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Horse-Hung Son-in-Law

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“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking!”

( o Y o) ( o Y o) ( o Y o) ( o Y o) ( o Y o) ( o Y o) ( o Y o) ( o Y o) ( o Y o)

My Son-in-Law is hung like a horse. And my daughter has no idea how to deal with it

“Really Mom, I have no idea what to do. I know that our eloping took everyone by surprise. But we are so in love! I don’t regret it!

“If anything tho I wish I’d had a little more time to get to know Steve. I don’t think it would have changed anything. But…”

“Linda, what are you trying to tell me?” I asked.

“Mom, it’s just not what I expected. Steve is a great guy! And I love him forever. But, well, to tell the truth. It’s um, it’s, I mean…

“Come on, tell me. How can I help if you won’t tell me what’s wrong?”

“It’s uncomfortable…” she started.

“I know but if you tell me…”

“NO, Mom. I mean it’s uncomfortable when we, That is, when he’s…

“Mom, he’s just so damn big! Too big! I’ve never been with a guy that is so big! He’s huge! He tries to be gentle. He’s a great lover, but it’s just too large for me! I don’t know how to handle him!” She was on the verge of tears.

“You mean… That is he’s large. Down there.” I gestured at my groin.

“Yeah. Mom, he’s really big! Thick and long! Too thick and too long!”

We talked for a little longer. My daughter was so upset that her new husband was hung like a horse!

My late husband had been almost nine inches long and I could just encircle his shaft with one hand. Steve was apparently much larger! I admit that I had noticed that he had quite a bulge. From time to time I had gotten a glimpse of his package in a pair of tight shorts. But I had had no idea that he was so large as to be uncomfortable for my daughter!

And I wasn’t sure if there was anything I could or should do to help out. I love my daughter and Steve treated her like a queen.

That weekend we spent a rainy evening watching Netflix and drinking. We played a game, every time someone got shot, we took a shot! We were watching one of those ‘rogue assassin gets revenge’ movies. So there were lots of people getting shot. By the halfway point we were drunk.

At some point point the romantic interest came on clad in a ripped up mini-skirt and a tight, low-cut sweater. Steve started laughing.

“What’s funny?” asked Phoebe.

“She’s not nearly as good looking as you are, bunny! You are prettier and better built than that Hollywood hussy!”

“Really?” She asked as she sat up straighter and arched her back to push her tits into greater prominence .

“And we all know where she got those from,” I interjected as I copied her pose and stroked my hands over my massive bust line. Phoebe was proud of her 34 Double E’s. I had my own pride and joys. I measured 36-HH. I never really showed off, but I knew that I out-did Phoebe.

“Holy …” Steve’s voice faded away as he took in the sight of my now stretched-to-the-limit blouse. There were stress lines and gaps between all the buttons on my blouse.

I just grinned at him, plumped my tits, shimmied my shoulders and slumped back onto the couch.

“Oh, Mom,” Phoebe protested.

I didn’t think much of it then. But over the next few days I did notice that Steve was looking at me more than he had in the past. I caught him looking at me when I had on anything that hinted at my figure. He seemed interested that I had a larger bust line than his wife, my daughter.

And I also noticed that his bulge became more prominent when I wore some of my more tight fitting outfits. A couple of times I noticed that he was adjusting himself, to be more comfortable. I had this one blouse that when I leaned over, it gaped open so my cleavage and bra were visible. That seemed to really get him going!

I have to admit I took some opportunities to wear things that I thought would catch Steve’s interest. And they usually did.

At the same time I was getting more and more turned on by how I could excite him with my top-heavy physique.

Things changed late one night. I got up to take a leak and I passed their bedroom on the way to the bathroom. But this time the door was ajar and the bedside pendik escort light was on. I didn’t really mean to spy on them but…

In profile to the door, Steve and Linda were in the midst of passion. And from the doorway I could see exactly what Linda had been trying to describe. I could see the juncture of their bodies. And to say that Steve was large was an understatement! He was HUGE! I’d never seen anything like it! He was giving Linda six inch strokes. Those six inches seemed to be less than half of his total endowment! And she was having trouble with the thickness of his member!

“Please, Steve, please. I’m sorry but it’s so uncomfortable”, she complained.

As I was watching he pulled out from Linda. And it took a while! He had been almost half way. When he was free of her it seemed more than a foot long! And so freaking thick! It seemed to be as thick as a beer can and so fucking long! Linda had been getting less than half of his prodigious penis!

“I’m sorry, honey,” he said. “I don’t mean to hurt you. Would you mind?” he gestured at his erection.

“I’m sorry too, Steve,” my daughter responded. “I wish I could handle your cock better. Let me finish you off.” She reached to take hold of his dick. As I watched, my daughter proceeded to stroke and fondle his erection. Using both hands, fingers enlaced, she stroked him rapidly. Her hands were taking foot long journeys from the base of his cock to his cock head.

