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Forgot My Anniversary (Short Story)

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(While I continue to work on Chapter 3 of “The New Job”, please enjoy this little short story…)

I knew that I’d forgotten something that day after work, I knew it, but couldn’t place what I’d forgotten…

You met me at the door in black lace bustier and matching thong – the black heels were the perfect touch. You looked so fucking hot, and the little glint of sparkle from your diamond earrings and belly button ring, but you looked pissed.

Fuck, I’d forgotten our one year dating anniversary!

You scowled at me – “this was all for you, but you forgot! You don’t get to touch me until I tell you too. Now lay down in the middle of the living room!”

I walked into the living room and laid down. You walked over and stood over me. “I know you want to taste me, but you can’t, you forgot! Stay here, but take off your clothes NOW.”

I got completely naked, my cock rock hard already. You walked back out of your bedroom with both a dildo and your tiny vibrator. You held the vibrator near my face and said “I was going to let you put this in my ass while you fucked me. You could’ve had a vibrating pussy on your cock.”

I was drooling and so was my cock. Every time topkapı escort you talked to me, my cock twitched and a mess of pre-cum leaked out. I didn’t know where to look, your tiny nipples? Your perfectly cute ass? Your pussy that was getting more and more aroused? You stood over my face and looked down, you knew that I wanted you to sit down, but instead you lowered the vibrator to your nipple, and giggled “god I wish this was your mouth, but of course your mouth doesn’t vibrate and this feels soooooo good!”

You lowered the vibrator to your pussy and dragged it up and down across your increasingly wet lingerie. You knelt down onto your knees with the vibrator and your pussy right over my over my head. I could smell you and that made my cock twitch even more.

You smiled down at me and said, “don’t you wish that you could play with my tits while I rode your face?”

You lowered yourself tantalizingly close to my lips and then rose back onto your knees. As you rubbed your pussy lips and clit, you moaned louder and louder. Then you slid the fabric to the side and rubbed your vibrator directly against your swollen pussy.

You smiled mischievously tuzla escort “I need a bit more lube.” And you reached back and squeezed precum from my cock onto your fingers and vibrator. You left the vibrator against my cock for almost too long, and then removed it, the dirtiest grin running across your face.

You slipped your cum soaked fingers inside your sloppy hole and then slipped your vibrator inside. You were fucking yourself and supporting yourself over my face, and drops of cum would drip onto me.

“Fuck, I need a cock inside of me!!!” And as I tried to scoot forward, you held me still and reached for the dildo. With wreck-less abandon, you shoved all 6 inches of rubber inside of your sloppy hole and left the vibrator on your clit. I could tell that you would explode soon, but honestly, one minor touch and I would’ve too!

You slid back across my body to where my cock was and leaned forward. The sloppy part of your pussy and clit rubbed against my swollen cock. Then you pressed the vibrator in between my cock head and your clit and we both exploded! Your cunt spasmed around the dildo, while my cock shot rope after rope of cum all over pendik escort my stomach and since you were leaned forward, your bustier. You left the vibrator in that spot while you collapsed on top of me. The problem was that while you were getting aftershocks from the vibrator, the vibrator was making me hard again.

I grabbed your face with my hands and kissed you with lust and passion, then whispered in your ear: “My turn!”

I grabbed the vibrator after your 3rd orgasm and tugged firmly on your hair. I moaned into your ear, “I want that vibrating pussy.”

I lifted you and bent you over the couch arm. I placed the vibrator between your legs, the arm, pressed against your clit. Finally I pulled the dildo out of your pussy and watched you lick it clean while I rubbed my cock against your sloppy lips.

Watching you lick the dildo clean and feeling the vibrations from between your legs made me rock hard again. I slid my cock into your sloppy whole, filling you up more than that 6 inch dildo. As I began pumping your pussy, I grabbed your hair and then reached around to feel your wonderful breasts.

I pumped in and out and as the vibrator pressed against your clit and pussy, I could feel it vibrating your entire snatch – fuck, and I thought the last orgasm was huge.

As you came for the fourth time, I finally couldn’t hold on, I grabbed your hair and hips and screamed “oh fuck, I’m cumming!” over and over as I pulse after pulse of cum filled your pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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