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Football Fantasy

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Wendy and I were on another photo session. Tessa, the editor-in-chief of Fantasies For Women magazine, had us to do a photo op for the magazine’s football issue. We were taking lots of pictures of professional, college, and high school football players from all across the country. Tessa had the idea for the football issue because there are a lot of female football fans.

We even manage to do a shoot with three college football players for the cover. Today, we went out to the football field to photograph a few high school football players from Dallas, Texas. Wendy got out the 35MM camera and started taking pictures of them fully equipped, half-naked, and in action. They even sweated because of the heat. To make the photo shoot more interesting, we suggested that one of the players become a centerfold for the issue. His name was Jason Drake. He was a tall drink of water with deep brown hair and brown eyes. He was just as sweet as he was hot.

First, Wendy photographed him with football padding, pants, and no shirt while out on the field. He had a well-built body being a football player and a boyish face. He even smiled for us. After being canlı bahis out on the field in the hot sun, Wendy and I decided to photograph Jason while he was hitting the showers. Jason loved the idea. We all went to the boys’ locker room and watched as Jason got himself wet. Once the water was on, the photo shoot was getting steamier. The water was nice and warm once he started taking off his wet jersey. I took the photos while he gradually posed. He then took off his pants and was in his underwear. I had to reload my camera to continue the shoot. After reloading my camera, I had Wendy pose with Jason under the shower.

“Very nice, Jason. Get close to Wendy. Hold her in your arms. Great!” I directed.

Wendy was posing with Jason. They were touching each other’s bodies. He was wet and almost naked and Wendy was fully clothed. Both were in the shower and soaking wet. Jason then kissed her lips as he wrapped one of his arms around her waist. Wendy turned around as she looked into his eyes. He took her shirt off and then removed her cropped jeans until she was in her white cotton underwear. They kissed each other some more as his hands bahis siteleri explored her body.

Ryan said to Wendy, “You’re a very sexy girl, Wendy.”

She smiled as she began to slowly remove his underwear, revealing an eight-and-a-half inch manhood. Wendy was very impressed.

“Wonderful!” I said while still clicking with my camera.

Once Jason’s underwear was off, he was ready to take Wendy’s underwear off too. He carefully unhooked her bra and began caressing and squeezing her breasts. His mouth was warm when he was sucking them. His lips moved up to her neck kissing her there. Next, he took off Wendy’s panties, lifted her, and pressed her body against the cool tile wall.

Jason started licking and sucking Wendy’s bare clit and pussy. His tongue was wet and slick against her female area. Wendy’s body was wildly quivering against his mouth. I on the other hand had managed to get all the shots from every angle. After Jason finished his oral attack on Wendy, he wrapped her legs around his waist and managed to get to his cock deep inside her.

I took a photo from the side to get the action. While he was getting bahis şirketleri in and out of Wendy, he kissed and licked her neck again while holding her hips with his hands. Wendy and Jason had reached climax before having a collective orgasm. After the orgasm, Jason came inside her and kissed Wendy’s lips.

“And that’s a wrap on an amazing photo shoot. Great job everyone!” I said.

“Jason, you’re just as awesome off the field as you were on it.” Wendy said to Jason as she was putting her clothes back on.

“Working on the photo shoot with the two of you was the best feeling ever, next to winning the championship game last year.” Jason said to both of us.

Another great photo op was all wrapped up. The three of us all looked at the photos I took with my digital camera. Jason was amazed of how they looked. He even wanted us to send him a copy of the magazine once it’s released. I told Jason that we’ll send it to him. When the shoot was done, the sun was setting outside. Wendy and I managed to get the photos developed so we could send them to Tessa in New York City.

“That was an incredible photo shoot we did, Kristy. I’m starting to be a football fan already,” Wendy said to me with a smile.

“I agree. I, too, am already a fan. Can’t wait till pro football season starts. I’m ready to get my NFL spirit on!” I exclaimed.


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