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Her Ch. 04b

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This story is largely the truth but has been slightly embellished with what I would have liked to have happened. This chapter is in three parts and covers a relaxing holiday weekend together. This is the second part. Feedback will be eagerly received.

She gets some special attention.

She woke up before me the next day and gently kissed me until I awoke and returned her kisses. My hand made its way to her ass and I kissed down her neck. She sighed as I gently squeezed her ass and explained her ideas for today in my ear.

I went downstairs to fix us some breakfast and she quickly packed a bag with some clothes and some useful toiletries. I brought cereal, toast and orange juice for two up to her bedroom and we sat together in bed to eat. We tried to eat as quickly as we could without eating too fast and got ready to leave. After getting dressed, I drove us as fast as I could to my house and we were barely inside the door when she pushed me roughly against the wall and started kissing me.

I kissed her back passionately and led her upstairs to my room. I stepped back for a moment, “I’m going to undress you now.” She nodded and I slowly stripped her kissing my way over her skin as I exposed more and more of it. She sighed as my kisses left a trail down her neck to her breasts. After removing her bra, I sucked briefly on her nipples and she sighed again as I left them behind, in search of greater treasure.

I kissed down her legs as I gently pulled her trousers down and she moaned as my lips pressed the crotch of her panties into her pussy. Finally after relieving her of her panties and a sneaky kiss of her pussy she stood naked before me. I moved back up to her face and kissed pendik escort her.

“I may not be able to be as gentle as you were you know, I hope you don’t mind,” she said quickly and with that she leapt on me quickly stripping me naked.

Kissing madly I led her down the hall to the bathroom, dragging her packed bag with us. I broke the kiss briefly to lean into the shower which was above the bath and turn it on. I leant back to her and kissed her deeply again. Her hands were holding my ass firmly and pressing my very hard cock against her firmly.

After a few minutes, the shower had warmed up and I led her by the hand under the running water. I turned her so her back was against my chest and ran my hands over her front, rubbing the water into her skin. I kissed her neck lightly as I caressed her body and she moaned.

She turned us around and toyed with me under the shower for a few moments, taking the time to grip my cock and balls roughly. I leaned out of the shower to grab her soap and poured some into my hand, rubbing it into lather.

“I’ve been looking forward to this part,” I grinned and gently massaged the soap into her skin, taking care with her breasts and thighs but being careful not to touch her pussy, no matter how hard she tried to make me. I rinsed her off and she found my soap and began washing me. Her hands rapidly found their way to my cock and she stood behind me slowly stroking my cock. I grunted as she rubbed harder and faster.

As soon as I started to buck against her hand, she released me, “Not just yet,” she said sexily.

She rinsed me off and was just reaching to turn off the shower when I grabbed her and held her against me, running maltepe escort a hand over her pussy. She moaned and leaned into me as my finger pressed on her clit and I reached into her pussy, fingering her gently.

My free hand found a nipple and toyed with it roughly. She grunted and looked up at me. I pressed my lips against hers and kissed her hard our tongues playing in our mouths. All too soon she was bucking against my hand and I felt her cum as she groaned in my mouth.

I turned off the shower and helped her out. I quickly dried myself off before I reached for her towel and tenderly dried her, making sure she was completely dry before I picked her up and carried her to my bed. I rolled her on her front and placed pillows under her breasts and forehead so she was more comfortable.

Reaching for some conveniently placed moisturiser, I poured some into my hands and got them nicely moisturised. I started her massage, starting on her neck. I squeezed along her neck to her shoulders and back up again. After a few repetitions, I gently lifted her neck muscles a couple of times to relax her shoulders after the squeezing. I moved to her back, making small circles with my palms up one side and down the other a few times before lifting the same muscles lightly. She sighed as I worked the cream into her skin, leaving her relaxed.

I pressed my thumbs softly into her back, either side of her spine and ran them up and down her back very slowly pausing on her lower back each time. Another few strokes later I spread my fingers and ran my fingertips up and down her back, this time going down further to squeeze her ass. After a couple of strokes I left her back and focussed kartal escort on her ass, squeezing lightly and teasing her skin.

Soon she decided I had finished with her back. “Time for my front,” she said, rolling over. I could see her pussy was wet and her nipples were standing out so I decided to take my time and focus on her non erogenous areas. After a while of running my hands over her chest and arms, she realised what I was doing and decided I needed an incentive.

I had almost cum in the shower but she had denied me. Now she reached out for my cock and played with it slowly. I grunted and began massaging her breasts. Her nipples grew harder as I rubbed them. I made sure to rub all the moisturiser off my hands before I ran my fingertips down to her pussy.

She groaned as my fingers ran lightly up and down her pussy lips and began pumping my cock harder. I pressed a finger into her pussy and pressed another into her clit as I leaned forward to suck on her nipple. She moaned deeply as I bit down on her nipple and pressed harder into her pussy. She tugged on my cock harder as I increased her stimulation.

She was soon grinding her pussy against my hand and squeezing my cock harder and harder. Finally her pussy clamped down on my fingers and her back arched as she came. She pulled urgently on my cock and I came in big spurts across her chest.

She giggled and rubbed my cum into her “A sexier moisturiser don’t you think?” She held me to her and huddled against my neck. “That was an amazing massage, thank you,” she whispered.

“Anything for you beautiful,” I replied and kissed her tenderly on the top of her head. She held me tightly against her and we fell asleep.

The next day I awoke to find I was lying on my front and my hands were tied behind my back. “Well hello there,” she said with a smirk, caressing my ass, “I’ve got something very special for you,”………..

To be continued in part c

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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