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Executive Platinum Ch. 19

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Dear Reader, thank you for reading, voting, and your feedback, both good and bad. Although good feedback is preferred, I’ll admit I make more changes after the bad, but either way I always love hearing from the readers.

This is the continuing story of Jim, his friends, and lovers. The story begins, in case you’re new and want to know what’s happening, here: https://www..com/s/executive-platinum-ch-01

And in case you’ve missed it, the preceding chapter is here: https://www..com/s/executive-platinum-ch-18

Enjoy the read, this is a short one.


“I really like your house,” Gloria said, standing at the picture window overlooking the valley that evening; the conference had ended by mid-afternoon and we’d just headed to my home. “It’s got a gorgeous view.”

“And a phenomenal spa, and pool, and at one time a not so phenomenal mortgage payment,” I laughed.

“I’ll bet.”

“Actually it wasn’t any worse than our last house, almost exactly the same, but this house was a big step up. But the mortgage mostly went away with Debs life insurance.” I stepped up behind Gloria, putting my arms around her, looking over her shoulder. “Debs called it our ‘McDonalds House,’ like the Big Mac – it has everything.”

Gloria wrapped her arms around mine, her hand stroking my arm. “You really loved her, didn’t you?”

“Ummm-hmm,” I hummed in her ear as acknowledgement.

“I can tell.” I knew that broaching the subject meant that she was also thinking of love – and me. Although I had a deep affection for Gloria, I didn’t love her the way I had my Debs. I didn’t say anything, just moved my hand to hers and squeezed, acknowledging I knew what she was thinking.


“You liked that, didn’t you?” We were in bed; I was on my back, Gloria astride me with my cock inside her. Neither of us was trying to get off, we were just enjoying the feeling of our coupled bodies. I didn’t have to explain what I meant; she knew without saying that I was talking about the night before with Shirley.

“Did you ever do anything like that with Debs?” the acknowledgement of her liking it left unsaid.

“No exhibitionism like that, but we played with others.”

“Janice, was that it?”

“Jenny. And her husband Bill.”

“Oh yeah, Jenny. Mmmm.” She ground her clit against my pubic bone. My hands were roaming her body, from nipples to butt, holding her ass as she rode my cock, gently tweaking her nipples, giving her the most pleasure that I could. My lust for sex had been sated in the last couple of days; now it was just nice to slowly make love with a beautiful woman.

“How did you know?” she asked a bit later, lying in the crook of my arm, snuggled against my side. Her hand had caressed my belly and played with my chest hair.

“Know what?”

“Shirley… How’d you know she wanted to do that?”

“Masturbate for us?”


“Several things; but mostly when we were at dinner. Her body language… her eyes.” I reviewed in my mind and mentioned how she’d leaned in when Gloria had talked about showing off; how her nostrils had flared momentarily, breathing in a bit more deeply at one time; her nipples briefly appearing erect through her dress another, positioning her body in an open and accepting position during our conversation. “And I just had the feeling at the spa; the way she joined us nude without any problem, a studied nonchalance – actually too much so. She wasn’t interested in outright sex with us, but there was something.”

“Why did you order her to masturbate?”

“Wasn’t that obvious? Because she wanted to. Didn’t you notice – Shirley could barely keep her hands off herself? I think she’s got a bit more exhibitionism in her than she admitted.”

“How’s that?”

“She said they were voyeurs, they like to watch, but she liked showing off for us too. I just knew she wanted to masturbate with us, just like I knew you wanted me to order you to be my little slut and suck my cock. You know you wanted to, but you wanted her to know I was telling you to.”

“I did?”

“Of course you did. You held back, playing bashful to begin with. You liked it when I let you be submissive, ordering you to suck me while she watched.”

“I guess.” I didn’t say anything, it was as I’d said whether she knew it, or admitted it, or not.

“Did you ever watch sex movies with Debs?”

‘Yeah, sometimes. Did you? With your husband?”

“Not with him. I don’t know as he ever watched any, at least he didn’t around me.” She paused, “I was just thinking of Shirley saying she watches with her husband.” It was a bit of prying, Gloria asking about my wife, but she was also my current lover and lying naked beside me at the moment. I thought about it; what my wife and I did was ancient history, and Gloria was more than just a passing fling.

