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Ice Guide Ch. 01

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As it had been each year before, the trip to Tod Lake was long; routing through no less than three airports in the course of the day, the final stretch of which was made in a large, cold single engine bush plane. In many ways making the trip up in the dead of winter for ice fishing was exciting, and I had been making the trip every other year for almost twenty years now. I knew the lake well, both from ice fishing it and from boat fishing in the summer, and each year my catch had increased until I was considered a trophy hunter at the lodge I stayed at. I guess that’s why Jack, the owner of the lodge, made me the offer that had me so nervous.

My trip had been planned for months, tickets bought, gear list made, and then the call came; not two weeks before I was supposed to fly up. Jack had to make a trip down to Winnipeg for some medical tests and was going to have to cancel my reservations. I had to admit I was bummed. I was really looking forward to getting away from all the stress at work. Then almost on a whim he asked me, sort of off hand, if I would be interested in guiding for the week. With some trepidation I agreed, as long as the group size was small enough. Since it would just be one small group and I wouldn’t have to worry about cooking or anything, just fishing, I agreed.

Now that the plane was setting down on the ice I wasn’t sure that it really was a good idea. I mean, I don’t need a guide myself any more, but taking strangers out to my hot spots just seemed wrong. And what if we didn’t catch any? I mean for me to not catch is fine, but other paying customers? The plane taxied close to shore and the pilot shut the engine down.

“Here we are.” He said as he unbelted himself.

“You staying?” I asked curiously. Usually they just dropped the passengers off and then took off again.

“Yeah. I’m taking Jack back down with me.” He answered as he climbed out of the plane to unload my gear.

I was hit with a frigid blast of arctic air when I opened the door and dropped gingerly to the snow covered ice. I took two packs and the pilot grabbed my third as we trudged up the path to the smaller of two log buildings. In the summer Jack uses the big lodge, outfitted with almost twenty rooms that each sleep 4 to 6. But in the dead of winter it’s much too hard to heat, so he uses a much smaller lodge with only six bunk rooms, a single great room that acts as living and dining space, a large kitchen and his master suite area.

“Mike!” Jack called from the porch as we climbed the steps of the log lodge.

“Hey Jack. How’s it going?” I said as I took his outstretched hand.

“Well, that’s yet to be determined.” He answered as he took one of my packs and led us into the warm lodge. There was a fire crackling away in the great stone fireplace, and a number of people sitting around on the rustic sofas and chairs in a semi-circle around the fire chatting.

“Folks, this is Mike Anderson.” Jack said as he walked toward the group. “He’s going to be your guide for the week.”

“Hi.” I said sheepishly as the group got up.

“This is Dave and Marlene Southern.” Jack said, introducing a tall thin man and his equally tall, blond wife. She had on a bulky turtleneck sweater that hid and accentuated her curves at the same time. Her pastel blue eyes sparkled with playfulness as she shook my hand and smiled.

“Mark Johnson.” Jack said as a short stout man stepped forward and shook my hand with a powerful grip.

“And Patricia and Randal Enke.” Jack added as a fairly overweight man stepped up to shake my hand after which his wife, a short redhead that looked a bit round in her baggy sweat pants and jersey stepped right up to give me a huge hug, her face smiling brightly.

“And we can’t forget Suzanne Delano.” Jack said as a tall fortyish woman entered from the kitchen doorway, carrying a platter of sandwiches. I couldn’t tell much of her figure from the baggy outfit she had on, a long sweatshirt that extended down to her mid-thigh. What I could tell was she had long blond hair, nearly touching her ass, and from the amount her jersey stuck out, a significantly sized chest. Beyond that, she had a relatively thin face and piercing green eyes. “We brought her on this year as a cook, and a good one she is too!”

“Ahhh I see our newest addition is here! And a good looker too!” She said with a huge grin. “I may have to see if he looks as good out of all those heavy clothes as he does all bundled up!”

“I wouldn’t worry too much about Suzanne, backroom casting porno she teases a lot but she’s harmless.” Jack said with a laugh. “Now that the introductions are done, come on and I’ll get you lined out. I have to fly out of here before it gets dark.”

Jack led me through the lodge to the rear section where all the equipment was stored. We spent the next two hours going over where to fish, the equipment he had and answering any questions I had. We headed back into his suite and he told me to go ahead and use his bathroom if I wanted instead of the communal shower and bathroom facilities that the rest of the guests shared. It wouldn’t bother me at all to not have to fight for one of the few curtained off shower stalls for a hot shower after being on the ice all day.

“Well, good luck. I’ll see you on Thursday!” Jack said as he headed out the door with the pilot, leaving me standing there feeling a bit overwhelmed.

“So when did you all get in?” I asked as I dropped into an open seat facing the crackling fire.

“Pretty much all of us flew in earlier today.” Patricia said in a soft sweet voice.

“Is everyone fishing tomorrow?” I asked the group.

“I’m not unless it warms up a little. I’m not sure I’m up to sitting on the ice for hours when it’s below zero.” Patricia answered.

