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Fantasy Visit Ch. 2

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Big Tits

I walk into your apartment and make myself comfortable on the plush couch. I stretch out my legs and feel the cool breeze from the open window sending shivers up and down my body. You walk up to me, brushing my thigh with your hand. Reaching up my skirt, feeling the soft, hairless skin above my cunt lips, you trace your finger around my clit and softly rub the outer folds of my pussy, getting your hand wet with my juices.

I grab your shirt and pull you toward me, kissing you hard on the lips, then pushing you away, tracing your lips with my tongue. I reach for your shirt and slowly start to unbutton it, one by one, exposing your strong, masculine chest. I pull your shirt off and start kissing your hip bone, stomach, up your chest, licking over each of your nipples, then standing up and kissing your lips, your cheeks and your ears. You grab my hand and lead me to the bed.

I push you down and slowly lift my tank top from my body, exposing my small, firm tits. My nipples point out at you, as if they were inviting you to suck on them. You lean forward to kiss them and I push you back, telling you to wait. I turn around and lift my skirt up around my waist, teasing you with my naked ass. You grab it and turn me around, grabbing my hips as I slide my short, black skirt down my legs, to the floor. I am standing naked in front of you, my exquisite body exposed.

I reach for your zipper and tug at your pants. You gladly help me out, tossing them to the floor. I can see your rock hard prick poking through your boxers, it looks so good. I firmly push down your shorts, watching your cock spring out as I let it free. I lower my head to your gigantic cock and kiss around the tip. Using my lips and tongue to get it nice and slippery and wet. I then reach to your side and grab both pair of handcuffs sitting next to your bed.

I take your right kurtuluş escort wrist and fasten it to your bedpost with the handcuffs. I then do the same with the left. You lay down, making yourself more comfortable and exposed to me.

My pussy is now so wet it’s dripping down the inside of my thighs. I am aching to cum. I bring my hands to my tits, pinching and pulling at my nipples, making them hard for you. I move closer and spread your legs as I sit between them, facing you, with my wet pussy right in front of you, wide open. I extend my legs further as my hands travel down my body, stopping to play with my belly button ring that you love so much.

I bring my hands to the soft flesh between my legs and start to rub up and down my slit. Your cock twitches when I do this and your eyes and mouth are agape. I lean back and begin to rub my clit in small, circular motions. My breathing becomes heavier and small moans escape my lips. I slowly wiggle one finger into my pussy, pushing it deeper and deeper. I pull it out and show it to you, juices dripping down my hand. I bring it to your lips and you suck it off.

I then bend over and reach down into the bag I dropped next to the bed. I pull out a 7-inch-long, 2-inch-wide, blue vibrator. I turn it on and the buzzing noise fills the room. I bring it to my pussy and let it concentrate on my clit. The vibrations are causing bolts of energy to flow through my body, as my cunt becomes wetter and wetter. I move the blue toy to my pussy lips and slowly push it in a few inches. Your eyes are fixated at the scene between my legs, as your cock looks like it is going to burst. I bring my left hand to my clit as I push the vibrator father into my pussy, squealing as I do this. I push harder and deeper, until all 7 inches are inside of my tight cunt. I close my eyes and begin levent escort to rub my clit faster, matching the speed the blue toy is fucking me with.

Harder and harder I thrust. Loud cries of pleasure and the wet sound of my pussy fills the room. I scream out, telling you it feels so good and I am about to cum, as I fuck my pussy harder and faster, pounding the vibrator into my cunt as my finger rubs my clit at high speeds. I can feel my orgasm building up; more and more and more, until I can’t take it anymore. I shove the vibrator into my pussy deep and hard as I scream out, feeling my muscles contracting around it. Cum is seeping out of me, coating the blue object and the bed below me. I pull the toy out of my spent cunt and bring it to my mouth, taking a lick, then offering you the rest. Your tongue greedily laps up the aftermath of my orgasm.

I smile and look down at your cock, which has maintained its enormous erection the entire time. I push your legs back together and straddle them. I lean forward and begin to lick at your balls, moving my way up to your stomach, your chest and then your lips. I shove my tongue down your throat and kiss you passionately.

I let down my hair as I lean forward to you and let it fall onto your body. I take a small section of my soft locks into my hand and slowly brush it over your face, moving it down to your neck, across your chest and nipples, down your stomach and to your cock, where I stop.

With my face in front of your cock, I lightly blow on you, brushing the strands of my hair along the length of your shaft. Up and down I stroke your prick with my hair. I flick it around the head of your cock, then down to your balls. You’re so hard and thick, it looks as if you’re going to erupt all over my face. I move back up over your body, positioning my wet snatch maçka escort over your cock.

Deciding that you’ve had enough teasing, I unlock both sets of handcuffs and free you from your limitations. You immediately grab my hips and thrust me down onto your prick, causing both of us to grunt. I lean forward, with your cock in me, and press my tits to your chest. You begin to guide my hips and I start to rock back and forth on your cock. My pussy squeezing you tight. I sit up, feeling you press against the walls of my wet cunt. I begin to bounce up and down on your cock, squeezing you tight with each thrust down on my pussy. My tits are shaking violently in front of you, as you grab them, pinching them tight and tugging at them. Harder and faster I ride your cock as you reach forward and stroke my clit. I can feel my orgasm quickly approaching as I scream out, telling you to fuck me harder, that your cock feels so good inside of me.

You grab my hips and lift me up, letting the head of your cock rub my clit. You then slam me down onto your monstrous piece of meat. Up and down you push and pull me onto your cock, deeper and deeper each time. Moans and screams of passion and pleasure are all around us, as I feel your cock twitching inside of me. I can tell you are about to cum, so I lean forward and kiss you, letting your cock almost slip out of my wetness. I then lean back and thrust your cock deep into my pussy, feeling it hit the back of me. Hard, deep, and fast, your cock pounds into me. I start to cum as my body trembles; my pussy milking your cock so hard, and my juices pouring out. As my muscles are contracting around you, you pull out and aim your cock at my face. You stroke it a few, quick times and then shoot your load of hot, creamy cum all over my face and tits.

I sit there, smiling at you, with cum splattered on my cheeks, lips, tits and stomach. I scoop some off of my face with my finger and stick it in my mouth, sucking it off. After our messy fun, you suggest we take a shower to clean off. The idea sounds enticing, but I have another surprise for you once we get in the shower…

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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