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Go Commando

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It was a Monday afternoon and I was at the supermarket. A job I had been scheduled to do had fallen through at the last moment. I couldn’t complete my work until the plumbers had finished theirs and the plumbers had had an unfortunate meeting with a truck, delaying them somewhat. Instead of standing around I went home early, stopping by the supermarket on the way.

It’s amazing how many people are not at the supermarket on a Monday afternoon. You could shoot a cannon down any aisle and be fairly confident of not hitting anyone. Over-busy, they were not.

Strolling through the fruit and vegie section I beheld a lovely sight. Girl, twenty, loose top, no bra, leaning over to select something. I, being a healthy young man, ie – perpetually horny, manoeuvred to be in a choice viewing position. I had a splendid eyeful, her top gaping enough when she leant forward to reveal all.

Perhaps I was a little too obvious in my peeping. Maybe she was just very astute. Either way, she caught on to what I was doing and hurriedly straightened up, looking rather indignant.

“That’s right,” she snapped at me. “Take a good look.”

Well, really, there’s an invitation you don’t get every day. I just naturally reached for her blouse and pulled it down and to the side, letting a very nice breast pop into view.

“Very nice,” I was assuring her when she made a strange noise and slapped my hand away as she tidied up her blouse. That was OK. While she was doing that I was lifting her skirt and pulling the front of her panties out so I could look down them.

Another odd noise and my hands were slapped away again as she finished tidying up, glaring at me while she did so.

“What the hell do you think you’re playing at?” she demanded.

“You told me I could,” I protested. Well, she had.

I thought for a moment she was going to blow a fuse.

“That was sarcasm, moron,” she snarled.

“Oh. In that case I suppose I should apologise.”

I shut my mouth without doing so and contemplated her. I knew her, I realised. Not really well, but I did know her. She had a reputation for being a bit of a flirt and a bit of an exhibitionist. I suppose that bit of exhibitionism was ataşehir escort bayan the reason for the loose necked blouse and no bra.

“Well?” she asked.

“Well what?” I asked.

“The apology.”

“I said I should apologise, Janet,” I explained. “I didn’t say I would.”

“How do you know my name,” she demanded.

“We’ve met before. Mutual friends and all that. Simon’s the name.”

“That doesn’t give you any right to be so personal,” she grumbled.

“True,” I agreed. I looked at her consideringly.

“I’ll bet you ten dollars that you’re not prepared to slip your panties into your pocket and finish your shopping commando.”

“Ha. No way am I going around flashing people in the supermarket. You have got to be kidding.”

“Who said anything about flashing anyone? You’d just have to make sure you don’t bend down while someone is watching.”

I could see her thinking it over, slightly interested. A bit of harmless fun, she was thinking. As long as she was careful no-one would know. She held out her hand with a smirk and I placed the ten in it.

She slipped off her panties without showing me a thing and stuffed them in her pocket. Then she continued with her shopping. I watched as she moved around, doing my own shopping at the same time. She was careful, never bending or reaching up where she might be seen. I finished my shopping first and checked out, tossing my goods in my car.

There were only a few cars there around and I wondered which was hers. I made a guess and was leaning against this little sporty model when she came out.

She breezed past me with a smile and opened up the tail door on this whacking great four wheel drive. I would not have picked that as her car in a million years. I mean, she probably needed a ladder to climb up into it.

I strolled over and watched as she packed her groceries away. Now her damned exhibitionism was coming to the fore. She was bending over the trolley, fishing things out, knowing that I was there and that her dress was riding up, giving tantalizing glimpses without actually showing all.

It was quite an erotic display and it went straight to my groin, which I suppose escort kadıköy was her intention. Once she had finished putting her groceries away she ran her trolley over to the trolley bay and came trotting back, all happy smiles. She did look a little puzzled, though, as I’d opened the rear door instead of the driver’s door, and was holding it open for her.

“Wrong door. I’m driving, dummy,” she pointed out.

“It’s the right door,” I said softly. “Get in.”

Something in my face must have got through to her because she stopped smiling. She looked at the open door and then looked at me.

“If I try to get in that door you’ll be looking right up my dress,” she pointed out. “It’s not going to happen.”

“I wouldn’t worry about that. I’ll see everything once you’re on the rear seat on your hands and knees.”

She looked at me some more and I saw her eyes flick down my crotch and back, a light blush creeping over her face.

“You’re mad,” she mumbled. “Someone will see.”

“Not unless they’re seven foot tall and unlikely in any event. The place is almost deserted.”

She looked at me for a moment longer and then stepped past me and climbed up into the back of the car. She was right about one thing. That car was high enough off the ground to give me a perv’s delight – right up her skirt to where her panties weren’t.

I wasn’t backwards about getting right behind her, pulling the door to as I came. Then saying something rude when it nearly crushed my foot and taking a little more care to close it properly.

“Look, you’re not really intending to try. . .’ she began, turning to look at me but stopped when she saw I was already undoing my trousers. She blushed and turned away, settling down on the seat on all fours as directed.

I was kneeling behind her, pushing her dress up. Right up, pushing it past her breasts, taking the time to give them a quick squeeze. Hand rubbing her mound, not unduly surprised to find her wet and waiting. She’d been working herself up with every little flash she’d directed my way.

I quickly positioned myself and started forward, finding her passage only too willing to yield to me. I pressed home firmly bostancı escort and Janet pushed just as firmly back to take me, resulting in me banging home hard and fast, the thrust being accompanied by a satisfied little scream.

Now that cordial relations had been established I went to work with a will. I will admit that I wasn’t doing my duty of finding out what Janet wanted and liked and then providing it. It was more of a case of I knew what I wanted and liked which was, quite simply, to fuck Janet just as hard as I could, and she could take care of herself, and that’s what I proceeded to do.

I banged away hard and fast. My thoughts were that even if Janet preferred to be coaxed at the start she’d adjust soon enough to my style. She did, too, humping her bottom just as nicely as you please, bouncing out a tempo I found most rewarding. At the same time I was playing with those lovely breasts of hers, enjoying the feel of them in my hands.

After that first little scream when I first took her Janet really found her voice. She was all, ‘Yes, yes, yes,’ and ‘Oh, ah, oh,’ cheering me on and demanding more, a more that I was quite happy to provide. Apparently she loved my style, having no complaints about the roughness with which I was treating her, squirming and writhing and bucking against me, generally appearing to be having a fine time. Well, good luck to her was my opinion, because I was certainly having a fine time.

I surprised myself at the length of time I was able to keep going. I wouldn’t have been too surprised if I’d shot my load sooner rather than later but the gods of horniness were with me, letting me continue when I should have shot and died. Actually, I was having such a great time I suspect I’d have kept right on going except for Janet climaxing.

She gave a muffled scream (I think she’d jammed her hand into her mouth) and climaxed in a most shocking manner, her passage clamping down on me like a vice, triggering my own climax whether I would or not.

We both sat back on the seat, the pair of us seeming to be pleasantly exhausted.

“I’ve got to get home,” Janet finally said. “I’ve got some frozen things back there. I wouldn’t want them to thaw out.”

“Come to think of, I picked up a few frozen articles myself. So, any chance we can meet again, sometime?”

She seemed to consider the suggestion and then shook her head.

“Better not,” she decided. “I’m pretty sure my husband wouldn’t approve.”

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