“How about you Marlene?” I asked, expecting much the same answer.

“Oh I’m in! I’ve been listening to my husband telling stories about all his trips up here. This is my turn to live some of those good times.” Marlene answered with a huge grin on her face.

“Ok. Well, tomorrow we’ll head out a bit after sun up and see what we can get.” I told them. “Till then, relax and enjoy the evening.”

After dinner we all sat around and chatted, getting to know each other. Suzanne sat on the edges, not saying much but seeming to listen and just take it all in. I finally called it a night, tired from my trip and headed for bed. I had the first room on the first floor, closest to Jack’s suite. The room, like all the others consisted of a bunk area with one full size bed with a single bunk above it, and two single bunks on the opposing wall. The rooms were separated from the main great room with a hanging bamboo curtain that blocked the light but allowed some of the heat from the main room to get in through and under the curtain. I grabbed my flannel pj’s and headed through Jack’s suite to his private bathroom.

I stripped down and stepped into the shower, amazed at the size of the bathroom. The large bath included both a two person triangular whirlpool tub and the shower I was currently using, which was a tiled alcove with multiple shower heads, nearly four feet wide and eight feet long, with a large glass panel covering half of it to keep the water from splashing out into the rest of the bathroom. The door less shower was every bit as opulent as that of a five star hotel. I started the water, adjusted the temperature and stepped under the rain head to feel the hot water cascade over my body. I closed my eyes and just let the hot water flow over me, warming my stiff muscles.

“Well! He really does look as good without all the heavy clothes.” I heard a female voice say from outside the shower.

“What!?” I shouted startled, covering myself with my hands as I looked through the glass to see Suzanne standing in a white fluffy robe. “What are you doing here?”

“Oh, part of the deal is that I get to use the tub any time I want…and I really felt like a bath tonight.” She said as she teasingly walked over toward the tub and sat on the tiled edge of the island it was set into, letting one long bare leg stick out of her robe as she reached for the faucet. She sat there, her legs crossed, letting one leg swing back and forth as her fingers played in the water flowing from the tap, her eyes never leaving me inside the glass shower. When the water had finally reached over a foot deep in the tub she leaned further over to pour some liquid from a pink bottle sitting on the far edge. The tub quickly filled the rest of the way with a thick layer of foamy bubbles.

She stood up and slowly tugged the belt on the robe and let it fall apart, the gap swaying back and forth across her obviously bare skin as she sauntered closer to the glass separating us, glimpses of her bare legs and much more teasing in the gap. She leaned her hands against the glass and slowly pressed them upward, letting them slide toward the ceiling; the gap in her bangbros porno robe spreading and exposing a widening strip of skin from her neck to…well, her neatly trimmed blond pussy. She arched her back slightly and pressed her still covered breasts against the glass teasingly. Sliding her hands back down the glass she pushed away and turned; walking back to the tub, the robe sliding down her arms and pooling in a fuzzy pile on the floor behind her. She stood there for several seconds, her whole bare back and round full ass exposed to me, causing my cock to almost instantly start to grow. She bent to test the water, her pussy lips pressing out between her legs as she looked over her shoulder at me. She slowly straightened up and then turned on her toes until her whole front was exposed. She daintily sat down on the edge of the tub and started to rotate her legs up and over the side, one at a time, lifting each high in the air, completely exposing her bare pussy as she did so. She finally pushed from the tile edge and stood in the suds watching me.

Her body was not at all what I expected. She had what I had to describe as an hour glass figure, thin waist, round full hips and ass and seriously large set of breasts, each topped with a large oblong pink areola and hard nipple nearly as large around as my finger. I watched her smile, reach behind her neck and gather her large mane of blond hair and tug it around over her shoulder, cascading down between her breasts until it reached almost to her belly button as she stood naked into the tub. She slowly sunk down into the still filling water, first to her knees and then sitting down, disappearing under the suds as she lifted her hair clear and let her hair flow over the side of the tub as she leaned back. She lay there, staring at me, waiting expectantly, a leg periodically appearing from the foam to be teased with her slender fingers before disappearing again into the foam.

“You can’t stay in there all night you know. But if you would rather come over here and join me I’ll be sure you stay warm.” She said teasingly, loud enough for me to hear over the water.

She was right, there was no way I could stay in the shower, and there was no way for me to get to the towel, but then I wasn’t sure I was quite ready to expose myself to her either.

“Shy?” She asked as she lifted herself up until she was sitting up in the tub her tits on display for a few moments before leaning back and hiding them again. She leaned forward, looking at my cock, no longer fully covered by my hands and climbed up until she was sitting on the edge of the tub, the suds slowly sliding down her body and dripping off her full round tits, each one easily the size of a good sized melon. She swung one leg over the side of the tub to the floor and sat there, her legs apart and her body facing me. I stood in shock as she lifted her hands and slowly teased her nipples harder, her fingers stroking across then gently time after time, occasionally tracing circles around then before going back to stroking across them again. Her actions had a significant effect on my cock as well, causing it to continue to grow, no longer even bothering to cover it with my hands as I stared at her body. She smiled at the sight, apparently it had the effect she had intended. She stood up and slowly used her hands to squeegee the foam from her body, her hands sliding one at a time between her legs to stroke her pussy before continuing down her thighs.

