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Georgia On My Mind

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Writer’s Note: This story is a fantasy and is intended to be fun. It is inspired by a veteran Literotica member and is in no way true, (At least to my knowledge). Some items are based on what this member put in her profile. Everything else is just fantasy for you, the reader to enjoy.

I have many times sat and contemplated destiny; or fate if you rather. I like the term destiny, though, it seems to personify the essence of that ideal. I believe that destiny is a woman. That’s a simple statement, I know, maybe too simple. Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying that it is a specific woman, although in my case that would seem to be true, but rather woman in the general sense.

Destiny crossed my path a little under a year ago and just like all encounters with her, she changed my life forever.

I guess I should introduce myself. The name is John Greystoke. Yeah, that’s right, Greystoke, like Tarzan. No, I’m not related, although in some small way I guess I do have some of his attributes. I like the outdoors. I like to camp and hike and fish, I love what Mother Nature has given to us and I am jealous of its wonders. I will do whatever necessary, short of breaking the law, to protect it. Anyway, for those who are interested I’m 6’2″ about 190 pounds, I don’t swing from trees but my workouts consist of the hiking and such that I spoke of earlier. Some female friends consider me ‘cute’ or handsome, I don’t know about that I just take their word for it.

But this one girl, no scratch that, this woman, she’s the one who stole my heart. She’s the one that taught me the unimaginable capacity a single person has to love. She’s the one that I can’t seem to shake from my mind. She’s the one destiny chose for me to cross paths with.

Looking back, it really came about in a rather mundane way. Contemplating destiny, it seems that’s the way she seems to work most of the time; in ways most unexpected. But I digress.

My vacation was coming up and I was looking forward to at least a couple of weeks of R and R. I love my job, don’t get me wrong, but working as I do with troubled teens, it gets to be pretty stressful at times. I was looking forward to getting away someplace that wasn’t Arizona.

My usual way of deciding where to go would seem a bit reckless I guess, but I actually got the idea from some morning talk show that dealt with travel. I would take a map of the U.S. and put it on my garage wall. I would stand back about six or eight feet and launch a dart at the map and wherever the dart landed, that would be the state I would visit, not counting of course my own state. I know now that destiny guided that dart. With her hand it really wasn’t random. It landed on the state of Georgia. All I could think of was, ‘What’s in Georgia?’

Well, I did what I always do, I hit the computer and searched the net for what to do in Georgia. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that Georgia has a wonderful recreation site near Gainseville nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of the Chattahoochee National Forest. I knew then where I was going. Hiker’s paradise, here I come!

The day finally arrived and I loaded up my SUV with all of my camping and fishing gear and didn’t spare a moment to look back. I was so ready for this trip. I knew it was going to take about 28 to 30 hours driving time, so I took off totally prepared. I didn’t want to stop along the way except maybe to get a little shut-eye.

The trip was uneventful and went as smooth as I had hoped. When I got to the lodge, I signed in for one of the four bedroom cottages that were nestled right in the wooded area. It was a beautiful sight, but I was ready for some serious sleep, so after unloading the SUV of what I needed, I took a quick shower and lay back down on the bed with only the towel from my shower wrapped around me. It didn’t take long for sleep to finally hit me. I was out like a light.

I awoke about 4:30 p.m. and decided I would take a drive into the town to pick up some groceries. One of the reasons I had wanted a cottage was because of the kitchen it had. I didn’t mind eating at the lodge or in the restaurants in town, but I wasn’t a bad cook myself and I enjoyed the independence.

I went to the nearest Food Lion grocery store and that is where destiny decided to get me big time. I was just entering the store walking toward the carts when I noticed a lady tugging at one of the carts trying to get it unstuck from another one. That in itself was a pet peeve of mine. These stores not keeping their carts maintained so sticking wouldn’t happen. Anyway, I asked her to excuse me, that I would help. She looked at me a little harried and then just backed up and flashed a smile.

That did it. Yeah, I mean it. She had the most gorgeous smile of any I had seen. Her teeth flashed and her lips widened and I just stood there like a dope for a second transfixed by that wonderful smile. I still see it today in my mind’s eye. It was as if in that smile alone, beauty radiated taksim üniversiteli escort around her and enveloped her in its beauty.

