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Hi! I’m Jenny! My Husband Is Away!

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‘ Hi! Are you Jenny?’

‘Yes, you are the new girl, Anita. I have seen you around, but not close enough to say, hello. How are you settling in?’

‘Fine! Just glad to see the first week in. The girls tell me you live near me on the estate. My car is in dock so I will have to get the bus home tonight. Would you mind if we go home together.’

‘No, Anita that would be lovely are you ready to go, you have to be pretty quick to catch it!’

We had to run for it and fell up the stairs to the top deck squealing like two cats on blob! We fell back into the back seat and her hand slapped down onto my thigh. We both lay back getting our breath back still giggling and her hand stayed on my thigh almost at my stocking tops.

‘Gosh! That was a run, Jenny! Your thigh is roasting!’

‘You are making are making me hot with your hand there!’

‘Oh! Sorry! Your husband is away, isn’t he. You poor thing!’

‘Yes, he’s working up north on the oil-rigs. He won’t be back for four months.’

‘You must be a bit frustrated by now, Jenny?’

Her fingers were inching towards my pussy which was making me hot!

‘I am not gay, Anita.’

‘Neither am I. I’m a bit bi-sexual, I have done it with a few girls. I have a girl-friend who I share with my husband. Or he shares her with me, it feels that way sometimes. I introduced her to him and he took a shine to her about the same time he started taking a shine to my bum. Because I had my period I gave into him. I don’t like it because it hurts too much.’

‘Colin, my husband and I do it that way. We don’t like using condoms and he won’t let me go on the pill. He said we should use natures way and started to put it up my bum. I soon got used to it and don’t mind it now.’

‘In that case, probably I should introduce you to my Eddy. He will keep you happy and keep him off me. He has over nine inches, you will love it!’

By this time she was tracing a finger up and down the crease of my pussy which was making my knickers very wet and me very horny. It was a good job we were the only ones on the top deck and there was no conductor.

‘We will have to get off, Anita! The next stop is ours.’

‘Is it? I was just getting to know you, to!’

We piled of the bus giggling like a couple of school girls and we linked arms and finally stopping in front of my house.

‘You want to come in for a drink, Anita?’

‘No thanks, Eddy will be at home with his cock out, knowing him. Why don’t you come over to our place about seven o’clock! Make sure your bums greased.’

‘Gosh! I thought you were having me on! You are aren’t you?’

‘No, I am going to tell Eddy what you want from him and he will have your knickers off as soon as you come through our door, that’s a certain promise. I love to see other women getting it from him.’

‘You have made my knickers all wet!’

‘Leave them on! He is into a dirty knickers fetish too! I warn you, though, he may steal them off you! He has several pairs of Gemma’s, my girlfriend. She is always going home without her knickers on. She said she don’t mind as it reminds her what he did to her and it makes her feel wicked.’

‘I feel wicked now and I have not even met him yet!’

‘Can I come in for a tick? I just have to have a taste of your pussy juices before I go round home. I will also be able to give Eddy a smell and a taste off my fingers when I get home.’

I opened the front door and pushed it to when she was in. ‘Why don’t you take my knickers off and take them round to him?’

‘You really are up for this, me licking your pussy and Eddy fucking you in the ass, aren’t you? You want it, don’t you?’

‘Oh! Gosh! Yes! I can’t wait..

By this time she was on her knees, underneath the skirt of my dress and she was blowing warm air through the crotch of my knickers into my wet pussy. I could here her snuffling, drinking in my pussy aroma. Her fingers were feeling for my anus and I moaned when she found it. I shivered when she started to pull my knickers down over my hips and the dampness hit my legs as they puddled around my feet. I could smell our joint pussy odours in the enclosed space.

She picked them up and sniffed deeply into them when she made them cushion her mouth and nose.

‘Remember you come round to ours without your knickers on!’

‘You horny bitch! I want to taste your pussy too!’

‘You will, I think you are just what Eddy and I are looking for and you are just around the corner! Has Colin got a big cock?’

‘Unless he has worn it out wanking himself over my sexy letters and pictures he should have eight inches and a bit.’

‘Is he on the net?’

‘Yes, why?’

‘You will need to send him some of Eddy fucking me. Do you think you could talk him into a foursome? I have never seen two guys doing it, have you?’

‘Yes, Colin has a gay video, he nicked it out of a sex shop, or so he said. It gets me very hot when I watch it and he gets out the KY Jelly and turns me belly-down. I keep watching the video while Colin’s fucking me in the ass. I pretend I am a boy.’

