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Indecent Proposal Ch. 03

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After our morning bout of physical, passionate sex on the beach we had a hunger as we raced out of the water back up the beach to the picnic basket. The resort had done us proud with nice sandwiches, cold meats, a fruit platter & some small snack size bottles of white wine. A feast after a morning of sex.

We lay for half an hour in the sun after lunch fully sated in more ways than one. Most of the afternoon was spent snorkelling in the cove during which I found a nice smooth rock outcrop to sit on so that my head as I cup her ass and Annabel lightly raked her nails down my spine. The old man was revitalised after a feed and a swim; swelling in my shorts against her thigh.

Annabel reached down the tug on the waist band of my shorts. We adjusted ourselves in the water and Annabel ducked down in the water to tug my shorts down but leaving them on one leg so they didn’t float away. After bobbing up for a lung full of air she ducked down, doing a half pike turn to swing her head down into my lap and her ass broke the surface of the water. I grabbed her ass at the same time as she grabbed my thighs. My thumbs eased her cheeks apart just as I felt her lips close over the head of my prick. I quickly slipped a finger into her upturned pussy as she briefly deep throated me underwater; only for 20 seconds but it felt great before she pushed off my thighs and swam to one side tugging her pussy off my penetrating finger.

She broke the surface, took in some air, laughed out loud, and asked “Did you like that?”

“Come here and let me show you,” I laughed in return.

She swam around in a wide circle, teasing me with her slow return until she swam across my lap and sat back down facing me again. Her thighs straddled mine as she slid into my lap and my rock hard cock rubbed along the inside of her thigh. Annabel open mouth kissed me as I felt her hand go between us to move the triangle of material off to one side. Then her fingers curled around my cock and she stroked the hard length half a dozen times. Breaking our kiss she stared into my eyes and asked “Are you ready for some more Daddy?”

This is what I had planned for this morning, slow gentle love making as we explored each other. But this morning we had both had a very physical need for each other and it had been hot passionate sex on the beach rather than gentle lovemaking in the warm clear water. But who really cared about which came first; the important part was I had the girl of my dreams sat on my lap gripping my cock as I hopefully anticipated that she would soon be placing that cock inside of her.

“Yes, I am,” I finally answered leaning forward to kiss her whilst at the same time gripping her ass with both hands to spear her pussy as Annabel aligned my hardness with her lips. Her semi-buoyancy on my lap made penetration easy and deep in one gentle glide. Our bodies crushed together; our arms wrapped around each other and we kissed, nay snogged, with increased passion and need.

We both rocked slightly together in the gentle motion of the ocean as we very slowly and gently fucked. There was no hurry now, our immediate needs and urges had been sated & satisfied this morning. Now was the time and opportunity to gently & lovingly explore each other.

Annabel rubbed herself against my chest so that the tiny triangles of her bikini top gave some friction and stimulation across her nipples which hardened approvingly.

The tide was going out now and the water level slowly dropped as we ‘petted’ each other making the swell of Annabel’s breasts remain above water level. I unfastened the neck cord allowing the two small triangles to drop down both of my hands reached under her breasts to gently ease them upwards as my fingers massaged the sensitive underside of her flesh. It was twenty minutes or so before my lips got anywhere close to her hardened protruding nipples despite Annabel’s best efforts to guide my head downwards faster.

My sharp sense of hearing could just hear a boat in the distance so it was time to increase the heat a little. My mouth slowly got down to her left nipple, but I didn’t take into her mouth, my tongue protruded out to very, very lightly brush over the sensitive bud of her nipple.

Annabel threw her head back and groaned loudly and clamped down on my cock as it slowly worked its way back into her upto the hilt.

My left hand drifted across her ass into her crack; my forefinger searching for her tight ring. At the moment I found it I eased my head forward to seal my lips on the firm flesh of her breast. My finger slid into her ass as I sucked hard on her breast flesh and lashed her sensitive nipple with my tongue inside my mouth. Now I started to slide harder & deeper, and faster into her pussy as I push pilled her pussy along my cock.