She leaned over and slipped her lips over his dick head and took most of it into her mouth. She pulled back, gasping after about a dozen strokes.

“Just your head fills my mouth,” she gasped. “You are SO big! I want to learn to do better for you!”

“Don’t worry about it now, honey! I’m so close! I really need to get off! I haven’t cum in almost a week and you know how that makes me feel!”

Linda redoubled her efforts. With a loud grunt of pleasure Steve thrust his hips in the air and began to spew his cum! Wad after wad of semen jetted from his pulsing dick! It landed on Linda, on the bed, and on Steve. He must have sent seven or eight geysers into the air!

Finally his hips returned to rest on the bed and my daughter and her horse hung husband cuddled together. I crept away to the bathroom,

When I returned to my room I spent half an hour reliving what I had just seen while driving my favorite dildo as deep into my soaking wet snatch as I could! It wasn’t big enough anymore! I had seen an enormous, almost inhuman fuck stick in action and I wanted to get to try it for myself! I thought I could do better than my poor overmatched daughter! I really wanted to try to do better! But how?

The question bugged me for the next couple of days. Steve continued to notice the outfits that I wore. And he really paid attention when I chose something that displayed my big titties. Or cleavage. Our Steve was a real tit-man, for sure! No wonder he liked my daughter. And he would like me even more I thought since I had bigger tits and a better body!

My chance came that next Saturday night. Once again we were watching an action-packed movie. Every time some one got shot, we took a shot!

I admit that I cheated. I didn’t finish each shot, I just sipped at it. Steve and Linda were knocking them back! With the predictable result. By the half way point of the movie Linda was basically out cold! Too much liquor, not enough body mass.

During a chase scene the romantic interest was once again shown in a skimpy outfit. I took this as my cue.

“So, Steve, how do I compare to her?” I asked. Without waiting for his response I stood up and posed for him. Arching my back I thrust my massive chest forward causing my blouse so come loose from my skirt and stress lines to form between the buttons. Gaps and openings allowed him to see parts of my torso and heavy duty bra.

The actress was younger and prettier than me. But I outgunned her by a lot! She was maybe a C-cup. I had my massive 36-HH bust that I was flaunting for Steve to admire.

And he was admiring it. I could tell by the bulge that was rapidly forming in his pants! Christ, he was big!

“Um, you, ah, that is…” he was staring at me! escort pendik I loved it! I was willing to let him look at me as much as he wanted to.

“Well? What do you think?” I asked as I cupped my hands under my tits and lifted them up for him to admire. I turned in profile to him. When I let them go they dropped and shivered under my blouse before coming to a halt. One of the buttons in the middle popped open.

“Damn!” he exclaimed. “You have really, REALLY big tits, Julie! Linda told me you wear a 36 Double H bra! Is that right?”

“Yes,” I admitted as if I regretted it. “I’ve always been busty. 36-HH is 45 inches around. It’s hard for me to get a flattering fit with tits this big!” I made a point of shaking my shoulders which caused my boobs to bounce and quiver. Another button gave up the struggle!

Steve could see inches and inches of cleavage. My bra was pushing my tits together and the cleavage that resulted was epic! I could see his eyes crawling over me.

I made it a point to expand my rib cage, taking deep breaths that caused my boobs to ride further up in the bra, exposing more and more breast flesh as he stared in amazement.

Steve may have been used to handing my daughters breasts. But they were only Double E’s. My Double H boobs put her in the shade!

He was almost drooling as I stepped closer to him. I bent over to allow him a better view of my cleavage. I was kneading and bouncing my tits for him while he stared. They felt so heavy in my hands. I glanced down and saw that the edges of my aureoles could be seen peeking out beyond the cups fo my bra.

As I watched he reached down to adjust himself. His stiffening cock was stretching down his left leg. It was obviously uncomfortable.

“That doesn’t look comfortable, Steve. Here, this will take your mind off it!” I slid my knee onto the sofa next to him and pushed my tits into his face. I trapped him between my boobs and began to shake my shoulders back and forth, battering him with my giant tits while he gasped with pleasure.

At almost the same time I reached down to fondle his erection. It was gigantic! Steve had by far the largest dick I had ever encountered. I knew it wasn’t fully hard yet. But it was thicker and longer than anything I had ever imagined!

I had seen it in action the other night from a distance. But this was in the flesh, All of the flesh. The long, thick, stiff, hard-as-rock flesh that was pushing his pants all out of shape.

I took a moment to finish unbuttoning my blouse while straddling his groin. Then I leaned back a little so I could reach in and pull my right tit out of its bra cup.

“Here, honey, suck on this for a while!” I told him.

“But you’re my wife’s mmumph, fffrrre, momph” he gasped before his lips closed on me. He began to suck and lick avidly. He was using both hands to hold my big tit as he licked and lapped and sucked! It felt so good!

