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Filipina Persuasion

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It was a sunny and warm early Autumn Saturday afternoon as I was walking through the streets of London. I was still coming to terms with the recent split from my boyfriend and had hoped some shopping therapy might help. Yet, despite spending most of the afternoon going through shops, I was not feeling much better. I decided to enter a cafe and sit down to mediate on my predicament with a warm cup of coffee.

It was exactly two months since he had left me. Up to that point my life was going well. Fresh out of university, I had just secured a well-paying job as a graphic designer for a medium-sized company in the city. I was planning to move in with my boyfriend and get engaged with him after almost the years of dating. He was a tall, fit, confident guy with a degree in software engineering and a bright future ahead. Often my female friends would congratulate me in finding such a rare catch. Then, out of the blue, he dropped the bombshell that he was leaving me for my then best friend. It hit me hard. I tried dating after the first month of mourning, but no guy could measure up to him. I was still feeling disappointed, bitter and betrayed and, lost in my thoughts, I gazed aimlessly into distance.

Or that is what I thought. In reality I had been staring in the direction of woman sitting at a table a few feet away. She had noticed my look and was now staring back at me. She must have been South East Asian by her look, probably in her early 30s, with straight, black, shoulder-length hair held in a pony tail and tanned brown skin. She was wearing a black and white chequered long-sleeved shirt and blue jeans. No lipstick or make-up and the only accessories were two small golden earrings and a purple wristband.

The Asian woman was staring straight into my eyes and did not avert my gaze when I stared back into her eyes. I blushed, realizing that inadvertently I might have freaked her out. I thus tried to defuse the situation by smiling at her. I felt a sense of relief when she smiled back. I then took out my mobile phone and started checking it. When I raised my gaze, she was standing in front of me. I panicked a bit, thinking that I might have offended her

“Oh! Hi…look, I’m sorry if I freaked you out before when I was looking in your direction. I was just lost in my thoughts…”

“Haha, nah, don’t worry sweetie! I was not offended at all! In fact I just wanted to get to know you. You don’t mind if I sit here, do you?” she said. I nodded my approval with a sense of relief that she was not upset

“My name is Maricar. And what is yours, gorgeous?”

“My name is Daphne.”

“Daphne…I like your name…it sounds cute, just like you are.”

I blushed at her words. Still it was nice to hear some compliments in my current state of mind. They sure helped me gaining back some self-esteem.

“So what do you do in London, Daphne?”

“I work here actually. I finished my studies last June and found a job as a Graphic designer. What about you?”

“I work as a nurse, babe. “

“Oh, I see. You are not British, though, are you?”

“No, I’m originally from the Philippines. Moved to London about 5 years ago. So, any plans for the evening sweetie?”

“Mmm, no, not really. I’ve been a bit depressed of late, so not really in a mood for going out or partying.”

“Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that! What happened?”

“I split up from my boyfriend two months ago. Well, he left me for my best friend. And I am still not over that…”

“Damn! I feel your pain, Daphne! I also recently broke up with my partner…”

“Really? Damn…aren’t men terrible?”

“Mmm, I would have to agree on that. Listen, how about we drown our sorrows together then? I know a nice pub where we can get some food and a few drinks. My treat!”

Maricar seemed a nice person and I had been in need of a bit fun after two months spent feeling sorry for myself. And I probably needed to do something crazy like going out for a dinner with someone I just met.

“Why not? It sounds more fun than going back to my bedroom and cry into my pillow anyway!”

“Haha! Cool, let’s go then! It’s only a couple of subway stops from here!”

Half an hour later we arrived at the pub and ordered some food and drinks and then sat down at a small table.

“I propose a toast to freedom and independence, Daphne. And to hell with bad relationships!” Maricar said.

“I’ll drink to that!” and in saying so I raised my glass and drank.

We kept drinking and chatting until the last orders were announced. By then I was rather tipsy.

“What? Already closing time? Damn, I was having such a great time!” I said.

“Yeah, I know! This sucks! Mmm, tell you what, why don’t we grab a bottle of wine in an off-licence and then head back to my place to drink it?”

I had been having a lot of fun chatting and laughing with Maricar and she seemed such a funny and nice person, so I had no trouble accepting her casino siteleri proposal enthusiastically.

