it was suggested we grab a coffee to plan the project and while the girls nipped to the loos I was approached separately by no less than three nervous and awkward looking guys, each of whom epitomised everything your stereotype computing nerd would look like who each made comments along the lines of ‘how did you speak to her?’ ‘What is she like’, ‘can you introduce me?’ It was quite creepy, so I said something a little dismissive to each one and they retreated, dejected, to their programming palaces, no doubt to rewatch Weird Science and masturbate to what they’d like to do to Laura.

We went and grabbed coffee and all chatted loads, I tried to make extra effort to direct the conversation to Ellie and ensure I didn’t just talk at Laura’s cleavage, while cleverly trying to find out if they (by which I really meant Laura) had a boyfriend, what they were into and when they wanted to meet for project sessions. After about an hour had flown by Laura suddenly looked at her phone and shouted across us both. “Shit! I’m supposed to be at ‘History of computing’, Fuck! sorry guys I better run. We’ll catch up Friday afternoon yeah?” And with that she was gone.

My gaze following her ass as it disappeared out of the door, only to be interrupted by a sarcastic Ellie as she said to me “At least now her tits have gone there’s a chance you can actually look at me while we chat!” I hummed and hawwed apologetically before she followed up. “I’m fucking with you! Even I admit she’s pretty güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri fit and I’m not even into girls… anymore”. With that she burst out laughing and all of a sudden, with Laura gone I began to see Ellie a bit clearer. She wasn’t stunning but was definitely good looking. Thin and athletic, nearly as tall as me and with a blue dyed streak in her hair and some band I’d never heard of on her black t-shirt. Over the next hour I also discovered she was sarcastic but in a very funny way. Quick-witted, quoted Eddie Izzard nearly as much as me and was the first girl I’d ever met who was both filthy and sexual in her language but in a really relaxed way. Don’t get me wrong, It was Laura going down on me that I masturbated about that night. But I thought Ellie was pretty cool.

Chapter 2

Several Fridays went past and each afternoon we’d meet up to work on the project in Ellie’s dorm room, my room was at the other end of campus and Laura was rooming with a particularly annoying German girl called Vanda who made a point of saying “Excuse me but you are not helping of my studies”, whenever Ellie or I had popped in to see her, and she also put passive aggressive post-it notes everywhere that Laura found weird and intimidating. We’d lounge around, get some work done, chat and mess around and Laura usually found some way to inadvertently allow me to see right down her top or on one occasion, which resulted in me placing a pillow in my lap for the next half hour, right up her skirt as she sat across from me on the beanbag. It was on one of these Friday afternoons that we finished our work and Ellie opened several bottles of cheap white wine and we started drinking while we chatted and listening to some random music on Ellie’s laptop. I have no idea what started us off but we soon found ourselves in a game of truths and dares, with shots of tequila (something I absolutely hated after a particularly heinous night out with the football boys during fresher’s week) as punishments for not taking part properly. It had started pretty lame with us all asking pretty tame truth Questions. Ellie then upped the ante and started moving into sexual questions:

“What’s your wildest sexual fantasy?”

Laura giggled and then told us she imagined about fingering herself on a train while men and their wives watched her. She even said that in her fantasy some of the wives got quite annoyed and it turned her on even more that the husbands were still watching. “I always cum really hard thinking of the husbands getting hard looking at me masturbating with their wives right next to them really pissed off”.

“Thats’s Fucked up Laura!” Laughed Ellie. “What about you? Or am I gonna have to give you a tequila forfeit cos you are too scared to tell us?”

I don’t know whether it was the threat of the forfeit or the bottle of wine, that fact that all of my blood had gone to my cock after Laura’s revelation or my inbuilt desire to never shirk a challenge but something made me reveal something I’d never told anyone and didn’t think I ever would.

“I’ve always been pretty turned on by having a girl sat over my face… ” I began…

“Lame!” Interjected Ellie “So you like to eat pussy, not exactly wild”

I noticed that Laura had looked slightly lustfully at me but continued

“Actually, if you let me finish, I was going to say, sat over my face, pinning my arms down and forcing me to drink her piss..” somehow, my bravery at stating this fact, vanished they instant I finished and I looked down at them slightly horrified by my admission. I slowly looked up and saw that Laura was still looking bemused but certainly not disgusted but what Ellie said surprised me even further “no güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri way! I didn’t think I’d find someone else into water sports, I get really turned on peeing where I’m not supposed to. Never thought to make a guy drink it though!”

The matter of fact way she’d spoken and the way she looked at me while talking about it suddenly made me rock hard and I found myself looking at Ellie in a whole new light. All of a sudden all my focus was in Ellie and talking to her about when she’d first done it and what she liked about it and I almost forgot Laura was in the room, despite her hotness, something about Ellie’s geeky confidence I found very attractive.

Laura clearly noticed that I was paying more attention to Ellie than her as the next thing she did was issue me with a Dare.

“I dare you to get you or cock out and stroke it” she challenged me, as she did she slowly slid her hand up inside her skirt, slide her thong to one side and started to gently masturbate, right in front of me. She even gave a sideways look of triumph to Ellie as, not one to back down, I unbuttoned my jeans and took out my cock.

