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Happy Twenty-first!

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Big Tits

Nancy Darcy, Joan Davey and Davida Clark share flat number four, the largest flat in the house. Friends during high school, they had re-met when they all started working at the same chocolate factory as Simi Cohen in flat one and all decided to share expenses by sharing a flat.

All aged twenty, up until two months ago they had spent most of their evenings ‘on the hunt’: but Nancy had been the only one to find someone worth dating a second time.

It was after the fourth date (and staying out all night), that Nancy finally broke down under the relentless questioning of her two flatmates, an interrogation that would have done justice to any top-flight anti-terrorist unit.

‘All right, O.K.! Let me think…

‘He’s not exceptionally big, about seven or seven-and-a-half inches, but he so thick that I thought I was losing my virginity for a second time the first time that he came into me.

‘It was a good job that I was drunk that first time, otherwise I wouldn’t have let him anywhere near me with something that thick, but what he can do with it is something else!’

There was silence for a few seconds and then Davida had slapped her across the back, hard.

‘Come on, don’t be a bitch all your life, tell us all about it! We’re all sat here like nuns while you’re out getting yourself fucked senseless, the least you can do is share it with us!’

Nancy thought how to tell them about the man that had turned her life upside down

‘Well, let’s see. He likes his women unshaven, just like me, and he has the longest tongue that I’ve ever felt.

‘The first time he made me come twice by just going down on me and biting my clit, and that was before he came into me.

‘Being as thick as he is it was a good job that I was in the middle of an orgasm and half pissed like I said, because I’ve never taken anyone as thick as he is. It was a good job that I was as wet as I was, otherwise I would have never taken him.

‘When he did eventually get into me he seemed to ride me for ages in all the positions you can think of until I was completely out of it and lost count of orgasms, and then he pulled out of me and came all over me. Then he did the nicest thing, he licked my face clean where he’d come over me saying ‘Sorry’ all the time as he did it.’

‘Wait,’ Davida asked, shocked, ‘you mean to tell me that he put his own spunk into his mouth? You must be joking; I’ve never seen a man do that!’

‘It was afterwards,’ Nancy continued, ‘that he told me that he could come whenever he wants. At first I told him that he was bullshitting, and then he said he would prove it the next time. The next time he came into me we’d been fucking for about two minutes and I was nowhere near coming when I told him to come, and he did, all over me.

‘That’s the best thing about him, he can hold off until he wants to come, and because of his personality, that he always makes sure that I’m satisfied before he does.’

She still remembered Ron’s reaction when he had seen the thick brush of black hair between her legs.

‘Wow! At long last, a woman who likes to be eau natural!’

Folding her thick, wiry hairs away from her vaginal lips he had slowly slithered his tongue up and down both side of her trembling lips.

‘Has anyone ever told you that you smell good?’ he said, breathing deeply through his nose, ‘I wonder if you taste as good as you smell!’

It was then that Ron had probed her vaginal orifice with just the tip of his thick tongue and felt Nancy’s body go wild. The further he pushed the more her body quivered until finally the thick root of Ron’s oral muscle was as deep inside her as it could go, her whole groin saturated with Bartholin’s juices

Then, in one swift move, he had raised his head and clamped his teeth around her now hard clitoris and nibbled it as hard as he dare, and kept nibbling until Nancy climaxed, bucking her hips harder upwards towards his mouth and the teeth that were driving her crazy.

Then, without giving her a break, he had kept on nibbling, but by this time his hands had found her nipples, and were rolling them, hard. Nancy had flowed from one climax straight into the next without even realising it.

Joan and Davida looked at each other and then at Nancy, but it was Joan that spoke.

‘Tell me, does he fuck ass? Has he fucked your ass yet?’

Nancy shook her head emphatically. “No way! I’m not going to let any man fuck me in there. Well, I wouldn’t say any man, but especially someone built like Ron. He’s massaged my ring with his tongue and even stuck his tongue inside which was nice, but that’s as far as it goes. You must be crazy to even think about taking someone his size up the ass!’

But Joan did think about it, for her that was the best way to be fucked, she being able to come far more often and quicker with a good length reaming her ass…

The one major problem for Nancy and Ron ever since they had met was the lack of privacy, what with Nancy having two flat mates and Ron living at home escort kartal with his widowed father.

