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Her Dream Comes True

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The man’s huge erection went in and out of her profusely salivating mouth, choking her. She could only take in a few inches of the 10 inch monster, and there was another man with a matching cock sliding himself in and out of her tight, aching and oozing pussy. She was dripping and cumming… hmmm, wow, amazing, she was there, almost…..yesss… she could feel it.

Rrrrrrrring, the alarm went off and she woke up. Fuck that! It was a freaking dream. Anyway, she was wet and she fingered herself smiling at these dreams which she got often, the leitmotif being men with huge penises.

She had a bath and breakfast and went to work. The 30-something 5-ft tall security man at the gate of her workplace grinned at her like a hungry wolf, as he did always, looking at her boobs and maybe her captivating rear too. Let him drool all he wanted, he won’t get his ugly mug between my thighs, she thought.

Inside the office at the fourth floor she got down to tackling her job which was to mainly identify prospective customers for her real estate company. Soon she forgot her dreams and the security man and lost herself in the maze of names and this went on till lunchtime when one of her boyfriends called her and wanted to know whether she was free for a movie in the evening. She said no. It was as simple as that. Right from the beginning she had told him that she had another boyfriend and she would share time between them. Both the guys had agreed _ you could do that when you were 25 and a stunner. She was not looking for any commitment and they too were not, and so it was friendship with sex thrown in. But never had the two boyfriends met. If their handsomeness was their advantage, their lower half (4 inches, sigh!) and their unimaginative approach to sex and romance were their handicap. They believed in getting drunk, using force and having brash sex… which were fine once in a while.

Her obsession with big dicks began during college days when she and her friend watched a porn which had a man with a big dong. She wet her panties and had to go to the bathroom and finger herself many times. Even after many days she would get wet thinking of it. That was something which got her going. She knew that many people said that size did not matter, but who would tell it to her pussy? See, now it was wet and she had to go to the toilet and insert three fingers to subside the throbbing slimy slut slit. The inadequacy of her unimaginative and ill-equipped boyfriends made her seek refuge more in her fingers which she preferred to dildos. Nothing can match flesh pleasuring flesh.

It was evening and all her colleagues had left but she stayed behind as she had some work to do. Suddenly, the leering security man appeared before her and grinned, showing his chipped front tooth. What was scary was a scar on his left forehead.

‘Ma’am, will you be here late?’ he drawled.

Was he mocking her with the ‘ma’am’?

‘I will finish in a few minutes,’ she said as she felt his eyes gobbling her round ripe boobs.

‘Don’t be scared, ma’am, I am nice and well-behaved. People go by looks. I am bad in that area. Many good-looking people are badly behaved. I know many women who are unhappy married to handsome men.’

‘How many women do you know?’ she asked, being drawn into the conversation. What the hell can he do to her? The premises was under CCTV and she could always complain about him and get him fired if he misbehaved.

‘Many than you will imagine. I have my own advantage,’ he smiled.

‘And what is that?’ she found herself asking.

‘Women like my size. Those who like big ones come to me again and again,’ he winked and you bet that made his face look goddamn ugly.

She almost quacked ‘what’ but controlled herself and gave him a quizzical look.

‘I am big down there where it matters,’ he added further as if explaining a very complicated metaphysical theory.

Was she dreaming? Her oft-repeated dream was standing before her in flesh. Was this also her imagination? Her obsession had led her brain to create a character and here it was, telling her it had a big willy. She must see a psychiatrist as early as possible.

‘Oh,’ she managed to say even as she pinched herself to confirm that she was awake.

‘I make a bet with women who pendik escort don’t believe me. I show them my erection and if they are happy, I win and I get to service them and they buy me what I want. Else, I buy them what they want. That is the bet. What would you like to bet? ‘ he asked waiting for a reply.

‘Oh! really. Let me think?’ she said and stuffed her things into her handbag and prepared to leave.

‘I will see you out,’ he offered and accompanied her to the lift. ‘If women are afraid I might misbehave with them, I ask them to tie my hands. So I can’t molest them and I can’t have control over them. They can dominate me,’ he smiled again. Why should people who have a horrible face smile often, she asked herself.

He wished her sweet dreams as she left the building.

Fingering herself that night in bed she ran over in her mind what he said. So he had a big phallus and was ready to be tied up so he couldn’t use force on her or hurt her. He worked for the office and won’t want to lose his job by harming her. It looked like a good deal, she thought, and dozed off.


Next morning, her cellphone displayed the usual love and lust messages and jokes from her boyfriends. She replied to them while eating her breakfast. She loved flirting with two guys at the same time, throughout the day. Tied to one man was punishment. Must never do that, she always told herself.