I mumbled something to her and was pulling the carts apart when the one cart pulled away with such force, it grazed my thumb and peeled some of the skin off. I let out with a curse, then looked quickly at her and apologized.

She just looked up at me and asked, “Are you alright? Is it too bad? Maybe we should tell the store manager and have them look at that thumb.”

Her voice melted my anger and I looked up from the cart to see the concern on her face. God she was beautiful. “No, no, I’m fine. Shoot I’ve had worse than this, it just really startled me is all. It happened so quick.” I reached into my back pocket and took out a handkerchief and wrapped it around the thumb to take up some of the superficial bleeding. “I didn’t mean to curse, I usually don’t, please forgive me.”

“Hey, that’s okay, you did it for me. After all that could have been me.” There she goes with that smile again. Geez, I actually felt the blood start to rush to places it hadn’t visited in a while.

“Hi, my name’s John. It’s nice to meet you.” I said as I held my hand out to shake hers.

“My name’s Georgia, but my friends call me GG.” She replied as she grasped my hand. Her hand was so warm and soft. It made me realize that I hadn’t been with a real woman in several months.

We hadn’t moved from the spot and some other customers were trying to get around us, when she asked once more if I was okay. She had such a beautiful accent, very definitely southern. “Oh, yeah, sure, no problem.”

“Okay, then, thanks so much for your help.” As she started to turn away I did something I almost never do.

“Can I take you out for some coffee or a drink, or something.” I blurted and then stammered. I didn’t know if she was married or what. What was I thinking? She was probably thinking now that I was some sort of crackpot. I could feel the blood rush to my face as I’m sure I must have turned several shades of red.

“Well…, I,” she started to say when I interrupted her.

“No, that’s okay. I shouldn’t have asked that. I don’t blame you. Not knowing me and all and coming from out of town.”

“No, I was just going to say that I have to get this done and then I would be free. I would love a cup of coffee. You say your from out of town?” I was really taken aback because I certainly didn’t expect to have her agree.

“Yeah. I’m on vacation and just got into town earlier. I’m staying at the cottages at the Brasstown. I want to take in some hiking and stuff. I’ve never been here before and I just thought it would be a great place to visit.”

She appeared very intent on everything that I was saying and it was very evident that she was a great listener. She flashed that smile of hers a couple of times and it made me very glad that I did ask her to coffee.

“I’ve heard that’s a very nice Resort,” she replied. “I’ve never been there myself, but I have been to the area and if you like to hike, you will love some of the trails they have.” I loved listening to her voice. It was soothing and laced with a sensuality that I doubt even she was aware of. It made me wonder why she wasn’t with someone herself. A thought quickly crept in to my mind that if she was mine, I would never want to leave her side. She had a magnetism, a charisma that was totally undeniable.

“Maybe, if you would like a guide, I could show you some of the better trails?” She volunteered. I didn’t even take time to think about it before answering yes.

There went that smile again.

“You know what,” she began, “why don’t you let me buy something for dinner and since you have just gotten into town, let me treat you to dinner. We can have coffee and discuss plans about your hikes and what areas are best.”

That sounded so good to me. It was more like a dream come true. I didn’t mind vacationing alone, but here was someone who obviously enjoyed at least some of the same things.

I put my cart back in with the others and started to follow her as she gathered together some of her groceries. She interrupted my thoughts with, “Uh, I don’t want you to think that I always pick up complete strangers, because I don’t. There’s just, well, there’s just something about you that makes me feel comfortable. The way you helped me with the cart and all and the courtesy you’ve shown. That’s not always evident now days.” She looked up at me as if to garner approval.

“Well,” I began, “I’m really not a whacko. I work for the state of Arizona. I’m a counselor for troubled teens, so I have a pretty level head. Besides, you seem to enjoy some of the things I do, so, why not take a chance!”

“You know, this must be fate or destiny or something. I’m a social worker myself. Kind of like a guardian angel for the down and out, you might say.”

