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Finally, I Got To Do Her

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I’ve worked with a woman named Cheryl the past four years and have been dying to have sex with her almost the whole time. She’s about 45, married with two kids, but has a dynamite figure. She’s short, about 5’1″, a very flat stomach, great ass, and her tits are awesome – if I had to guess probably about a 36C but on her small frame they stand out quite a bit. She has dark hair and wears it just below her ears. Brown eyes and a sensuous mouth complete the picture. She dresses very professional but Fridays are jean days for our company and that’s when she can turn up the heat. She usually wears low rider jeans and a top that may barely meet the top of her jeans. This leads to her exposing her stomach in short flashes, something that drives me nuts as I have somewhat of a belly button fetish and am always trying to get a peak at hers. Since we’re in the same department I’ve seen a lot of flashes of her belly but have never seen her navel.

She’s very nice and professional and I’ve always wondered if she knows she has this effect on the guys in our department (I’m sure they feel the same way even though I’ve never discussed her with anyone in this regard). I’m 48, married, but my wife and I have had encounters with others on occasion and fortunately our relationship is strong enough we don’t feel threatened as long as we’re honest about who we’re with when we pursue the extra marital action. I’ve only had seven different partners in the 24 years we’ve been married. My wife has had nine, so we’re fairly selective and we have agreed that we will never attempt this with a friend as we don’t know how they would react. I did discuss Cheryl with her and she had no problems if I pursued her. Since our company was eliminating our positions within the next two months, I felt now was the time to try and hopefully wouldn’t suffer any consequences.

Last Friday I went into the small break room on our floor for some coffee and Cheryl was already in there. She had her back to me and was reaching up into the cabinet for creamer. Her ass looked fabulous in the tight jeans she was wearing and she had on a red short sleeved sweater that was riding up and showing quite a bit of her back and to my delight, a peek of a thong. I felt now was the time to approach her and I said,

“You know you look really hot reaching up like that.”

She jumped as I startled her since she didn’t know I was there. She looked at me and replied,

“Alan, that’s not appropriate and I can’t believe you even said that. I think you need to walk away before I get really upset.”

“I didn’t mean to upset you; I’ve always thought you’re beautiful and extremely sexy. I just was always afraid to tell you.”

With that I left the room and went back to my desk and thought I’ve blown my chance and now will probably get in trouble with HR. I was nervous the rest of the day thinking at anytime I would receive a call and the issue would be known by everyone. The rest of the day went by and Cheryl didn’t talk to me or walk by office and HR never called so I felt I was ok in that regard but would never get to have sex with her.

On Tuesday the next week, she called me and asked me to come see her in her office. I thought, this is it, she’s gone to HR and I’m toast even though we’re losing our jobs anyway. I would lose the severance pay and get a mark on my name in the business community probably making it tough to get another job. As I made the dreaded walk to her office my heart was pounding with fear. As I walked in, she asked me to close her door and sit down.

“I want to talk to you about what you said last Friday. I can’t believe you even said that and I think it’s really inappropriate. I’m married with a family and wouldn’t dream of doing anything to ruin that”.

“Cheryl, can I say something and you won’t get upset or offended? If you don’t like what I say, just say so and I promise I’ll never mention this to you again.”

“I don’t like where this is going Alan, and I’m already getting upset again.”

“Just hear me out and I’ll be done.”

She thought for a second and said, “ok.”

“Like I said before I think you’re incredibly sexy and very beautiful. I would like to make love to you just once – now before you object think about this. Is there something sex related you would love to have done to you but your husband either doesn’t do it, or doesn’t like to do? For one time, I would do anything you wanted. I would never talk about this to you from that point and our lives would go on.”

