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Hot, Sexy Librarian Ch. 09

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I was with Megan, at our monthly book club; there was only a handful of people because several couldn’t make it. We were meeting at Megan and Janie’s…well, mostly Janie’s because Megan was usually at my place.

Anyway, things were just wrapping up and I finished my coffee. I felt Megs snuggle a little closer; the sexual tension was intense, because she’d been away for a week, visiting her parents. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but a week apart for us, was hard. We even had phone sex which seems as satisfying, as it is frustrating. She had it rougher, though, because I had Darin and Benji to satisfy needs. I joked with her, “You need to get back here soon, because I’m wearing the boys out. The sex is great, but they’re sore and walking funny…we all miss you!”

After everybody left, Janie (my teaching assistant) went with her friend Elle (another book-clubber); they went to the store for groceries because Elle had a car, a huge luxury when all you have is a bike.

I grabbed another beer from the fridge and went into Megan’s bedroom; when she closed the door and locked it, she grinned, “I think you know what I need, but I can’t wait till we get to your place!”

“Janie’s gone, sweetie…we can take care of things right here. We can’t linger though.”

Once her panties were on the floor, she kicked them aside and couldn’t help but flash her freshly trimmed muff. She smiled, “Look what I did last week…I got waxed with my sister.”

It immediately grabbed my attention; I couldn’t help but run my hand over top and spread her open with my fingers. Except for a tiny strip, her little mound was completely hairless and silky soft, every subtle detail of her pussy was visible. He pussy was gorgeous…I wanted to dive in or split it open with my dick…ravage would be the term. With the waxing, you’d think her pussy would look bigger, but she looked even smaller and I got freaked out about lube. We almost always needed lube, even if she was dripping wet. It’s not like I’m pornstar big or some shit…she was small down there.

At full mast, it stood ready, bobbing over my belly button. “Mmmm, it’s all mine! I can’t tell you how much I missed you,” she giggled, “and that big guy.”

“Baby girl, I’m all yours…including that.”

She rubbed my cock over her cheek, “Mmmm…I love feeling it all hard…the veins throb sometimes…and I really love to watch it twitch when its growing.”

She grabbed it and wrapped her lips over the head, while cupping my balls. Both of us moaned; the boys had taken good care of my needs, but it sure felt good to have my girlfriend back. Then all I could think about was pushing into her throat…Megan was a prize anyway, but when she learned to deepthroat, Darin and Benji could hardly compete (of course, I teased them both).

It popped out and she grinned, knowing what I was thinking, “It’s been so long, sweetie…I was so horny during book club. I want it too, but you need to fuck me first…I promise we’ll deepthroat later. Please?” She grinned and continued, “But when my pussy’s tired. Really sweetie, that big, hard dick makes me wanna bend over beg!”

“I like that,” grinning. “You don’t have to beg, sweetie…you got a deal, but I hope you have lube.”

“Do I have lube?” She walked over to her unpacked bag and pulled out a big pump bottle and two dildos. “This’s how I spent my week,” she giggled, “and you had two hunky college boys to occupy your time.”

I laughed, “Well, I do deserve that…but make sure you give them shit, too.”

I laid her back and moved on top, pinning her arms to the bed. Our tongues entwined, celebrating a long, deep, sensual kiss, while she spread her legs to either side of me, ready to take it…even without the lube. One arm broke from my grasp and her hand dug into the back of my head; she pushed my face into hers, so our tongues would penetrate even deeper.

We made out for nearly ten or fifteen minutes, before I moved from her neck down, leaving a trail of kisses. There was a long, long pause spent with her puffy nips…god, I missed those. When I spread her labia, she was petite, tight and deliciously pink; I wanted to dive in. I wanted her taste on my tongue…I wanted to feel her squirm, squeal, and ride my tongue…I wanted to feel her wetness all over my face. Okay, I was a little crazy horny, too, but I had to have some; it’d been a week without pussy, and I had to have it.

She was moist and I pushed my tongue as deep as I could, savoring her taste…I missed her taste. Tracing the lips, I savored the freshly shaven mound, before pushing back into the heat.

As if I might stop (like that was going to happen), she ran her fingers through my hair and held me tight, between her legs. She started grinding, trying her best to keep herself centered on my mouth. “Oh god, Rob” she moaned. “Yeah…yeah…don’t stop…please don’t stop, Rob…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…oh god!”