We started walking towards her home and on the way, Maricar spotted an off-licence. She then grabbed my hand and led me into the shop to buy some red wine. In my drunken stupor, I did not pay too much attention to this little gesture. How many times had I grabbed a friend’s hand after a night out drinking, after all? As we exited the shop, Maricar again took hold of my hand as we walked towards her home chatting and laughing.

Back at her place, we sat down in a sofa next to each other and started drinking the wine.

“You know Daphne, I really like your clothes.” said Maricar. I was wearing a black a black sleeveless crop top that exposed my midriff and some light green shorts that exposed most of my legs.

“And you have such a nice flat tummy!” and as she said so she put her right hand on my belly and started rubbing it. I was initially taken aback, but the alcohol was helping me feel more relaxed and anyway it felt good to be appreciated.

“Your boyfriend was such a fool for dumping you! You are such a pretty and sexy girl!”

“Haha! Well, that’s very kind of you to say Maricar! I wish he had felt the same…”

“Bah! He did not deserve you! You are better off without him, believe me!”

“Maybe you are right…”

“Of course I am! You are such a special girl!” she then took hold of my hands with her and looked me in the eyes, “Honestly, if you were my girlfriend I’d never let you go!”

Her words and gestures seemed a bit weird, but I blamed it on the fact that we were both inebriated. I thus concluded she was just being nice and trying to console me.

“I appreciate your words, Maricar. Hopefully there is a decent guy out there and I will meet him one day…”

“Bah! I would not count on that. In my experience, all men are the same: selfish, arrogant and insensitive. You deserve far better than that!”

“Thanks. However, I think there are still some good guys out there…”

“Maybe. Damn, seems we finished the wine. But I have a bottle of Tequila around. How about we crack that open?”

“Yeah, sure! Why not?”

Maricar brought back the bottle of Tequila. We drank a shot, after which Maricar said, “How about we play a drinking game?”

“Mmm, what did you have in mind?”

“How about ‘Attached at the hip’? We scribble body parts on pieces of paper and put them together. We then pick one piece randomly each and have to make sure that the body parts mentioned stay attached. First one to If one of us fails, she has to drink a shot. You in?”

“Haha, that sounds like fun. Yeah, let’s play it!”

We started playing and the first combination was that my foot had to touch Maricar’s shoulder. So I took off my shoes and place a foot on her shoulder. Now, although I’m fairly flexible, holding that position was always gonna be hard and I fell on my butt. I had to drink a shot as my penance. The next combination was keeping our noses attached and although not as challenging, I was the first one to pull out and had to drink again. We did a couple more rounds and by the end I was heavily inebriated and losing a bit of control.

We both sat down on the couch again. Maricar then hugged me tight and whispered in my ear, “Oh, Daphne, you are so much fun!” She then kissed me on the cheek and broke the hug. Sitting in front of me, she ran her right hand on my left cheek, stroking it repeatedly while looking longingly in my eyes.

“Mmm, your skin is so soft and you look like a pretty angel with your blonde hair and green eyes!”

She then pulled her face close to mine, our noses almost touching as she kept staring me in the eyes.

“I wanna make you mine, Daphne. Make you forget all those selfish men and turn you into my girlfriend!”

Even in my drunken stupor, it finally dawned on me that she was a lesbian and it was her plan all along to take me back to her place. I tried to protest.

“Wha…? Look, you got it all wrong…I’m not a le-” but I could not finish my sentence. She planted her lips on mines and her tongue immediately forced her way into my mouth despite my weak resistance. Her tongue darted in my mouth with extreme urgency, playing with my tongue and pushing as deep as it could go. I could feel her saliva trickling in and along the edges of my mouth, as she relentlessly french kissed me. I was so drunk that I could only push feebly against her and let out weak cries.

When she finally broke her kiss, my chin and cheeks were covered in her saliva. Catching my breath I managed to say, “Please, Maricar, stop. This is wrong…”

“Stop? I haven’t even started, baby!”

She then sucked her right index and middle fingers while staring me straight in the eyes, then went back for another deep kiss, while her right hand reached underneath my panties. She easily forced my legs open and quickly found my clit with her fingers. She then began vigorously rubbing it up and down. Her touch felt electric. canlı casino It was not as rough or rushed as that of my past boyfriends. Instead she knew how to apply just the right amount of pressure and to move her fingers at just the right speed, while her touch still felt soft and delicate. Her dual stimulation and my lowered inhibitions due to the copious amount of alcohol I had imbibed soon began to get the better of me. My struggle against her grew weaker and I started letting out soft moans.

