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Everybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 24

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** Mid-week, early evening **

I was finally on my way home. I finished the day at the office and my boss and I tossed back a few while we talked about how the jobs were going and such. Mark’s a hell of a nice guy and he’s taught me a lot, but I could tell he was getting tired of the business for the last couple of years. Between insurance, lawyers and all the regulations, he had just about had it, so our conversations kind of melded. He talked about getting out of the business and opening a combination bait and doughnut shop on some tropical island and I talked about doing the photography bit full time. In the end, we’d decided that we’d finish up the jobs we had underway and then go our separate ways. With a handshake and that half-hug, backslapping thing that guys do, we locked up and headed out. Mark was whistling and stepping lighter than I’d seen him in years; it seemed like a big weight had been lifted off his shoulders as he headed for his Mercedes. Me, I damn near threw up before I got to my truck; “What the hell did I just do?” I asked myself out loud as I climbed behind the wheel.

Reality set in as I mindlessly made my way home. I’d always wanted to make photography my career and in the last few months we had made some great strides in that direction, we being Britt and I. If I was really being honest, it was Britt that really made the whole thing happen. Before she came along, I had the physical elements put together. I had my home/studio/warehouse that I’d been building on for years. In my head, I had the business laid out and had done a couple little things, but with Britt’s help, the business was really established and the work was beginning to come in. I’d never had any doubt that I could make the business work, but now that it was really going to happen, well leave it said that my mind was going every which way and I was scared shitless.

I soon found myself idling in front of my warehouse door, just sitting there. My mind had slipped into neutral and I really couldn’t recall driving from work to home. I shook it off and mashed the remote control button that opened the massive door and pulled inside and up to the house. Three other cars were parked out front and I could see the pick-up and big classic car that had been delivered earlier sitting in the shadows of the cavernous space. I shut it down and stepped out of the truck and stood there a minute, just looking around. This would soon be my entire world, at least where I would work and live for the foreseeable future. Oh yeah, and play, as the laughter and bantering of the love of my life and her two best friends filtered from inside our home.

I really am happy with how my life is going and the three gorgeous creatures inside were the frosting on the cake. I ran my fingers through my hair, straightened up my shirt and stepped inside. “George!” came the chorus, kind of like when Norm would walk into that bar on T.V. They were sitting at the island in the kitchen, an open bottle of wine and four glasses in front of them. “We were wondering where you were baby,” Britt said as she poured a little of the red in the remaining empty glass and slid off the stool and sauntered over to me. Like a sexy cat on the prowl, she approached with a gleam in her blue eyes and a smile on her face. Her long blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders and the little crop top she wore hung loose, partly on her nipples, which stood proud. Her taut belly showed and a skimpy pair of red panties did little to conceal the remainder of her perfect form. Her smile got bigger, coinciding with the obvious approval of her that now showed in my pants. Handing me my glass, she stretched up on bare tippy-toes and gathered her kiss while her hand gave my bulge a welcoming caress. Our tongues dueled until we were out of breath.

“Get a room,” Kate and Gina giggled as they watched their housemate’s ‘welcome home’ tradition. Britt moaned into my kiss as I let my unoccupied hand stray to her luscious ass and lovingly squeeze one of those firm hemispheres. Reluctantly, we released one another and we made our way into the kitchen.

“Hi babe,” Gina said as she stood up from the bar seat. We were eye-to-eye when the leggy brunette approached. I sat my wine glass on the counter behind her and we pulled each other in and I received my second dick-straightening kiss of the evening. Gina’s firm ‘D’s’ mashed against my chest as she ground her crotch against mine. My hands automatically zeroed in on her tight pumpkin ass and held on tight. “Oh god,” she groaned in our kiss as one middle finger grazed the pink star left unprotected by the g-string she wore.