I just kept fucking my tongue as deep as it would go, triggering even more loud moaning. bursa escort Surrendering to the pleasure, she pulled her knees out to spread herself wider. I ran my tongue over her lips and then her clit; again, I held it between my lips and flicked with my tongue. Now it was rock-hard and I teased it with the very tip. “Rob…oh god…love that…mmmm…keep it up…yeah…yeah…yeah, keep it up…mmmm…yeah…yeah…ahhhh…ahhhh…fuckkkkkk…shit, that’s fucking incredible…keep it up…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah!”

I ran my tongue back through her pussy, rhythmically fucking and thrusting deep into the heat; her pussy gripped tight, not wanting to let go, but I pushed harder. When I got my fingers over her clit, she shuddered, “Yeah sweetie! Do that…rub it…ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah, that’s good…so good…ahhhh…ahhhh!”

I stayed with it, rapidly flicking and rubbing the tiny bundle of pleasure, till she couldn’t take it anymore. She begged, “Yeah…yeah…fuck, that feels good…oh, don’t stop…please don’t stop…it feels…so good…so good. Oh, my fucking god, Rob…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…oh god, I’m gonna cum…gonna cum!”

I buried my tongue and rubbed her clit, till she screamed, “Cummmming…oh god, Rob…cumming…cumming! Yer making me cummmmmmm…ohhhh…ohhhh!” I kept my tongue inside and felt her ecstasy explode, as screams became breathless moans and her whole body shuddered.

She relaxed and got a sexy smile, “And I really missed that…next time you’re coming with me to the parents.” Meeting the parents was a scary proposition, but I had other things on my mind…or between my legs…I was ready to explode.

She grinned, “That was just a taste, mister…get it…taste?”

“I’m glad we’re both, sort of, geeky.”

“Well this geeky chick’s got a super-tight pussy that’s craving a very special hung geek.”

She’s right…she’s always crazy tight. You’d never ever think her little puss could take it all, but I layered myself with lube and it was always good. She looked into my eyes with a beautiful, sexy smile, while I poked at her wetness. I loved how her pussy stretched around the head, spreading wider to accommodate my penetration. I took it slow, thrusting gently forward, at first.

Gradually going all the way, her pussy stretched tight and hugged the shaft. We both savored the tight caress, but she moaned, “Mmmm…mmmm…Rob…Rob…fuck, there it is…that’s what I missed…jeezus, that’s good…yeah…yeah…that’s what I missed…that’s what I need!”

I grabbed her hips and started fucking, gently impaling her with each stroke. She groaned, “Oh fuck…oh fuck, that’s…that’s so good…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck me hard…it’s okay, sweetie, fuck me hard!”

I gradually went faster and pumped harder, till my body was slamming hers. I filled her full and my balls bounced over her ass, “Fuck…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah, I missed this, too…fucking my baby girl…fucking my baby girl hard!”

For a long while, we just fucked like animals. I pounded her pussy hard and fast; all she could do was lay there spread eagle and moan, while I used her pussy. “Oh god…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…Rob…Rob, fuck me…ahhhh…ahhhh…fuck me…fuck me…fuck me hard…ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah, don’t stop…keep it…keep it up…fuck me!”

Eventually, I rolled her over, pulled her up on all fours and she moaned, “Oh god…fuck me, more…fuck me, doggy…fuck me, doggy…use my pussy…use it…make it yours, sweetie…fuck me!”

She could only moan, as I humped forward to sink it back in, “Ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah…ahhhh…ahhhh, yeah!”

I started plowing her deep and she continued, but with more begging, “Ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…Rob…yeah…yeah…ahhhh…ahhhh…fuck me…yeah, fuck me…keep it up…keep fuckin’ me…yeah, keep fuckin’ me!”

Eventually I got noticeably winded and she took over, fucking herself on my dick; despite the battering I gave her pussy, she kept it going, fucking just as hard as I was. I groaned, “Fuckin’ slam yourself back on my big cock…use that cock…fuck yourself…yeah, own it, baby…own that cock!”

“Yeah…yeah, fuck that pussy on my dick…feed yer pussy…feed it…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah, fuck that pussy!”

After a few minutes of fucking herself, I got a second wind, grabbing her waist and driving her face into the pillows. Still fucking her from behind, I started pounding hard, fast and deep…all-the-way-deep. With each pounding thrust, my body slapped hers and her whole body jumped forward. Embedding myself deep in her core, “Mmmm baby, feel that big dick, deep inside? I know you love it…don’t you?”

“God yes! I feel it…I love it deep…deeeeep in my pussy!”