“YYYESSS,” Annabel türkçe alt yazı porno screamed out in joy as her pussy clamped down hard on my cock and she started to ride me hard in return. The sound of the boat’s motor was louder now but Annabel didn’t notice or react as she enjoyed another satisfying orgasm in this Pacific paradise.

We hung onto each other as Annabel gradually started to come down from the sensations that rumbled through her, we kissed and hugged each other to bring the afternoon to an end as the boat rounded the headland and cruised into the cove.

Annabel realised it was there but didn’t panic. She just calmly retied her bikini top in place as she slid off my cock allowing me to slide my shorts back on.

We swam across to the beach to meet the boatman who was loading up our stuff, discreetly ignoring whatever we might have been doing.

We sat with our arms lapped around each other as we cruised back to the resort for a nice warm shower before dinner.

A couple of cocktails each at the bar slid down as easily as the setting sun before we both tucked into a tender steak dinner; of us having a good appetite this evening. A local band playing in the background led to some very close, slow dancing; neither of us caring that we were the only couple dancing. We were absorbed in each other, with not a care in the world. A couple of after dinner drinks followed as we were both in a very mellow mood as we strolled and kissed our way back to my chalet.

We slid inside; kissed some more, and then I picked up a small package off the table and passed it to Annabel. “I would feel very honoured if you went and changed into these for me,” I politely requested.

Annabel smiled and picked up the parcel before heading off to the bedroom to change.

I was on pins, nervous as hell, wondering if I was pushing it too far as part of my indecent proposal in return for giving Annabel I went to the fridge and poured two glasses of juice for us before reaching into my chinos and pulled out a small pill container which had a small blue pill in it which is popular with men of a certain age, such as myself. Whilst I may have dreamed of Annabel for years I wasn’t vain or stupid enough to dream I was still in my prime able to shag nonstop all night. I was fifty something, not very fit and I have already cum twice today; I wasn’t fooling myself into thinking that I could go again now without some extras help despite Annabel’s beauty, smile, laughter & stunning body working magic on my eyes & loins. So the blue pill was washed down with some juice before sitting down in an easy chair to await Annabel from my bedroom.

It seemed ages before I heard Annabel turn the handle on the bedroom doors, but it was only micro-seconds before my eyes and attention were firmly focused on the time door.

The door slowly swung open to reveal Annabel backlit by the bedroom lamps. This amazingly beautiful image filled my view. There stood the most magnificent woman, content in a well-rounded body, wearing a sheer black mesh body stocking that was rim lit around the edges of her body. ‘FUCK,” my mind told the rest of my body, and my old man listened by stirring in my chinos and started to harden.

“Wow,” was all I could manage to mutter out loud as my eyes went directly to the V of her thighs. The back light shone between her legs highlighted the long rounded curves of the inside of her very shapely thighs; and there below that piece of paradise was the lovely shape of her calves representing heaven balanced above a new set of black high heels. Add to this the shimmer of the black stocking material and I was rock hard before my eyes could lift up to look into Annabel’s eyes. I was surprised to see her standing tall for some reason I was expecting her to be a little demure and a little unsure. But no! She stood tall and confident; and stunningly beautiful.

“Jeez Annabel, you are a stunning women, and I have dreamed for years of seeing you like this. But you exceed my widest, most vivid dreams the way you look tonight.”

Annabel nodded her head slightly and replied “You are most kind to say so.”

I wanted to stand and kiss her, but I knew that once I held her I would be able to let her go and I really just wanted to admire her.

“Will you please just stand there and pose for me as I so want to just admire and absorb your beauty,” I asked.

Annabel flashed me a beaming smile in acceptance.

I was just blown away by the vision in front of me. I have always, like most blokes, been greatly turned on by stockings, but once I have seen a photo of a model in a full body stocking I knew it was one of my greatest fantasies to see and hold someone wearing one. By putting some action and $50,000 to it I was now admiring türkçe ifşa porno it as reality just metres in front of me. I think the feel of the material was doing the same for Annabel as her nipples were rock hard pushing forward into the fine material. The way the material adhered to the bulge of her breasts was very erotic and the way the colour & sheen of the material changed as it followed the various curves of her body made for a magical, erotic vision in front of me.