There was another awaiting her kiss and Gina stole one more before letting me go. I turned to Kate who was on her knees on the bar stool, impatiently fidgeting, her arms outstretched. Her long black hair hung to the bottom rung of the stool. She too wore a little cropped top, but hers was ripped down the front to show off the bit of cleavage her pert little tits provided. kurtuluş escort She also had on a tiny g-string that virtually disappeared when she had her legs together. I still had to lean down to kiss her and she immediately wrapped her arms around my neck, nearly pulling me over. I reacted by putting my arms around her and straightening back up, pulling her off the stool. I’m sure this is what she had in mind in the first place as her legs came around and wrapped around my waist. Britt and Gina laughed at Kate’s antics, but the little one was oblivious as she tried to swallow my tongue. My hands had slipped under her butt to get a better purchase and she gyrated her hips. My back was to the others so I took the opportunity to covertly give her a little extra thrill. Again, the bit of thread that made up the majority of her panties offered little protection from wandering fingers. I grazed a fingertip over her tight pink pucker, just long enough to make her squeak a little as we continued to kiss. Moving on, I encountered the tightest little snatch I had ever known, wet and wanting. Like quicksand, my finger was instantly sucked in as was my tongue. Like a practiced veteran, she worked my tongue like it was my cock, growling in her throat as she simultaneously rocked her pelvis in my hand, my finger stirring her pussy juices. Another chorus of “Get a room” got our attention and Kate groaned her disappointment as I sat her bare butt on the cold granite countertop and fought her to retrieve my finger. She quickly grabbed my hand and drew my wet digit into her mouth and sampled herself. Fingers, tongues, cocks, the girl’s oral skills were impressive. “That’ll be your dick next time,” she whispered as she gave me back my hand which I quickly used to rearrange the contents of my pants.

“So what’s for dinner?” I asked nonchalantly. The girls all laughed as I was obviously playing down their welcoming, but to be honest, a simple ‘How was your day?’ kind of greeting was a rarity here. Any time apart was made up for with some sort of passionate countermeasure.

“Well we thought since you were late, that you were probably picking up some sort of epicurean treat for us,” Britt exclaimed with a questioning look.

“No,” I answered. “I ended the day at the office and Mark and I talked about things.” My voice and body language evidently changed and Britt picked up on it right away.

“Well, we’ll just order a pizza and make salads,” Britt decided; “can you girls take care of that?”

“You got it,” Gina answered and nodded ‘message received’ and turned Kate toward the kitchen and the phone.

Britt grabbed my wine and handed it to me and then guided me to the living room. She sat us on the couch and turned to me, “So what’s up?” trying not to show any worry on her face.

‘God I love this girl’ I said to myself as I bucked up and took a sip of wine. “Well, I guess I kinda gave notice today,” pausing for questions. None came, so I continued; “Like I said, I finished the day at the office and Mark was there so we talked about the jobs and things and had a couple drinks and before you know it, we were both talking about the future and our dreams and that kind of shit, you know, the stuff that guys never talk about with each other. Anyway, I knew that he was getting tired of the business because it’s changed so much over the last few years. It’s just not as fun as it once was and he spends more time worrying about the business end than the actual building itself. I guess he knows another guy that lives on some island in the Caribbean or somewhere who keeps bugging him to move down there and start a business. He mentioned something about a bait shop or donuts or some combination; didn’t make any sense to me, but anyway he thinks he can make enough to live happily selling stuff to the tourists there.” I took another sip, giving time for Britt to interject but she just sat there and waited for me to continue. “So after his little confession, I guess I talked to him about you and our little business here and well, when it was all said and done, we’d agreed that we would finish up the work he has going now and then we’d each go off and pursue our dreams.”

I shivered a little when I said it and Britt threw her arm over my shoulder and snuggled up to me. “Well that’s great,” she said with just the right degree of encouragement. “It’s what you’ve always wanted, but it sounds like it may have happened kind of suddenly?” God she was good; she should be studying psychology.

“Yeah,” I replied as I snaked my arm around her and held her tighter. I kissed the top of her head and the aroma and her mere presence calmed me. “It’s gonna take a couple months to finish the jobs we have started and it’ll sort of taper off slowly, so I’ll have to shorten my hours there and build them up here; scheduling is gonna be a bitch.”

“Well that’s what I’m here for,” she said as she put her hand on my thigh and gave it a little squeeze.

“Yeah, levent escort but you start back to school in what, a couple weeks?”

“Yeah, we’ll probably get our schedules next week and then if need be, I can look at re-arranging some classes,” her hand massaging my thigh.

I put my hand on hers and looked her in the eye; “Okay, but like John, I’m going to insist that your classes come first. If things really pick up, we can hire a bookkeeper or someone to help out. If need be, I guess I could learn some of the other office stuff too.”

