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First Meeting: His View

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This is one part of a two part work – one story looked at from the male and female perspective. The other part – First Meeting – Her View – has been written by Cute Joy.


I know you are expecting me and that you be dressing to please me but I thought I might surprise you by arriving early. I can hear you moving upstairs – you clearly found the cottage key under the mat and have made yourself at home. I climb the stairs, careful to avoid that tread that squeaks. You have left the door open and, as I reach the door, I get my first view of you. Those long shapely legs clad in my favourite black stockings, that sexy black basque that I have seen in your pictures and the briefest black thong which separates your lovely smooth cheeks.

I move behind you my hands touch your smooth white skin. You jump, unaware until that touch of my presence behind you. My palms glide over your skin, enjoying the silky smoothness which feels so warm and inviting.

My hands move upwards over your back, enjoying the contrast as they pass over the black basque until they reach your skin once again. Your shoulders naked; apart from two thin black straps. My finger tips move along the satin material until they reach your shoulders. There they pause before hooking under the straps to ease them away from your shoulders.

You make to move, to stand and turn, but my hands hold you in the same position until I know you understand to keep still.

Then my hands move again, tracing a line along your shoulders and down your arms; the lightest of touches gently grazing the cups of the basque as they descend to your wrists. Then back again, slowly, just finger tips until the y reach the tips of your shoulders again. Pausing then moving around to the front. Down until they reach the edge of the basque.

Now tracing a gentle path along the edge, feeling your quickening heart beat as they caress the soft swell of your breasts. You can feel my reaction to your beauty as I press my groin against the swell of near naked bottom. My growing erection hard inside the confines of my trousers.

I feel you move backwards, a movement which allows my fingers to dip inside each bra cup; the tips now touching your nipples. I use my nails to gently scrape the centres until I feel the flesh start to harden; then my finger tips again, pressing, massaging, softly squeezing them.

I hear a quiet moan escape your lips as I feel your reluctant nipples respond to me. It is time to move on.

My fingers are gently eased from inside your basque and return to your sides, moving down over the swell of your hips. I kneel behind you now and plant a kiss – our first kiss – on each globe of your ass. Soft kisses at first then stronger, using my hands to form your pliant derriere. My lips move lower, leaving a trail of wet kisses as my hands gently knead and part your cheeks.

I can sense your heat and my nostrils start to fill with the heady aroma of you. My tongue delves into the crevice of your bum seeking and finding that silky thong which is so sexy, yet offers so little protection.

However, I want more, but realise that you cannot offer me that in your current position. My hands guide you, push you. You know that i need you on the floor. You know I want you on all fours. You know I want you like that. You know you must please me.

I support you as you slowly sink to the floor on your knees, upright at first, we are now at similar height and i take the opportunity to move my hands once again to the bodice of your basque. Holding your sweet breasts through the material I squeeze as I kiss your shoulders …… your neck ……… tracing the hairline upwards…..to your ears where I suck the lobes between my lips. My hands squeeze you firmly, pulling you backwards against me as my teeth nip your ears before gently sucking them once more. The other ear receives the same as I squeeze and mould your breasts pressing myself against your back as you arch yourself backwards against me. My hard cock, still trapped in my jeans, presses against the cleft of your bum.

“Welcome” I whisper into your ear.

My lips return to your neck kissing your soft skin, leaving a trail as istanbul rus escort they move down to your shoulders. I can smell the intoxicating scent on your white skin so carefully prepared for me. It feels so smooth against my lips.

My lips briefly return to your ear to whisper “Enjoy” before I slowly ease away from you and my hands press gently but firmly against your shoulders, guiding you down onto all fours. I see your hands spread on the carpet as they support you and I move back wards once again to the creamy globes of your ass. I kiss them again, gently at first, then firmly, my lips drawing your soft scented flesh upwards to enable me to gently bite into you. My hands continue to mould your pliant flesh as I move across your bum, leaving a little trail of red marks where I have nipped you.

I deliberately avoid the hot crevice at first, but then my lips start to explore that darker crease. My hands move the skin so I can see all the material of your thong, including that which was hidden at first.

My kisses now follow the material planting small firm kisses as little by little they descend to your sex. I pause when I reach and see your lovely pink anus, my tongue moving over the partially hidden crinkled core which will hopefully be mine later.

Then further down until the material again disappears, this time between those sweet shaven lips of your pussy – already puffy and distended. I inhale and I am filled with a toxic mixture of perfume and sex. You have prepared yourself well. I know you are mine.

We both know that there is no turning back.