Having promised his mother just before she died of cancer a year before that he would take care of his father, Ron had given up the freedom of his own apartment to move back to the family home.

Even though he had no regrets giving up his own place, it did mean that both he and Nancy had to juggle their sex lives around other people’s timetable’s and moods. The only time that they had any time together was when Ron’s father went for a night out with his friends, and then it was a case of ‘bim-bam-thank you ma’am’ and make sure that everything was rearranged by the time his father got home.

Most of the time Nancy came twice before Ron allowed himself to finish, than a mad dash to get re-dressed, tidy up the bedroom and relax in front of the television as though nothing had happened before his father walked through the door.

After sex Nancy always made sure that she put a double panty-liner in her knickers to absorb the dribbles of sperm that always seemed to gather to a flood as soon as Ron’s father came home.

The only real time that they’d had together without watching the clock had been when Ron had paid for his father to go on a ‘dirty weekend’ to Blackpool with his social club. That weekend they had fucked each other stupid, Nancy riding Ron for more than half-an-hour and having three orgasms before allowing him to come. Each time that she felt him getting close to coming she clamped her vagina so tight that he was unable to finish.

Then, after a two-hour break and a few drinks Ron’s ego had taken over and he’s said, with a smile on his face, ‘Now, do you want me to show you whose boss?’

Then he had ridden Nancy for one-and-a-half hours before he had allowed himself to come. Her legs over his shoulders, her on top and then in the doggy position, he counted seven good orgasms before Nancy raised her hands in submission, gasping for breath and Ron had pulled himself out of her and splattered all over her breasts.

The two things he’d wanted to do that Nancy hadn’t agreed to were to let him come in her mouth and let him fuck her up the ass. It was the fucking of her ass that he would have really liked to do. There had been only one woman who’d taken him up the ass, and that had been an old whore that Nancy didn’t need to know about.

‘So, what are you planning for your birthday? It’s your twenty-first, so I think you should do something special.’

Nancy already had the germ of an idea as to what she’s like to do for Ron, but first she wanted to hear if he had any ideas. Sitting nude in the kitchen and drinking a cup of coffee and smoking a ‘cigarette after’, they were both well and truly drained and neither of them had any intention of further sex at least until the next morning. Morning sex (especially waking Ron up with a slow blow job), being Nancy’s speciality.

‘To tell you the truth’, Ron replied, ‘money’s going to be a bit tight for the next two weeks. I caught the postman before dad this morning only to find that he hasn’t paid any council tax for the last two months.

‘He does his best, but working three days a week doesn’t give him enough money to cover everything. I’m sorry; I was hoping that the two of us could do something special together.’

Nancy leaned across the table and stroked his hand. ‘Don’t worry, I’ve been trying to arrange something for the last week, but don’t ask me what it is because it’s a secret…’

The meal at ‘ I Ching’s’ was Davida’s idea, although by the time the nine-course meal laced with hot rice wine was over all four of them were in more than a merry mood. It was after Davida and Joan went to the toilets that Ron slid his hand across the cluttered table and clutched Nancy’s.

‘This is really nice, and I do appreciate it, but I was hoping for something a bit more private with just the two of us…’

‘Patience,’ said Nancy, ‘all in good time. The girls are set up for the night with two friends and they’re going onto a nightclub from here and you,’ she said, sliding her shoeless foot up and down his leg under the table, ‘are coming home with me. Now remember, when the girls come back thank them for the meal. It was their idea, not mine. Something special for your birthday.’

The taxi back to Nancy’s apartment couldn’t get there fast enough for either of them, Ron’s erection already rock-solid by the time Nancy slid her hand up his leg in the back of the taxi. Seeing that he was more than ready, she took his hand and slid it up her leg, to reveal that she was also ready, without underwear, and with a crotch that was soaking wet.

Neither of them could wait until they got into the bedroom, Nancy slamming the door shut with Ron’s body, her hand unbuckling his belt and sliding his zip open and freeing his erection whilst her tongue sought out the back of his throat. Determined not to let Nancy take over all the action, Ron dropped to his knees, raised her skirt as far maltepe escort as it would go while at the same time burying his face in her dripping hairs.

‘Oh fuck, you taste good…you ready taste good!’

He then he fell silent as his teeth sought out her clitoris and Nancy tried to slide further and further up the wall to get away from him. ‘Not yet! Not yet…let’s get in the bedroom first, just it case!’