“Oh no!” she said mockingly, “you stick to shooting the pretty pictures and stay away from my books!” She smiled and leaned up to kiss me on the cheek, “Really baby, it’s all going to work out fine. I may have to do my part in bits and pieces and at odd times, but that’s okay.” Britt paused and placed her index finger under her chin and tilted her head in that classic ‘thinking’ pose; “Only problem I see is it may cut into our sex time.” I stared at her, evidently with a look of disbelief and she managed to keep a straight face for a few seconds before busting up laughing.

I turned on her and started the tickle attack. She squealed and squirmed as my hands went after her ribs and the insides of her thighs, her most vulnerable ticklish regions. Timing being everything, the loud raucous bell in the warehouse went off; “Pizza’s here,” one of the others shouted. I gave Britt a reprieve and let her up from the couch as Gina sprinted by; trying to slip into a pair of shorts a she made her way out the door.

“C’mon Mr. Photographer,” Britt laughed as she skipped out of the living room, “let’s help them get dinner on the table.” I followed her in after glancing out the front door to make sure Gina was okay with getting the pizza. We live in a half abandoned commercial district and had the occasional vagrant problem, so I was always cautious and protective. Gina was just waving goodbye to the undoubtedly flustered high school boy who had the good luck of delivering to one of the most beautiful and under-dressed women he’d see on any of his deliveries. The shorts that she’d struggled to put on as she ran to the front of the warehouse proved to be just a tad bigger than the skimpy panties she was covering up. They were cut so that as much leg as possible showed and there was a lot of leg to show on this one. They also hung low on her hips, showing off as much belly as possible and the cropped shirt she wore stopped just below those magnificent D’s that we all loved so much.

I waited at the door as Gina pranced back into the house. She paused just long enough to tease me by opening the box and letting me get a good whiff of the intoxicating aroma and then giving me a quick kiss, she moved on into the kitchen. I followed the bouncing butt; “What do you want to drink lover?” Kate asked, her head in the fridge.

“Who ya’ talkin’ to?” Gina asked as she put the pie on the counter.

Kate leaned out and giggled, “All of you, I guess.”

We all laughed and placed our orders as Britt retrieved some glasses from the cabinet, stretching for effect. Gina glanced at me and licked her lips before looking back at the long blonde whose tits now resided below the bottom her shirt. “Nice tits girl,” Gina said as she grabbed one while reaching around her to get to the silverware drawer. Britt just purred and stood there while she was groped and then finished getting the glassware down when Gina was done. Meanwhile, the little one sat the various drinks on the counter and Gina took the opportunity to tweak one of her erect nipples, evidence of how cold the fridge is.

“Got a little tit fetish tonight babe?” Britt asked as she heard Kate squeak from the nipple grab.

“Hey, can you blame a girl?” she replied, looking from Britt to Kate. “If George would take his shirt off, I’d play with his too,” giving me a wink.

“Alright, enough playtime girls; let’s eat, I’m suddenly very hungry,” I said as I pulled up a stool.

I cleverly steered the conversation at dinner to what the girls had done with their day. “Well,” started Gina,” we have everything boxed up and about half of it here and we’ll get the rest of it moved tomorrow. We’ve gotten some orders that we need to fill by the weekend, so we’ll scramble around here on Friday and try to find what we need to ship out.”

“It shouldn’t be that bad,” Kate said with her mouth half full of salad. “We’ve worn out half a dozen markers labeling boxes, so it should be fairly easy to find what we need.” Gina reached over and fingered a bit of errant salad dressing at the corner of Kate’s mouth and fed it to her. Kate made an affair of sucking the stray dressing off her roomies finger and my cock responded accordingly and I may have let out a soft groan. Britt hand was in my lap and gave me a little covert caress.

“So,” I said, clearing my throat,” We ought to be able to look at all these boxes and get some idea of how much shelving maçka escort you girls will need?”

“Yeah, pretty much,” Gina continued as though she hadn’t just done something terribly erotic…little minx. “We’ll have to do a little head scratching to figure out what we would need for shipping supplies and maybe some extra space if we want to increase the product line.”

“Oh, and don’t forget a work counter or table and we’ll need room for a couch,” the little one said as she concentrated on chasing a cherry tomato around her salad bowl.