“Debs and I used to do that sometimes too. She liked to lie on her side where we could watch together and she’d suck my cock and I’d finger her at the same time.” Gloria’s ortaköy escort hand shifted downward, gripping my flaccid cock when I said this. She squeezed once, and then just held me, getting barely any reaction from my body.

“What did she like to watch?”

“What kind of porn?”


I still wasn’t sure where this was going. Why the sudden interest in watching sexy movies? Was it Shirley and her confession? Maybe, but this seemed to be something else – and then it dawned on me what her answer had been.

“So, you didn’t ever watch porn with your husband, but you do by yourself? Is that what you meant?” Bingo! I could tell from her reaction this was it, although she didn’t answer immediately. Despite all that we’d done, her coming out of her sexual shell, when something a little bit “taboo” showed up, she always tried to deny it the first time. “It’s OK, Gloria, I’m not judging. Most of the world looks at porn occasionally.” She nodded.

“So – this is at home? I guess when you’re alone?”

“Most of the time. I don’t have a boyfriend living across the street that I can call any time when I’m feeling horny.”

“Ah – a little something to help when you’re all hot and bothered and Jim’s not available? Is that it?” I chuckled, reaching out and stroking her arm.

“You didn’t answer.”

“Huh?” I said, not realizing that I’d done what most of us do; deflect instead of answering a question.

“I asked what Debs liked to watch.”

“Oh.” I felt my heartbeat quickening, recognizing that this was verging on what I normally wouldn’t have shared. I knew exactly what Debs liked to watch, I did too – that’s why we’d made those movies. But she’d always been adamant that despite a very open attitude about sex, about recording our personal time for our personal enjoyment, that those were personal. She’d always recognized with her public persona, her visible sex education public position, which if so much as even a rumor of personal sex movies was out there that it could have adversely affected her. No matter that it matched what she was teaching or not. When we had a special sex weekend, an anniversary or birthday or sometimes just that we were home and horny and in a playful mood – we almost always included our personal sex movies, or perhaps made another. And, except for Jenny and Bill who were included in many of them, we’d never shared them with anyone else.

All of this flashed through my mind in an instant. But, Debs was no longer with me; although I’d never even so much as hinted to anyone outside of our personal world that we had such risqué homemade materials, it could no longer affect her. And Gloria was my current lover, although admittedly not my exclusive lover.

“She liked watching the movies we made together the best.”

“You guys did that?”

“I just said we did.”

“What about you? Have you got anything that you like to watch?” Instead of answering, she rolled her bottom away from me and bent her head down to her hand, guiding my limp dick into her mouth.

The feeling was exquisite as always, but I knew it wasn’t going to do any good – yet.

Reaching down and stroking her hair I said quietly, “It’s too soon, baby.” Pulling back she kissed the head, and pivoted on the bed back to snuggle against me.

“I like sucking your cock.”

“I know you do, you’ve said that before.” My mind flashed to our conversations about how she’d sucked her husband probably thousands of times, but didn’t let him finish in her mouth. But when she sucked me to completion there was no pulling back until I begged her to stop when I became too sensitive. She’d sucked her husband only because it was what he wanted, she’d done what she had to do; but with me she sucked me because she wanted to.

“I like looking at a lot of stuff.”

“Me too. What’s your favorite?”

“I guess my favorite is geared to women. Those long soft, sensual, loving seductions between a man and a woman or a ménage à trois are what I probably like most. I really like two men and a woman, but I also like women on women, too, lesbian stuff. And I like gang bangs, one woman and a whole bunch of men. When I’m really horny the thought of six or eight or ten men lined up to fuck me one after another… Oh My God!”

“Really?” I queried, “That somewhat repressed little lady that I met on a plane has certainly come a long way, imagining a gang bang.” She giggled.

“Yeah, when I’m really horny, I like those best; the thought of a group of men lined up, fucking me one after another and making me cum again and again.”

“Not blow jobs? Most of those include sucking everyone in sight.”

“Yeah, they all do. I also like the ménage à trois movies the other way too, with two women sharing a man; that always reminds me of us.”

“How’s that?” I asked, slightly befuddled. Except that we’d played at the same time with Steve and Mary, and she knew about Janet and Bug and me, but we hadn’t really had a otele gelen escort threesome, had we? I guess she had fed my cock into Mary’s pussy after sucking me, but it really hadn’t been me and two women.