‘Oh God! That’s hot! You horny bitch! You tell that story to Eddy when pendik escort he turns you belly-down.’

‘In the film the guys only use spit. They spit into each others asses and finger it in and then mount them. You see their tongues going into their holes when they are rimming their assholes, that gets me hot. I got Colin to do it to me the last time he was home. Its more painful than a lubricant but I enjoyed it! Especially when he was using his tongue and spitting. I felt it splattering against my open anus. I’m all hot just thinking about it!’

‘Me too! You bitch! I can’t wait to see Eddy’s big cock going into your tight asshole! This is my phone number. Let it ring three times then put the phone down. We will be naked and waiting for you. I will give Eddy lots to drink so he will have plenty of spit. I will even spit on your asshole myself to help him get it up you. I’m off! We will see you just after seven. Bring a tooth brush because we will not let you go until Monday morning. Eddie bought me a strap-on to use on his ass. I can’t wait to try it out on you, Jenny.’

She kissed me good-bye and left me standing there. When I went to pick my knickers up, they were gone. My pussy trickled even more at the thought of a man I had never met yet would be smelling and tasting my knickers before even seeing me.

I ran upstairs and stripped off and used my douche both vaginally and anally then I had a shower with Eddy’s penis taking over my mind and my teasing fingers flitting between my pussy, ass and tits. Anita had provoked me into a sexual desire so intense I could not stop shaking. I could feel Eddy’s penis inside me and I was nowhere near him! I was also thinking that at that moment he was thinking that he had his hard, long cock up my ass. I thought of using lubrication and decide against it in case he wanted to go along the spit & fuck root. I had the feeling it would be painful, but I wanted the pain. I wanted to feel him splitting my ass! I had never felt this horny before, not even with Colin. I decided to wear a short skirt and a light jumper, nothing else. Just flip-flop sandals on my feet. I wanted to feel wicked walking the streets bare assed. It had been too long since a man had touched my bare flesh, had possessed me. I knew I could not wait for Colin to come home when there was a willing hard prick just a few yards from my front door. In my case, my back-door!

I stood in front of the full length mirror in my bathroom and lifted up my skirt to reveal my shaved pussy. I opened the lips with my fingers and slid a finger into my juicy hole. In seconds I was gasping and frigging, eyes closed. Then I moved my juice lubricated finger to my asshole and frigged it as deep as I could. I kept alternating until my asshole was as juicy as my pussy. It would give Eddy something tasty to rim. I could not believe a man would his get his kicks from putting his tongue into my asshole, licking it! I would not have the right to say no to his fucking me in my ass if he did that to me first! I turn round and bent right over and spread my ass cheeks with my fingers to see what he would see. I shuddered with passion as I once again imagined his cock being forced into such a small hole. My hole! My asshole! Next I was imagining a queue of Eddy’s waiting to take their turn. All naked, stroking huge erect cocks.

Nervously, I looked at my watch it was five minutes to seven! I sat on the loo for another pee. I did not bother wiping myself. When I got up I felt urine trickling down my inner thigh right down to my ankles. I wanted to smell horny and tarty. Only a slut would cheat on her husband, tonight I was going to be dirty filthy slut!

I was going out of the front door when I remembered the phone. I went back and dialled the number on the card she had given me. One, two, three! Three bells and I was out of my door listening for the snib to go down

The door opened just as I went to knock and got a shock. A naked man opened the door grabbed my wrist and quickly pulled me into the house.

‘Come in Jenny! We are waiting to fuck you! The man with the prick is my husband, Eddy! Finger her pussy and say, hello to Jenny, Eddy. Jenny kneel down and take Eddy’s prick into your mouth and suck it so he can feel your asshole! In a few minutes you are going to feel it! His Prick! Right up your bum! You told me you wanted Eddy to fuck you in your ass. He will not disappoint you. He will not allow you to change your mind. I will not allow you to change your mind. If we have to tie you down and rape you, that is how it will be.’

I was too busy to answer her. Eddy pulled my jumper up off over my head as I was dropping down in front of him. He threw it down and then placed his now erect cock into my mouth then he ripped open the Velcro fastener which held my fold-round skirt together. It too fell to the floor. I was as naked as they were. I moaned around his cock which was so thick! It made my jaw ache because I had to open my mouth so wide! It tasted of pussy juice and something else. I moaned when his fingers found my anal button. My pussy juice lubricated asshole entrance! It hurt when he forced his cock in my mouth until his knob maltepe escort hit the back of my throat which made me gulp as he pushed a long finger deep into my ass. I dribbled saliva over his shaft and I laved his cock, coating it copiously with spit.

