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Grief Therapy

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We were all pretty shocked when our coworker passed away. I can’t really say that it was sudden or unexpected since he’d been fighting cancer for a while but I think we all figured that, being as young as he was, he’d eventually beat it. As his manager, it was my responsibility to clean out his workspace and make sure his personal items got to his widow, Kerrie. I’d worked with Doug for long enough that I knew her pretty well, anyway, so it was easy for me to coordinate with her and arrange a time to come by to drop off Doug’s things. It was tough going through his workspace knowing he was never going to use it again but I knew that what Kerrie was going through was even more difficult. Once I was sure I’d found everything she’d want and we’d discussed the things she didn’t care about, I loaded up a box and we figured out a day and time for me to come by.

I confirmed that she was expecting me that day before I headed over but, when I arrived and she let me in, she really did not look like she was expecting company. I knew that she had family staying with her, though they’d left the house for a bit to allow us to take care of the work stuff, but it looked like they’d just allowed her to wallow in her misery since Doug had passed. I knew she was hurting so I set the box down and hugged her there in the foyer inside the front door. It was immediately clear that she hadn’t been bothering with general personal hygiene and I wasn’t sure how her family was just letting this slide.

“Kerrie, holy cow, you’re ripe,” I said, “when was the last time you showered?”

She shrugged but didn’t say anything. Her fine, blond hair looked greasy and matted and her black t-shirt looked like she’d been wearing it day and night. I turned and locked the door then took her hand and led her upstairs, leaving the box of Doug’s stuff in the middle of the foyer. My plan was only to help her find some clean clothes and strongly encourage her to shower but it ended up taking more effort than that. I hadn’t been into the master bathroom before but it seemed pretty clean compared to the bedroom itself and had a good sized shower with no bathtub.

“Okay, you go ahead and shower,” I said, “and I’ll find something clean for you to wear.”

“What’s the point?” she said, not moving.

“Kerrie, Doug may have died,” I said, “but you didn’t so you can’t just stop living.”

I wasn’t sure what else to do but I wasn’t just going to accept this status quo so I started to remove her filthy t-shirt. She actually raised her arms to help me accomplish this so at least she wasn’t completely resisting me. She was braless and I didn’t fail to notice that her tits were pretty spectacular. I knew they were big but I never expected to actually see them, especially like this. There was a wicker hamper nearby so I opened it and it appeared to be for dirty laundry so I dropped her t-shirt into it. Turning back, she hadn’t moved and I wasn’t even sure if she was mentally in the room with me. I had a brief internal debate about just helping her into the shower then turning on only the cold water. While I’m sure that very well could have snapped her out of it, it didn’t seem like the best demonstration of empathy. I was determined not to just let her continue like this, though, so I steeled my resolve and just decided I had to do what I had to do. I knelt in front of her and started to slide her black leggings down then realized that she also had panties on so I slid them down together. She’d clearly been neglecting her grooming along with her hygiene because her blond bush was wildly unkempt.

As with her t-shirt, she actually did step out of her leggings and panties but, when I opened the sliding shower door and stepped aside, she still didn’t move. I finally realized that there was only one way this was going to happen though I was really hoping that her family did not return home in the middle of it. Just in case, I went and closed the bathroom door then locked it. As I was on my way back to the shower, I removed my shirt and kicked off my shoes. She was watching but still seemed uninterested as I opened my jeans and pushed them down along with my underwear. My socks came off last, leaving me as naked as she was, and although I wasn’t completely flaccid, I was not fully erect, either. Despite her neglect of basic hygiene, she still looked great naked and I couldn’t help but notice. Aside from being blond and blue-eyed, she was fair-skinned with a nice curvy figure and, of course, those spectacular tits. In any other situation, I probably would have been fully erect.

I led her into the shower, slid the door closed and turned the water on then adjusted the temperature. I got her under the spray but she still didn’t move though, luckily, the shower had a removable showerhead. With that, I managed to wet her down completely then could also turn off the showerhead without turning off the water and having to adjust the temperature again when I turned it back on. The first thing I did was wash her hair while also massaging her scalp, temples and neck, which actually seemed to have some effect on her. After rinsing out the shampoo, I even escort bostancı applied some conditioner before moving on and selecting a body wash from the many available options. I stood behind her and started lathering up her shoulders so that I could massage them as well, figuring this would continue to relax her.

