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Further Adventures of the Maid Ch. 04

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Chapter 4: Seduction of a virgin

It was the night of the grand Ball: the Baroness had claimed this as a triumph, all of the local nobility had arrived, the drive to the House was full of carriages, and the cream of society was currently enjoying the very best food and wine that could be provided.

Victoria was enjoying herself. She was the belle of the Ball, squired by the most handsome young men that the county had to offer, her dance card full, young men vying for her attention. But she only had eyes for one man. Thomas, the sea-captain who had been staying with the family for a few weeks, had pleaded lack of dancing ability and had excused himself from the Ball, talking with the older folk in the sitting room away from the ballroom. She longed to take a seat with him; she had grown accustomed to his attentions over the last few weeks and decided that her initial impression of him as a rogue was completely unfounded: he had been nothing but a gentleman. Sometimes, in her room, she had tried to imagine what it would be like to kiss him, but her memory could only provide her with images of the brief brush of her father’s lips against her cheek as a child, and the tickle of his moustache, or the cold lips of her mother barely touching her face. She had no understanding of what went on between a man and a woman: there had been some discussion amongst her friends, some of the older girls had whispered, but Victoria discounted it, it was too shocking to be true, and her mother certainly would never have stooped to that. She would have to be careful: her governess had told her that she shouldn’t wish for a baby in the presence of a man or she would surely get pregnant, and that would be a disgrace to the family.

Pleading tiredness, she sat out the next dance, crushing the hopes of a young buck from the next county who had been seeking the hand of an heiress, and wandered out to find her mother. She was intercepted by Thomas, his eyes glinting with humour, and his manly appearance made all the others in the room seem like mere boys. As he gazed at her, she felt her legs suddenly tremble. She put this down to exhaustion, and he noticed her wavering; offering his arm he escorted her to a quiet corner, well away from the music and crowds.

He sat close, and she felt his body radiating heat. After first solicitously asking after her health, he proceeded to tell her how beautiful she looked. She was wearing a dress in her favorite pink, the soft pastel colour highlighting her blonde hair and sparkling deep blue eyes. Her waist was nipped in, and this had the effect of pushing up her breasts, the full swell curving over the top of her bodice, the skin almost translucent.

She took a deep breath, subconsciously causing her breasts to push outwards, and Thomas could no longer contain himself. He lowered his head, and kissed her cheek lightly, then before she could protest, moved to cover her mouth with his. Her lips parted under the pressure of his probing tongue, and she welcomed him into her mouth, powerless in the force of his passion. She could feel his tongue move against hers, and instinctively, she pressed back, caressing his tongue, tasting the scent of tobacco on him, and exploring his mouth eagerly. Thomas smiled inwardly; this was just the start.

He pulled away, suppressing a smile at the look of disappointment on Victoria’s face. Apologizing profusely, he declared he was overcome with love for her, and Victoria’s heart, unformed and untried, melted in the face of what she thought was his obvious adoration for her.

She agreed readily to meet him later that night, and for the rest of the evening, topkapı escort she held the thought of his kiss close to her.

It was well after 2am; the carriages with their weary revellers and even wearier footmen and servants had departed, and the teams of servants left behind at the House had begun to clear away the debris of the Ball. In the confusion, Victoria had managed to slip away from her parent’s supervision, and met Thomas on the terrace. He was seated in the shadows, well out of sight of a casual observer. She almost ran to him, and he pulled her to him. Insisting that she shouldn’t sit on the cold stone of the summer seat, he sat her on his lap, her slim thighs pressing against his. His arms wrapped around her to keep her warm, and she relaxed in the circle of his strong arms, resting her head against his shoulder. Slowly, so slowly that she didn’t realize what he was doing, he eased his hands to her shoulders, caressing the exposed flesh above the neckline of her gown. He nuzzled her neck, nibbling gently, his tongue lightly touching her ear. His kisses were so subtle, so delicate that she was soon squirming in his lap, not knowing why she was feeling like this, but aware of a sensation of anticipation rising in her, yearning for him to do something, but not knowing quite what.