Well one of my senses was being satisfied by admiring her visually, but my other senses cried out for a share of the action – Touch being foremost.

“Please do a very slow twirl around for me,” I requested, but it may have sounded as I was begging.

Annabel very slowly started to twist her upper body before her feet started to rotate an inch at a time. Her breasts started to appear in profile and then when she was sideways on I could full appreciate the horniness of her erect nipples. “Whoa there please Annabel!” as I reached to rub my crotch; my hardness fighting for freedom from my chinos. “Please run your hands over your breasts and play with your nipples,” asked my now dry mouth.

Her black encased arms reached up to cup and squeeze her breasts for a minute before she moved over to grip her nipples.

“Oh yeah!” groaned Annabel, obviously turned on by her touch through the material.

I just wanted to grab hold of her and fuck her as hard and for as long as I could. But I had been dreaming of this for years so I fought hard to maintain my cool and patience.

“Please turn around some more Annabel,” I croaked reaching for my glass of juice to wet my mouth and vocal chords.

My attention moved south from her breasts to her hips and her now emerging pear shaped ass. Fuck; the material gleamed in the lights as it clung to her hips and ass. I only just noticed that she was wearing a black satin bikini bottom over the body stocking as my note in her parcel had requested. With her back to me now I just had to release my old man from its confinement. Once out I could sit more comfortably as I realised Annabel was still playing with her nipples as she had her back to me.

“Please slide one hand down and cup your pussy over the panties.”

Her finger tips appeared between her legs over the top of the black satin and a low groan escaped her lips as her pussy lips reported the pressure of her palm to her brain. Annabel eased her feet apart a little to give more room for her fingers.

“Now slide your hand inside your panties.”

She did.

“Are you hot & wet down there?”

“Yes,” she groaned

“Bend over for me and thrust your ass back towards me”

Annabel dipped and her ass cheeks spread to my pleasured vision.

“Stroke your pussy very slowly and gently ……….. Don’t slide your fingers inside …. Just rub your lips,” I instructed.

There was movement inside the black satin and a continued low groan from her mouth.

Fuck she looked sensational and I gave my cock a sly stroke for a little relief.

I let her stay in this position for a few more minutes before instructing, “Stay bent over and slowly turn and face me please.”

She obeyed and I nearly shot my load when I saw her sideways on; “Stop there!” I hurriedly cried out as I wanted to absorb the sight of her hanging breasts & nipples balanced by the projection of her curved ass. I so wanted to stroke myself at the glory of the vision before me.

“Annabel, I just don’t know enough adjectives to describe your beauty without repeating myself,” I told her.

“Now please turn & face me,” She complied.

As I lounged back in my chair I had this total vision of beauty in front of me; her hair hanging down but not obscuring the view of her hanging breasts, one of which she was still squeezing and rubbing. I could see her other arm snaking down towards her pussy and her hand deep into her panties playing with her pussy.

“You are so fucking beautiful,” I praised her in a crude but loving way. “Please stand up and let me admire you,”

She did so.

“Please stop massaging yourself before you bring yourself off,” I instructed.

“Please Daddy! I need to cum,” she pleaded.

“I’ll take care of that,” I assured her.

“Soon please Daddy,” she begged as she stood tall & proud in front of me.

“It will be,” I promised, “so please step up close to me,” I instructed easing my legs apart and tapping my thighs so she knew exactly where I wanted her to stand.

Placed her high heeled clad stockinged feet right in front of me and her stocking clad legs and thighs seemed to fill my vision. God, I so wanted to get my hands on her hot body that I wished I had another pair of hands to be able to absorb her vivid porno fine curves.

“I keep saying it but you are so beautiful,” I praised as I sat forward in my chair, my face just inches from her satin covered mound. I imagined I could feel the heat emanating from her hot stroked pussy; but I could certainly smell the aroma of her sweet pussy juices.