I lathered up her back then each of her arms and armpits before reaching around from behind to clean her stomach and finally lather her big titties. I’m pretty sure that she sighed as I lathered up the soft, smooth flesh and my palms passed over her hard nipples. My cock was definitely stiffening but there really wasn’t any way to hide it aside from remaining behind her. When I realized I was probably spending too much time lathering up her tits, I stopped and decided to move far away from them. As I hunkered down to soap up her legs, she turned toward me, which put her pussy practically right in my face. I had her lift each foot and started there while averting my gaze from her matted blond bush. As I worked my way up each of her legs it was more difficult, especially as I was lathering her upper thighs, both inner and outer. Finally, as I was spreading suds over her ass cheeks, her pussy was right in my face and, as I was staring at it, I lost any resolve that I may have had.

I leaned in closer and ran my tongue along her slit, causing her to let out a sort of combination gasp and moan. She adjusted her position slightly so that she could spread her legs apart more and push her pussy toward my face a bit, too. I took this as a good sign that she wanted me to continue but, since my hands were still soapy, I didn’t want to slip a finger up inside her and just focused instead on using my tongue to its full potential. I was lapping at her slit and licking and sucking her clit while she moaned steadily. If her family did return, it was unlikely that they wouldn’t have been able to figure out what was going on behind the closed bathroom door.

My hands continued caressing the soft, smooth flesh of her ass cheeks as I devoured her pussy. With the showerhead turned off, the soapy suds from her tits and stomach had not flowed down into her bush so all I was tasting were the abundant juices that she was producing. Obviously I hadn’t dove into her bush because I couldn’t resist making her cum; it was completely self-indulgent. Once I started eating her, though, it became equally about savoring the opportunity to eat a pussy I never had before and making her cum as long and as hard as I could manage. Just her initial reaction had me immediately thinking that a good, hard orgasm could help bring her out of that funk she’d obviously been in since her husband had died. There probably hadn’t been a single thought about sex or having an orgasm maybe even going back to when he was sick. I was more than happy to be the one to remind her how awesome sexual pleasure could be even if it came about in such an unorthodox way.

The longer I was eating her, the longer and louder she was moaning as she humped her pussy toward my face. As psyched as I was to be eating her pussy, I was even more psyched by the effect it was having on her. I was definitely feeling a lot less awkward about being in the shower with her though I still knew that I should tread lightly and not assume because she was responsive to this that she was interested in anything else. If it ended up just being an opportunity to eat her pussy, and fondle her tits, I’d have been fine with that, especially if it helped to change her outlook and get her out of her funk. Of course, if she was interested in more, I was definitely going to be good with that, too.

It seemed like she was on the verge of cumming when she grabbed onto my head and was holding me against her pussy. This made it a little more difficult to continue eating her but I could still lick and suck her clit which continued to push her toward an orgasm. When she let out a cry, she relaxed her grip and her body shook like crazy. I resumed devouring her with enthusiasm, hoping that it would make for a longer and even more pleasurable orgasm. There was no doubt that it was a long one and it certainly appeared to be intensely pleasurable based on what I was hearing and feeling while continuing to eat her. I only stopped when she let go of my head and stepped back. I still had a bit of lather on my hands so, while she was recovering, I finished up cleaning her ass crack, taint and pussy.

“Oh my God, I can’t even believe how incredible that was,” she was saying as I stood up. I turned the water back on and rinsed her, maybe spending a little extra time with the spray aimed at her pussy, then also rinsed the conditioner from her hair.

“I’m not going to try to shave your legs and armpits for you,” I told her, having noticed that they were both in need of some attention.

“I promise I will take care of them,” she said, opening her eyes and smiling then glancing down, “Holy shit, your cock!”

It was still rigid and sticking straight out so she reached down and stroked it. Her grip felt nice but, if anything was going to happen, I felt like it’d be ümraniye escort better to have it happen outside of the shower. I turned the water off but she was still fascinated with my stiff cock.

