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Emilys Are Beautiful

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I had initially intended to add a backstory, but I think I like focusing on the sex. Also, there isn’t much ACTUAL sex, this is mostly detail. But if you’re like me, you know that details are important 🙂 I apologize for the brevity, but please enjoy.


Fingertips slide along your hips, just above the top of a black, lacy pair of panties, resting on your sides, applying a gentle pressure to your waist, pulling you forward. You don’t want to give in, you resist a little, not giving me anything, pulling away, but not taking my hands off your skin. One open hand slides up your back slowly, stopping between your shoulder blades, holding you still. I lean towards you, and you look down at my lips. Your nipples, stiff in the air, press against my chest just before I take your bottom lip between mine, sucking softly, running the tip of my tongue along its length.

Your eyes close involuntarily as my gentle sucking continues. A shiver runs down your spine, and you shake noticeably, just a little, in my arms. You shake your head slowly at first, and a little faster to break my kiss.

You whimper under your breath, “No, Justin, I can’t do this.” I smile and laugh softly near your mouth as your nails dig into my arm, preventing me from getting away. The hand on your back moves up, slowly and deliberately, to push your hair away from your face, slipping behind your ear. I lean in and play with your earlobe between my lips. I laugh again, and whisper with hot, heavy breath how much I want you, and how much I know you want me as well.

You exhale fully, nails relaxing on my forearms. Your grip lessens, and with gentle coaxing I kiss your neck softly. My lips sound wet on your skin; you savor the moist tickle of my tongue in between bites, each eliciting a sharp intake of breath. Your eyes remain closed, as your hands travel up my arms, tracing over my shoulders. In a frustrated gasp at having your body so expertly teased, you wrap your arms around my neck. Your eyes fly open and you latch your mouth on to mine, licking my lips feverishly and playing with my tongue. You struggle for air, biting my soft, pliable lips as my hands snake down your back, cupping your ass and lifting you into the air. Instantly, your legs wrap around my waist.

With hands running desperately through my hair, you squeeze your legs tighter around me. My hands are still groping you, gripping the flesh of your ass in tight handfuls as we fall hard against the wall. Holding you up, I press you against the wall until you can’t breathe, as your tongue boldly explores my mouth. I spin you around and off the wall, taking large, hazardous steps toward the opposite side of the room. Our lips never leave each other until you rake your nails down my back as I throw you onto the the comfy, down-blanketed bed. You bounce upwards into a sitting position from the force that I put you down with, giggling at me playfully.

I’m quickly hovering over your body again, pressuring you down into the comforter. Your hips wiggle excitedly, carving out a small niche in the mountains of fluffy blanket for us to play in. I kiss you to hold you down, sliding my hips in between your legs. You see this as an invitation to link them around me again, and I roughly whisper in your ear how sexy you feel wrapped around my waist, holding onto me. I trace a hand over your thigh, caressing your ass, slipping up over your soft stomach and along your sides towards your tits. My hand glides up between your breasts and you pout in protest, groaning in a low, feral tone. My thumb strokes dangerously close to your nipple, never touching, simply teasing the soft white flesh surrounding it.

My hand continues, gliding up your arm, which is outstretched above your head. I smile innocently at you, my eyes sparkling in what little light reflects around the small room. I tell you in a low, even voice that you’re beautiful. I whisper istanbul escort ever so gently, telling you how long I’ve wanted to be like this with you. Confiding that I’ve been jealous of your fiance ever since you’d first spoken to me in that excited, friendly voice. Looking at me intently, you don’t notice my grip tightening on your wrist, and my other hand, grasping your corresponding hand, placing it above your head, pressed into the bed. My soothing smile confuses you, considering the firmness with which I’m holding your arms in place. You struggle a little, not because you’re uncomfortable, but just to test me. After a few seconds of fruitless resistance, your ams go limp once again.

My head dips down and I look up at you, holding eye contact. I slip my tongue out of my mouth, and I trace it along your collarbone. My lips come down, and I suck on that spot, gently at first, and harder as I hear you moan a little louder. My mouth separates from your skin with a small, wet “pop”, and you barely hear a soft laugh over your heavy, rasping breath. You see a mischievous grin curl the corners of my mouth, our eyes locked together as my hips move ever so slightly, beginning to rotate slowly in the grip of your legs. I kiss my way gently downward from your damp collarbone. The cool air helping to contrast the moist trail I’ve left to the rest of your burning hot skin.

