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I’m the Woman Driving the Bus

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You are with me as consciousness dawns. The morning has begun to glow. I hear a bird. Some of the night leaves me. I sense your body. You are hardly touching me.

We went to sleep entwined. The loving had been dramatic. Energetic. Two well-toned bodies making their music. You satisfied me. I drew out of you all you had. Then we let each other sleep. Recovering.

Unwillingly and unwittingly we parted. I rolled over one way, you the other. Only our buttocks remained engaged. Smiling at each other, kissing sort of, rear to rear.

You are touching me. That way, rear cheek to rear cheek. I’m touching you the same.

Memories return. Of last night. I tremble. Something inside me moves. It reminds me of my coming. Of my insides caressing you. Oh my, am I getting moist again, so early?

So I release the growing tension by stretching. One leg, then the other. Flex my feet, turn my ankles. Feel my calves flex. Straighten the knees, tighten my thighs. Arms straight out. I run my hand over one arm, feeling bone, muscle and sinew. Grasp my shoulder, reminding myself how you did that last night, and so many times before.

I have to move my hands lower having massaged my shoulders. Careful not to awaken you I roll a little toward you, on my back. Oh I’m glad we sleep nude. And it’s so warm there’s only the sheet covering us. My hands slide over my silky skin, to my breasts, my nipples. So good, so fine. My stomach tightens, my thighs open, my outer lips part — heavens! I’m so hot I’m almost panting. Even though nothing has touched me down there.


I’m not going to do it.

I want you to. To touch me there. To thrill me again. Darling, can’t you feel my heat? How can you still be sleeping?

I roll all the way over. Dawnlight has filled the room, softly. I pull up the sheet and see your body clearly. Muscle. Beautiful, even at rest. Power. Power to take me. My desire surges further.

I’ll spoon around your butt cheeks. Like that. Press my pubis against the base of your spine. That’s nice.

I’ll sink my face into your upper back, your neck. Put my head on my left arm beneath. Free the right arm and that hand to touch you. Awaken you gently.

With the sheet over us and my face beneath I can smell you. You have my scent on your body, I smell the musk of last night. It blends with the desire that’s seeping from me now.

I caress. Your hip, waist. I count your ribs, the muscles of your back, how they connect to your shoulder. I reach down your arms. Even at rest you are firm. I drift my hand around and over your chest. Across a nipple. Pinch. You shudder.

Oh, you are waking? You reach back to me, plant your hand on my ass, squeeze. That feels fine. So you roll onto your back a little and I scoot out from behind and under you. Your eyes are open, you smile. We kiss. Lightly at first.

That hand of mine, little or no control. It’s up and down your chest. Brushing both nipples lightly.

You got hard as quickly as you woke didn’t you? Let me pull back the sheet. I want to see you, not just the tent that your cock is making. There. Oh you are so beautiful my love. Let it stand right up there. I’ll be along shortly. amatör porno

I’m on my knees so I can take you all in. Here, put your hand behind your head. Lift your hips, I’ll put this pillow under them. Make you dick stand up even more proud. Waiting for me to take you in so many ways.

I want you, your body, to play with.

No, no touching me. This is my turn.

I know you like this. Both my hands massaging your stomach. Here, spread your legs for me. Wider. Yes, real wide so I can kneel between them. See, I’ll run my hands over your thighs. The outside. The inside. Your calves. Back up the inside of your legs. Your firm stretched thighs. Let my hands find your balls. That lovely sac of love. I’m learning all these parts of you. I’ll lift them upward and find the firm flesh under, on the way to your anus. That’s the center of your manhood, where your orgasm starts, deep in there. I can press there and find your prostate. I know the feeling; I’m sure it’s how I come, too.

Oh look there. We left some of that lovemaking slippery stuff right by the bed, lid off, last night. See, I have it on my hands. Quite a lot, actually. I’m showing it to you for a few moments so you can anticipate where I’m going to put it, and how good it’s going to feel.

Let’s start low and work our way up. Spread it gently under your scrotum. Press a few times more on your prostate. Gently with your balls.

That was so neat that you let me shave you clean. You did me so gently that night, too. Now we get the benefit. I can massage your clean scrotum and cock now and later when your time comes. Speaking of coming, you’ll see all of my coming with no hair in the way, too.

Lots of this stuff on my hands still. You are loving this, aren’t you? Your face is ecstasy beginning. Your eyes are hooded. I guess my eyes are the same, right? That’s empathy. I’m feeling what you are feeling. My inner tension, the building up of lovemaking intensity, matches your own.

I’m spreading this on your cock. From the base. Now up the shaft. But only about two-thirds of the way first.

You won’t come when I do this next part. You won’t. I won’t let you. I know the stages of your orgasm and I’ll keep you ready, but not over the top.

Here it comes. Both hands to cover the top of your shaft. My thumbs underneath the glans, that most sensitive part. Holding the head. Moving very gently down, then up.

Yes, lift your hips up to my hands. I’m kneeling between your thighs so you have complete freedom to move.

I have you higher. Count for me. “Ten” is where you are now. “One” and you are coming, at the point of no return.

That’s it, count down. See, I’m spacing your building climax. More time from one number to the next.


I’m stopping. Backing you down a little. Giving you a break. That’s it. Rest. Breathe. Drop your hips. Relax some.

You are so good to let me do this to you and for you.

I’m back. That touch you love so much. Starting you at “seven”? OK, let it build. Build some more. Higher. Oh so sweet! We are stopping at “four”. Or was it ‘three”? No matter.

The third time is the charm. No you anal porno aren’t coming yet. I’m taking you to “two”. Can you do it? Can you stop there?

See, I knew you could! I want you really ready for the rest of me.