“How about we get out and dry off?” I suggested.

“Then you’ll let me ride this monster?” she asked, “I can’t even remember how long it’s been since I’ve been fucked. I need to feel this inside me.”

She was more interested in my cock than she had been in anything since I’d arrived and maybe even anything since Doug had died. I opened the shower and reached for the towels outside then we dried ourselves and each other. Her bush still needed attention but that was definitely going to have to wait based on her current fixation on my stiff cock. Once we were both dry and had stepped out of the shower, she had me sit on the lid of the toilet as she straddled me. I held her curvy waist as she reached for my cock then lowered herself onto it. We both moaned as her hot, wet pussy engulfed my cock and she sat on my lap with it filling her. While she took a moment to enjoy the feeling of having it inside her, I ran my hands around from her waist to caress the soft, smooth flesh of her ass.

She soon began to move slowly up and down on my cock and it felt outstanding. In addition to hot and wet, her pussy also was pleasantly snug. After being rigid in the shower for so long, my throbbing cock sliding in and out of her was sweet relief. I’m not sure how I didn’t cum immediately but I was glad that I didn’t because I wanted to enjoy having her riding my cock for as long as I could possibly manage. Naturally, my hands migrated from her ass up to fondle her big, luscious tits. I don’t know for sure if brushing my palms over her hard, thick nipples was getting her more aroused or driving her toward another orgasm but I did feel confident that it was having a positive and beneficial effect. I wasn’t sure whether I’d be able to hold out long enough for her to have another orgasms but it was definitely my goal. As fired up as I was, I had a feeling that she was even more so than me and that it might not take too long before she was cumming again.

As she continued to ride me harder and faster, while moaning louder and longer, her tits were beginning to really bounce. I couldn’t really lean back far enough to watch them but could look down since she was sitting straight upright. I was still fondling them and caressing her hard nipples but I was also watching as they heaved up and down. Her pussy was becoming even hotter and wetter the longer she was riding me yet somehow still I managed to not cum before she did. Maybe it just didn’t take that long before she was on the verge of cumming given how fired up she was and that she’d already had one orgasm in the shower, but it sure felt as though she was riding me for a good, long time and I was not complaining.

When she suddenly dropped down onto my cock and just sat there, not moving, it was only seconds later that she cried out and her entire body was shaking. I was relieved, not only that she was cumming before I did, but also that this orgasm was most definitely at least as long and as pleasurable as the first. I continued to fondle her tits with a big smile on my face and was feeling like, whatever we ended up doing next, I could just let go and enjoy the build-up to my own orgasm. As her orgasm finally tapered off, she remained on my cock as she caught her breath and recovered. When she stood without saying anything, I assumed she had a plan but I stopped her when she started to kneel in front of the toilet.

“Wait,” I said when I realized what she was doing, “take my place.”

I stood and had her sit on the lid of the toilet so, rather than kneeling and sucking my cock, she could sit while I stood in front of her. She wasted no time in gently gripping the base of my cock and engulfing it in her hot mouth. I moaned as she slid her lips up and down while gently pumping the base. I ran my fingers through her hair, which had been towel dried but not brushed, though was much better than before our shower. Looking down, I was not only savoring the pleasure of her cocksucking but also the visual of my cock disappearing into her mouth. If somebody had tried to tell me that I’d be experiencing this today, I’d have laughed and said that they were nuts, that there was no possible way. I was more than glad to be in this position and definitely hoping it wouldn’t be the only time.

Her cocksucking left nothing to be desired and, even as fired up as I was, she managed to draw out the pleasure much longer than I’d have expected to last. I had a feeling that this was not only so that I could enjoy the pleasure for longer but also so that she could enjoy having my stiff cock in her mouth for longer. This was all her, of course, since I was doing nothing myself to try to hold out longer but I had no complaints about enjoying her skillful cocksucking for longer. Eventually, though, there was no way that she could hold off my orgasm any longer and it started to build in earnest. It felt like my cock swelled even more so maybe that’s how she realized that my kartal escort bayan orgasm was imminent and switched her focus from drawing out the pleasure to making me cum.