I begin to appreciate your breasts with my mouth, sucking the soft flesh surrounding your nipple and blowing gently on the wet spots that I’ve kissed, to send shivers down your spine. Your hips begin to involuntarily rise and fall in an attempt to grind your soaking pussy on me, through that skimpy black lace that separates our bodies. My tongue circles slowly, gravitating for what seems like forever toward your erect pink nipples. Your body begins to shake, and you arch your back, gripping the sheets, trying to guide your nipple to the tip of my tongue, moaning loudly and unintelligibly with a bit of frustration as I continue to tease you.

In an instant, your head snaps back into the bed when I bite your nipple hard between my teeth. You gasp loudly, screeching.

“Oh fuck! Oh Goddammit,” you hiss at me, “Fuck, Justin, Fuck!” I lift my mouth away from the nipple I’ve left tiny red marks on. Flicking my tongue over it, back and forth, I send waves of acute pleasure out from your sore nipple, over your body.

I sit back on my knees, and pry your legs from around me. Smiling down at your heaving body, I hook my fingers underneath your tiny underwear, tugging them over your ass while telling you how sexy you look, breathing ragged and sweating under me. You raise your sexy, smooth legs into the air, and I peel your panties off of you, sliding them up your legs, dragging the material against you, and flicking them off of your toes. My hands rub slowly down over your calves, followed by my mouth, as I continue on to caress your thighs.

My hands sneak between your knees, parting your legs slowly. You rest your feet on the bed, and I stand. I lean over to place my arms under your legs and grip your ass, pulling you to the edge of the bed. You’re resting just over the edge, hanging off a little bit, and my hands trace across the curve of your ass as I kneel on the floor before you, grinning seductively. As my hands cup and support you, I kiss the inside of your thigh, just above your knee. My eyes never leave your face as I tease my way slowly down towards your pussy. I take one hand and trace a fingertip down the bottom of the thigh I’m not kissing, towards that cute little bum I’ve been groping all night.

My finger tickles it’s way up from your ass, around your pussy, cautious not to get too close, careful not to give you too much satisfaction. My mouth continues its gentle suction on your inner thigh, nearing where your legs meet your pussy, slowly inching its way to progressively more sensitive skin. My roaming kabataş escort hand comes to rest on your pubic bone and my fingers stroke you slowly through the small patch of hair you’ve left above your clit. Your hips begin to squirm as my mouth nears your slit; my steaming hot breath rushes over your pussy rhythmically. Your hips press up against the heat involuntarily, as if you’re fucking my breath each time I exhale. I laugh softly to myself as you moan in anticipation and frustration, your pussy now dripping on the bed.

The tip of my tongue starts near the bottom of your hole, so slightly that you can’t tell if you’re being touched or you’re imagining it, gliding over your lips, hovering up towards your clit. I can’t resist tasting a little of your wetness, savoring the faint sweetness swirling into my mouth. I don’t try to repress the growing smile on my face as my tongue darts out, twitching against the delicious bundle of nerves resting on top of your pussy. My tongue makes slow circles against your clit, I love the waves of pleasure I know I’m sending through your body; you’re whimpering louder and louder with each pass of my tongue. My finger traces down and runs along your lips, outlining your slit, rotating in succession with my tongue flipping around, making your clit slick with saliva.

I retract my tongue and blow softly, giving you an icy shiver as I rotate my finger, dipping between your lips to get a little wet. I pause just long enough for you to open your eyes and look at me, gasping, and I slide my finger into your pussy. You fight the desire to close your eyes and focus on the sensation, not wanting to look away from me, and I slowly slip my finger out of you. I suck on my finger, gently popping it into my mouth, tasting every bit of the inside of your pussy, and you groan in satisfaction, watching me. My mouth returns to your clit, latching on, creating a cavern around it where I can flick my tongue from side to side, and up and down over it. I slip one finger inside of you, and then another, rotating them slightly to make sure they’re completely soaked from the excess wetness you’ve been producing. I begin to curl my fingers upwards, straighten them, and curl them back upwards. In conjunction with this, I move my fingers slightly in and out of your pussy, making lewd and sloppy wet noises while my tongue continues to relentlessly pet your clit. You begin bucking your hips, fucking my face. The hand still supporting you grabs your ass tight, holding your pussy up against my mouth, nails digging into your soft flesh. You reach for your tits, squeezing them roughly, pinching and pulling your sensitive nipples to extremes. Your free hand grabs the back of my head by the hair in an attempt to shove me closer to you, even though it’s not possible. Just as you’re getting ready to come for me, your hips lift off the bed, taking my mouth with them, I’m forced up off my knees. At that precious second before you climax, I stop completely. My mouth leaves your hot little clit, and my fingers come out of you with a loud wet sound.