She worked to get a hand between her legs, and I felt her frantic rubbing; I kept pumping with long greedy strokes, digging into her deepest parts. She moaned uncontrollably. “Ahhhh…ahhhh…oh god, fill me up…fill me up…fill me with that dick…that big dick…ahhhh…ahhhh…wanna bursa escort bayan be filled…with big dick!”

“Cum for me sweetie, I know you’re close. Mmmm, that pussy’s stretched tight…uhhhh…uhhhh…I can feel every part of your pussy…yeah, so fucking tight!” With her orgasm getting closer and closer, “Yeah, that’s it, sweetie…you’re close…cum for me, baby…uhhhh…uhhhh…cum for me! I want you to cum on this dick…wanna feel you cumming…yeah…yeah!”

The second orgasm was even bigger than the first; she shook and bucked against me, as waves of intense pleasure, passed through her body. “Yer makin’ me…oh god…yeah…yeah, cumming…cumming! Oh god…cumming…cumming…cumming…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah!”

The climax subsided, but we always savored the afterglow; sometimes I pumped slow, sometimes frantic and wild, but it always seemed perfect. She knew I needed relief and I felt her pussy tighten around me. We both felt every throbbing pulse against the deepest, most sensitive, parts of her pussy.

“Oh…oh…Rob, I love it…what you do after…after I…after I cum! Yeah, do it…pump me…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…pump me…oh god!”

Her orgasm had pushed me to the brink; I was almost done the minute she started to shudder. Anyway, I gripped her hips tight and pounded, deep into her belly. I held it there, while cum boiled up from my balls and burst over her cervix; it had been so long without my girlfriend, it felt like I was power washing her insides. I dug into her shoulders and pulled her back, to pump the last of it deep inside her willing pussy.

Still a little winded, she moaned, “Ahhhh…ahhhh…oh yeah, shoot that hot…ahhhh…hot load…in my pussy…gimme that load…ahhhh…ahhhh…gimme that big load…yeah…cum inside meeeeeee!”

She was almost limp, but I gently pumped her and eased her relaxed body onto the bed. My dick slid in and out, through the warm sex, pooled at the bottom of her pussy. We were both breathing hard, but I slowly thrust a few more times before pulling out. I rolled off and spread her legs to check out my work…I always like to see it bubble out. How can you not enjoy a good creampie?

When I spread her pussy lips, I watched it trickle. It wasn’t a huge flow, but it was still a picture; her pussy looked well-fucked, with the tiny trademark gap and a bright pink flush, almost like it was a burning ember. She dipped her fingers inside to capture a taste, while I watched.

When she turned over, she broke the silence with a sexy, hushed voice, “Sweetie, I wanna a little taste…mmmm, I love sucking you off. You know how much I love this cock?”

“I think you show it every day, sweetie.”

She licked me clean and whispered, “And I love fucking you, most of all.” Our lips met with a kiss, and I probed her mouth, tasting the pleasure we just shared.

She had slipped on a t-shirt, while I went to take a piss. I heard giggling as I got dressed and wondered what it was about, but then she came down the hall and motioned, “Come out here, sweetie, there’s a surprise.”

Megan was a free spirit, and lovingly unpredictable, so I wondered what she had planned. When I turned the corner, Janie was setting out a tray of hors d’oeuvres. Fortunately, I had put on pants, because my TA would’ve gotten an eyeful. I tried to comb my hair and make it look like I just didn’t roll out of bed…I was her boss, after all.

She smiled, “Please professor…uh Rob, you’re my roommate’s boyfriend…it’s okay. I’ll try to call you Rob, while you’re here, in the apartment.”

“I know how much Meg missed you and I thought I’d put together a little celebration, to welcome her back…and make you feel comfortable staying here.” She popped the prosecco cork and giggled, “I knew you’d have to come up for air at some point.”

As we talked, she admitted to hearing us in the bedroom, but it didn’t seem to bother her any. It was just part of having a roommate, she explained…and Megan had undoubtedly heard her going at it with Doug. Though, when she praised our (to use her phrase) “lusty passion,” and called it educational, it was obvious that we needed to be quieter.

That evening we watched a movie together and I opened a couple bottles of wine. It was a great movie that we had all missed in the theater, so it was great to finally see.

Within the dialogue of the movie, a woman sitting at a bar said, “Yeah, fill me up.” Janie half-whispered to Megan, “She overheard you and Rob, too,” and giggled like a teenager.

I’m sure I blushed, but I grinned, “That was probably unnecessary, but what all did you hear?”

She was a little buzzed and free with details, “Well, I probably came in at the worst time, right before you both finished.” She grinned, “It was hot…I mean…I really thought about using a cucumber, but it would never fit,” and giggled again.