“A couch?” I asked.

“Yes,” she announced triumphantly as she speared the red globe with her fork. “When we take breaks, a hard surface like a table is hell on your back when you’re getting your pussy eaten,” she said matter-of-factly as she looked me in the eye and sucked the tomato off the end of her fork.

Gina snorted back a laugh and Britt laughed as she gave my burgeoning cock another squeeze.

“Alrighty then,” turning to the one who had me firmly in her grasp under the counter; “So babe, what did you get done today?”

“Well,” she said as she moved her hand along my length. I could have put mine over hers and held her at bay, but why? “You saw that we got the next two cars in. Or I should say, we got in one truck and one car. The truck is a truck; I guess it’s pretty and all, but it’s just a truck.”

“Yeah, but it’s comes with its own bed, “Kate giggled and gave the international sign for intercourse, you know, the finger of one hand slipping through the circle made up of your thumb and forefinger on the other hand.

The rest of us rolled our eyes, but my cock thought it was pretty fucking funny and Britt responded accordingly, giving another hand-hug. Continuing, “And we got the Hornet…what is it? Uh…oh yeah, Hudson Hornet.”

“So how does it look?” I asked, still enjoying my massage.

“It’s a pretty car if you like red. I mean it’s red on the outside and red on the inside. I mean, it’s nicely done and boy, does it have a back seat you could have fun in,” giving an explanatory erection embrace.

“Well that sounds good,” trying to laugh instead of moan. “So anything else exciting happen?”

“Well you know Becky came over,” she said offhandedly, pausing, and then said,” and then we fucked the shit out of each other with that big double-ended dildo.”

There was a slight staining of the ol’ denims as my cock lurched at her casual comment. Kate snorted iced tea out of her nose and Gina nearly choked on a bite of pepperoni.

“What was that?” Gina inquired, still hacking.

“Well, Becky came over to talk about the shoot at the ranch and she brought lunch, but it turned out we were more interested in eating each other than the lunch she’d brought.”

“Well crap,” Gina said as she gave Kate a slap on the arm. “I told you we should have come home for lunch, but nooo… you wanted sushi for lunch when we could have had some fresh redheaded pussy instead.”

“Ouch,” she said, rubbing her arm. “If I’d have known that that was an option;”now giving Britt the stink-eye, “I’d have had some of that.”

“Yeah, well I guess I might have shared,” Britt smiled, her hand still abusing my cock; “Maybe next time.”

“So,” Gina continued the interrogation, “you used the big double flesh colored one?”

“Yeah, I gave her the option of that or George Jr.” Britt answered.

I was about to ask about Junior but Kate read my mind, “Yeah, you remember Jr. The one we had made of your cock.” I could only nod.

“So the double, huh?” Gina asked once more, rather clinically.

“Yeah, we were able to take it all and we rubbed our pussies against each other with that big fucker inside us. Holy shit, we both came like crazy…oh that reminds me, the sheets from upstairs need to go in the dryer.” Her hand continued to keep me aroused, like it needed help.

“There is no way I could do that,” Kate squeaked at the thought. “That thing is too big for me.”

“Well you can take all of George here,” Britt smiled at me as she stroked me some more and just smiled knowingly. “George is bigger than that.”

“Yeah well, maybe because it’s him, you know the real deal and maybe I get wetter or something; I don’t know, but shit, I’m so wet now, I could probably take a baseball bat,” bringing her hand out from under the table and displaying two wet fingers. It was Gina’s turn to taste-test the little vixen as she sucked the little ones fingers clean. My cock was in serious danger of letting loose and Britt knew it.

“Anyway, that and some more paperwork and computer stuff and that was about it.” Her other hand had mysteriously reappeared above the table top and she put her bowl on her plate; “I didn’t realize it was getting so late,” she said as she looked over at the clock. It was later than it seemed it should be. “Babe, why don’t you go get your shower and we’ll clean up in here, okay?”

I’m no fool and I quickly stood up,” Yeah, that works for me, I am feeling pretty beat.” I gave each girl their good-night kiss without all the gyrations that the welcome-home kiss seemed to come with and headed for the bedroom. Out of my earshot, the girls huddled up and talked while they cleaned. “So what’s up?” Gina asked Britt.

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