His caresses began to grow more adventurous, running the tips of his fingers over the curves of her girlish breasts. She jumped, and tried to slide off his lap, but his other arm held her tenderly, and his mouth continued to graze over the skin of her shoulders. She pressed closely to him, trying to return his kisses, trying to turn his mouth to hers, to taste him and feel his tongue against hers. He kept her at this peak of longing, teasing her, stroking her gently until she relaxed under his hands and allowed his inquisitive fingers to roam freely. Reaching down, he stroked her slim ankle, clad in the finest silk stockings. Slowly he edged his way up her shapely calf, and slipped his fingers between her knees. He could feel her warm naked flesh above her garter, and felt his cock begin to firm and harden in anticipation.

Victoria gasped; but Thomas soothed her with murmurs of love, and she let him travel on. His hands slid higher, and she parted her thighs slightly, automatically, not knowing under what imperative she was doing this, but only knowing that this had to happen.

His finger tips brushed against the soft hair covering her mons pubis-crisp curls flattened against her. He insinuated a finger tip into her virgin slit, softly parting her lips, continuing to kiss her shoulders as she leaned back against him. She was stretched out, almost laying flat against his hard body, her skirts ruched up in front as his hand explored her intimately. His finger grew bolder, and slid deeper, feeling the warmth of her flesh; he could sense her arousal, the smell of musk was unmistakable. His finger tip slowly caressed her sex lips, smoothing through the crevices, feeling the moisture begin.

He whispered softly to her, telling her to sit up, and settled her on the seat, kneeling at her feet. He pushed her skirts above her knees, and then pushed them gently apart. She whimpered, knowing that she was exposed, and scared that they might be disturbed, but it was late, and her parents thought she was safely in bed. Thomas reached forward, and tasted her virgin sex, his probing tongue taking a long slow lick the length of her slit, triggering a shudder from her. She drew back, scared of the sensations that were careering through her, but her hands acted differently, reaching down to hold his head to tuzla escort her. He concentrated on her tiny pleasure bud, nestled beneath its pink hood, and easing back the fleshy hood with the tip of his tongue, he sucked lightly. Using a steady rhythm, he flicked across the erect tissue, tasting the fresh clean scent of her. His fingers began their exploration once again, probing gently but ever more deeply until he had pressed one inside her, feeling the incredible tightness of her sex, the muscles gripping tightly. He twisted lightly, and knew that she was truly virgin. She drew in her breath sharply, a brief pain spasming through her, but he continued to move his finger relentlessly, beginning to probe and delve and soon she could sense wetness developing there, and heard the luscious sounds of her excitement.

Thomas was hard now, his cock straining. This slow seduction was as exciting as a quick fuck to him, knowing that every touch, every caress bound her more strongly to him. Knowing that, innocent as she was, her first lover would be the one she would always yearn for. He had such plans for her, he wanted to experiment to see what depths of debauchery he could introduce her to, to try and ignite the hot blood that surely ran in her veins as it did in her father.

She was writhing now against his mouth, her hands holding fast to the edge of the seat, her breath coming in short gasps. She didn’t knew what was happening, but the sensation of pressure was overwhelming, a bubble rising deep in her pelvis, her muscles contracting, shivers running through her. Release came soon, and she gasped in amazement, the shock washing over her, her body feeling as rich and smooth as molten chocolate.

She shuddered voluptuously, a giggle rising in her chest, knowing that she suddenly felt ridiculously happy. Thomas was still gently manipulating his finger deep within her body, but he lifted his mouth from her sex, and smiled up at her.

The next morning, the household slept late. Victoria awoke to a whole new world, and wanted immediately to explore, but she had to behave in front of the household staff and her parents. Thomas met her at breakfast, and acted, as usual, the perfect gentleman.

After breakfast, he asked permission to take her to the nearby Roseby Castle, a grand home to which they had been invited by friends, the invitation repeated last night at the Ball. The visit was organized for the following day after the household had settled a little, and Victoria looked forward to time alone with her lover. She spent the day anxiously wandering, never settling, so twitchy that her mother snapped at her in the morning room threatening to send her to her room if she couldn’t compose herself like a lady.