I could tell she was thinking which really surprised me based on her previous reactions. She was quiet for a couple of minutes and then she took a deep breath and said very quietly,

“he won’t go down taksim üniversiteli escort on me.” “Has he ever tried?” “Yes, back when we were first married but he said it’s gross and after about a year he wouldn’t do it anymore.” “I don’t want to be offensive but do you suck him?” “No, he’s not interested. He usually licks my breasts a few times and climbs on top for a few minutes. God, I can’t believe I’m telling you this! I’m married with a family and shouldn’t be discussing this with you! I don’t even talk about this with my friends!”

I knew I was talking to a frustrated women in a long marriage but yet wasn’t being totally satisfied. She spoke again,

“John is really a great husband; he’s wonderful to me and the kids and does about everything we need around the house. I don’t want to hurt him or the kids.”

“Cheryl, I’m not talking about leaving your husband or family. I’m talking about a one time thing to just provide some satisfaction for you.”

“I just don’t know. I don’t know what to think!”

“Tell you what. I’ll go know and won’t mention this again. I don’t want to pressure you into doing something you’ll regret. I won’t tell anyone of this talk and I won’t bother you again.”

With that I got up and left. I had a massive erection and went to the bathroom for some relief. It only took a few strokes of my hand, thinking of what she said, before I shot my load into some tissue. I cleaned up and went back to my office.

Over the next two weeks, I didn’t talk to her much. We were cordial at the office and said hello when we ran into each other. We made small talk when necessary but nothing further than that. Later that week on a Friday when she wasn’t in the office, I received a strange e-mail. It was originally blocked by our company servers but I could see the message line and it said, “4:30 my house Friday.” I was curious and went into the e-mail files and noted it was not spam so the server would let it through. It was an e-mail from Cheryl in a Yahoo account and she said her husband had left for the weekend and her kids would be going on a weekend camping trip with another family. She wanted me to come by her house after work today. My heart leaped into my throat as I read his. I deleted the e-mail and prayed the IT nerds wouldn’t see it or make a big deal of it. I went to my car and called my wife to let her know what would be happening.

As I drove to her house I played over in my mind wanted I want to do to her and when I arrived I was already hard as I’ve ever been. She greeted me at the door and was wearing the same red sweater and jeans from the day a few weeks ago when I first approached her.

“I thought you would like to see this again since you thought it was sexy.”

She took my hand and led me down the basement stairs to a bedroom. They had a walkout looking out into woods and there were no curtains on the windows.

“You’re not concerned the neighbors will see?”

“Our yard is fenced in and there’s no one behind us. Someone would have to walk through our gate to the back yard to see.”

I sat down on the bed and she was looking somewhat nervous.

“I’m not sure what to do,” she said. I replied,

“Why don’t you lift your arms up above your head like you did in the break room that day?”.

She slowly lifted her arms and as she did, the sweater started to rise. She exposed the belt of her jeans, her lower stomach and finally, the treasure I’ve been waiting years to see! She had a very flat stomach and her navel was an outie. I absolutely went nuts at the sight of it. I went to my knees in front of her but noticed a concerned look on her face.

“Don’t worry. I won’t do anything to hurt you and just let me know if you want me to stop.”

She barely whispered, “OK.”

I started to lick her belly from the top of her jeans and went in circles around her navel. She started to squirm and giggled.

“I’m a little ticklish there.”

I moved up to her navel and spent a few minutes tonguing her belly button and licking the area around it. She was starting to breathe a little heavier and squirming some more. As I continued to tongue her belly she reached up and removed the sweater she was wearing and exposed a light blue see through bra. I could make out the large dark areola but the amazing thing were her nipples. They were rock hard and about an inch in length, sticking out magnificently. As I looked at them she said,

“Sometimes my nipples embarrass me. I have to put band aids over them when I come to work so no one will notice. And when we’re in public depending on what I’m wearing I have to cover them as well.”

“I think they’re tophane escort absolutely gorgeous! And I’ll spend plenty of time licking them. I can’t believe your husband doesn’t devour them.”

“Alan, can we please not talk about John or mention him? I’m having a tough enough time as it is.”

