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Holiday Weekend Workplace Fun

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I’ve written a couple of stories prior to this; one a fantasy based on actual people and events, and the other a true story from my college days. Today I would like to do another true story, as I feel they tend to be the hottest stories to tell a bunch of strangers. When you can actually recollect the memory and then put it into words for others to read and enjoy, the experience is just that much more rewarding. So, for all of you that enjoy some true stories, I hope you like this one.

This story takes place during my days just after college, when I had a temporary job at a customer service call center for a major corporation. It definitely wasn’t the most glamorous of jobs, and it had nothing to do with the degree I had just received in school, but it paid the bills and kept me going as I began my adult life free of schooling. I started out as a basic phone operator, answering a plethora of calls from customers from around the United States and Canada. I saw people come and go quite frequently during my stint there as a customer service representative. Due to the nature of the job, most people ended up getting the job as a temporary thing to pay bills and then move on to the next job, including many younger kids out of high school and older adults still finding their way in life.

Not surprisingly, there weren’t very many attractive women that worked there. Many of the women that worked with me were older, many of which were your stereotypical older moms and middle aged women, most were not aesthetically pleasing to me despite many of them being great people with whom to work. Every now and then, however, they’d hire a decent looking girl to fill in the vacancies that were consistently popping up. Like when they brought in Kaylee, the super cute chubby girl that ended up sitting in front of me. She was constantly flirting with me, but apparently I was too stupid to realize that until she had left for another job. Or when they hired Shawna, the curvy black girl that I wish I had a shot with, but she was already in a relationship before she started.

Eventually, I ended up working my way up the ranks a bit and wound up on the senior level staff, answering phones, emails, and official letters. It was months after I ended up as one of the well respected senior level reps that they brought on Maria, an older woman that looked like she was maybe in her very early forties, but still attractive and youthful in her attitude. She had dark brown hair that was almost black down just past her shoulders, and a typical mom body with the curves on her breasts, thighs, and butt. I’ve never been very attracted to super skinny girls, I like my women to have some meat on their bones. So to me, woman with some weight on them is never a bad thing, I enjoy the extra cushioning.

As I did with everyone in the office, I was quick to make an introduction, see how she was as a person, let her know I was available for anything she may need, etc. We became pretty decent friends as time went on, and she would often come to me for almost anything she needed help with during the day, even if someone else was free or more qualified. As was the case before, I was completely oblivious to the fact that she was being flirtatious the entire time. All of that would go out the window when the two of us ended up on a Saturday morning shift over a holiday weekend.

Over the few years that I was there, I ended up volunteering for holiday weekend bursa escort shifts more often than not in order to get the extra pay boost for bills and any other expenses I may have needed to pay. Usually, the holiday weekend staff would be the very definition of a skeleton crew: one supervisor in the morning to get us off and running, one or two reps to answer the phones on the first level of support, and one senior level rep to help if needed (while also taking care of letters and emails). This holiday Saturday, however, the morning supervisor ended up leaving very early due to family issues, and only one rep other than myself ended up being there for the shift, and wouldn’t you know it, it was Maria.

When the day started, we laughed and chatted a bit that we were the only ones there, and how eerie it was to be alone in the building. As some calls came in during the later parts of the morning, I found myself at my desk for quite a while, answering emails as I heard Maria taking call after call. Every now and then I would notice one in the queue and take it for her, so there weren’t any complaints of hold times. A couple of times I heard her end a call and complain about how stubborn people could be with not understanding the meaning of a holiday weekend when it came to service. I’d laugh and call over the cubicle walls that it’s just how people are nowadays.

A while later, Maria decided to use the messenger program that allowed the customer service reps to communicate without leaving their computer. A message popped up that she was having trouble with something, asking if I could head over to her desk and assist. I, of course, obliged her request and headed over to see what I could do. When I arrived, I did what I usually do when I help another co-worker: I stood just outside of her cube, partially leaning on the cube wall and her desk. As we discussed her computer issue, it became evident that it was nothing more than a simple mistake on how she had put in the data from her last call. She giggled and told me I was such a big help. I laughed and told her that I was never one to say no to helping someone out.

Not even ten minutes later, another message popped up on my screen asking me to visit her desk for another issue. With a chuckle, I stood up and walked over once again. This time, I decided to lean in and rest my elbows on her desk as she spoke. I moved my attention from her to the screen as she explained the situation. Her light brown eyes looked caring and friendly, and her fair skin looked as if it was glowing with the reflection of the light from the computer monitor. Her smile and laugh were extremely attractive: cute and enjoyable and not at all annoying. When she finished, I took her mouse and leaned in even further, explaining what I believed the problem to be. As I continued, I suddenly felt her hand brush my arm, causing me to stop talking momentarily as I stumbled on my words as well as with the mouse cursor.

She apologized for the “accidental” contact and giggled as I continued on. Clearly not interested in the technical points to the problem, she began to ask me questions about my personal life, like if I had a girlfriend or if I was seeing anyone. Being a nerd out of college, I answered no and laughed, still oblivious to her advances as I continued on. I finished with the issue and told her she was all set. She thanked me again with her smile and giggle, placing her hand on mine and telling me I was bursa escort bayan awesome for helping her out again. I told her it was no problem and at all and walked back to my desk, satisfied that she was okay.