The next day began well, the promise of sunshine in the early dawn as Victoria awoke desperate to ready herself for her lover. He was waiting in the entrance hall after breakfast for her, and gallantly escorted her to the carriage.

Roseby Castle was famous for its rotunda; a dome modelled on St. Paul’s cathedral, a walkway elevated high around its circumference inside, many many feet above the great hall. It was beautifully decorated in rich reds and golds, the early summer sunshine throwing flame coloured patterns on the granite flagstones far below. Their host had left them to explore, giving them the freedom of the Castle, and they climbed the steep staircase to the rotunda. Looking down, leaning over the banister that was all that separated her from the drop over the Hall, Victoria felt a momentary dizziness, and leaned back against the broad chest of her lover. pendik escort His hands came up to take her shoulders, and she felt him press against her, holding her close. Through her skirts, she could feel an insistent pressure against her buttocks, a hard rod that he was starting to rub against her, and she heard his breathing deepen against her neck.

Without a word, he bent her forwards slightly, allowing her to take her weight on her arms against the banister. Gazing down, watching out for their host or his staff, but wanting to trust Thomas implicitly, she was shocked to feel the rush of cool air against her skin as he lifted her skirts. Her fears were instantly doused as she felt the joyous touch of his fingers on her, the delicate probing again causing tremors to race through her. She felt her mouth water, a physical hunger rising in her, and rocked back readily against his finger, wanting him to touch her again and again.

Thomas was ready; his cock was hard, the bulbous tip already oozing. He released himself from his britches, and guided Victoria’s hand behind her to touch him. Her slim fingers were hesitant, but she felt the warm soft skin, and instinctively curled her fingers around, grasping the fleshy rod.

‘Victoria,’ she heard him whisper, ‘do you love me?’ and she nodded, ‘oh yes, Thomas,’ she gasped, knowing that she wanted to see what she was holding, but being prevented from turning round by his strong hands.

‘Do you trust me?’ he asked, and she nodded, wondering what was going to happen.

‘I want to do something which might hurt a little, but you want to please me, don’t you?’

She nodded enthusiastically, and felt him shift position behind her, lifting her skirts higher, and moving in so that she could feel the hard warm rod rubbing against her buttocks. His fingers played with her, stroking and caressing her sex until the soft sounds of her sticky flesh being manipulated echoed around the rotunda. She felt a pressure, a firmness against her sex, and then she opened under him, her lips parted and her muscular virginal tunnel surrendered to his invading cock. There was pain, as he had promised, but it was fleeting, and she was so overwhelmed that she welcomed this as a sign of his love for her. She could feel him pushing against her, and felt his tool move within her, a sensation new to her, but making her feel so complete that it was as if it had always been there. She braced herself against the banister, pushing back against him, her knees almost buckling under the pressure as he grew more excited and his thrusts speeded up. Her sex was tight, tighter than he had ever known before, trapping his cock and milking it, squeezing the firm flesh of his weapon unmercifully until he was ready to unload his sperm deep into her. Just then, there was a voice from the Hall far below them.

‘Hello up there!’ it was their genial host, looking up cheerfully, not realizing that he was looking at his guests copulating. The rotunda walkway was so high above him, that all he was able to see was the two of them standing close together, looking down.

Victoria was alarmed, and attempted to pull away, but Thomas knew that nothing could be seen, and he continued to thrust-this would be a good test, a test to see what she was capable of.

She called down, and managed to exchange a few pleasantries about the views, all the while listening to Thomas whispering in her ear about how he felt, how much she excited him and how much he wanted her. Her excitement was rising to meet his, and with a final violent thrust that pushed her against the banister, she felt her sex flooded with viscous juices, and heard him groaning quietly. Their host far below announced that he was on his way up; they would only have a minute to tidy themselves. As Thomas withdrew, a spurt of sticky seed ran down her thighs, and she heard him whisper in her ear; ‘Come away with me.’

To be continued……

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