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Fun with Dick and Jane Ch. 01

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This is the first in a series of erotic adventures of Dick and Jane. They met in Sydney over 10 years ago, and the stories are partly true and part fantasy – use your imagination as to which is which.

Chapter 1

They were a very normal couple, the type you’d run into on the school run, go out to dinner with on a Saturday night, or have round for a BBQ with the kids on a Sunday afternoon.

After being married for eight years and two kids later sex was becoming pretty predictable. In between work and family it was getting further between with the same routine being run most evenings when it did occur – often one or the other ‘going through the motions’ because although they wanted to play, it was way down the priority list.

That wasn’t to say that they were prudes or undersexed – far from it. After first meeting twelve years previously their sex life had blossomed from a disastrous fumbled fuck after a work event to one of experimenting, pushing the boundaries and seeing how far they could go. Both had pushed back at times, but they were willing to pendik escort explore fantasies – they’d gone from straight sex to bondage, to playing in public and to watching videos. Although they’d tried web-camming it made them laugh more than anything. How far could they go?

It all started in hospital, when they met. Maybe it was him dreaming of the traditional nurse’s uniform – the ones with garters, suspenders and the hat! After a few dates they found themselves in the Rocks, under the Argyle cut (hand cut by convicts using pick-axes).

They were dressed up for a big night out. Dick in his dress trousers and shirt. Jane in a short skirt, high black heels and a top that left just a hint of black silk bra and breast poking through. They’d been drinking through the Rocks after starting at the ANA for cocktails.

After four months of travelling Jane was drunk, horny and ready to fuck. After grabbing him on the arse and pulling him to her she was in no mood to take no for an answer. Already hard he gladly accepted her moist, sefaköy escort exploring tongue into his mouth as he rolled his hands over her back and around to her full, pert breasts.

Cupping her arse through her short skirt he suddenly realised that he could feel her firm cheeks. G-string or no panties he wondered? Panting, they quickly slipped into a side-alley, knowing at any moment they could be found out, but too horny to care. Moaning softly, knowing they could be caught he cupped her pussy, feeling the wetness soaking through. Hitching her skirt up she quickly pulled her silk G-string to one side, urging him fingers to explore her already wet pussy.

As he slid first one then two fingers in her moist pussy she moaned with desire, biting his tongue to stifle her own screams. Urging him to finger fuck her harder he rolled her clit around his thumb and finger, her pussy making a delicious wet sound as he finger fucked her. First one, then two fingers, the other continuing to play with her clit. His other hand grasped her arse, silivri escort feeling the firm ripeness of her sun drenched bikini body.

His tongue rolled around her erect nipples, freed from the black silk bra that was holding them in. A car’s headlights suddenly illuminated them both, allowing his eyes to drink in the firmness of her body, the sweat appearing on her forehead, and desire in her eyes.

With no time to spare he suddenly spun her around against a fence and bent her over. Her wet dripping pussy, trimmed was the most inviting site he’d seen all night. Withdrawing his fingers from their most home, he grasped his hard cock. Guiding his already hard 8 inch cock from his pants he thrust it into her from behind in a single stroke. A stifled scream escaped her lips as she gladly accepted the rock hard cock, feeling it fill her pussy.

Moaning as he fucked her, she urged him on to thrust harder and faster. Reaching down she grasped his balls, as his hands rolled her breasts around. Faster and harder they fucked until they came together in a mass of stifled screams; panting they looked around to see another couple wave as they walked by, giving them the thumbs up for the show.

Turning around to kiss him passionately again, she whispered “you know this is only the first in a long line of fun we’re going to have.”

To be continued….

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