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Football Party

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For the sake of privacy, the names of our friends have been changed.

“I love our sex life now more than ever.” Gina-Marie told her best friend Joanne over coffee one morning. “Neil and I have been so open and honest with each other, and that has led to some of the kinkiest sex I have ever had.”

The morning coffee had been pleasant enough, but when Joanne started asking about the trip to Jamaica, Gina-Marie decided now was the time to broaden her horizons and share our personal secrets with her.

Joanne looked at her intently over the lip of her coffee mug waiting for the details.

Gina-Marie continued, “You know that Neil is bi, right? At least sexually.”

Joanne almost spit out her coffee from her shock. “Oh, this is hot.” she said, leaving the meaning open to interpretation. She put down her mug, swallowed and said “I didn’t know that about Neil. No wonder our husbands get along so well!”

Now it was Gina-Marie’s turn to be shocked. Joanne had never really spoken about her sex life with Marc aside from our ongoing sexual humor, and this wasn’t what she was expecting. Could it be possible that Joanne and her both had bisexual husbands? Gina-Marie was intrigued by this new development.

Joanne continued “Marc has told me about his exploits in college with other guys, and how they would all get together in a room and jerk each other off.”

Gina-Marie responded softly “I think that is so hot…” thinking that this would help put Joanne at ease to talk about it more. “I love watching Neil with another guy. Nothing turns me on more.” She said.

“But since then, he hasn’t done anything that I know of. We talk about it a lot, and he has had me use toys on him.” Joanne explained.

Gina-Marie had an idea. “Maybe our husbands would enjoy each other that way, if they both knew we knew, and we were okay with it.” She said. “I would love to watch. When Neil plays, my job is to watch, and direct. He is particular that I belong to him and him alone. His ass on the other hand…” she trailed off, taking another sip of her coffee.

Joanne was breathing faster, and a little flushed in the face. “Wow! I had no idea that our best friends were so… sexual!” She stopped to control herself a little. “But would you be okay with this? This could change our friendship.”

Gina-Marie thought about it and said “It could, but one issue we return to is trusting your partners, and we trust you guys. We have known you for years. Besides, if things get weird, we break off the play times and go back to being friends. We are all adults. We can handle it, unless you are uncomfortable knowing your husband is getting his rocks off with my husband.”

“Let me think about it, and I’ll let you know tonight.” Joanne said “I’ll approach Marc about it too and see how he feels, but he won’t know that you know that he knows that… oh, you get what I’m saying.”


I came home from the gym later that morning to find Gina-Marie on her laptop. “Hey babe! How was your morning with Joanne?” I asked.

Gina-Marie ignored my question for the moment and said “What do you think about having a football party?”

I was confused at first, mostly because I doesn’t normally watch football, but I do enjoy the social aspect of hanging out with friends. “Ummm. Sure? Does this have to do with Joanne? Did she put you up to this?” I asked.

“Well, she didn’t put me up to it, but she did give me an idea.” She said “A seed at least.”

I wasn’t sure if that last sentence was a double entendre or not, so I let it slide. I looked over her shoulder at her laptop, and saw that she had her browser open to Party City, for party supplies I assumed. I also saw that she had a browser open to our stories on Literotica.

“You love our stories, don’t you?” I asked while massaging her shoulders and neck.

She squirmed a little at my touch and said “You don’t miss a thing.”

She spun around in her chair to face me, grabbed my shorts and pulled them down. My semi-erect cock was pulsing to life in front of her, as she moved her hand up the inside of my thigh, gently grazing my balls. “Close your eyes,” She commanded, “and pretend I’m Marc.”

I gasped both from what she said, and from her mouth sliding over canlı bahis the tip of my hard cock. In one smooth motion, she engulfed my rigid member down to the base. I could feel the tip touching the back of her throat. Obeying her, I began to imagine it was Marc blowing me.

“Ohhhh, yeah. Suck it!” I said. “Do you like sucking a guy’s cock Marc?”

She moaned in response, now sliding her hand over my cock as she bobbed up and down on it. It was completely covered in saliva, and she was twisting and stroking her hand at the same time.

I imagined it was Marc blowing me, with Joanne and Gina-Marie watching. I pictured his face covered in my cum. Within about no time at all, I felt my balls start to tighten and I knew I was going to cum soon.

“Marc, you are going to make me cum.” I moaned. “Oh god, eat my cum while your wife watches. Take my hot load on your face. Oh Fuck! Here it comes!! Aaarrgghhh!”

I felt a powerful jet of cum shoot out in her mouth, and then she pulled me out and pointed my cock at her face and I came all over her cheeks, nose and lips.

She licked her lips and said “I think you like that idea, you dirty boy.”

I responded with “I do, but why Marc?”

“You’ll see. Let’s talk football, but first kiss me and let me get cleaned up.” she said.

I kissed her, tasting my own salty cum, and she walked past me to the bathroom.


After telling me all about her conversation with Joanne and Marc’s past experiences, she explained that having a football party would be the perfect opportunity to see if something could or should happen. I voiced my concerns about possibly ruining our friendship with them, but she said she trusts us all to be adults, and with some ground rules up front, there shouldn’t be any issues.