Ron’s answer was to stand, loop his hands under Nancy armpits to raise her even higher, and then to drop her onto his rampant erection. She screamed out loud as all her weight pushed his throbbing organ far deeper into her than it had ever been before. Then turning, his feet hampered by his fallen trousers, Ron shuffled into the bedroom, each step bringing a groan of either pain or satisfaction as, his pole of meat impaling Nancy to his body touched different places deep inside her.

Ron dropped her on the bed and she as able to try and recover from being speared through to her stomach on a shaft of solid meat for just as long as it took for Ron to scuff his feet free of his trousers and shoes, his hands occupied with removing her blouse and bra and freeing her breasts.

No sooner had they swung free than Ron latched his mouth onto her left nipple, (her most sensitive one), and nibbled it between his teeth as hard as he dare while his right hand rolled her other one as roughly as he could without hurting her.

Bolts of erotic fire shot through Nancy’s belly and groin releasing a further deluge of juices to join those already flooding her vagina and dribbling down towards her anus.

Hooking Nancy’s legs over his shoulders, Ron thrust as hard as he cold with his hips and buried the full length of his meat so deep inside Nancy that she wriggled franticly backwards on the bed to try and escape from the spasms of pain that were shooting up through her stomach and on to her heart. ‘Stop…stop, please!’

Ron did pull out of her, but not out of any consideration for her. Dropping her legs off his shoulders he said, ‘you’re so wet that I can’t feel you! What you want is a good licking out!” and with that turned himself around while at the same time hooking his left leg over her body. Shuffling backwards so that his erection was over her mouth he said, ‘Now, you dry me off while I take care of you!’

Raising Nancy’s hips up to meet his mouth, he could feel Nancy gagging as she tried to force his dripping wet meat into her mouth. Ron had no such problem, feverishly lapping Nancy’s juices with the speed of a cat lapping cream. Ron groaned out of pure pleasure.

‘You know,’ he gasped between laps, ‘it’s a pity they can’t bottle this stuff and sell it! You’d make a fortune!’

Satisfied that Nancy was as dry as he could get her, Ron gently disengaged his mouth from Nancy’s now vacuum sucking mouth, climbed over her and then turned her over onto her belly all in one move. Hooking his hands under her hips, he had intended to come into her from behind, but then was faced with her anus still dripping wet from her juices.

Leaning forward, he slowly traced his tongue from the bottom of Nancy’s vagina up over her now quivering anus. She groaned in pleasure, her thighs trembling, as his tongue slowly but firmly poked itself inside her tight ring of muscle. Soon his whole tongue was deep inside her, but Ron wanted something more. Kneeling, he slowly squeezed the full length of his erection sending spurts of pre-cum to cover her gaping sphincter, and slowly spread it all over the outside with the knob of his throbbing meat.

‘Mmm…that feels so good! Tease me as much as you want, but don’t even try to put that inside me…’

Ron’s erection suddenly relaxed a little as the dream of pushing himself deep and fast into the woman underneath him evaporated. To hide his disappointment Ron continued to slowly massage Nancy’s well-lubricated anus, first with one finger and then with two, her sphincter muscle readily stretching to accommodate his slowly pumping fingers.

Suddenly, Ron felt the bed between his legs sink lower and his balls engulfed inside a hot mouth. Quickly extracting his fingers and turning around, all he could see was the bottom half of a naked woman, one hand holding her shaved vagina as wide open as she could while the other hand rubbed quickly across her rampant clitoris in a side to side motion, her tongue now rolling his balls around inside her mouth.

Shocked, turning back to face Nancy he was faced with Davida naked, also playing with herself with one hand while flicking one of Nancy’s nipples with the other, both woman with wide smiles on their faces.

‘Surprise!’ called Davida, leaning across and kissing Ron hard on the mouth.

‘We all thought that we’d give you a birthday to remember! By the way, that’s Joan in case you didn’t recognise her…’

Ron opened his mouth to protest and saw Nancy’s face smiling up at him, a finger across her lips in a sign for him to be quiet.

Enjoy! These two think pendik escort bayan I’ve been bull-shitting them about you, not you can show that that I haven’t been. Go for it!’

Realising the fantasy of a lifetime, Ron was just about to plunge himself back into Nancy when he remembered Joan. Shuffling back on the bed to get his balls clear of her mouth, he had just succeeded in exiting them when Joan’s head appeared between his knees and, pulling down on his erection with one hand, buried his whole length so deep into her mouth that his freely-spurting head was touching the back of her throat.