Angel is right I thought. I was totally captivated tophane escort by her and she had definitely woven a spell or something around me.

She finished with her groceries and after a small squabble about helping her pay for them, she allowed me to help her to her car. “Why don’t you just follow me, that way you won’t feel like a prisoner.” She chuckled.

I thought to myself, ‘If only I could be.’ I followed her to her home, not a far drive from the store and after parking on the street, offered to help her with her groceries. She lived in a modest home, that looked lived in yet very comfortable. It reminded me of a home and not just a house.

She opened her door and asked me to follow her in and led me to the kitchen. It was so different seeing her in her own home away from public lights and people. She walked with confidence and a sort of pride. Not haughty mind you, just someone who was sure of themselves and what they wanted. Someone who may have lived through not only the good times, but had weathered some of the bad times also.

Watching her put her groceries away, I was amazed at her attractiveness. Mind you, she was no supermodel, and that in itself is a compliment. Too many of these so-called supermodels are nothing but skin and bone. They have no shape or features. Most could easily pass made up as a guy. Not GG. She had curves in all the right places. She reminded me of the starlets of the 30’s and 40’s. She had hips you could grab hold of, and a butt that accentuated her features, (okay, okay, I’m a butt man, what can I say) and she had breasts that would smother any man who wanted to show her love.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t undressing her or anything at this time, I was just doing what most men do automatically. I was appraising her without judgement. In my eyes she was a beauty, a knock-out, and yes I realize that beauty IS in the eye of the beholder, but I am just relaying to you, the reader what had smitten me. I was completely taken by her.

She looked at me with a smile and said, “I need to go change and then I’ll be glad to prepare some dinner. If you want, feel free to watch TV in the living room or you can wait for me here. I’ll only be a moment.”

I decided I would just wait at the kitchen table for her. I occupied myself with a magazine she had there and sure as her word, she was only a couple of minutes. I thought she was stunning before, now she looked totally refreshed and ravishing. She had on a pair of jeans and a pullover shirt and I swear it made her look even sexier if that were possible.

While she prepared dinner, I did offer to help, we small talked a bit, got to know a little about each other’s work and likes and dislikes. The more I got to know her and about her, the more I was convinced that this meeting was meant to be. She was so easy, so comfortable, and so laid back to be around, it made me realize just what had been missing in my life. I was only thirty years old but had never been married. GG was the type of woman who could make a man want to end being single.

Dinner was simple, home-style, yet elegant in its simplicity. I think I was really falling for this stranger whom I didn’t even barely know. What kind of twist of fate could this be.

I offered to help her clean up the kitchen dishes and she refused, ever so politely, my offer. The next thing that she did, took me a little by surprise. Without hesitancy she took me by the hand and led me to her living room. She drew me to her couch, and to tell you the truth, I was wondering what was to happen next. But she reached for a remote and turned her stereo on. What played was some kind of soft instrumental music, very soothing, yet rather sensual at the same time.

We sat together there for a bit, just enjoying the music. I expressed my delight at the meal and thanked her for her graciousness and then after making some plans concerning some hiking spots, she told me, “I have a few days off coming. If it wouldn’t be too forward, would you mind me coming along and showing you some of the sights?”

Truthfully, I was thrilled and I told her so. Her lights in the living room were down a little low and the intimacy of the moment with the music playing in the background gave me a thought. “GG would you mind a dance to that wonderful music you have playing?”

“Well, no, I wouldn’t mind it, but you have to know it’s been awhile since I’ve had a partner to dance with.”

“I doubt that!” I exclaimed and I could tell it must have hit a nerve, because her face turned as red as mine had earlier. “Besides, it has been awhile for me also, and with the dinner and all….” I just left the sentence unfinished.

She led me by the hand to the middle of her living room floor, put her hand around my waist, grabbed my other hand and placed it around her waist and then held on to my shoulder and we began to slow dance to the sensual music. It wasn’t long and she had laid her head on topkapı escort my chest, I was a bit taller than her so she just barely reached my shoulder.

