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The thing that caught my attention every time I saw him was his eyes. Beautiful light chocolate, almost caramel colored, that seemed to be able to see through whatever I was wearing, to have their own fingers. Every time we were in the same room for more than 5 minutes alone, the heat rose. The mudroom at the ski cabin…that one was really close. I’m not afraid of him. Or of my own powerful attraction to him. I’m not afraid at all.

He’s my best friend’s brother. If I actually gave in to what I know would be an incredibly hot, and eventually satisfying fling, my bestie would kill me. But, I want him so bad!! Just seeing a glimpse of him is enough to get me wet. Being within eight feet of him, god, I swear he can smell my musk. My heat.

This wasn’t our usual get together, where our “group” got together. This was me being dragged along with Gina, to this guy she knew from work’s backyard bash. Food and drink, I was assured, were provided in quantity, and in quality, I found out later. With a Corona in one hand, a plate of food in the other, trying to find a spot to sit near Gina, I was a sitting duck. Never saw the volleyball until it knocked the food one way, exploded my beer from the other, and got knocked to the grass by what felt like a truck.

“Oh, my god! Tell me you’re alright? Are you hurt?” His familiar voice, brought me back to regular breathing. There were those eyes, worried but hopeful. They fit his face perfectly. Balancing his strong jaw, sharply carved cheekbones, and clear brow. His sandy blond hair flopped in his eyes.

“Yeah, I’m okay, Harry. Just get off me, please.” I let him help me to my feet, looked down at my party outfit. “You big jerk!! I’m soaked with beer, covered in food! Oaf!!” He smiled at me, almost as if he knew what he’d done had worked for his ulterior plans.

“Come on…we’ll get you cleaned up and into something…” he trailed off, leading me towards the basement door. In the darker cellar, he dragged me along to our host’s laundry room. “Inside, let’s get these…” he began, cornering me against the dryer, gently pulling at my blouse. He bent me backwards, using his mouth to suck the beer from my breast, surprising me into letting him.

He sucked hard, first on one, then its twin, massaging them. “This isn’t working too well. We gotta get down a layer.” he said, pulling my blouse from my shoulders, leaving me in a flimsy silken bra. I saw taksim grup yapan escort my blouse go in the washer. His mouth went back to my breast, sucking at every drop spot, licking moisture from my throat, my shoulders, and the valley between my breasts. Never felt the miniskirt drop. Never saw it join my blouse. Never saw the panties go either. When I felt his fingers sliding along my slit, I pushed him back a step.

“Jill…will…absofuckinlutely…kill…me…if we…end up…fuckbuddies…” I told him, panting heavily. Wishing I had something I could pour on him, just so I could lick it off.

“I don’t give a fuck about my sister right now. If she’s the reason you’ve been cockblockin me for these last few months, I need to have a come to Jesus chat with her. Right now, Jill ain’t here. You are. Right here where I’ve been wanting you. I’ve known you’ve been wanting me too. I could tell. Your eyes would get all dark and hazy…just like they are right now. With my hands all over you.” His mouth nibbled little bites along my throat, as he spoke. Nibbling lower with every phrase. He knew I was purring. He could feel it, from my shoulders to my hips as he pulled me tight against him, tight against his hardness. My fingers reached for his button fly, scrabbling like hungry little crabs.

He pulled back from me, as soon as I freed his cock, picked me up and sat me on top of the dryer. I watched him through a horny haze, adding detergent to the washer, closing the lid. He laid me back, over both the washer and dryer, spreading my thighs apart, burying his face in my puss. Almost attacking my folds, my slit with a hunger I’ve never known. He sucked and slid, rubbed and bit. Making me bite back a scream, with my first orgasm, making me continue to scream, as he brought me high again with his fingers.

“Oh, I have waited so long to taste you like this. Mmm, sweet.” I looked up into his face, seeing my juices on his cheeks, his chin, his nose. “I can feel you come while I suck on your clit, when my fingers drive you. My cock is an iron spike right now. Throbbing so hard to get inside you. Mmmm, but I want this sweetness first. I want you so wet, so well satisfied by my tongue that when I finally slide my cock inside you, you’ll be whimpering, begging for it.” His mouth latched onto my clit, sucking it, rolling it in his lips, nibbling on it. His fingers taksim masöz escort slid in, out, traced symbols against my lips, my ass cheeks, toyed with my butthole. I fisted my hands in his hair, humping his face as he brought another orgasm. “Mmmmmyeah, so fucking juicy.” I heard him sucking, slurping up my juices, sliding his tongue through my soaked slit, burying his tongue inside my hole, almost digging out my juice, still humping against his mouth, nose, and chin.

