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Evening of Desire

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Lisa looked at the clock for the 34th time that afternoon. Oh, seven o’clock was only five minutes away now! She and Dianne had had a busy time of it this past week – Dianne busy late at work and Lisa with her nose in the books. Today however they had promised each other some time together and Lisa was on pins and needles for the fun to begin!

Lisa continued studying her Shakespeare and counted down the minutes. She and Dianne were both 25 and had met in high school. They went to the same college and there became more than just friends. While Dianne had gone into the working world after obtaining her bachelor degree, Lisa was a perpetual student and was working toward her masters – thanks to student loans! Tonight, though, for some reason, she couldn’t keep her mind on her studies!

Keeping her ear out for Dianne, Lisa got up from the couch, went into the bedroom, and began to light the scented candles. She had already changed into the white, silk gown that she knew Dianne liked. It fit her smallish body well – loose and flowing below the waist and tight around her 34A breasts. Lisa heard a car drive up and could barely contain her enthusiasm
as she turned off the lights and let the candles light the apartment.

Dianne unlocked the door and stepped into the warm, candle-lit room.
“Lisa?” she called out and her lover’s voice casino oyna answered her from the bedroom – “In here Dianne!” Curious now and thinking she knew what was in store, Dianne made her way to the bedroom and found Lisa lying down on the freshly-made bed, luring Dianne even closer. Dianne knelt on the bed and gave Lisa a kiss on the lips – a small peck that turned into a deeper kiss and sent a shiver down both women’s spines. Lisa helped her lover off with her blouse, noticing Dianne’s stiff nipples poking through her bra as she helped remove that article as well. Lisa then unbuttoned Diane’s jeans and helped her pull them off – giving little kisses all the way down Dianne’s thighs and legs all the way to her feet.

Lisa then told Dianne to lay down and reached over for the massage oil.
“You’ve been working hard, Dianne,” Lisa said, as she straddled Dianne, her warm mound nestling into the small of Dianne’s back. “It’s time to relax now and let the working world go.” Lisa rubbed the oil into Dianne’s shoulders – her hands moving in circles and lines around and up and down Dianne’s back. Dianne gave out a slight moan as Lisa worked out the kinks in Dianne’s back muscles. Feeling herself relax, Dianne lost all track of time as Lisa continued to work on her back and shoulders.

Finally, after what seemed like hours of the relaxing massage, Lisa canlı casino let a trickle of the massage oil slide between Dianne’s cheeks and took off her silk gown. The stream made its way all the way to Dianne’s pussy lips where Lisa massaged it in. Dianne groaned and rolled over as Lisa gently stroked Dianne’s pussy. Dianne had trimmed recently and Lisa let her hands slide along the sides of the pubic strip, enjoying seeing her lover respond to her touch. Lisa, still straddling Dianne, moved her hips briefly so that Dianne’s pubic hair tickled her shaved pussy. Lisa shuddered as her wetness joined briefly with Dianne’s and they moved in time with each other.

Pulling herself off of Dianne, Lisa straddled Dianne the other way in the 69 position. Lisa tantalized Dianne with her shaved puss just inches away from Dianne’s mouth, and moved her own mouth close to Dianne’s mound. Lisa
breathed heavy, warm air across Dianne’s pussy – teasing her, pleasing her, wanting her to want more. Finally, Lisa slowly dragged her tongue from the bottom of Dianne’s slit to the top, resting it on Dianne’s now-swollen clitoris. Lisa let her tender tongue slowly circle Dianne’s clitoris as she moved her hips lower and lower, closer and closer to Dianne’s waiting tongue.

Dianne could feel the warmth and wetness of Lisa’s bare mound and finally tasted it as she flicked kaçak casino her tongue out at the moist pussy lips. Lisa moaned into Dianne’s puss and began to lick Dianne faster – her passions inflamed as Dianne returned the favor by letting her tongue move in, out and around Lisa’s puss. The two were now caught up in the moment, their wet, sweaty bodies moving against each other as the incense candles
perfumed their lovemaking in this most intimate moment.

Both reading each other’s minds, each one let tongues concentrate on clitorises as fingers probed pussies and rears, sliding in and out as they moved against each other. Faster and faster now, the two beyond control as finally wave after wave of pleasure hit first Dianne, then Lisa – the
orgasms coming one after the other. The climax took them to another plane and brought them back to Earth as they felt the warm, fuzzy afterglow of their lovemaking. Their tongues slowing to a lapping, cleaning each other up, their senses and sense of time returning.

Lisa turned around and nestled in Dianne’s arms as they shared a sweet kiss and began to talk of life and work and school and how the world fit
together. Eventually, they fell asleep that way – waking up nude in each other’s arms with a rested body and a glint in Lisa’s eyes.

This was one of my first tries at erotica that I never had uploaded to Literotica, but I thought it would be fun to post it now 🙂 Hopefully, I’ve learned more since then and thanks to all the wonderful comments and support from you Literoticans! LizBeth

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