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He Sleeps… Ch. 02

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Wow, what an exhausting day it has been. Whose silly idea was it to come on a fitness weekend? Hmm, yes that would have been me. Fool!

After breakfast, the outdoor activities began, starting with stretching exercises, team activities and the grand finale of the day which was an assault course. I did not catch another glimpse of the man from the night before until queuing up for this. We were to tackle the course in pairs, and I was randomly paired with him.

Once again, I felt myself blush when recalling the evening before. Did he know? Had he been awake? Just the feel of him standing next to me was making me feel a little ‘hot under the collar’. When it was nearly our turn to run the course, he turned to me.

“I’m pleased to make your acquaintance. My name is Michael,” he said.

“Mutual,” I returned. “My name is Anna.”

We set off on the assault course which involved crawling through tunnels, climbing over walls, balancing on a beam and other delights. I was exhausted after the earlier events of the day and my legs felt like two pieces of jelly. I could not keep up with Michael and felt ashamed of being such a wimp! He had finished the course by the time I approached the final obstacle which was a simple rope swing. I made a lunge for the rope, but missed it probably due to physical fatigue and humiliatingly ended up landing face down in a mud bath. My non-elegant flop into the mud probably had all the grace and finesse of an old pair of socks, thrown carelessly onto the floor!

I didn’t dare look properly at Michael as I picked myself up. I could see him in the distance coming over perhaps to help me, but now humiliated, I found I could actually move quite swiftly!

“I am going in for a shower,” I shouted, and exited the premises!

I decided after a shower that I would just go to my room rather than join in with evening activities. I had had enough, had heard people laughing at my muddy bog-monster appearance earlier on, and my arms and legs ached. I read for a ataşehir escort while and then decided to go to sleep.

During the night…

I am rudely awoken from my sleep by noise – lots of it! What is going on? I sit-up groggily. There is an alarm, footsteps in the hallway. Someone knocks at my door and shouts,

“Fire! Everyone out!”

I quickly grab a T-shirt, pull on a pair of knickers and leave the room, following other people to the fire exit. We congregate in the car park and have to wait whilst a fire crew arrive and check the building. There does not seem to be any sign of a fire. I stand beginning to shiver until we are told we can return to our rooms.

It would seem it was a false alarm. Marvellous.

I return to my room, close and lock the door behind me, decide to keep my knickers and T-shirt on as I am cold and turn to get into bed. I stop with a jolt. Michael is sitting up in my bed! We stare at each other.

“Oh dear, did I let myself into the wrong room?” he asks innocently.

“Did you set-off the fire alarm?” I ask.

“I had to do something,” he replied with a smile. “Your door was locked!”

I continue to stand and stare. I am feeling quite cross with him, but also horribly excited. I am also cold and could do with getting into bed.

“Get in,” he pleads. “Go to sleep. I can see you are tired.”

I climb into the bed next to him, and to my disappointment he turns over, yawns and does not speak any more. I lie still. I am burning with desire. I am confused. Why go to all this trouble to then just go to sleep? My thoughts drift back to the night before when I accidentally let myself into his room. My thoughts right now are similar.

I want to touch him.

I want to kiss him.

He must have woken. He knows.

I shut my eyes and try to sleep. Every time I come close to dropping off, the thought of this man lying beside me prevents me from sleeping. Time passes…..

“Are you awake?” he whispers.

I kadıköy escort bayan do not reply.

I hope he thinks I am sleeping…

I sense him turning over. I am lying on my side facing away from him. I nearly cry out with passion as I feel his hand lightly stroke the back of my neck. Instead, I make a little soft moaning noise in my ‘sleep’.

He pauses. I stay still. I steady my breathing.

He moves his body closer to mine. He enfolds my sleeping frame. It feels good, so good. His one arm goes around my waist, slowly creeps under my T-shirt and slowly strokes my midriff, strokes my small breasts, teasing me. I want him to go lower. I want this man badly.

He pauses once more. Is he checking I am asleep? I remain still.

He kisses the back of my neck and begins to stroke my thighs. This time I cannot help but sigh.

“Are you awake?” he whispers.

I respond by turning onto my back, pulling him towards me and kissing him deeply. As his tongue caresses my tongue, his hand continues to stroke. I open my legs a little, willing him to touch me more intimately, but he continues to tease me, now stroking my inner thighs, but stopping just at the edge of my knickers.

“Please!” I gasp.

In response, he pulls my T-shirt up, and I lift my arms willingly as he peels it off over my head. He pauses once more, looks at my body, then begins to kiss me softly on the lips, my neck, collar bones, nipples… I shut my eyes and savour every sensation of his touches, his kisses. As he slowly works his way down my body with his mouth, he runs one finger between my legs, just tracing the edge of my knickers which I know will now be sopping wet.

“Please!” I cry more urgently.

He ignores me, continues to kiss my body, works his way down, and to my dismay moves his mouth from my stomach to my thighs. This man is going to drive me mad! I now need him to touch me where it matters! I lie back, a helpless victim as his tongue now traces the escort maltepe outline of my knickers. I know I will be dripping. My little bud will be slippery, swollen as will my pussy lips. This is becoming agony!

Finally, he pauses, looks at me, smiles and gently pulls my knickers down. I lift my hips to assist him. I have no modesty now. I have lost the power of rational thought. I part my legs so he can see how ready for him I am. He kneels before me, looking at my wet eager cunt.

“Please make love to me Michael!” I beg.

“Not yet,” he replies.

He lowers his head, touches my clit once with his tongue. I cry out! He looks up and smiles once more. I want to pull his whole face in. I am desperate now!

He lowers his head once more and begins to lap at my juices, tongue fucking my swollen lips, licking me eagerly. I can feel my orgasm building, feel my inner parts tightening. I begin to moan!

He stops! I could now weep with desire and longing! He kneels in front of me once more, displaying his large erect cock. The cock I had taken so much delight in teasing the evening before. It is glistening with pre-cum. I cannot take much more!

In one deft movement, he enters me fully. He fills me completely. I wrap my legs around his waist and am finally allowed to let myself go! I shut my eyes as he begins to fuck me. He kisses me urgently as I begin to climax. I can feel all of him, pull him into me hard, let it build…God, that sweet, sweet feeling that is almost painful as it builds…

I scream out in pleasure and relief!!! I don’t care who hears! I cum hard all over his cock! He must be able to feel every bit of it as my pussy spasms!

As my climax begins to slow, he pulls out, looks me in the eye, strokes himself and shoots hot white cum all over my breasts, stomach and crotch!

He collapses onto the bed next to me panting. I pull him close, smearing his offerings over us both, just wanting to feel his heart beating, just wanting to hold him tight as we slowly recover.

“I think we are even now,” is all he says.

I smile to myself and decide that there will be no more horrid assault courses for me. I know exactly how I am going to exercise for the remainder of the weekend! This man is special. I could fall in love.

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