Both Ron and Joan, their eyes closed, groaned in ecstasy at the sensations coursing through their respective bodies.

In the meantime, Nancy, who had succeeded in freeing her legs from over Ron’s shoulders, was lying next to Davida, both of them being further turned on by watching another woman play with her saturated groin and play with her erect nipples with her juice-soaked fingers. Davida wiped her fingers through her shaggy pile and offered them to Nancy. ‘Here, try this; I think you’ll like it…’

Nancy had just finished cleaning Davida’s fingers by putting them one by one into her mouth and them sucking them clean, each with a vacuum suck when Joan rose for air from between Ron’s legs and turned to face Nancy.

‘Fucking hell! How long does it take for you man to come? I’ve tried everything I know, and he’s no closer to coming than when I started!’

‘That’s what I told you!’ laughed Nancy, ‘He can keep going far longer than you can! You’ll be screaming for help by the time he lets himself come!’

‘W…what?’ stammered Ron, ‘you told them about us…about me?’ he said in an embarrassed voice.

‘Why not?’ countered Nancy, ‘it’s not everyday that one meets a man who can ride all night or come within two minutes depending on what he wants to do. They didn’t believe me, now they do!’

‘Not yet’, countered Davida, ‘Joan knows that she can’t make him come no matter how hard she tries and you’ve told us what he can do, but I’d rather see it for myself.’

Ron looked at Nancy hoping that she could read his mind and help him out of a situation that most men would kill to be in. Instead, she shrugged her shoulders and said, ‘It’s all yours. Do what you want to do. Only one thing, when you do come you come inside me!’

Both Joan and Nancy lay across the bed to make room for Davida who had decided that she wanted to be fucked from behind. Straggling her legs and raising her buttocks as high as she could she said, ‘O.K., bring it on! I’d like to see any man make me beg for mercy!’

Davida groaned, most of it in pain as she felt Ron slowly inserted a thick bar of solid muscle into her and open her up far wider than she ever had been before, and then understood Nancy not wanting to take him up the ass.

In the end Davida didn’t beg for mercy, but instead collapsed in a heap on the bed gasping for breath, her hands waving in front of her face. However, it took forty-five minutes of hard, non-stop riding, three orgasms from behind and another three with her legs high in the air to get her to that position.

‘With…with what he’s got there, you…you should hire him out and make a fortune!’

Nancy leaned across the bed, wiped Ron’s sweating brow with her hand and then buried her tongue deep into his mouth.

‘”By…by the time that he’s…he’s finished with me he’s too tired to fuck anyone else, aren’t you, darling?’

Davida tried to remember the last time she’s had six orgasms in one session, and couldn’t.

‘You know what, Nance? Better than hire him out, it’s a pity that you can’t bottle what he’s just done to me and sell it, you’d make a fortune from the women living on memories!”

Nancy laughed. ‘He says the same about my juices!’ then, turning to Joan, she said ‘Right, your turn if you want to take him on! What do you think?’

Joan remained silent as she contemplated the throbbing pole between Ron’s legs. She had taken men up the ass before, but none of them had been Rob’s thickness, and, at least seven-and-a-half inches he was, in spite of what Nancy thought, not exactly small, either.

‘I know exactly what I want to do, but that depends if there’s any K.Y. around and if your man’s got the patience to be slow and gentle, has he?’

Nancy fished in her bedside drawers and handed Joan an almost new tube of K.Y. that Ron had bought long before.

‘If he’s got patience or not, why don’t you ask him? Davida and I are no longer here, he’s all yours.’

Joan handed the tube of K.Y. to Ron and he handed it straight back to her.

‘You do the honours, and make sure that you use some on yourself. I love the feeling of someone else’s hand sliding up and down my prick, it makes him even harder. And’, he said looking Joan in the eyes, ‘who knows, after you’ve felt how thick he is you might change you mind…’

Four pairs of eyes watched as Joan slowly and erotically lubricated first Ron’s throbbing length and then, spreading further K.Y. on her fingers, smeared the whore area of her anus. Then, as a shock to all, she said, ‘Now, lie down and be still. Letting you come into me with that for the first time frightens the hell out of me, so, I am going to fuck you.’

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