With that said, she moved over next to me and laid down on the bed. I finished removing her top and bra. I started licking her stomach again and slowly made my way to her breasts. I started to lick her nipples and she started moaning,

“don’t stop..oh.oh……my god……please, please keep licking me.”

As I continued to lick them, she reached over and removed my shirt and started caressing my chest and nipples as well. I slowly moved my hand down her belly to her jeans and undid the belt she had on. She then helped me undo the snap and pulled them down. She was wearing a thong the same color as the bra. I stopped licking her nipples to look down and could see through the thong a full dark bush. I looked up at her and mentioned,

“you’re not shaved.”

“No reason to really since he doesn’t go down on me. Is that OK with you?”

“Actually I prefer women that don’t shave and just trim a little so this will be perfect.”

I went back to licking her nipples and slowly moved my hand down her body. I reached the top of the thong and moved my hand even lower. As I reached her mound, the thong was drenched with her juices and it was all over her thighs. Cheryl laughed and said,

“Oh my God! I get really wet when I get excited. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

I shushed her and said, “don’t be sorry. I feel kind of honored that you’re so turned on by me.”

I continued licking her erect nipples and now pushed her thong aside to get at her pussy. She started squirming and moaning again. I ran my hand over her hairy mound and could feel how wet she really was. I slid down and found her slit. She was bucking against my hand and moaning even more. I rubbed her slit a little bit and then shoved a finger in her steaming, sopping pussy. She grabbed my hand, screamed and pumped even harder against my finger. I slowly moved my kisses down her body, licking her stomach and belly button while continuing to finger her.

“Ahhhhh… god don’t stop….”

I then moved down and started licking the insides of her thigh.

She was trembling and moaning,

“mmm…mmm…you’re teasing me. Please, please lick me……..please”

I started tonguing her pussy lips and gently kissing the area around it while continuing to finger her. She grabbed my hair and was pulling her pussy into my face even harder.

“God, you’re driving me crazy. Yes, yes…………ohh …….keep licking, keep licking.”

She started to hump her pussy onto my mouth and my tongue moved faster and faster. My face was coated with her juices and she really tasted good. She was moaning real loud and starting yelling. I knew she was getting close and when I drove my tongue into her, I added a second finger as well.

“Oh my goddddd………….I can’ stand it….please, please, please……….eat me…eat me……I’m coming………. I’m commmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnggggggggg………”

and with that she went limp and was whimpering as she laid there. We laid there for a minute and she looked up at me and smiled.

“That was incredible. I haven’t come like that since we were first married.” I looked at her and said, “there’s more whenever you’re ready.” “I’m ready now!”

She was lying on her back and her beautiful tits were sticking up. They were fairly big with just a hint of sag. I asked her,

“Have you ever done a titty fuck?”

“Yes, a couple of times.”

I raised up so I could move on top of her and placed my cock between her tits. She took her hands and held her breasts together and I almost came then with the feeling of her breasts wrapped around my cock. I started moving my dick between her breasts. Cheryl completely surprised me by licking the top of my cock as it came out at the top of her breasts.

“You do that too much and I’ll blow my load real quick!”

“That’s ok, I’m sure you’ll be able to go again.”

I couldn’t get over how much her nipples stuck out. She grabbed my dick and rubbed it around her breasts and on her nipples. The feeling was awesome with her big nipples rubbing my cock. She placed my dick back between her breasts and continued to lick on the head. As I pumped my cock, I could feel the load building up. I told her,

“I’m about to come”

and she continued licking the head of my dick. My body spasmed as the first spurt shot out and went across her face into her hair. topkapı escort She squealed and said,

“oh my! That’s a huge shot.”

A second spurt landed on her face and several more spurts covered her breasts in come. She continued to pump my dick until I was spent and laid back next to her. She snuggled up to me and said,

“Wow, that was something. I could get used to this.”