When she reached her office building, the security man grinned at her and saluted her. ‘Can I expect a reply today. What about the bet?’

‘If I win, you can buy me a cellphone I select and if you win, I will buy beer for a month,’ she offered, where was all this coming from, she asked herself. He grinned happily.

She nodded and went up to her desk and immersed herself in work.

That evening she left early to meet a prospective buyer. The security man was waiting outside and looked at her expectantly.

‘Ya, it is a deal,’ she told him in a matter-of-fact tone.

‘You look so beautiful and I can’t take my eyes off you. When can I show you?’ he was brash, she thought.

‘I will call you after my work is over. Give me your number,’ she said and prepared to key it in.

The hungry wolf gave the number and said he would get off work at 7 p.m

She nodded and left. It was 8 p.m when her work got over. On her way home she called the security man and gave him her address and asked him to be there around 9. It was weekend and staying up late was fine. At home, she showered and wore shorts and a tank top and waited. Just before 9, he came dressed in a blue jeans and white T-shirt.

He placed a bag on the table and they sat on the couch. He was cool and looked composed in sharp contrast to her nervous demeanor.

‘Let’s talk for sometime, tell me about yourself,’ she said, her voice coming out in a meek squeak.

He went and took beers from the bag he brought and offered one to her. Sitting next to her on the couch, he sipped the beer.

‘When I was a boy my friends called me ‘horse dick’, as I was big. I felt abnormal and girls kept away from me, but the boys respected me. It was only when I reached 20, I had my first sex experience with a neighbor. She overheard my friends talking about my size and invited me home when her husband was away. She was 35, had two children and was wide but I fit her comfortably. That night I pleasured her four times, till dawn. That continued for three years, till she moved. A nice woman who loved her husband and children, and no one knew her happiness came from me,’ he paused to take a sip of beer.

Her shaven pussy was soaking wet now and she thought she would dampen the couch as she was wearing no panties.

‘I was a school dropout and did odd jobs. I helped out at a departmental store some years back. The woman who owned the shop was friendly and once I brushed myself against her rear. She liked it and let me do it often as I moved around the store. Sometimes, I rubbed my erection between her ass for a longer time and she felt my bigness. One day when we were closing down, she wanted to see me. I pulled down my pants and let her see me. She gasped and went down on her knees and tried to take me in fully. After that, I made her happy daily during closing time. She is maltepe escort 45 now and still wants me once a week. I get all I need from her shop for free even now. Then I worked as a security man at a building. I met a friendly psychiatrist who worked late and told her I wanted to talk to her about my problem. I took an appointment and told her my problem was that I was big…’

‘Did you …’ she began.

‘Yes, she wanted to see how big I was and when I showed her, she stripped and sat on me. We have regular sittings. I get free advise from her anytime I want. She told me that I should never scare women but should attract them like birds. Scatter the seeds and wait. She told me to allow women to tie me up so that I would not hurt them. Win their confidence, she told me.’

This guy was not bad at all, she thought.

‘How did you get that scar?’

‘Hmmm a woman was playing with my hard-on when her husband caught us and he hit me with a bottle.’

‘Ouch! how many women have you had so far,’ she was compelled to know.

’15, not counting you….’ he smiled. ‘And there is one in our office building who picks me up and drops me home.’

‘And you service her…?’

He nodded. ‘I met a girl my age who was shocked at my size and she had painful sex . I wanted to marry her but she said I would never be faithful because of my size. The psychiatrist also says the same. So I offer service to any woman. And when I see beautiful women like you, I become their slave.’

She was blushing… blushing? What was happening to her? Blushing at what this scarface was saying when she would hardly feel anything close to a blush, whatever her boyfriends said.

He went on: ‘Handsome men may not have big equipment or technique. Beauty has nothing to do with happiness, the psychiatrist told me. I have seen many ordinary looking people being happy and so many beautiful people sad. You also go for handsome men and avoid men like me, right? he asked.

She nodded and thought of her boyfriends and how awkward they were…

‘You want to talk more or you want to see me,’ he winked.

‘Let me see what you have,’ she said and he left in search of the bathroom.

Could what he said be true, all those women he had pleasured? Was he exaggerating? It looked like a pornstar’s steamy experience. She slid her fingers into her shorts and fingered her juicy pussy. She removed her fingers when she heard him coming back. He stood there with a towel draped around his waist.

‘Wanna tie me up?’ he asked.

She could see his erection lifting the towel. She used a duct tape on his hands which he held behind his back, and the fact that he was helpless aroused her further.