First I want all your precum. Bringing you to the brink three times and backing off let you create lots of it for me.

Here’s what I want it for. I’ll show you. I’ve got precum all over my fingers. See how slippery they are? I’ll paint a little on your lips. Taste. That’s your desire. Wanting me.

I have some catching up to do. Here you are close to coming three times, and hot as I am I want to get closer to my peak now.

No, you don’t get to do that for me. Pull your arms out from behind your head. Spread them wide. Wider. I could tie you down with your arms out to the sides like that, but I’ll trust you to just leave them there. Keep your legs spread too. Just let your cock stand up there while I straddle your waist on my knees.

Here, I’ll put a pillow under your head so you can have a good view of me and what’s to come. Comfortable? Good.

I put some of your precum on your lips. Now I want it on my lips. The ones between my legs. Let me get some more precum. Thanks for making it, dripping off the head of your cock.

I’ll show you. See? Open my outer lips. Spread precum around the inner sides. See that white filmy stuff coming out of me? Goodness there’s a lot. Dripping all over your stomach. I better spread it around.

Everything is swelling up. Let me show you my clit. Up close. I’m going to spread precum and my juices on it. Just like that. Oh my! God that’s fine. Fine, fine. Now I’m rising like you were. Watch my vagina as I love my clit. I’m opening and closing it. But soon I won’t be controlling it. When I come it just happens. Watch the color change when I come.

Already “seven”. “Six” “five” . . “four” . . . . “three” . . . “two” — gosh I am, what am I? It’s happening. Can’t stop, but I want you to see . . . AH, OH, watch, watch, I’m pulsing, I’m coming . . . There! There! There! There! WOW.

Thank you, dear. Kiss, kiss. You know once I get going I can do it again and again don’t you? Next time it’s to be with you in me and me pulsing around your cock.

Just lay there. I’m driving this bus. Pull your legs together a bit. Can you still see now that my hands are back over your cock? Good. I’m touching it to get you as hard as ever. Did you say “eight”? OK, that’s a good place to start.

I have you so wet, and I’m so wet. I’m taking my time with this. You want to feel each moment of movement into me? I want to feel each moment of movement of you into me! Slow is good. Slow is control. Nobody comes. Everybody feels.

I hold your cock like this. Center my hips over you. Place the head of your cock in my slit. Slowly work it over my clit. Back and forth. Easy. “Eight”! Me too.

Work it farther back along the slit. To the back of the slit. Forward to the front, over the clit. Back again. Back and forth.

There’s a spot in the middle of my slit that seems softer, move giving, right? That’s “me”. My vagina. Where I live. My womanhood. Leading to the inside of me. anal breakers porno The part that wants you. Very deep inside.

Let me guide you there, my love. Line you up with the angle of my vagina. Just like this.

I put the head of your cock right there. At the entrance. Lie still. No, don’t raise your hips. Let me do this.

Because I can open myself to admit you. Feel. I’m opening. Wider. And now I lower my hips just a little. Taking the head of you. Only the head. I have a circle of muscle at the end of my vagina. I’m going to pull you in, then close around you.

Like that.


I have the head of you. I’m kissing you down there. Holding you. Drawing you in. Pressing you out. So sweet.

Yes, we are both “six”.

Now I want all of you. Let me draw it all in. Lower myself down on you. Slowly. More. More. More. There! AH! I’ve got you, lover. All of you. The head of you is at the top of my tunnel. My womb gently lowers its cervix against the head of you.

I’m rocking back and forth, up and down, ever so slowly. Just to raise you up. Keep your hips still, and feel the orgasm build from deep inside you. We are going to let our orgasms joyfully join. I’m sucking and holding you inside. Yes, I am strong down there. Lots of practice, with you, and on my own. I practice by masturbating all the time. Or just Kegel exercises during quiet times, and even in public.

When you get to “three” I’ll trigger our orgasms. I’m at “two”. I’m ready. Standing at the peak, waiting for you to join me. God, you are amazing, able to take your time with me. It’s better, more intense that way. Oh it’s going to be fine for you.

“Four”. That’s good for you. I’m slowing my movements. One last time down to consume your cock. Clench, hold.

And with my moist fingers full of our slippery stuff I’m going to trigger your orgasm with your nipples. Be perfectly still.

“Three”, good.

Now I’m touching your nipples. That took you to “two” instantly didn’t it? Your whole body is ready to come, to erupt to spurt and gush inside me. I’m touching your nipples, clenching and unclenching your cock.

I’m letting myself go.

My orgasm and playing with your tits will take you over the top. Now it’s happening, it’s happening, I’m in orgasm again, again . . . OH MY GOD! I love you, love you, love you — WOW, go, grab you, hold you, lift you, take your orgasm into me . . .

That’s you, that’s your orgasm, it’s taking you over. Your body is gone away from you, you are rising in me, you can’t stop it, don’t stop it. Let it out that great warm flush. I’m watching you, watching your eyes as it builds to its peak before your pulsing beings.

You are peaking, you are in orgasm, your eyes are wide, and glazed. I hear your moans. Give voice, VOICE to your orgasm, your orgasm my lover, my lover!

I feel your cock expand. Before the first pulse.

There’s a PULSE, I squeeze,

PULSE, I squeeze again . . . more, more, it JUST KEEPS HAPPENING. I’ve lost count, I can’t see the room

I’m gone, lost.

You are too.

Oh we are good.

So good at this.

Hug me. Kiss me. I hug you. I kiss you. Wrap us up in each other’s arms.

I love you, darling. Rest a moment. Leave me lying on top of you. Pull the sheet over us. Let us rest, perhaps sleep. Your cock subsides while still in me. Slowly subsides. Eventually it slips out. I’m still quivering.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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