I looked at her but didn’t say anything as this puzzled me. I took my shirt and cleaned the come from her face and chest and got it out of her hair the best I could. We laid on the bed for a while until she raised up and started kissing my chest. She moved up and kissed my neck and moved back down to my nipples. She licked and sucked on them and I stared to get aroused. Her hand moved down to my crotch and she started caressing my balls. Her head moved down my stomach and I could feel my cock stirring back to life. She moved further down and took my now renewed hard on into her mouth. She sucked the head and continued to caress my balls. She started to lick up and down my shaft, slowly running her tongue down one side and up the other, driving me crazy. She moved down and starting licking my balls and slowly stroked my shaft with her hand. She was really getting into it and I said,

“I thought you didn’t do this?”

She replied, “just because I don’t do it doesn’t mean I don’t know how.”

I shut up and continued to enjoy her sucking me thinking what an idiot her husband was, missing out on this just because he wouldn’t eat her pussy. She continued on for a few minutes when she raised her head and said,

“Are you ready to fuck me?”

“I was ready the minute I got here!”

She climbed up on me, reached back and lowered her pussy onto my shaft. She was soaked again and I slid in easily. She started moving slowly to get adjusted and leaned back a little. This caused her breasts to stick out and her erect nipples were just above me. I reached up and started massaging them with my thumbs. Her eyes were closed and she started moaning again. She continued riding me slowly.

“Oh yea……..fuck me, fuck me……..oh yea….mmmm……..mmmmmmm”

I reached down with one hand and cupped her ass. It was really firm and didn’t jiggle at all. I knew she worked out a lot but she was in really great shape and I was getting to enjoy it! I moved my other hand to her ass and started to caress and squeeze her cheeks. She started moving faster and started moaning louder,

“yes, yes ……..do me, do me”

She slowed down again and said,

“if you suck my nipples, I’ll come again”

She leaned down so I could lick on them and started sucking and licking. She continued the slow, agonizing pace but she also started to shake and quiver.

“Oh god…..again…..again……..again…….mmmmmmmm…….I’m gonna come…..”

I sucked harder on the nipple in my mouth and she gasped, yelled and went limp again. She laid on me not moving and I could feel her breathing start to calm down. I was still hard inside her and she said without looking,

“you didn’t come did you?”

“No, but we can go again if you want.”

“I’m going to be so sore. I haven’t had this much sex in a while. But I’m ready when you are.”

I had her move off me and lay on her stomach.

I told her, ” I really like doggy style.”

She looked at me and laughed. “That’s funny. It’s my favorite too but John doesn’t like it. He thinks it’s dirty so we don’t do it that way often.”

She rolled over, raised her hips and said,

“get that dick in me and let’s come again!”

I moved closer and gazed on her ass. Her cheeks are amazing – perfectly shaped and firm, with no extra fat noticeable.

She said, “what are you waiting for?”

“I’m just admiring your ass.”

“Well, I’m wanting to fuck you so get over here!”

As I moved closer, she reached back between her legs and guided my dick into her still hot pussy. I could feel it grasp around me as I entered and I knew I wouldn’t last long. We started to move in rhythm and she soon reached between our legs and started to caress my balls.

“Come on baby….fuck me….fuck me…..come on baby” “Yea…….yea…….keep going”

We were moving faster and faster and I knew I would explode soon. I reached up and grabbed her hair and pulled back on it as we fucked.

“Oh god, that’s awesome” she yelled.

“Keep that up and I’ll come again.”

I kept hold of her hair and continued to pump into her pussy. The come was boiling up in my balls and I told her, “here it comes.”

She yelled out, “yes…yes…..I’m coming again…I’m coming….yes, yes”

And with a shout I emptied my load into her. Afterward we laid again on the bed cuddling, not saying anything for awhile. She raised up and looked at me.

“If you do this with me twice a month, I won’t go to HR or spread this in the business community. Do we have an understanding?”

Speechless at what she said, who was I to argue?

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