Noticing this, Maricar then stuck two fingers up my pussy, while keeping her palm cupped over my mound. She then began pumping her fingers in and out, while at the same time rubbing my mound with her palm. I had never experienced such a stimulation before and Maricar just seemed to know how deep to go with her fingers, where to touch me and how to rub my mound. It was enough to send shivers up my spine. Soon my moans were growing louder and my struggling ceased completely. I wrapped my arms around Maricar’s back and started kissing her back.

After a few minutes, Maricar broke our kiss and said, “Mmm, looks like you are getting very excited, babe! Your pussy is soaking wet! And you are not into women!”

Before I could reply, Maricar locked her lips on mines again and began pumping her fingers in me faster and deeper. I had never felt anything like that and began pushing my pussy against her fingers, trying to match her rhythm. Maricar then hooked her fingers and began rubbing my G-spot every time she was sliding her fingers into me. The arousal was getting too much for me and my moaning became louder and quicker. Maricar then whispered in my ear, “Yes, that’s a good girl! Let me hear you come. Come, come for me, babe.”

Hearing these words was enough to send me over the edge and I came with a loud moan. We remained in a hug for a few more minutes as I breathed heavily while recovering from my orgasm. Then, Maricar stood up, took me by the hands and lifted me up.

“That was just the beginning, babe. Let’s go to my bedroom. I have much more to show you!” and led me to her bedroom

We sat down on the bed and Maricar said, “Take your top off, baby girl. I wanna see your boobs!”

I took of my top and bra and sat bare-chested in front of her.

“Wow, your breasts are so beautiful!” and in saying so she cupped them with her hands. Her touch felt so electric and I could not help letting out a soft moan. She then started kneading my boobs with her hands, twisting my nipples with her fingers and pulling them towards her. She soon realised that the harder she was kneading, twisting and pulling, the louder I would moan in pleasure and she was soon grabbing my breasts roughly and aggressively, pinching and pulling my nipples hard towards her.

“Mmm, you like it rough, don’t you, little girl?” she purred.

“Y-yes, yes I do…” I managed to whisper between moans.

She then made me turn with my back against her and cupped my breasts from behind while whispering in my ear, “Mmm, I could play with your breasts all day long, Daphne. So firm and perky…” and then began nibbling at my ear with a little giggle.

Her mouth soon travelled to my neck, which she began kissing, licking and biting. At the same time her hands where cupping and squeezing my breasts together. All this sent further shivers of pleasure down my spine. After a while, she grabbed hold of my hair at the base and pulled my head back firmly. She then planted her lips on mines and put her tongue in my mouth as deeply as it would go and started playing with my own tongue with passion and intensity. Her kiss was relentless and she only finally pulled out after several minutes of intense kissing that made me let out muffled moans in her mouth.

“Mm, you are a good, obedient little girl, aren’t you Daphne?” I could only nod in my haze.

“Ok, wait here,” she then stood up and went to her kitchen to take out some whipped cream, which she then put on a table next to the sofa.

“Ok, now I want you to kneel in front of me, Daphne”. Being ordered around like that sent a shiver down my spine, awakening a longing that I had long neglected. I was more than eager to comply the order of this confident and dominant Asian woman who had just turned my world upside down.

“Now, take off my sneakers.”

I did as she ordered and removed each one of them, leaving her in her socks.

“Good girl. Now take off my socks…with your teeth!”

I did not think twice and eagerly complied, taking each sock off with my teeth. As I was doing so I also smelled the intoxicating aroma of her feet, which further turned me on. When I finished I knelt back in place staring at her dusky feet as if mesmerised.

” You like my feet don’t you, you naughty girl?” I blushed and nodded.

“Well, it’s your lucky day then!”

She then took the whipped cream and put it all along her soles.

“Here is your treat. Now lick it all off!”