Anita got by me and dropped to her knees and then she spat onto my asshole and repeated it several times just spitting and then she was fingering my anus, working more and more fingers and spitting onto her fingers, loosening my hole ready for her husbands cock. I was amazed when she started to lick my bum, trying to worm her tongue in to it!

I had serious doubts about getting such a big cock into me just using spit, I know I had set myself up for it, but?

I was sucking Eddy’s cock as if I was hungry, which made him shout out, ‘Easy, Jenny. Don’t make me cum!’ He suddenly stepped back and grabbed my hand pulling me away from Anita and up to my feet.

‘Come on! I have to get my cock up you, Babe!’

The three of us almost ran up the stairs to their bedroom and he pushed me face down onto the bed and his mouth was immediately working on my asshole, spitting and fingering and then he was kneeling up and his cock-head pressuring my anal sphincter. I tensed up! I could not help it! I was scared stiff!

‘Hold her down, Anita!’

Suddenly Anita was on the bed offering her pussy to my mouth making sure by gripping my hair and forcing my mouth into her cunt. I screamed into her pussy when his big cock started to force its way into my rectum.. Anita held my head firmly down, almost suffocating me with her wet minge-piece.

Colin’s cock had never hurt me like Eddy’s.

‘Oh! No! Eddy, no! Don’t do this! It’s too big! Please, Eddy! No! Stop! It’s too big! I can’t take it! Aaaaaaaaaaagh! Oooooooh! You are raping me! Is it all in yet? Ooooh! It hurts! No don’t pull it out again! Aaaagh! Oh! Gawd!’

This was really what I wanted! It was raw, very painful sex. I did not want it to be lovey-dovey! I wanted Eddy to rape me, in every hole! I deliberately tightened my asshole muscles on his prick to make it hurt me more. It was that long it must have reached my colon. I gritted my teeth and gripped Anita’s thighs and deliberately thrust my asshole onto Eddy’s totem-pole of a cock

‘Harder! Deeper! Faster, Eddy! I want to feel the pain of your fucking! Treat me like a paid whore! Oooooh!……I am cheating on……my husband! I have. Aaaaaagh!…………. to be punished! Rape my body, use me as you will. Fuck me to death! Aaaagh!…. if you want to. I deserve it. Oh! Fuck! That hurts!’

Anita pulled my head back into her groin.


‘When is Colin coming home, Jenny?’

‘Tomorrow night! I can’t wait!’

‘Are we still sticking to our plan?’

‘You will have to give me time to work on him, Anita. Give me a couple of days to talk him into it. I keep threatening to roger his ass in my letters and I hint about the guys on the rig getting it up him. He never responds to that. Which makes me think that he does bend over for it. I won’t be able to relax until he does take Eddy’s cock.’

‘Yes it will be a turn on seeing the two of them in action. I know Eddy is looking forward to it.’

‘Colin will be just another hole for Eddy’s prick, Anita. We both know that. I am only just getting used to it! I think we will have to start buying our KY Jelly from mail-order because the girls at the supermarket check outs give me some funny looks when I buy six tubes each time I go there. They must know I take it up my ass! One of the managers is coming on to me something awful. He’s a big handsome coloured guy, I can’t help noticing the bulge in his pants.’

‘Does he turn you on? Would you take it from him?’

‘I don’t know, if he cornered me, maybe!’

‘He’s probably got a bigger cock than Eddy has. Perhaps, when we have broken in Colin, you can invite the guy to your place and you can share him with Colin?’

‘Don’t put ideas into my head, Anita!’

‘Now I am thinking of big black cocks….Yum! Yum!’

‘You are going to have to make do with Eddy’s and Colin’s, poor thing! We may have to go to plan ‘B’ where Eddy catches you fucking my husband!’

‘That will be a laugh, fun too!’

‘I won’t be able to come over to yours tonight, because I have a lot of work to do to get the place spic and span for his nibs. Which reminds me will you round up my knickers what Eddy has and bring them over for me tonight. Don’t bother washing them, I will do it. When we finish work tomorrow night you can take off your knickers and give them to me for Colin. I will not tell him they are yours until he’s had a good taste of them. He knows about you. I have told him we go to bed together and do lots of naughty things. I emailed him one of you nudie pics and he said he would like to get his cock into you.’

‘Can I keep your red silky ones to wear for plan b. If he strips me down he will be really turned on when he sees me in your knickers. Especially when I tell him when we got it together in the office loo, we dressed that quickly we both put on the wrong knickers by mistake so our juices are mixed kartal escort together in them!’