While he was occupied I took a moment to extract his hard-on from his pants. It reared up between us, as strong as steel, quivering to the beat of his heart. It took me both hands to reach around it. I pulled and pushed a couple of time while still enjoying his mouth on my giant boobs. He was now switching back and forth from one to the other. He was licking and sucking, almost chewing on my stiff nipples as he played with me. I was loving it!

I wasn’t wearing panties so it was easy to socket his immense dickhead between my now sopping wet pussy lips. I put my weight behind it as I tried to push him into my cunt. It was hard going! He was SO large and I had to rise and fall several times before I started to make any progress.

“Wha…? Wait. Don’t.” Steve started to protest before I slammed my huge tits into his face.

“Shut up, Steve! I’ve wanted to try this ever since Phoebe told me how well hung you are! I’m going to do my best for you! I know that you haven’t had a really good fuck in a long time. I think I can make that happen. So just sit here and let’s see how a REAL woman can handle your giant dick!”

I was rising and falling faster now. I was starting to get used to his immense thickness. And I wanted even more of his incredible length. pendik escort bayan I was getting about five inches when my first orgasm struck!

I hadn’t had sex in a while and it took me by surprise when those amazing feeling started to wash over me.

I screamed a little bit and started to rise and fall faster and faster. I wanted all of him that I could get. And he had a LOT to offer!

Steve was watching my tits rise and fall as I worked. I was now getting almost eight inches of his dick into my pussy and it was feeling great!

His hands came up to clamp onto my boobs. I don’t know if he was protecting himself from the punishment he was getting as my tits battered him or if he wanted to play with my giant tits. I didn’t care. His hands felt great on my breasts!

So did his lips as he finally leaned into me. He was sucking and licking me as I kept on working.

“So big,” he muttered. “I thought Phoebe had big tits! These are awesome!” He drove his face between my boobs and smooshed them against his head. I grinned down at him. His face disappeared up to his ears as he pushed my boobs against his head.

I was enjoying my ride. I wasn’t sure if I could take any more than the nine inches I was absorbing on each thrust. But I wanted to try. I settled onto his lap and began shaking my hips back and forth, side to side, trying to get a little bit deeper on to Steve’s huge cock. He was so thick! My pussy lips were being stretched more than I could ever remember. I knew that he was the biggest dicked guy I’d encountered. It felt wonderful as I crashed into another orgasm.

Finally I pulled back to give him a scorching hot kiss. He returned it in kind.

I struggled to pull myself off his big fat cock. I used both hands to stroke him a few times as I caught my breath.

“Let’s go to my room,” I told him. “I want to lie under you while you try to cram all of your huge horse cock into me!”

I didn’t wait for a response. I dragged him to my bed by his rampant dick. When we got there I pulled him on top of me and begged him to fuck me!

If he had any qualms about fucking his wife’s mom he hid them well. He placed his dickhead at the opening of my pussy. And then he pushed himself into me. The first stroke was only four inches but he pulled back and did it again and again. In no: time he was back at the nine inch mark that I had reached. And now he was pounding me harder and harder. He was grunting and panting as he worked.

“SO GOOD,” he told me. “SO good! Your pussy is so hot and wet! You’re going to make me cum!”

“No! You haven’t gotten all the way in! I want it all, Steve, I want every last inch of you in my poor little puss-puss! All of it!”

I rolled over and pushed my ass back at him.

“Fuck me from behind! Drive yourself all the way up my cunt! Pound my ass with your big hard-on!” I begged him.

Maybe it was the change in position but he was able to drive himself even deeper now! I was taking close to a foot of the biggest dick with each stroke. He would pull back a few inches and then slam forward again and again. I was cumming almost continually and loving every moment of it! Steve was the best fuck I had ever had!

I could feel the sweat dripping off him and onto my ass as he worked. I was getting almost all of him! He was so much deeper than any of my other lovers! It felt SOOO good!

“I’m going to cum!” He announced as he pounded away from behind.

“On my tits, Steve! I want to see you spurt all over my big fat tits!” I told him as I pulled away from him.

I lay in front of him cuddling my giant tits on my chest for him to anoint.

“God, you are a dirty, dirty girl,” he laughed as he started to stroke his hard-on. I helped him with one hand until he started to spurt. While he was dropping his load onto my tits and between my tits I was tickling his balls to help him cum even more.

I counted seven ejaculations before he dropped his dick between my tits. I squeezed them together to get all that he had to offer.

“You got almost all of me!” Steve told me. “You got more than your daughter. More than anyone else has ever managed. You are the best Julie. Can we do this again, sometime?”

“We’re not done now,” I told him as I rolled over to start sucking on his cock. I was going to clean him off, get him hard again and see if I couldn’t take him all!


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