“Do you know what the hottest thing we’ve ever done is?” It seemed that this was a change of subject but I answered.

“I think there have been lots of things that were pretty hot.”

“Sharing you with Melissa.”

Oh, of course! How could I have forgotten a weekend with the two of them where we’d shared every way possible, including the two of them together giving me a most memorable blow job.

“Oh, you liked sucking me with your daughter?”

“More than that, I liked watching you fuck her. I imagine that’s what it looks like when you fuck me.” Her hand was again stroking my chest; her fingers found a nipple and twirled around it. “Do you still have those movies of you and Debs?”

“Yes.” I answered after a pause to think about it. I definitely did, although I hadn’t looked at them since she died. We’d started with a VCR camera, in fact I still had a VCR player stored with those tapes, but as we’d upgraded cameras over the years, we had some more modern stuff too, and I’d transferred everything worth keeping to digital years ago.

“Can we watch them?”

A pang went through my heart, as it did any time I thought of making love with my wife. I’d never shared these outside of the bedroom with those involved, but Debs was gone. Bill and Jen were still around, but she’d never met the two of them. How did I feel about this now, showing my wife and me or Jenny and me or Bill and either my wife or Jenny? On the one hand, I could just destroy everything and be done with that part of my life, but I didn’t want to be done with that part of my life. In reality Debs and I had both enjoyed our homemade sex tapes over the years, but especially because we watched them together, enjoyed them together, got aroused and made love from our own arousal, recorded on the TV. But I hadn’t looked at them since Debs died.

“Why?” A simple question, I’m not sure why I asked it. Gloria was asking to watch my homemade sex tapes, obviously for the same erotic pleasures that we had.

“I don’t know why, but when my husband was sleeping with others, it hurt; I wanted to kill him. But with you, it’s just the opposite. You opened my life, opened me up to different experiences and the more I try different things the more I like them. And I’ve found out, you’ve shown me, that love doesn’t have to be exclusive. I like sharing you with Mary or Janet. Knowing that you may be pleasuring Janet or Kristen when you’re not with me; watching you with Melissa and Mary, excites me. Having Melissa watch me make love to you turned me on so much, but watching you with her, or with others, turns me on even more. I never knew your wife, but if you’re so in love with her still – she had to be a wonderful woman.

“She was that.”

We laid there quiet for several minutes before I asked.

“Did you ever take sexy pictures of Debs?”

“Every picture of Debs was sexy,” I laughed, “but I already told you we made our own personal movies.”

“You know what I mean,” she giggled, squeezing my cock to chide me.

I did know what she meant, I just didn’t admit it. “What do you mean?”

“Did you take sexy pics, you know… like in her lingerie?”

“Oh, you mean personal pictures. Yes, I took personalpictures of my wife in her lingerie… and sometimes out of her lingerie, too.” I felt her hand tighten slightly on my dick when I said this.


“Yes.” She wasn’t looking at me but I could see her face. Her nose flared at this, her body melted against me just a little bit more.

“That turns you on, doesn’t it? Hmmm?” I continued, reaching down and touching her chin, turning her face so she had to look at me. “Where are you going with this?”

Her lower lip pulled back between her teeth. She looked right into my eyes and said “I want pictures of us. I want a picture of me sucking your cock.”

“That’s pretty specific,” I laughed. “I thought it was supposed to be the guys who always asked for that type of picture. And just what else do you want?”

“Can we make a video? I want to be able to watch you fucking me the way I watched you with Melissa.”

“You seem to be getting into this watching others thing, don’t you?”


It had been quite some time since I’d had my camera gear out, and the batteries in the camera were dead, naturally. “That’s probably for the better anyway,” I commented.

“Why’s that?”

“Just starting out being naked is a bit unnatural for a first time,” I said, the voice of experience, even though it had been quite some time. “Getting gradually undressed is much easier. Why don’t you put on something sexy underneath your clothes and we can go to dinner now, let me recover a bit more, and then we can play with the camera when we get back?”

“I don’t think I’m ready otele gelen escort for dinner just yet, how about we go for an ice cream?”

“Only if you wear something sexy.”