‘You are a horny cow, Anita! No mistake.’

On the way to the airport, I was horny because I was wearing a pair of Anita’s soiled knickers. I had been hooked on her swapping knickers thingy. Colin is awful fond of kissing my pussy through my knickers. When he comes back from a trip he always likes me to stop off the road in a wooded glade that we know. If the weather is dry and warm he chases me into the wooded area and he gets his cock up me against a tree. The love play always starts with him on his knees under my skirt.

When Colin got off the plane, he wasn’t his exuberant self. In fact he did not even smile. He looked gaunt and tired. He cuddled me passionately enough. We kissed, but not a tongue kiss. He quickly fell silent once in the car and we drove all the way home with out stopping. When we got into the house. He went straight upstairs and unpacked his bag and went to the loo.

I had his slippers and his favourite drink ready.

‘You alright, Colin. You are not ill or something?’

‘No, I have something to say to you and I do not know how you will take it. It is about me, and you too in a way.’

‘Tell me, Love.’

‘You know I play cards a lot while I am away. Recently we have been playing strip poker, because we did not want to lose our money. We just played strip poker because it was the funniest. Well, that was until it went too far. I had several bad hands which meant that I was the first to be sitting at the table naked. The problem arose when I had to started being fined a forfeit when I lost. The first was taking a guys cock out and stroking it three times. It moved from me sucking off a guy to me taking a cock up my ass, Jenny. I was fucked by another man!’

I fled into the bathroom to hide the fact that I was laughing instead of being angry. He begged me to come out so we could talk about it. I was that turned on I sat on the loo tickling my pussy. I closed my eyes and saw Eddy fucking Colin and a big grin on Colin’s face! I came out of the loo wiping my eyes dry on Anita’s knickers. I held them so he would be able to see that the crotch was wet and soiled. I plonked myself down on the settee opposite him with my legs slightly open, not wearing any knickers.

‘I will go back to the rig if that is what you wish, Jenny. There was no way I could just behave as if I had done nothing wrong. I love you too much for that!’

I blew my nose noisily on the knickers and opened my legs some more.

‘Is it because I used my strap-on in your bum and I allow you to fuck me in my ass, Colin?’

‘No! No, that had nothing at all to do with it! It was just a daft card game which went awry.’

‘Did you enjoy having a man’s penis up your bum, Colin? Why didn’t you say, ‘No!’ ‘

‘Not at first, it hurt! I could not welsh on a bet in front of twenty men, they would have lynched me, Jenny.’

‘That sort of thing does not happen just once. How many times, Colin?’

‘Over the six months, perhaps nine or ten times, maybe with different guys.’

‘Are you gay, Colin. Is that what you are saying to me? You are gay?’

‘No, Jenny! I am not gay! I am sitting here looking at your bare pussy and I want to fuck you. No, I am not gay. Those knickers you are waving, they are not yours unless you have some new ones. You have been fucking this girl, Anita! Are they hers? You told me you swapped dirty knickers. What does her husband say to you fucking about with his wife?’

‘Who, Eddy? He don’t mind, she thinks he wants to experiment with another guy, but he can’t pluck up the courage to go out and meet one. Anita has offered to go to a gay bar with him, but he won’t go. She says, he would be jumped on by other guys because of the size of his cock. She says he has nine and a half inches. I don’t know how true that is. We have been invited over there for a meal tomorrow night if you want to go. Anita is always asking about you since I told her you want to jump her bones.’

‘You told her that?’

‘She read your letter, Darling. She loves reading your horny letters. I think she fancies you too. These are her knickers, you want to smell them, taste them maybe? Come over here and get them!’

‘I want to, but not until I get my head straight, Jenny. If we go over there tomorrow night and we take a drink and Colin comes on to me and I let him do it, will you be okay with that?’

‘I am as broad-minded as you are, Darling. I do not know. I do not think I would be jealous as long as I was sure that you will always come back to me and fuck me. Anita and I get it on, but she always goes back to Eddy, Eddy’s bed and Eddy’s cock. I am not in the least bit jealous of her doing that. Eddy knows that she licks my pussy and I give her my knickers for him to smell and taste and he is always telling her he would love to fuck me. I am tempted, but I would not think of it without your blessing. Then there is his size. Like you, he is an ass fiend. I do not think I could take a thing that size up my ass. You fill me up when you ass fuck me. I don’t think you are as big as he is. Anita is such a tease. While you were away she would ring up, knowing I was in bed and ask me if she could bring Eddy around for a game of Truth or Dare? Telling me not to dress as they would strip off to put me at my ease. That is the type of people they are.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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