He shook his hips violently and the towel fell down, revealing his 11-inch shaft. It was thick like a well-grown cucumber and he wagged it up and down. She had lost the bet, no doubt, and she had no regrets. He had not been exaggerating and what a miss it would have been had she rejected this man’s offer! She was so moist that she could feel her juice travel down her thighs. She grabbed his manhood with both her hands and kneaded it. Her two hands barely covered the monster. Kneeling down before him she took his knob in her mouth and tried to swallow his member. She could hardly cover a quarter of it and she shuddered to her first orgasm. She couldn’t believe it! She had cum just by taking him in her mouth!.

‘Only the psychiatrist can take me fully in her mouth,’ he interjected with his running commentary.

She bit the base of his tool and balls and he asked her to slap him hard. It went from left to right like a mad pendulum and he moaned, enjoying it.

‘Let me eat you ma’am,’ he pleaded but she was in no mood to relent, sucking him as she opened her cunt wider with three fingers. She coated his meat with her saliva while he moaned and thanked her for being so kind to him.

She felt her soaking pussy needed a tongue and got up and sat on the couch. He followed her and knelt between her thighs which she spread. She raised her legs so that he could have access to her hot hole and he smelled her and grunted approval.

‘You are so beautiful and when I look at you nude, I go mad. I can eat you all night,’ he said and buried his face kartal escort between her thighs. His hungry mouth engulfed her whole mound and he bit her lips, clitoris and thighs and licked her slit and asshole like a starved dog. Within minutes he had made her mound and thighs wet, using his ravenous tongue shamelessly all over. He was breathing fast and bobbing his head up and down with his hands tied behind him. Her boyfriends had never licked her like this, certainly never her rear hole.

She fed him her fresh juices as she came yet again with a sharp shudder.

‘I will be your slave all your life,’ he gasped, overwhelmed by her smell and taste, and continued slurping her.

He stood and asked her to suck him and again and then went between her thighs. He repeated this five times, grunting and gasping and calling her his goddess and princess. She noted that he never used words like cunt, pussy, dick, bitch etc.

She asked him to turn around so that she could untie him and asked him to lie on the floor with his hands above his head. He obeyed like the slave he wanted to be and she tied his hands. She dangled her cunt above his mouth and watched him try to reach and lick her. He begged her to sit on his face and she gave in. She watched his humongous erection swing back and forth as he moved his hips. Reaching forward she slapped it so that it swung from left to right. Bending down she licked, bit and mouthed him as his tongue worked its magic all over her erogenous areas, introducing her to feelings which no words could describe.

She wanted to see what he would do with his hands untied and saying so she went about freeing his hands and continued their 69. His hands enjoyed their freedom by parting her asshole wide so that his tongue could explore her tight hole. The pain of being expanded was soothed by his pleasure-giving tongue.

She wanted to tell her boyfriends how this man tongue-pleasured her; let them feel jealous…. and that made her even more horny.

His grunts and her moans mingled in the air which smelled of carnal heat.

He called her baby and used other words which she hardly heard. As he fingered her rear bud she wondered whether he would force himself in her asshole. But her thought was interrupted by his plea to sit on his manhood. She got up from his face and lowered herself on his pole which slid in quickly like feet in quicksand. He grabbed her ass and hoisted himself into her and muttered words she could not decipher. In no time she was sweating and her legs were quivering and she was in no position to control the action though she was on top. She was breathing and came again, too weak to even prolong her internal explosion. He kissed her mouth sucking her juices as if he wanted to dehydrate her and bit her neck gently. He rolled over, positioning himself on top and knelt between her thighs and placed her legs on her shoulders and slid in and out of her stretched crevice. His mouth covered her boobs, her mouth and he even licked her shaven armpits and bit her there. It was as if he wanted to eat her whole body. She shivered and shuddered, too spent to do anything else as he pleasured her. He slid his hands under her hips and lifted her up as her legs went around his hips and he took her to the couch and placed her on it. He smelled her cunt and licked it and entered her and pounded her.

He never stopped kissing her and she found herself returning it, something which she thought she would never do.

‘I am going to cum,’ he said and increased the tempo of his thrusts. She braced herself up for what was coming and he closed his eyes and let go. A loud grunt announced that he was going to explode and when he did he parted her wider and went in deeper and let flow the thick river of lust. The first jet hit her followed by more such waves and he kissed her sweaty face and boobs and depleted all his accumulated spunk.

For a few minutes, there was silence in the air and his erection lasted more than that of her boyfriends. With his erection still sturdy, he lifted her gently and took her to the bedroom and placed her on the bed. He withdrew from her flooded cunt and licked her as she noticed his meat was still erect. Entering her, he lay on her and kissed her and said he would pleasure her all night.

She was sure of one thing: she would ask him to stay the weekend and tell her boyfriends she was sick and yes she would invite the wolf again and again. It is not often that she came thrice in one session and not often that a dream came true.

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