She ended up with another call or two without issue before I once again saw her message window flash on my screen. This time, however, she wasn’t asking for help. This time she was asking me some personal questions. It was finally starting to dawn on me that she was flirting, so I went along with the questions, having fun chatting with her to kill the time. It was about halfway through our shift when she got bold and asked me how big my dick was. Stunned, I just looked at the screen for a minute, making sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. Not one to brag or lie, I told her honestly that it was around eight and half inches, following that with a winky face. She sent back a smiley face and asked me if I could head over again and look at her computer.

Unable to contain my arousal at her sudden question, I was at half-mast in my pants when I walked over and leaned in to her desk once more. As I looked at the screen, I noticed that her attention was not on the monitor, but at me. More importantly, her attention was at the larger-than-normal bulge in the front of my jeans. As I spoke, she went for the kill shot and placed her hand directly on my cock. My words ended as a jumbled mass of syllables when I felt the sudden touch on my shaft. I looked at her as she caressed it, smiling at how much she was enjoying the feel.

I ended up going back to my desk a few minutes later; shooting her a message that there was something I needed to show her in the conference room. I headed straight for the empty and dark conference room and stood in the corner. A minute later, I saw the door open and Maria enter as well. She approached me, asking what it was I needed to show her. Not needing any more subtle signs, I unbuckled and unzipped my jeans, dropping them to the floor in front of her along with my boxers. She gasped and smiled as she saw the full extent of my cock out in full display. In an instant, she was right in front of me, kissing me as she grabbed my dick and began to stroke it slowly. Her soft hands felt magical on my fully engorged dick, her movements skilled and precise.

It wasn’t long before she was down on her knees, taking my cock into her warm, wet mouth. As she moved down my shaft, I felt her soft tongue move across my head and frenulum, causing me to jerk in ecstasy. Taking her time, she moved up and down my shaft, sucking and moaning as she kept her lips and tongue tight to my shaft. I felt her hand come up and grasp my balls as she continued to suck my cock. Every now and then she would take it out and lick the shaft from my balls all the way up to the head, causing me to twitch and groan in pleasure. As I was getting one of the best blowjobs I had ever experienced in my life, I began to feel that first twinge of orgasm build in my balls and prostate.

To my surprise, Maria stood up, looking at me mischievously. She undid her pants and dropped them to the ground, bending over the conference table in front of me as she looked back over her shoulder, begging me to take her. After telling her she was a naughty little thing, I walked up and took in the sight before me. Just as I had envisioned, she had a thick ass and thighs: absolute perfection in my eyes. I wasted no time in grabbing and escort bursa smacking the big, delicious ass in front of me, each hard smack on her ass cheeks bringing cries of pleasure from Maria. She told me she wanted me to fuck her hard, no more playing around.

Despite the analytical part of my brain telling me it wasn’t safe to do this with a stranger without protection, I pushed her down against the particle board table. She cried out in pleasure as I grabbed her hair with my left hand and guided my dick into her with the right. With my dick still wet from her sloppy blowjob, and her pussy already being soaking wet with anticipation, my cock slid in without issue. I sank it in an inch or two slowly, feeling her tense up with the intrusion. When I knew the rest of my dick would slide in without a problem, I pushed it in balls deep as I pulled her hair. Maria practically screamed as she swore and told me it felt so fucking good. I began to fuck her with slow but strong thrusts, my balls and body slapping against her thick backside with every push.

As I fucked her, I left go of her hair and pulled her shirt up, pulling her tits out of her shirt and bra. I grabbed onto each one as I fucked her harder, The table rocked below us as I squeezed her big mom tits and slapped my balls against her ass with every hard thrust of my rock hard cock. She was moaning and squealing so loudly, there was no way it wasn’t audible all over the empty building. I pulled her hips up just a bit and grabbed on to her thick lovehandles as I fucked her tight, wet pussy. Within a minute she told me I was hitting the right spot and that she was going to cum. Her moans grew louder as she yelled out “Fuck, I’m cumming!”. She slapped her hands against the long, wide table as I continued to fuck her pussy hard. I felt the quivers as her love muscles twitched with her orgasm.

Moments later, she was panting, face against the table and body rocking back and forth from my movements. She told me to stop a minute later, causing me to pull out and step back. She turned to face me, her big fat tits looking amazing in the dim light of the conference room. She dropped to her knees once again and told me to cum in her mouth. Before I could answer, she was sucking my dick just as perfectly as she was before. I felt her soft tongue moving across my frenulum once again. She had one hand on my balls and the other moving up and down my shaft with her mouth as she slurped and sucked on my fat cock. It didn’t take her long to get me right back to feeling the orgasm building inside. As she sloppily sucked away, I told her I was about to cum in between my moans of pleasure. She continued on, wanting me to blow my load in her mouth. Seconds later I felt the orgasm build all the way, and my dick and balls exploded in ecstasy. My cock throbbed and shot rope after rope of thick cum into her mouth. I lost count of how many times my dick shot its load into her warm mouth. I began to twitch and convulse as she continued on, sucking my super sensitive dick after my orgasm had subsided.

A minute later she smiled and stood up, grabbing my dick as she did so, bringing another twitch from my body. She told me that was the most fun she’d ever had at work, and I couldn’t agree more. It was the first time I had ever fooled around with someone in the workplace. We ended up having a pretty uneventful finish to the shift and went our separate ways after the shift ended. Oddly enough, we never ended up doing anything other than that one day of workplace fun. She ended up leaving soon after. I stayed on another six months, but never having another woman work there with me that was as fun as Maria was.

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