Later that night, Gina-Marie had a text from Joanne that read “All set. Can’t wait to see the action!”

The girls spent the rest of the night texting back and forth with each other, and Gina-Marie was giggling like a schoolgirl. She told me that she sent Joanne the links to our stories on Literotica, and that should give them an idea of what they are in store for.

The next Sunday was the day of the game and the phone rang. CallerID announced that it was Joanne and I thought that possibly they were backing out. I overheard Gina-Marie on the phone.

“Hi Joanne!” She said. There was a pause and Gina-Marie continued “Oh, no problem. Are you sure?”

My heart started to sink, thinking that this was going to be a lonely party. I had let my hopes up.

She then said “Oh, nope, we have everything we need.” She paused waiting for the Joanne to go on. “Yes, you SHOULD bring that!” She squealed.

I relaxed. They were coming after all. I got in the shower and began to get ready. I thoroughly washed everything, spending extra time on my ass and crotch. I then shaved my cock and balls, as well as my ass crack.

I stepped out of the shower to find Gina-Marie getting our sex-toys box out. I gave her an inquisitive look, and she just smiled back at me, while she carried it down to the den.

At 4:00, Joanne and Marc arrived, carrying what appeared to be a pie for dessert, and a bottle of scotch. We said our hellos to each other, and soon we were all in the den, drinks in hand, watching the pre-game show. Marc and I kept shooting each other looks, but it seemed that he was too nervous to say or make the first move. Since I didn’t know the outcome of his conversation with Joanne, I didn’t want to presume he was OK with it, so I waited for some sign from him.

By half-time, we were all a few drinks in and a little tipsy when the conversation turned to sex, as it so often does with the four of us. Joanne walked over to Marc who was sitting on the recliner and sat on his lap facing us.

She said “So, now that we are all here, Gina-Marie and I have a request from the guys.”

My heart started to pound in my chest. I looked over at Gina-Marie who walked over and put her hand on my leg as she sat next to me.

Joanne continued, “We want to see you guys go at it, with each other. We want to watch YOU guys as the half-time show. Here are the rules:”

Gina-Marie said “Rule number one – You guys can play with each other, or your own bahis siteleri wives. Neither Joanne nor I are interested in husband swapping.”

Joanne spoke up next “That’s right. Rule number two – What happens here, stays here. We trust you guys not to tell our secret without talking to us first. As you might imagine, Marc could lose his job if word of this got around.”

“Rule number three- “said my wife, “No means no. There are nice ways and ugly ways of saying you aren’t comfortable with something. If you are uncomfortable with something, a simple ‘let’s do something else’ should be enough.”

Finally, Joanne said “And for rule number four – the boys have to be naked.” Almost as if on cue, Gina-Marie started pulling off my shirt, while Joanne turned to kiss Marc.

I stood up as Gina-Marie began to unbutton my jeans, but my eyes were on Joanne and Marc. She was performing the same things on him, except she was kissing his nipples at the same time. Marc had a very nice body. A smooth chest, fairly muscular and tan. He clearly took care of himself. I began to really admire his form, at 6’1 he had a lean-muscular build. As his pants came down, I looked at his crotch and could see the outline of his sizable semi-erect cock through his boxers.

Pulling down my own briefs, I sat back down and started to slowly stroke my hardening cock. Marc walked over, and Gina-Marie got up to give him room to sit. Instead of sitting though, he knelt in front of me on the floor, staring at my cock as I slowly stroked it. He was stroking his own cock when he said “Can I?”

I took that to mean he wanted to touch me, so I pointed my cock down towards him, and he reached out. His hands were warm and firm. Until that moment I hadn’t noticed he had such big hands. With one hand he stroked me up and down, staring at it, while playing with himself with his other hand.

“That feels nice.” I moaned.

“I’ve never given a guy head before,” he said, “but I want to try.”

I smiled at him and replied “Show me…”

He sat up a little, leaning over me a bit and I scooched down on the couch. He slowly moved his face closer to my cock until he was so close I could feel his breath. He put it up against his lips, and kissed it a little around the head, and then started to suck on it. Little by little, he went deeper and deeper in his mouth.

It wasn’t the best blow job I’ve had, but I didn’t care. I looked over at my wife and she was sitting next to Joanne. Joanne was whispering in Gina-Marie’s ear and my wife was nodding, with her eyes fixed on Marc. He pulled his mouth off of my cock, still stroking it and sat back.

“Stand up, it’s my turn.” I said to him, hoping to see him fully erect.

When he stood up, his cock was pointing straight out at me, with a large drop of pre-cum dripping from the head. I moved in, with my tongue extended and caught all of the pre-cum. I then licked the underside of his cock. It was a nice size, not as thick or as long as mine, but I wasn’t complaining. I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around his erect cock. I used my tongue on the underside of his cock while I slowly sucked him. This is a technique Gina-Marie uses on me. His cock tasted so good that I didn’t want to stop.

