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It’s a rainy, yet unusually warm January afternoon. Natisha idly waits for 5pm, when she can finally clock out and go home. Five o’clock finally arrives and with a quick wave in the air, she bolts to her car. “Ahh, finally I can crank up the radio and have my mini escape from the real world”, she thinks to herself. She gets to her apartment, only to find that her roommate is once again fucking someone, very loudly, in her room. “FUUCKKK THIS, AGAIN?!” She thinks. She quickly grabs her keys and heads back to her car. The only place she ever feels safe.

Natisha drives and drives, only to be forced to pull over by the now dangerous rain that simply won’t stop. She ends up at a local bar and decides to grab a drink, as she awaits the storm. An hour, and several Vodka tonics later, she finds herself staring at this dark and handsome man alone at the opposite end of the bar. Liquid courage has her move and sit right next to him. He introduces himself as “Alfredo AKA Freddy”, so she thought “huh, he might be interesting”.

She found herself pendik escort drawn to his strikingly good looks. Noone this attractive had ever noticed her. It was the rain that had brought these two together, and she was more than enjoying it. She couldn’t take her eyes off of his full lips. She wanted to know what they tasted like and the more he spoke, the more that that desire grew. She could feel the wetness brewing in her panties. The desire to kiss this man was becoming unbearable. She quickly excused herself and went straight for the restroom. She locked herself in a stall and inserted a finger into her sloppy, wet cunt. Then two fingers. She came in a matter of seconds. What had come over her? She had never felt hornier. Right then and there she vowed that she would taste this man. All of him. She walked back to the bar and grabbed his hand. “Come with me,” she said. Natisha took this stranger to her car. She could tell that he knew exactly what was on her mind and that turned her on even more. She sefaköy escort proceeded to undo his slacks and was pleasantly greeted with a throbbing nine inch penis. Freddy willingly let Natisha take control. She reached over his body and reclined his seat back. Now she could easily take his wet nine inches into her mouth. She’d never felt very comfortable giving blow jobs, but tonight every porn that she had ever watched was guiding her. He came forcefully into her mouth. His sweetness slid down her throat and she, seductively, licked the cum left on her lips.

She knew that she wanted more of this man. She had to feel him inside her and Freddy wasn’t done yet. Now it was time for him to please her. He slid off her wet panties and buried his face in her pussy. She smelled like fresh daisies. He began to kiss her clit softly, then Natisha, still turned on by her power over him, grabbed the back of his head and pushed it further into her pussy. She was now, once again, in total control. She guided his head silivri escort with her hand as she grinded her pussy onto his face. She had never felt so powerful over a man and this man knew what he was doing. His tongue was moving in rhythm with her grinding, and as he slid his tongue inside of her, she came, fast and intense. His face was moist with her juices. She could see that he was hard again and ready for more. He got out of the car and walked around to let Natisha out. He wanted to fuck her outside, in the rain, up against the car. He tossed her onto the hood of the car, with one hand firmly on her waist, and the other gripping her shoulder. He then spread her pussy lips open with his hard cock and proceeded to fuck her. He was deep inside her. Their bodies thrusting in rhythm against each other. She quickly came, and then came again. Screaming out this strangers name. She came a third time, as he came for the second time. This time deep inside of her other hole.

The rain had finally stopped and Natisha decided that she had had enough excitement for one night. She slid her panties back on, got into her car and waved goodnight. As she drove home, she thought about what had just happened to her. She had just had the most amazing night of her life…and was no longer a virgin. It was everything she had ever wanted and more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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