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Game Night… Pt. 01

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For those that want some music to create a more immersive experience, I suggest the songs below denoted throughout the story as well.

Playlist Part 1:

“My Eyes” by Nero

“A Moment Apart” by Odesza

“Angel” by Massive Attack

“A Race Against Time” by Pylot

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Jess asked.

-“My Eyes” by Nero”

Bryson looked at Jess, drinking her in. Jess stood by the door, one hand braced against the wall as she bent to slide her velvet slingbacks on, fingers brushing the black houndstooth pantyhose that alternated between sheens of black and hints of her tan legs. He thirstily ran his eyes up her legs to the dark red cocktail minidress that hugged the curves he knew oh so well, that round firm ass, the full hips, up her waist to the subtle curve of the breasts that fit perfectly in his hands, those breasts with the light brown nipples that perked up with the slightest breath or lick he loved tasting so much. Her long black hair tumbled past her shoulders just long enough to cover up her chest, bangs framing her face accentuating her cute button nose and luscious full lips that were currently in a slight pout as she concentrated trying to put on her shoes while not losing balance.


Bryson quickly blinked and found Jess’s large almond-shaped dark brown eyes staring expectantly into his, her mouth slightly open as she awaited his response.

“Of course. I know how much you love game nights.” he replied as he held out her jacket for her to slip her arms in. Bryson wrapped the jacket around Jess leaning in close breathing her in and sneaking a kiss on the side of her neck before pulling away.

“Hey, feeling a little romantic tonight my silly boy!?” she laughed as she spun around, wrapping her arms around his neck as she bahçelievler escort drew him in for a deep kiss. Jess’s soft lips giving way to the warm dark wetness of her mouth welcoming his tongue while her body shivered as he ran his hands over her body pulling her waist into him. Bryson sighed into her mouth feeling his penis twitch and stiffen, then pulled away reluctantly.

-“A Moment Apart” by Odesza

“At this rate, we’ll never make it. Let’s head out before we end up ditching our friends and spend Friday night in the bedroom pissing off our neighbors. Want a gummy?” Jess nodded, and Bryson handed her a sour watermelon gummy. Her face scrunched up as she hit the aftertaste, ‘Bleah!’ as she quickly followed with a chewy shocktart.

They were heading way up into the hills tonight to meet up with a group to play some games, have a few drinks, and catch up. These lucky bastards had managed to find a decent place with the right bed and bathroom ratio plus an amazing view overlooking the bay without paying an arm and a leg. The night sky was clear, moon bright and round. They had the windows down taking in the calm evening breeze and fresh scents of trees while listening to some of the chillwave Jess loved so much. As they wound their way up the too small paths dodging the side-parked cars, Jess’s hand rested on his leg as she stared out the window in rapt attention every now and then exclaiming ‘Ooh! Look at that tree/house/doggy/view!’ unwittingly rubbing his leg with each exclamation.

He wanted to pull over to the side of the road and just take her right there and then.

“Want a gummy?” She nodded, and he handed her another one. “We should be there in ~20 minutes.”

“Okie dokie.” She looked at him and grinned, rubbing the side of his face with bahçeşehir escort her palm as she pushed his beard hair against the grain playfully before running her fingers through in the right direction. Jess leaned over him and kissed him above his beard next to his ear and whispered, “I have the best view right here.” Bryson smiled, man he loved this girl.

-“Angel” by Massive Attack

They met over a year ago, on Tinder of all places. He knew right away, she was the one he wanted. It took a while to convince her, but now all was right in the world. She was his, and he was hers. All of the adventures, all the laughs, all of the fun, all of the deep talks, all of the sex, all of the sex! He had several other partners before Jess, but he had never known what it meant to make love to someone before her, but with Jess there was no doubt. The sense of togetherness and completeness and sheer release and intensity. It was truly incredible. He had no doubt that she regarded him with unbrindled love and lust, loving every aspect of his body. She especially loved kissing his shoulders, playing with his nipples (or as she liked to say, “pressing his buttons, they’re there so they’re obviously meant for me to push and play”), running her hands across his stomach to his lower back before grabbing his ass.

He loved feeling her, how she shivered at his every touch. The built up anticipation and tension before he entered her. Her wetness awaiting his touch, his mouth, his tongue, his fingers, his cock. Positioning his cock at her eager pussy, close enough to tease but not enter, as her legs wrapped around him trying to pull him into her. Kissing down her neck down to her tits until she pushed his mouth to her nipples. Then licking and sucking them before pulling back to blow a cool breath bakırköy escort and see her nipples instantly harden. Sucking the hard nub between his lips as he lightly nibbled on the little berry. Her nails raking down his back and shoulders as she trembled beneath him. He loved driving her so crazy with desire that she couldn’t help but beg him, “Fuck me, Bryson, I want to feel you deep inside me. I need you.”

It was so hard to resist sometimes, but worth letting the anticipation build further before finally plunging his rock-hard cock deep inside her pussy in one thrust granting them both the ecstasy they both wanted. He loved hearing her moans and screams as he fucked her deep with his big hard cock, grabbing her hips as he thrust in and out watching her tits bounce. Jess moaning with each thrust in, and quivering on his cock with each thrust out. Oh the quivering felt so good. Hugging his cock so tightly with her pussy, his cock pulsing deep inside her as he felt her trembling on every inch of him. Sometimes he would pull her up and fuck her from behind so he could see her fine sexy ass jiggling as he grabbed her hips thrusting ridiculously deep inside her tight wet vagina as she looked back at him panting and screaming, her hair all tangled from their lust.

-“A Race Against Time” by Pylot

“Bry?” “Earth to Bryson.” “We’re here, you ready to go in?” Shit, he totally spaced.

Bryson blinked and looked around, they had arrived. There were already a few cars there, luckily they had gotten the last remaining space.

“Let’s each take a gummy before we head in, somehow you get even more hilarious. I didn’t think that was possible but it’s true.” Bryson said as he handed her another gummy. “Sure, this’ll be fun. We haven’t gone out in a while!” Jess said as she popped the sour watermelon chewy in her mouth. “You go on ahead, I’m going to make sure I grab everything we need.” “Ok!” Jess hopped out of the car and headed towards the door.

Little do you know how much fun, Bryson thought as he checked his jacket pocket for headphones and a blindfold before the games in the back and following Jess into the house…

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