“No! You fucking asshole! God dammit!” You continue screaming at me as you bolt upright, slapping and hitting at me in futility. You stand up next to me, trying to bite me, scratch me, do anything to punish me for keeping you from coming. Within seconds I grab your flailing arms, and I spin you around so that you’re facing the bed.

I hold your hands at your sides, and I whisper menacingly in your ear, “Emily, shut your fucking mouth and calm down.” I bite your neck like a period at the end of the sentence, and I lift my hands up to twist your nipples, pinching them hard between my thumbs and index fingers.

My breath is hot on your ear, my voice low and gruff as it barks out an order, “Now get your fucking pussy up on the bed.” My hand, like lightning, smacks your ass hard, letting out a huge crack that the neighbors had to hear. You yelp involuntarily kadıköy escort and hop up on the bed. You get ready to turn around and face me, but I grab your ankles. I position you so that your knees rest on the edge of the bed, lower half of your legs straight out.

I rest a hand on top of your ass, and you look over your shoulder, pouting at me, “Please…”

I smirk and reply, deliberately elongating the moment, “Please what, Emily? What would you like me to do to you?”

You reply in an uneven tone, “Please, Justin, I need you to fuck me, please put your cock in my pussy…” We look at each other for just a second more, enjoying and relishing the mutual passion we see in our eyes, just loving that connection we’ve always known we’ve shared. Just a second that drags on forever, before I slam my cock into your waiting cunt. Your head immediately drops to the bed, your eyes squeeze shut.

You manage to squeal, “Oh fuck, that feels so fucking good…”, in between a jumble of moans. You arch your back, sticking your ass up even further in the air as I fuck you with long quick strokes. One of your hands presses against the wall, while the other reaches back for me. I grab the searching hand, intertwining our fingers together, spanking your vulnerable ass with my other palm. I separate my fingers from yours, pulling my cock out of you.

“Get up, honey, get off the bed”, I tell you. You willingly comply, hoping to get my dick back inside you soon. I stand you up, and kiss you, while our hands explore each other. I lean back against the edge of the bed, my prick sticking out in the cold air, and without saying a word you lower yourself down, flicking your tongue over the piercing in the head of my cock. I shudder visibly, and moan encouragingly. You play with me, cupping my balls, sucking on the tip of my cock, rotating the ring with your tongue, flicking it sideways and up and down. I groan, losing my footing, and you smile confidently as you stand up. I can’t help but smile back as you look at me, and I grab you around the waist, pulling you on top of me as I fall back onto the bed.

“Get on my cock sweetie, ride me just the way you like to,” I order you in a sweet and inviting tone. You reach down between us, and grab onto me, guiding me into you as you kiss my lips playfully. We sigh in unison as you slip down over my length, and I tell you to sit straight up when you’re straddling me, so that I can watch you get off on my cock. You lean back, looking gorgeous as you rotate and gyrate on top of me. I play with your nipples, starting out gently and becoming rougher as I get closer and closer, watching your gorgeous soft hair swaying in the air. I reach down and wiggle a thumb on your exposed clit while you ride me, stimulating you everywhere as your nails drag over my thighs behind you.

“Oh Justin, keep touching me, keep rubbing my pussy…”, you babble urgently. I feel you getting close, and I wallow in the beautiful sight of you, blushed cheeks, making yourself come on top of my cock.

All at once, the sight is too much for me. I reach up and grab your neck abruptly, wrapping my fingers around the back so I can force you down to me, pressing our bodies together, your nipples squished against me, tingling. Your hair falls over my face, getting caught between our mouths, furiously kissing, sucking on each other. My hand holds your neck in place, so you can’t stop kissing me. I slide my other hand around your ass, gripping onto you tighter than ever before, allowing me to rotate your hips just the way I like, with my cock stuffed deep inside you. I raise my hips, lifting you up, and I start to fuck you faster and faster. Our bodies are slapping together loudly, the motions have become just a blur.

I stop kissing you for an instant, and whisper right into your mouth, with eyes closed, “Emily, I need to come inside your pussy, honey…” You groan loudly in response, grinding your clit down on me faster and faster. As soon as you hear my first gasp for air, as soon as you feel my cock throbbing inside you, squirting, the first twitch, your pussy explodes, and you begin to scream, until I cover your mouth with mine, sucking on those gorgeous lips until you stop shaking.

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