I shape my tongue into a hard point and jab it into your sweet sex, immediately releasing a small amount of your nectar which flows onto my tongue. I do it again and collect more of the sweet substance, my fingers now pulling your sodden thong to one side, I press my mouth against your lips which yield and spread enabling me to take them into my mouth. My tongue presses forward; parting your inner folds ……. I gently blow my warm breath into your pussy, revelling in the sweet smelling perfume which is forced back against my lips and face.

I press myself harder against you, my teeth touching your soft flesh … my tongue now deep within you …. caressing your innermost folds. I no longer need to press against you as I feel you move back against me as if to capture my tongue. My fingers grasp the material of your thong and tug sharply, snapping the flimsy garment to allow me even closer to your sex.

I withdraw slightly, holding your lips wide my tongue now runs up your pussy and flicks against your clit which now rises from its hood. Again, this time more pressure. This time a harder flick, my eyes just glimpse the distended nub before I repeat the action again. Each time now I scoop your juice onto my tongue and swirl it around your clit. My fingers holding you open a little look at your inner self on each upward sweep of my tongue. I feel a need to possess your pussy, to love it, to caress it, to lick it, gently bite your sweet flesh, to draw it and your wonderful juices into my mouth. My fingers spread your further and my tongue now returns to your open entrance, glistening with the hot bubbles of your juice. I urge you to cum for me, to flood my mouth, to fill with me with your juice. I can hear your moans getting stronger, your pushes backwards against my face are stronger, you tense, your hole contracts and then dilates as a warm rush of your hot liquid shoots from deep within you into my mouth. Again I feel you squirt your love juice onto my tongue. The tension in your body snaps and I just catch you from falling forward. The action separates my mouth from your sweet pussy which still spasms in front of me. My mouth filled with your liquid I bend forward and place my lips over your other secret hole.

My fingers gently open your cheeks further as I press my lips against your tight rosebud. My tongue pressing against that tight opening. Your love juice flowing around my tongue to bathe your anus in warm liquid. I support your hips as I press my tongue against that tight muscle ring, using small circulate movements to teas that kadıköy escort taught muscle open. Then I sense you relax and my tongue finds its way into the outer ring.

I can feel you react against this invader and know that this is virgin territory for you. I push forward again, pressing, pressing, until I feel you relax again allowing my tongue to slip in just a little further; your love juice lubricating its passage. Now I have gaining entry, nothing will stop me.

I press forward again this time your muscles relax more easily and now I enter you more fully. Enough to start to start to tongue fuck that small hole. I can release one hand now and these fingers go to your pussy to play in that soft warm, wet hole: to tease your clit; to finger fuck you with two fingers.

My tongue continues its relentless passage, each firm stroke penetrating you further, deeper; opening you wider. You start to move back against me once again. I hear your sounds – moans or words – I am not sure but your actions speak more than enough that you do not want me to stop.

A third finger now bunches with the other two to press inside your pussy as my tongue sinks deep into your rear. Fingers and tongue now penetrating deeply inside your body driving you further. Higher.

Your sounds get louder. I continue the dual assault, willing you towards another climax.

Your incoherent – I’m unstoppable.

My fingers penetrating you deeply, their tips pressing against your inner walls. My tongue flashing in and out of your now open anus, fucking that tight hole.

Again I feel the telltale signs of your climax. Your body tenses, relaxes and then – as I jab my tongue and fingers deep inside you – you tense again.

Your muscles clamp around my invading digits. I hear your scream and then feel you cum. Your lower body shakes; juice is forced out of your pussy passed my fingers. My tongue darts downwards to capture as much as I can before I thrust it back into your ass. You react – no convulse – again. Forcing yourself backwards with such force I can barely maintain balance.

Once again you spasm and then your fall forward again, slumping down on your elbows. Your twin love holes wet and hot before my eyes seem to almost wink at me.

“Welcome to my home” the words not required.

Gradually I rise behind you and slowly start to remove my clothing. I wonder if you will be angry about the white lie? There was no meeting I had been waiting for you, hidden from view. I had seen you arrive, carefully parking your car in the quiet side lane. Watched you as you bent to find the key under the mat – seen how your skirt had lifted to reveal your stockings and the creamy thigh above. The sight of you then was more than I had imagined, that real-life view far sexier than the pictures which you had (initially reluctantly) emailed to me – and they had been sexy enough. Now I knew that this lovely woman would be mine. I knew that you were placing your trust in me to be discrete and confidential. Placing your hopes in me to lift your sexual awareness and fulfil the locked up passions within you

I had decided to surprise you to confirm that trust and start the process of release. I suspected that you may plan something similar but today was primarily for you. As my eyes once again look over your body still recovering on the floor before me, I know that this part of my plan, at least, has worked.