My focus fully returned to Laura who clearly loved the effect she was having and wanted control of the situation. She was masturbating increasingly sexily and as she laid back in the bean bag and the wet juices on her pussy made it clear how aroused she was I heard her gently say “that’s it, keep stroking it, I want you to cum while I masturbate right here, thats it I want you to cum all over Ellie’s bed that’s it keep going, it doesn’t matter what she thinks, all that matters is what I want and I want you to cum for me.”

I know I should have stopped, I definitely should have stopped, especially as I heard the surprised “wait what? Erm no, this can stop now” from Ellie who realised that Laura was tapping into her fantasy about pissing off wives and was placing her in that role but Laura, a mix of lust and inebriation just ignored her and carried on, her manicured fingers teasing me as they stimulated her clit and dipped inside her hot wet pussy. “That’s it, keep going, play with your big hard cock, imagine me astride you right now, watch me masturbating right here in front of her, cum for me, cum for me, CUM FOR MEEEEE!!” And with that she was launched into a powerful orgasm as I also ejaculated hard spraying my cum out in front of me over Ellie’s sheets on the bed where I was sat.

“What the fuck Laura?” The mood had changed completely and Ellie was furious, “since when did it become okay to make him cum on my bed?”

I half expected Laura to become instantly apologetic after cumming as she realised what she’d done, but as I sat there still surprisingly horny if anything she lost all sense of control.

“Oh I’m sorry if the guy you fancy has just cum on your bed sheets watching me masturbate, maybe he’d like to taste me instead, and with that she stood up, slowly walked to the bed and sat her naked pussy on Ellie’s pillow and placed her fingers, that seconds earlier had been in her Pussy into my mouth.

Ordinarily I’d have been hugely turned on but I didn’t have time to react before Ellie exploded at Laura. “You bitch! I told you that i liked him in confidence, you whore! Stop masturbating! Get off my bed! Stop trying to turn him on.

If anything this just turned Laura on even more and she dipped her head and Took my rapidly reinflating cock into her mouth.

Before I knew what was going on Ellie was in front of Laura “Get the fuck out of my room, and get your trampy pussy off my pillow you bitch!” She screamed at her. Laura looked at her calmly, and instead of leaving as I expected, instead looked at me and said “what this güvenilir bahis şirketleri pillow? She smiled the most evil sexy smile, took my hand and placed it over the wetness of her Pussy and took my cock in her other hand and started to stroke it back to life as she got a look of concentration on her face. As Ellie stood incredulous In the middle of the room Laura began laughing and I felt the first drops on my fingers as I realised Laura was pissing through my hand and onto Ellie’s pillow, soaking it in her hot golden liquid. At the same time Laura was jerking my cock carefully and perfectly off while she used her spare hand to unbutton the only two buttons of her top so I could see her incredible breasts in front of me.

Nothing prepared me for what happened next. A strange calm came over Ellie as she muttered “fine” strode to her door and locked it before walking purposely over to where Laura was finishing pissing and trying to make me cum in front of her again and grabbed her by the hair, throwing her to the floor. There they rolled around and tussled for several minutes but it became clear that Ellie was far stronger than she looked and, embittered by Laura marking her territory so brazenly she was able to overpower her and pin her to the floor with her legs either side of her now exposed breasts.

Realising her predicament Laura looked slightly less confident all of a sudden like the raw sexuality of the situation was suddenly wearing off. She also noticed with alarm that unlike herself, underneath Ellie’s short shirt there was no underwear. Ellie’s shaved and slightly wet pussy was resting on her skin between her breasts and Ellie was looking down at her with a steely resolve and a sexual anger she hadn’t seen before.

“Come here!” Ellie beckoned me to stand in front of her and I wasn’t about to argue, still incredibly turned on by the battling girls in front of me. “When I mentioned my fantasies earlier, I missed out one thing. I love to force people to serve me, I even love to force other girls to serve me. Stick out your tongue bitch” she slid forwards onto a shocked Laura’s chin, Laura frantically tried to turn away but Ellie held her in place with her knees while taking my cock into her delicate hands. “The way I see it Laura,” she continued in between licking the end of my cock as I stood in front of her “you can start licking my Pussy and make me come, or I can remember quite how much wine I’ve had and how I need to relieve myself.”

Realising her meaning Laura, a panicked look on her face reluctantly stuck out her tongue and started to lap lightly at the wet Lips that had lowered themselves into her face. Ellie laughed condescendingly “that’s better, and I want you to play with yourself while you do it” as she finished this final taunt she took me into her mouth and began what I must describe as the best blow job I had ever received, slow and deliberate, wet and soft and with every movement I grew harder and harder.

After only a short time Ellie’s breathing changed and became more rapid and deeper. I realised as Ellie my cock fell momentarily from her lips, her eyes rolled back into her head and she shuddered that Laura had given her an orgasm while she sucked my cock, something that brought me even closer to the edge. It was, however, Ellie’s final act that tipped me over the edge. Recovering her composure from her orgasm, Ellie flicked her hair back, looked into my eyes, took me back into her mouth and deliberately showed a calm concentration on her face as she reached between her legs, held the Laura’s nose carefully between forefinger and thumb, forcing her to keep her mouth open and I heard the hiss as she filled Laura’s mouth at the same time as the panicked moaning of Laura as she realised what was happening. As Ellie smiled powerfully and slid her moist lips back and forth over my cock while evilly pissing into the mouth of the girl pinned below her on her dorm room carpet I exploded into her mouth and she deliberately, without breaking eye contact swallowed every drop…

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