“Maybe… you’d like a strip tease?” I raised my eyebrow and smiled in response. “Then why don’t you get out of here for a few minutes so it’s a surprise.” I took the camera to my office to charge the batteries and just stayed away until I heard her call. I wasn’t sure what she had on underneath, but she had on a sexy little number of a dress, one that I hadn’t seen before.

“Wow, you look really nice!” I said, stepping up to her to take her into my arms, even though I was still naked. She looked up and grinned as I reached out for her, looking up to kiss me as I ran my hands down her back. My hands caressed her, noticing the change from whatever was on her back to nothing but just skin as I reached her bottom. She reached back and stopped my hands there as I began to slowly pull her dress up.

“Get dressed; you’re buying me a Sundae and then you can play with the merchandise when we get back.”


Gloria turned out to be surprisingly photogenic, and a natural model. She wasn’t bashful, doing all that I asked as I had her gradually strip off her clothes. I wasn’t sure what she had on underneath, except that it had left her bottom bare, but I wasn’t disappointed. Just like the dress, she had gotten something new that I hadn’t yet seen. All black, a mostly lacy and see through body hugging piece, it had a thong bottom that was translucent in front and nothing but a string in back. The built in bra lifted and supported her breasts, making her look surprisingly busty. I snapped photo after photo as she gradually got naked, posing her on the bed and the chair fully clothed, and then again partly clothed and more of the same once she got totally naked. I had her give me a ‘come hither’ routine on the bed, even getting her a glass of wine as a prop. She loved it all – as did I. When she was finally naked, I started asking her to do more and more explicit poses, going from the erotic to pornographic. She cupped her breasts, stroked her mound, slipped a finger in her pussy – and then two. She masturbated, turned over and showed me her ass, again slipping her fingers into her vagina, and fingered herself. Turning back over, she spread her lips with one hand, her other fingers dancing on her clit – all while looking into the camera. I could tell from the wetness on her fingers and her erect nipples that she was more than enjoying herself.

Suddenly she rose off the bed where I’d been taking the last few pictures, ignoring my directions and walked over to me. With dinner and the photos, I had more than recovered from our earlier session and apparently she could see the bulge in my pants and was ready for more. Without saying anything she just started unbuttoning my shirt. I put the camera down and helped, until I too was naked, semi-erect penis at the ready. “Get the camera,” she said, slowly lowering herself to her knees in front of me, sliding her hands down my chest and body as she did. Kneeling in front of me she looked up and began to lick my cock, posing once again with my erection as her prop. She proceeded to love on my tool while I snapped pictures. I didn’t let her continue for long, knowing that just sucking my cock wasn’t all there was, I guided her to different posed positions, trying for the erotic, not just outright pornographic. Gloria was a willing and eager model, readily moving into position after position as I let the camera seek out the beauty of her body.

Still light outside, she posed in front of the window, her body in silhouette. She showed me her pussy and ass while on her knees, her breasts dangling, nipples erect and highlighted against the white of the sheet. She spread her legs and opened her pussy with her fingers, and later I took multiple pictures of my cock in her pussy; from behind, on her back, and while riding me. The more pictures I took, the hotter and more wanton she got, and the more she wanted my cock in her mouth. Once more she dropped to her knees with me standing and it was obvious that this time she intended to get me off. Sometimes she closed her eyes, obviously relishing the feel of a cock in her mouth; other times she had her eyes open, looking at me and the camera.

After a while, her hand dropped between her legs, and she began masturbating with one hand while blowing and stroking with the other. When she said “Let’s make the finale nasty – cum on my face,” it was all I could do to concentrate on the camera as my cock began to tingle in her mouth, her eyes looking up at me. I no longer could focus or frame the camera, my finger just pulling the trigger uncontrolled when I felt the cum welling up in the base of my cock. She felt it too, pulling back just in time, as my cock convulsed explosively and I groaned, the single largest spurt of cum landing on her cheek beside her nose. Several smaller throbs of semen oozed out, my knees buckling at the same time. She pursed her lips, the remaining semen visible on her lips as she pressed them against the head of my cock before taking it back in her mouth. My cock head was painfully sensitive, but as I flinched and pulled back to the touch of her tongue and lips she opened her mouth and let me go.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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