She did not have to tell me twice, as I eagerly began running my tongue all along kaçak casino her right sole first, making sure to lick every single bit of cream with my whole tongue and then also sucking each one of her toes for good measure, while always staring Maricar in the eyes. I then repeated the same procedure with her left foot. The taste of her soles was absolutely aphrodisiac and I found myself getting carried away, licking and sucking her soles and toes with passion.

Once I finished her soles and toes were glistening with my saliva. Maricar looked at them then at me with a satisfied smile.

“You have done a good job, Daphne! But now my feet are all wet…we need to dry them.”

She then put her feet on each of my breasts and started rubbing them with her soles and then grabbing my nipples with her toes and pulling them, which really turned me on. She continued until she was satisfied her feet were dry.

“Good girl! You deserve a reward!”

Maricar then asked me to stand up in front of her.

“Daphne, I want you to take your shorts and panties off now. But do it slowly and sexily, like a strip-tease.”

“Can I put some music on then? I think I can put on a nice show for you.”

Maricar agreed. I removed my shoes and socks and then put on a Shakira song and started dancing to it sensually, like Shakira does in her videos. I then slowly removed my shorts and then teasingly turned around and bent over, so that Maricar could catch a good glimpse of my ass. She could not resist and slapped it.

“Ouch!” I said.

“Oh, don’t give me that, you naughty girl! I bet you enjoyed it!”

And of course Maricar was right, as her slap really sent some tingles of pleasure up my spine.

I then took of my panties and finally stood in front of her naked when the song finished. Maricar was staring me with a lustful gaze full of unbridled passion and said, “Mmm, you look so yummy Daphne! I’ve gotta have you!”

She then grabbed me by the waist and pulled me towards her. Her mouth went immediately for my breasts and she started licking and sucking my nipples. Her sucking soon became very passionate and she started taking in as much of my breasts in her mouth as she could and sucking hard on them, so much so that I could hear a popping sound whenever she would eventually let my breasts out of her mouth. My breasts started turning slightly red and I was getting increasingly aroused and started moaning again. But it was when she started nibbling and biting my breasts with her teeth, eventually holding and pulling them, that I started getting seriously wet. Maricar placed a hand on my pussy and felt my wetness.

“Mm, I think you are now ready for your reward, you naughty girl!” she then pushed me on the bed and stood up. She took her clothes off and stood naked in front of me. I stared at her dusky body, her small but firm breasts, her dark brown nipples and could not help but take in how exotic and attractive she looked.

“Do you like what you see?” She quipped with a smile and I nodded.

She then went to a set of drawers and told me to close my eyes. I could hear her rummage through one of the drawers and then work with something. Finally she told me to open my eyes. I could scarcely believe what I saw. She was standing in front of me wearing a black strap-on that I estimated must have been around 8″ long. My mouth dropped.

“Do you like it? It’s all for you baby! I can’t wait to put it in you and make you scream with pleasure! But first, you gotta show me you deserve it. Now, kneel in front of me, babe.”

I did as she told me and knelt in front of her. She then took the strap-on in her right hand and gently stroked it.

“You want it, don’t you?” I could just nod mesmerised.

She then slapped the plastic cock against my face a few times and said, “I want you to suck my cock. I want you to take it all in and suck it as hard and passionately as you can while you stare me in the eyes!”

She then grabbed the back of my head and pushed the strap-on in my mouth. I swallowed as far as I could and then began to rhythmically suck it up and down, while maintaining eye contact with Maricar. As I was doing so, I could hear some soft moans escaping from her mouth, as she was obviously enjoying it. After about 5 minutes, she yanked my head back by the hair. Her plastic phallus was now glistening with my saliva.

“You did a good job, baby. I think it is ready for your pussy now!”

She made me stand up and turn around and then pushed me on the bed. She made me go on all four, knelt behind me and said, “I’m gonna fuck you so hard like no man has ever fucked you!”

She grabbed my waist with her hands and slowly pushed her cock into my pussy, pausing every few seconds to allow me to get adjusted to it. When it was finally all the way in, she grabbed my hair at the base, yanked my head back and said, “It feels so good in you, doesn’t it?”

“Mmm, yeah…”

She then began sliding her strap-on in and out of me. She started with a slow motion that had me softly moaning and sighing in no time. She the gradually increased her tempo, until it was a furious gallop. I was now moaning in loud abandon when she suddenly stopped, grabbed my hair and pulled them back hard.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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