When I finally started blasting my load down her throat, she was completely unfazed and just continued to suck me off as she swallowed it. The level of pleasure was off the charts and the perfect culmination to everything that had happened since we’d stepped into that shower. Only when I was completely spent and starting to soften did she let my cock fall from her mouth and look up at me.

“That was outstanding,” I said, making her smile even bigger, “How about you let me help you with that bush now?”

“Really?” she asked, “It’s that bad that it’s a two-person job?”

“Nope,” I replied, “I was going to offer to do it myself so that it’s exactly how I like it when I bury my face in it again.”

“Okay,” she said then got up to help me gather supplies, like scissors, razor and shaving cream. We also decided that, rather than have her sitting on the toilet, it’d be easier to have her on one of the towels on the floor. I also made sure there was a washcloth handy. She didn’t lay back completely because she wanted to watch but spread her legs wide and trusted me with scissors and a razor near her pussy. I first trimmed her entire bush down to a nice short length but not too short, letting the fur collect on the towel for later disposal. When I was happy with the length all over, I used the razor and shaving cream to shape it. By the time I had it down to a brilliantly blond triangle and was wiping away the shaving cream and fur with the warm, wet washcloth, she was moaning and writhing and I was rigid again.

After moving everything aside, I lowered my head while kneeling between her spread legs and ran my tongue along her slit. Her pussy was overflowing with juices again (or still) so I was eagerly lapping them up as she moaned louder and longer. She had fully reclined and reached down to hold my head so, when I glanced up, I saw her big boobs squeezed between her arms. While I was definitely planning to fuck her again, this gave me another idea of something that I had to do before I left her house or even that bathroom. With that thought making me smile, I focused my efforts on making sure she had another intensely pleasurable orgasm. This time, since my hands were clean and free of suds, I slipped a finger into her snug, slippery pussy and was sliding it in and out as I was licking and sucking her clit.

Her moans were continuous as she was holding my head and humping her pussy toward my face. I had no doubt that it wasn’t going to take a whole lot of effort to get her to another orgasm given how worked up she’d already been followed by the grooming exercise. Her pussy was incredibly wet and engorged so I knew it was going to feel amazing to slip my cock into her again but that’d be after I made her cum with my tongue and finger. Of course I wasn’t in a rush to finish eating her because I was enjoying it even more with her bush so well groomed. I was starting to feel like this might not be my only opportunity, too, so I was less concerned with drawing things out if it was likely I’d be back in this position again in the future. I also figured that, if I made her cum long and hard and even quickly, she’d know that she could count on me if she was in need of having her pussy eaten. I’d also have to make sure that she knew how much I enjoyed eating pussy so she wouldn’t be the least bit hesitant about asking me to do it.

She was tensing up more and holding my head more tightly the closer she was getting to cumming. Since I hadn’t really been trying to draw out the pleasure she was experiencing, I didn’t have to change my technique to get her the rest of the way to her orgasm. I just continued what I’d been doing as her pussy became even hotter and wetter until she briefly went still and silent before crying out as the tension left her body and she started shaking. While I slurped up the flood of additional lubrication flowing around my finger, she experienced another long and clearly intensely pleasurable orgasm. I was wondering if this was typical for her orgasms or if she was just really that pent up that she was practically exploding each time she came.

Once I was certain that she’d finished cumming, I straightened up on my knees, my rigid cock sticking out in front of me, and sucked her juices off of my finger while looking over her sexy, curvy body. Her chest was still heaving when she opened her eyes and saw my cock, ready for action. She held her arms out, beckoning me to lower myself over her and into them, so I did. I guided my stiff cock into her hot, wet pussy and we both moaned as I slipped all the way in. I was supporting myself over her on my forearms as I started to slowly slide my cock in and out of her, savoring the incredible feel of her pussy. She was raising her hips to accept each of my thrusts and I could feel her big tits against my chest so, despite us still being on the bathroom floor, fucking her again felt damn good. I will say, though, that missionary is not my favorite position and part of that is because I couldn’t see or fondle those big, beautiful boobs. I thought about switching things up so that I was on the bottom, looking up at her tits as she rode me, but she’d already ridden me on the toilet so I wanted to keep things interesting.

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