I remembered the sliced cucumber on the sandwiches, and I was going to say something about an interesting taste…but thought escort bursa maybe I shouldn’t go there. Buzzed as well, Megan was quick to add, “Well, Rob fits in me…that cucumber should fit.”

They both laughed, and Janie added, “When he’s not around, girl, you need to explain that…and what happens after. I think it must be after you orgasm.”

Noticeably embarrassed, I rolled my eyes, “Please and thank you! You girls can discuss vegetables and orgasms later.”

“Honey, we’ll stop torturing you and go back to the movie; Janie and I can talk later,” she said with a big grin.


The next morning, I decided to make coffee for the three of us. Normally, Megan and I would keep to ourselves and have coffee in bed, but Janie made such an effort last night. I felt like we should have breakfast together, so I started the coffee and picked up pastries from the little bakery down the street.

To avoid awkward moments, we always tried to censor the PDA around Janie, but I think the openness and discussion helped clear the air. I guess everybody felt more comfortable than ever and Janie hugged us both as we headed out. We even decided to have dinner together at my place, that evening.

We were super busy that morning and pulled into a hot dog stand for a lunch; it was a dive, but a fast-food institution and there was always a line. It was nearing the end of the lunch rush, but all the picnic tables were filled, so we decided to eat in the car, under a tree.

When we got back to the car, “Mmmm, that looks good, with the peppers.”

Dripping with chili and pepperoncini, I held the hot dog, “Wanna try?”

She leaned over opening her mouth so that I could feed her. She took a big bite and chewed slowly, her bright, blue eyes gazing into mine. With her sexiest Megan-smile, “I’d have to say that rivals what I had last night.”

“Hot sex?”

“No…nothing can compare to that. The chili dog rivals the taste of the big dog…in your pants,” she giggled, “I really love how I taste when it’s all over your cock.”

She quickly refocused her attention and dipped her corn dog in the mustard. Like it was a deep-fried cock, she suggestively licked off the mustard.

Swirling her tongue over the tip, just like a big cockhead, she grinned, “Honey, watch this!” Being Megan, she took it further and pushed it into her throat, deepthroating the corn dog.

“You are one hot, little tease, sweetie.”

She looked into my eyes, “I know, but you love it, and I always follow through. Remember last night, we got a little distracted and you didn’t get a deepthroat, like I promised. I thought, maybe we could do it, now? You could fuck my throat here?”

I looked around to see if we’d be noticed and grinned, “Meg, you’re a woman with principles…yeah, let’s do it, now…but, for the record, I enjoyed our little distraction, last night…it was hot!”

“I loved it too…but, you know, I think my throat missed you as much as my pussy,” she giggled.

I paused, not because I was shocked by what was happening, but because I realized what I had with Megan; this woman was crazy hot and fucking amazing. I brushed her hair back and smiled, “Yeah, I know I’ve missed your throat…let me move this seat back and assume the position.”

She slipped my pants and underwear down and grinned with a big Cheshire smile; my cock stood tall with a sexy banana-like curve, and I settled back into the seat, while she stroked it, “Mmmm…you look hot from this angle…and I think it looks bigger, too.”

Pushing it forward and poking her chin, I responded, “Funny girl, open that mouth wide and take it for a spin…see if you think it’s bigger.”

She spread her lips, and I pushed forward, watching it slide deeper; her soft moans and plump lips felt amazing on my hard flesh. Slowly, the thick shaft went deeper until it hit the back, and she worked it into her throat. I expected gagging as it went in, but there were only a couple tiny gurgles. She worked hard to train her gag reflex, and it clearly paid off…she could deepthroat like a pornstar. When she started fucking her throat, a sensory explosion shot up my dick and through my entire body. I moaned, with my hands gripping the back of her head. She worked up and down my cock, impaling her throat and feeling the pleasured throbbing.

I took over and gently fucked her throat, pumping into its tight embrace; my dick glistened with her spit and precum. Wanting the full experience, I pulled her up to the very tip and pushed back into her throat until I felt her lips, at the base.

Over and over, working her up and down the shaft, my dick was smoothly pumping her throat. She moaned and gurgled softly, but it got significantly louder whenever I got more aggressive…the sounds were a cock-hardening turn-on.

We were parked next to a big work truck from a plumbing company. It was fortunate, because it did give us some privacy, or at least until they finished their lunch…then it got interesting. The guy getting into the passenger side, looked directly at us and stared for a split second. My window was cracked, and he gave me a thumbs-up and grinned, “Good job, buddy…I need some of that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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