My hands flopped bonelessly away when his mouth withdrew. His arms gathered me up, carried me to the old sofa beside the dryer. He put my clothes into the dryer, turned it on, look down at me, flushed, still panting, gazing up at him, waiting for his move, or is it mine? I sat up as he stepped toward the couch. The bulge in his shorts was huge. The tip of his head peeked above the button fly opening, making my mouth water.

Without any hesitation, I ripped his shorts down enough so I could latch onto his cockhead and suck to my heart’s content. I let my tongue trace circles around his head, mouthing it, sucking it down my throat, licking it like an ice cream cone, lapping at the soft spot just under his head, sucking first one, then both balls into my mouth. He had to pull away. His breathing was even harsher than my own. He stood for a second, his eyes closed, his cock, throbbing just out of my mouth’s reach.

“I will make you one promise today…you will always be satisfied, every time. I will make you that promise.” His eyes were still closed, his body still taut. “But I’m not doing this here. Here put this t shirt on and come with me.”

He slid the shirt over me, grabbed my hand and led me up through the semi quiet house. The speakers were in the living room windows, cranking out rock and roll. He led me up the stairs, to our host’s guest room. He locked the door behind us, spun me around, slipping the shirt over my head as he did it, and put me on the bed’s edge. “Lay back…” he whispered, nudging me down. He lifted my legs to his shoulders, wiggled a little as if he was aiming for my hole, making me grin, then slid right in. filling me up, but not moving, not thrusting, just filling me. I felt little pulses begin deep inside, more when he took my nipple again, even more when he groped my body, squeezing here, there, pinching gently, biting. Those little fluttery pulses grew taksim otele gelen escort stronger, harder til I was humping against him, grinding bone to bone.

He touched my clit, gently rubbed it, and I erupted. Madly humping him, thrusting myself up and down him, clutching for some hold as all I could do was hump. He held me up, climbed onto the bed with me still wrapped around him. “Are you ready? Now, that we’ve gotten the first furious orgasms out of the way, it’s time for me to drive you wild. To make you mine. Are you ready for this Manda? I’ve been waiting for this for so long. First I’m gonna slide in slow and easy. All the way out, and all the way back in. Mmm, I love hearing your moans. They make me even hotter. All out, oh, wait a second, let me just do this…” His fingers slid down into my wetness, wrapping his cock, rubbing it’s soaked self all over my clit, sliding in just so the head is in. “Mmmm, Manda, you want it all?” He sees me nod, feels me quiver, rocks his head in and out, just head deep. “I know I’ll fit inside you, I know you fit me like a glove. A velvet glove. Not yet my girl, let my head do the work. Come again on just my head and I might give you more.” He rocks me bouncing me, teasing me with just his tip, until I’m almost ready to jump on him, then he slid in all the way…pow, what a flood, what an incredible soaring orgasm. “Oh, I feel you, coming all over my cock, feel that spike inside you?” He asked, rocking against me. “Feel that throb? Just hang on Manda. Just hang onto me. I’m gonna make you come so much, so hard.”

His hips slowly pistoned, his cock slid smoothly, harder, and harder. His shoulders strained as he pounded inside me, as his fingers rubbed, as I had no other choice but to hump out this fierce orgasm, this primal heat, this animalistic mating. Nails scored his shoulders, his back, my ass, my back. Humping together, grunting, groping. His mouth swallowed my scream as I came. He pumped and thrust and exploded within me.

I was floating in that after awesome sex haze, my hands running over his wide back, down his arms, over his shoulders, not even thinking, just still absorbing those aftershocks, with his cock still buried in me, when there was a voice calling for him. A voice I knew too well.

He looked down at me, let his mouth take mine again, as our host and his sister, my best friend, and unlocked the door. He was just beginning to stroke inside me again, as the door opened, as I came again, not even hearing her howl of outrage at seeing us like this. All I knew was he was mine, and I wasn’t giving this ecstasy up, not even for friendship. Every stroke drove me higher. I didn’t even care that our host was watching us, long after Jill had stormed away. Watching us fuck, finally.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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