Now naked myself, I once again kneel behind you. I reach forward and my fingers find the first hook of your basque. You rise slowly once again and sit back on your calves as that first fastening gives way. Slowly I undo the second, then the third. Working my way down your back I slowly reveal the creamy soft skin of your back. I plant little kisses on the skin as it is slowly revealed until I can not bend lower. As my fingers continue to release you my lips move back slowly up your spine until they reach your neck. The last hook is released as my lips kiss the nape of your neck; I breath out, warm air on your neck and I hear your murmur and feel you shudder slightly. Now my fingers reach down to release your suspenders and then, finally they kartal escort slowly move to remove that sexy garment. I am close behind you now, looking over your shoulders the black lace falls away to reveal your naked body to my eyes for the first time.

“Beautiful”, my hands rise to cup your breasts. They shape perfect to my cupped palms, the aureoles with the tight hard nipples at their centre begging to be loved. My lips move to your ear. I whisper.

“I have to fuck you”

You know that I am ready – you can feel my hard cock pressing against your cleft. You can feel, but can not see its purple head, wet with anticipation and longing.

I squeeze your lovely breasts again, kiss your ear, your neck, your cheek.

“So beautiful”

“So utterly sexy”

“Be mine”

As the last whisper leaves my lips I carefully bend you forward, my hands still hold and caress your breasts as I spoon my self against your back. One slight movement and my cock moves to the very entrance to your sex. We can both feel each others juices as our bodies prepare for this first union.

“Guide me” a gentle whisper in your ear, but one to which you react immediately. I feel your soft hand move between your legs, your fingers tips moving over the end of my cock. Lingering caresses before you hold my girth and aim me at your sweet hole. I feel your soft warm lips part and surround my cock head.

Slowly and gently I press myself into your body, enjoying the feeling as your pussy lips slowly envelope my shaft as it sinks into your hot interior. We have both waited for this moment and I want to savour it.

I sense your fingers moving. “Keep them there” whispered into your ear “Hold yourself open for me. Play with clit, I need to feel you cum.”

Your fingers return and I feel them slipping on my slick shaft as I withdraw slightly, leaving just the crown lodged between your lips. Then I push back; a little quicker this time and with a little more pressure. I hear you moan.

My hands massage and squeeze your perfect breasts, my fingers nipping and squeezing the nipples as I start to slowly fuck you. I want to hold out for you but know that this will be difficult on this first coupling – the release of anticipation will make control difficult. I need to you to help me make you cum and am glad now that I can feel you moving over your pussy around my shaft. Feel you stroking your clitoris as I start to pick up the pace of my movements.

Now my cock is moving faster and I move harder against you, pushing myself deep into your body. I am moving to alter the angles so that my engorged cock moves against new parts of your hot tight pussy. I hear you moaning, I can feel your breath quicken and your muscles tense. I am gad because already I can feel the telltale signs of ejaculation. I need to come but what you to cum with me,

“”Cum for me. Please, please, please ………” my whispered please in your ear fade away as I try and muster all control. Just as I think I am about to lose it, I sense your active fingers bring you to climax. Your body tenses, you surge against me, your pussy muscles clamp around me as I force myself deep into you one final time. My spunk races up my swollen shaft and sprays into the higher reaches of your pussy. Again, a second time, and then again a third, fighting against the tight grip with which you hold me inside you. I can sense your own juices swirling round my shaft, like a hot balm anointing me.

Such is the force of my cumming, my strength ebbs away. My cock escapes the clutches of your wonderful pussy, and I slide to the floor beside you. For the first time we can look into each other’s eyes. Two pairs of eyes both masked by lust, and sexual exhaustion.

I smile up at you – this one coupling exceeding all my dreams and expectations. I am barely aware that your left hand still holds your pussy, but now I see you raise your fingers, coated in our combined juices, to your lips. Slowly and sensually I watch as your tongue licks the creamy fluids into your mouth. I watch you again, reaching into your pussy to take more of that viscous cocktail onto your fingers and then to your lips.

Now you surprise me. You bend your head down to mine. A first kiss but as our lips part I feel your tongue covered in our juices enter my mouth and twirl around my own. In that one gesture, you have cemented our union.

We have come so far in such a short time, yet we both know now that there is so much more to enjoy in the hours ahead.

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