She slowly stepped out of the tub and hesitantly, almost nervously, walked toward the shower, the remaining bubbles dripping from her and leaving foamy puddles on the floor. She stepped into the shower stall and stopped inches in front of me, her chest rising and falling quickly with her breathing, her hands reaching for mine.

“Now this is what I wanted to see.” She whispered as she gently coaxed my hands away from where they rested, partially in front of my hard dick; lifting them up until she could place each of my palms on her big tits. My rock hard cock was now sticking straight out at her, bouncing in time with my pounding heart. She slowly stepped toward me, pushing me back until she was under the water, the rain cascading off her body and rinsing the remaining suds from her. She reached for my hands and pressed them against her breasts harder as she leaned toward me, her soft lips searching and finding mine. She kissed me softly and wetly, her lips trembling slightly, before whispering to me. “Do you mind if I borrow beurette tour porno your shower?”

With that she pulled her hands from mine, moving them to my chest and then letting them slide down my chest and stomach, her fingers teasing closer and closer to my hard cock until they circled around it. She slowly stroked it several times, letting one of her hands slide down the full length of my shaft before cupping my balls and teasing down between my legs.

“Ohhhh God.” I murmured as she slowly pushed my cock downward, stepping closer and slowly letting it slide between her legs. I could feel the hotness of her pussy rubbing along the top of it, my head teasing between her lips slightly, her slippery wetness lubricating me as she began to slowly rock her hips.

“No, I’m not God, but I bet I can make you feel as if you’ve gone to heaven.” She whispered, her lips nearly touching mine again, her breathing ragged and halting as her own body responded to the sensations she was causing. “Would you like that? For me to make you feel like you’re in heaven?”

“I doubt Jack would appreciate this.” I whispered back, feeling very unsure of myself and my surroundings.

“Why would it bother Jack?” She asked in a breathless whisper as she moved one hand around her back to reach between her legs from behind her, her slender fingers pressing me up into her farther.

“I doubt he’d like me messing with his woman.”

“Oh, don’t worry. He and I don’t….You know… I just cook for him. But you…..I wouldn’t mind at all feeling this huge, hard cock filling me completely up.”

“Ohhhhhh” I groaned again as she slid her pussy along the length of my shaft until she could press my head up between her lips.

“Am I to take that to mean you want to fuck me?” She practically moaned.

I squeezed her big tits, her hard nipples pressed into my palms.

“That, I will take as a yes.” She said as she slowly slid a knee up along my leg until she could hook her foot on the small ledge that ran around the shower to hold soap bottles and such. With her legs now spread wider she pushed my head up against her and arched her back, nestling my cock into the opening of her tunnel and then suddenly popping inside her hot wet pussy.

“OH DAMN!” I groaned loudly as my hips involuntarily humped up toward her, driving my cock deep into her sopping wet pussy.

“OH SHIT!” She squealed as my cock drove into her, the sudden stimulation more than she had apparently expected. “Do it! Fuck me!” She begged as she stood there, her hands against the wall and glass to hold herself up while keeping one foot up on the ledge to give me access.

Using her tits almost as handles, I started sliding my cock in and out of her pussy, driving my excited mushroom in and out quicker and quicker, each stroke driving in until my head smacked against the end of her tunnel and her hard exposed clit was pushed into the base of my cock.

“OH God yes, oh God yes, oh yes, oh yes!” She cried with each stroke, my cock driving the both of us up the slope toward climax. “I’m cu…m…m…ing!” She cried as her whole body shook and trembled on the outside, her pussy convulsing around my hard cock, driving me the last few notches toward my own climax. I squeezed her tits hard as my body jerked, jamming my cock deep into her and unleashing the first shot of my hot cum up inside her. Shot after shot of pent up cum surged into her until it was leaking around my cock and dripping on the floor of the shower. Finally emptied, my cock began to shrink inside her as the two of us stood there panting.

“Damn.” I panted.

After a few more seconds she lowered her leg, pressing her chest to mine as she stood in front of me, my softening cock trapped partly inside her and partly between her clamped together legs. I could see her cheeks start to turn red as she blushed, the water cascading down her head and back, soaking her long hair. She leaned forward, pressing her lips against mine, and softly kissed me, her eyes closed and her body pressing against mine. Without another word, she pulled away, practically ran out of the shower, grabbing a towel to wrap around her body and darted for the second door of the bathroom, disappearing from sight.

“Damn.” I said again as I looked out the shower toward where she had disappeared, wondering just where that other door led. I quickly washed off and turned the water off, drying myself and pulling on my flannel Pajamas before picking up her robe and following out the door, which led to a small hallway. There were a number of doors leading off the hallway, and I wasn’t about to go opening them all. I turned back to the bathroom and closed the door, hanging the robe on a hook by the door before heading out the other door and out the suite toward my own room.

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