I reached forward and wrapped my arms around her thighs until my hands came into contact with her stockinged ass cheeks, which I cupped. I looked up past her protruding breasts into her warm eyes that looked back down at me.

“Thank you for doing this for me; you don’t realise how many years I’ve waited for this very moment Annabel.” Then I kissed her navel.

“Please Daddy I need to cum,” she whispered in reply.

“Oh you will ….. repeatedly ……. All night” I promised, “Now please lift your right leg and put it here” as I patted alongside my left thigh. My left hand cupped the back of her stockinged calf to help her, but stayed on the back of her calf to feel the warmth & smoothness of her finely curved calf. The high heels making the shape of her calves extend to be pure perfection to my way of thinking. My right hand moved to her right calf to start massaging that as well as my eyes feasted on the inside of her stockinged thigh extending towards me. I leaned forward to kiss the skin just above the knee and felt the smoothness of the body stocking brush across my lips. I so wanted to fuck her, but ‘patience’ I told myself, ‘patience.’

I proceeded to place light feathery kisses close together as I start my lip’s journey up the inside of her right thigh. My hands started cruising up and down both legs and thighs admiring her warmth & curves through the silky material that gossamer covered her entire body.

I felt her hands drop to the back of my head and gently try to speed up my progress up her thigh as she quietly begged “Please Daddy!”

As my face got closer to her satin crotch I could actually feel heat from her hot pussy and I smiled to myself as I got to that very tender sweet flesh that exists at the top of a ladies thigh just before you move into the fold between her thigh and mound. I opened my mouth and sucked firmly on this pleasant flesh through the silky material as both hands arrived to meet on each cheek of her ass, ensuring there was no escape for Annabel from what was to come next.

“Please Daddy ……… I soooo need to cum,” she begged plaintively.

As much as I wanted this to last all night my rock hard cock was aching for release as much as her hot pussy was. I turned my head slightly to the right and put my lips lightly onto the damp material of the front of her panties. Instantly I felt her hands grip my head and pull it into firm contact with the damp triangle of her black satin bikini panties.

“Now please Daddy!” she begged, real need in her voice.

I opened my mouth wide and pressed against her damp crotch before extending my tongue to press against her lips through the material. My fingertips grips the firm flesh of her ass and eased her forward slightly.

“Yyeessss,” she sighed as her brain registered that relief was likely to arrive soon.

I pressed hard with my tongue and felt the material push her lips apart and sink slightly into her damp furrow.

Annabel started to rock her hips into my face, the need in her building as I teased her with my mouth and tongue. Her fingers ran through my hair keeping my face pressed in tight ….. Not that I had any intention of leaving any time soon.

The crotch of the satin was changing from damp to wet as her juices started to flow.

“Plleeaasseee Daddddyy,” She begged so I moved my tongue upwards to rub over her clit.

Annabel trembled slightly, then sighed “Uhh,” as a mini orgasm shook her lower body and her panties changed from wet to sodden as my tongue pressed the material as far into her pussy crease as I could. I tightened my forearms against her hips to hold her steady and gripped her ass firmly in my hands as I continued to pleasure her pantied crotch with my mouth & tongue.

As her trembled eased off she pleaded “Daddy I need more,” sounding more like Oliver Twist than stocking clad womanhood entwined in my arms.

I eased my head back and up to look up past her now heaving breasts to her pleading eyes.

“Please Daddy,” she begged.

I released her ass so I could undo the bows holding her panties on her hips. Once untied her satin panties didn’t drop as they were pressed into her saturated pussy lips. Annabel started to swing her hand off my head to pull the offending garment out, but I gently gripped her wrist and placed her hand back on my head; that was my task & pleasure to remove her panties fully. I gently tugged on the string of her panties and enjoyed the sight of the material easing from between her now swollen pussy lips. The aroma of her pussy nectar filled my nostrils and I eased the saturated piece of satin to my nose and inhaled the sweet aroma. My head swam in giddy pleasure triggered by the aroma of her panties and pussy.

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