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Hot By The Pool

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They had been by the pool for about an hour, and Lora had watched as Curtis looked over her body, swam with her, casually brushing against her as he did. He tried not to make it obvious, but he was excited. Asking him to put the suntan lotion on her had made her skin tingle with his touch, and watching as he almost made a silly fool of himself finding excuses to touch her, continued the thoughts she had since inviting him over.

Teasing Curtis was so much fun, but she always got excited as he wanted her more and more. She loved making him want and desire, almost need her. It was funny, something probably a man would never understand: the sheer delight that comes from making a man physically desire. And their constant egotism that believed they were the only ones who had lust. He could be a corporate giant, or a genius; and a little leg blocks out all other thoughts from his mind. Curtis was neither of those, oh not a dullard, she couldn’t stand that; and handsome for someone a bit older than she. But, older was ok, he sent her cards and brought gifts; but mostly, it was his personality that had kept her interested in being with him. And, of course, the way she could bring him to focus on nothing else but her by playing as she’d been doing in the pool. The old musical was right, “A man chases a woman, until she catches him,” and she giggled again. It was wonderful even if but for a brief time, sometimes too brief she had to admit and laugh to herself, to be the absolute center of another person’s universe.

She had asked him if he wanted to go inside, to which he’d responded enthusiastically, “Do I ever,” and they both laughed and walked toward her apartment. Lora opened the sliding glass door from the patio to her apartment and Curtis followed her in, closing the door behind him. She pulled the cord on the drape, and it slid across the window.

She put her arms around his neck and pulled pendik escort him to her lips and pressed her mouth against his. As she kissed him, she rubbed her hips side to side against his. She pulled back from him, and with a twinkle in her eyes said softly, “That’s the feeling I like,” as she felt him grow against her hip.

They both laughed and Curtis added, “Me, too”. Holding hands Lora led him walking to the bed. At the edge of the bed, Lora pulled his arm around her waist as she backed into him. She leaned her head back on his left shoulder, her long auburn hair pressing against his cheek. Turning to his face, her head resting on his shoulder, she kissed him as he hugged her from behind. She pressed her ass into his hips, and moved them in a circular motion, feeling his hardness against the soft roundness of her ass.

He looked down and the sight of her pressing against him in her pink bikini sent waves of pleasure through his body. He was amazed that this woman desired him so much; yet, as he admired her round ass rubbing against his ever-hardening cock, he was as delighted as he’d ever been to share with her. She reached her hands behind her back, as her tongue worked on Curtis’s mouth, took his hardness in her hands, and pushed back again against him with her ass as her fingers manipulated his hard cock. His arms tightened around her waist as his excitement increased, having trouble breathing fast enough through only his nose as her lips pressed harder against his and her tongue touched every part of his mouth.

Lora turned around and began to unhook Curtis’s trunks. Opening his swim suit it dropped to the floor. Curtis got his trunks over his feet. Lora took him by the waist and turned him around so his back was toward the bed. She put a little pressure on his waist and he sat down. She pressed his shoulders, and he laid back, his legs over the end of the bed, his feet on the escort pendik floor. Lora slipped out of her bikini and knelt down on the floor between Curtis’s legs, looking at his erection all wet from the excitement of their embraces and the lust she had intentionally built in him. He was hers now: through these moments of passion she would build the love she feels and knit his heart to hers.

Putting pressure on his thighs with her hands, she moved them up to his groin. With her left hand she gently cupped his balls, lightly moving her fingers around on them. With her right, starting at the bottom, she ran her fingertips all the way up his shaft to the head. Reaching the head, deftly she twirled circles around it with her fingernails, watching as Curtis’s hips tensed with the touch of her fingers on his naked flesh. She put the palm of her hand on the tip his cock, and made circles with it, getting her palm all wet, as her other hand continued to gently massage his balls.

Her hand now wet, she wrapped her right hand around his shaft and began to stroke him. She added pressure on the down stroke and released some on the up stroke; so the combination was a squeezing and stroking, easing and stroking, squeezing and stroking, easing and stroking, her left hand continuing the massaging of his balls. All the while, she was squeezing her own thighs together, pressing herself against her own sex organs, enjoying the passion she could produce in him by producing more in herself.

Curtis was breathing hard how, his heart pounding in his chest. He felt the pressure building inside him, and started to thrust his hips in time with Lora’s stroking; thrusting up and she stroked with a squeeze and down as she drew her hand back up to the head of Curtis’s now throbbing and wet cock. He moaned deep in his throat, calling huskily, “Oh, Lora, Lora.”

Feeling the pressure building in him, she let go of him, pendik escort bayan stood up, straddled him with her knees on the bed, took hold of him again, put his head on the outside of her now wet pussy, and slid his hardness into her. Bracing her body with her hands on his chest, she began to ride him; pumping her hips hard against his, feeling him moving in and out of her. Her hips pounded him, down and up, down and up; in and out in and out. Her ass rippled each time she pounded against his hips. She angled her hips so the pressure would be on the tender inside front of her wetness, and also pushing against her clit. She loved being on top, she could get the pressure and movement just right, as she was now, as her body responded to the fullness inside her. She felt the pressure inside her, the twinges on the walls as he moved against them: this would not just be for him, although sometimes that’s ok; she would be there, too. And very soon.

Curtis gasped, his eyes closed with the intensity of the feeling of her body moving up and down on him. He let out a loud moan, his hips pushed up; his body shook. Lora lifted her hands off his chest, and pressed all her weight on his hips as she felt a warm, pulsing liquid flow into her body. The expansion of his cock inside her as he released his love into her pressed just right. She reveled in the feelings of contractions against the walls of her pussy as Curtis came inside her. She continued to push against his hips, feeling the spasms start for herself, and then explode in a thousand colors visible only through her closed eyes, until the contractions of his cock stopped. She leaned forward then, and kissed him gently on his lips and on each of his closed eyes. As Curtis’s erection subsided, he slipped out of her.

“Ops,” she said; and they laughed together the liquid of their love and their sweat mingling.

She got off of him, and laid beside him, resting her head on his shoulders, and twirling the hair on his chest in her fingers. “I like being with you, you know?” she whispered to him.

“And I enjoy it too,” Curtis responded touching the back of her hair.

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