I don’t know how long we danced like that. Time was no more to me. My mind couldn’t even think beyond her embrace. I buried my nose in her hair while she held me close to her. All sensation except out two bodies held close was but a blur. I was lost to the music and to the moment. I was trapped in the magic that she spun around me.

I became so aware of our closeness. I not only was intoxicated by the smell of her hair, but had become oh so aware of her breasts pressing close to my chest. It was like every sense, tactile and otherwise was heightened in her presence. I could feel her nipples against me as if they were trying to escape from the confines of her blouse. It was only then that I realized she didn’t have a bra on.

The blood that was invading the area between my legs was starting to rush forth like the breaking of some dam that had held it back for some time. I felt like I was drunk and only for a second a thought that she might have possibly drugged me came to mind but then vanished like a wisp of smoke.

I could feel the warmth flush my face as I realized I wasn’t going to be able to hide my hard-on. The last thing I wanted was to ruin this night. You see, and I am not boasting, but even soft or flaccid, my member hangs down about eight or nine inches. When it’s raging imagine how big it becomes. There was no way I was going to hide it and this was not what I expected.

I was just about ready to excuse myself when I felt her hips begin to press closer to me. Mind you, her head was still held against my chest, her arms had encircled my hips and she had found my pockets to hook her thumbs into. We were very, very close. I knew she was aroused because of the way her nipples were stabbing me in my chest, but further proof was the way her hips were rubbing against me. There is absolutely no way that she couldn’t know I was thoroughly turned on!

This was the most erotic and sensual dance partner I had ever been with. The next thing I became aware of was both here hands tracing a line up my back, still holding me close as we slowly gyrated around her living room floor. Her hands reached up and glided across my back, up past my neck and to the back of my head where I could feel her fingers start to twine around in my hair as she drew my head down toward hers.

Her eyes were open, staring into mind, almost pleadingly. Her eyes were like pools that pierced and penetrated. I was sure she could see into my soul. I knew beyond all doubt that she could perceive every and any secret that I had ever had. She drew me toward her lips, to that luscious mouth and I swear, when our lips met there was a storm of current flow between us. Time completely stopped at that point. It wasn’t a tingle, it wasn’t a spark, it truly was a storm. The warmth and passion that she was able to exude through the touching of our lips was beyond belief.

I became engulfed in the moment, subdued and surrendered to her passion as I returned her kiss. Our lips became entwined and I began to thirst for whatever she was willing to surrender. I felt her tongue begin to invade my mouth with fervor, searching almost frantically for my tongue in return. Our kisses and passion took on the fervor of a dual, our tongues sparring with one another, probing, licking each other’s tongues and lips and mouth. Our breathing became heavy and labored, as our mouths continued to find ways to make passionate love to one another.

I became aware of her hands on my back, up under my shirt. I had no idea when she had invaded that place beyond my clothes. Yet I knew the signals and allowed her the lead. This was a wildcat, a woman on the prowl who pounced and knew exactly what it was she wanted. Her prey? It was I and I knew that destiny definitely had a hand in it.

Our kisses and our embraces became more heated and feverish. The only thing that might stop us now was a freight train and even that was in question. Her hands on my back were soft yet firm. Warmth emanated from them as if she was purposely using them to stoke my fires. Her breasts were heaving against my chest as she continued to press herself against my imprisoned manhood.

Her breathing was labored as she broke our kiss and breathlessly said, “I want you, I want you and need you now. Please John, please take me, I’m yours. I need you.”

When she said that, the most erotic sensations flooded my brain and I swear if I had been a bit less mature I would have unloaded in my pants right then and there. This woman was sexuality wrapped up in a goddess and whether she knew it or not, she was the epitome of eroticism.

How in the world had the gods in the heavens allowed this beautiful and gorgeous creature to escape their grasps? Her words were all that I needed and I knew then that I needed and yes, wanted her as much as she did me.

I reached behind her and still holding her close, pulled the shirt up and over her head. We were still in the middle of the living room floor but our dancing had definitely changed to something far more primitive and erotic. No more the slow moves back and forth, but rather a heated, feverish passion took over our movements.

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