“Oh yeah!” he said as he put his hands on the back of my head, “Suck it. Play with my balls.”

I licked the length of his shaft, moving down towards his shaved balls. One at a time, I put his balls in my mouth, gently sucking on them, while stroking his shaft.

“Oh God that feels good, Neil!” he said.

I heard my wife’s voice right next to me saying “No matter how many times I see it, watching you suck cock is the sexiest thing in the world. For now though, Joanne has a surprise for him.

I pulled back and saw Joanne and Gina-Marie were both naked, and both sporting strap-ons. Gina-Marie’s strap-on was one that I was very familiar with, having played with it several times.

Joanne’s strap on was large as well, and at least 10″ long. She was stroking it like it was her cock, as she ordered her husband over to her.

Marc got on his knees in front of her, and began sucking her fake cock as Gina-Marie played with me.

She leaned over and said “Go eat his ass. You know you want to.”

I knelt down behind Marc, bahis şirketleri grabbed his ass cheeks in both hands, gently spreading them and began to kiss and lick his ass moving closer and closer to his hole. Within 30 seconds, I was tracing my tongue around his wrinkled hole, diving in and out. I could hear him moaning around Joanne’s rubber phallus.

Then I felt a lubed finger slide in to my ass, and knew that Gina-Marie was getting ready to fuck me. I relaxed, breathing heavily on Marc’s asshole, as I reached under him and stroked his very hard cock.

“Eat Marc’s asshole while I fuck you.” Gina-Marie said out loud, creating an audible response from everyone in the room. With that, I felt the rubber strap on side all the way in my ass in one smooth movement.

I whimpered as she buried all 9″ in my back door, filling me. At the same time I went to town on Marc’s ass, licking, sucking, slurping and tongue fucking for all I was worth.

Marc looked over his shoulder at me, and then back at his wife and said “I want him in me. Neil, please fuck my virgin ass.”

Gina-Marie pulled the cock out of my ass, leaving hole hungry for more, but I was too excited to fuck Marc’s ass.

Marc rolled over on to his back and spread his legs wide and lifted them up while Joanne squatted over his mouth and grabbed his legs. Marc began to eat her pussy, and it was such a lewd sight, her fake cock resting on his face while she was moaning and grinding on his mouth.

Gina-Marie reached past me and pumped a healthy amount of lube on my hand, and on Marc’s ass. I slid one finger in to his tight hole, hearing him moan in to his wife’s pussy. With my other hand, I slowly stroked his cock. Meanwhile, Gina-Marie left to clean off her strap-on. I slid a second finger in to Marc, now stretching his ring a bit, feeling him loosen up.

Gina-Marie walked back in and sat on the couch next to us, spread her legs and began to pump the dildo in and out her pussy, watching us.

Marc said “Please, Neil… I can’t take it any more… I need your cock. Fuck my ass. I want to feel you. I want your cock.”

I pulled out my fingers, and lubed my own cock positioning myself at the entrance to Marc’s asshole. I slowly pushed in, finding less resistance than I expected. Joanne had scooted forward a bit and Marc was now giving her the rim job of her life. I looked over at Gina-Marie and she was plunging the dildo in and out of her pussy with one hand while frantically rubbing her clit with the other.

“Go ahead baby,” Gina-Marie said to me, panting, “let me see you fuck his ass.”

I slid in and out of Marc, picking up my pace. I put my hands on his legs, holding them back and looking down at my cock sliding in and out of his tight hole. His cock was hard as he started to stroke it. I moved his hand away and stroked his cock for him in rhythm with my pounding.

Next to me, Gina-Marie started her orgasm. “Oh god oh oh oh oh goddd, Fuckk!!” She yelled. She pulled out the dildo while rubbing her clit and she began to have a squirting orgasm. Her cum was spraying on me, and on Marc. Seeing this was too much for all of us.

I felt my own orgasm approaching as I heard Joanne moaning.

Joanne began shuddering though a silent orgasm, her face locked in a state of bliss as a powerful orgasm swept over her, making her nipples even harder.

Marc began to cum in my hand from my stroking him, moaning “oh fucking shit. I’m coming!!” His load sprayed across my hand and his own chest. I felt his ass tighten through his orgasm and I couldn’t hold back any longer.

Licking his cum off of my fingers, I began to cum. “Here it COMES!” I yelled, feeling several powerful blasts fill his ass. Knowing everyone was watching me, I pulled out of his ass, letting my remaining cum shoot and drip on his cock and balls, dripping down to his fucked asshole.

I leaned over to Gina-Marie and kissed her deeply while Marc and Joanne did the same. Gina-Marie broke off the kiss, looked at Joanne and said “I think the game is back on.”

We all laughed out loud realizing we had forgotten about the game.


After Marc and Joanne went home, Gina-Marie and I talked about how hot the whole day was. That night, Gina-Marie and I made passionate love to each other, feeling more connected than we ever have before.

Before going to sleep that night Gina-Marie said “I am glad we are friends with them, and now I like football. Repeat 4th down please!”

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